Harlem drug lord Rich Porter's sister Pat tells the real story of "Paid in Full"

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In this full-length interview, Pat Porter, sister of legendary Harlem hustler Rich Porter, tells the real story of how she and her brother became a crime family. She describes what life in Harlem was like in the seventies and eighties before explaining how close she and Rich Porter were very close their younger brother Donnell. From there, she details when Rich started selling weed and how that evolved into moving heroin. She also touches on her mother's drug usage.

Moving along, Pat talks about Rich's growth in the drug game, which enabled him to purchase his first BMW at the age of 15. She also touches on her brother's close friendship with Azie Faison and how that led to her dating him later. As the Q&A session moves along, Pat discusses the brotherhood amongst Rich Porter, Azie Faison, and Alpo before revealing that each of the drug dealers had their own plugs. She goes in-depth about Azie's shooting and the death of his plug, Lulu.

As the interview nears a conclusion, Pat revisits the murders of both of her brothers, Rich and Donell. Lastly, she talks about the cult-classic film "Paid in Full" and what it was like to be on the production set of the project back in the 2000s before offering up an analysis of the main characters.

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