HLN: My father was 'The Grim Reaper'

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HLN's Joy Behar talks with the daughter of notorious mobster Greg Scarpa, known as "The Grim Reaper."

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  • Ok, you take care too.

  • Ed, Oh ok I just did not understand that is all.   Leonard, No it is not ?  Well having a feeling is not enough proof. In my book I talked about how my that happened to me. I was being accused of being an fBI agent and I never was. You see sometimes when people are just plain paranoid or doing drugs it can make them think all kinds of things.  I also recently found out about something called, temporary psychosis ? based on traumas. Many of the people in this life style are under a lot of pressure and suspicious anyway.

  • Misha,

    I was being flippant. Linda said right off the bat that her father was known as "The Grim Reaper," and about one second later, Joy asked her what her father's nickname was -- it struck me as kind of funny. That was all I meant. I didn't realize you had posted a question until just know when I checked this page out....

  •   What do you mean by ... Behar not too quick, though ??  I don't really get it ?

  • You handled yourself really well... Behar not too quick, though...

  •  I just wanted to say that I really respect your daughter for being so open and honest.  I just wanted to say that every day we can make a difference and forgiveness is not so easy but it is possible. I talk about it in my book and remember there is ALWAYS HOPE !  God Bless

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