"Hard 2 Kill" biker boss's short-lived swagger

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One day you’re the hunter and the next you’re the prey. That’s just how gangland works. Outlaw biker Tarek Zahed knows this — he stepped out in public after almost being killed only to be arrested for murder. Let me tell you about it. 

The Mob Reporter here with news of a triumphant return to the streets for a biker boss less than four months after an assassination attempt, a swagger that only last a week. Our first glimpse of notorious Australia’s biker Zahed since he was hit by gunfire was on Instagram. He’s seated at a table at an event in Melbourne, with meat on his plate and booze on his table. He’s surrounded by friends. Allan Meehan, the national president of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club has his arm spread around him. His president tagged the photo “Welcome back Tarek” and dubbed him “Hard2Kill”.

One week later, he flew back to his hometown of Sydney from Melbourne for a wedding. As Zahed traveled down a busy road Sunday afternoon in a black BMW hatchback, tactical police moved in and aggressively arrested him. Hard2Kill is the kind of name that sticks in gangland. Until gangland decides to turn itself upside down again. I’ve been watching the underworld for decades and I gotta say, that’s the sort of name that can become a heavy burden. Eventually someone will want to rise to that challenge.

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