WATCH | How The Triads (Hong Kong Mafia) Actually Work

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Jimmy Tsui is a former member of Tung On in New York City's Chinatown and of the Sun Yee On triad in Hong Kong. In 1985 in New York, he was arrested and charged with robbery and homicide, with a $1.5 million-dollar bail. The case was later dismissed. This led to his transition into Sun Yee On, where he became a "426 general" in 1988. He traveled back and forth between Hong Kong and New York City and was involved in karaoke bars, gambling houses, and various scams. In 1992, he was shot five times while sitting in his car. This ended his involvement in mob life. Around this time, the influence of the Chinese mafia in New York was declining, and Tsui's network dissolved. Tsui speaks with Insider about how the triads make money, such as extortion and protection rackets. He discusses the initiation ceremonies and rules of membership as well as the ties to the movie business. He also covers the triads' global expansion. After leaving the triads, Tsui got involved with Chinatown Gang Stories, a YouTube channel organized by Mike Moy, a former gang member, and New York City Police Department officer.

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