Former Aryan Brotherhood prison gang boss Michael Thompson shares his life story

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Former Aryan Brotherhood prison gang leader Michael Thompson sat down with VladTV for an in-depth interview. In it he detailed being a former high-ranking member of the Aryan Brotherhood, but kicked things off by speaking about growing up on a reservation in the Sierras with his father, who was half Native American. After moving off of the reservation at just 12, he went on the bull riding circuit and later faced life for an incident that he hopes will soon be exonerated. While in prison, Michael spoke about being recruited by several gangs and joining the Aryan Brotherhood. Michael explained how things were structured, and he also detailed things that he witnessed while in prison, including prison wives. While in Folsom Prison, Michael was locked up with notorious criminal Charles Manson, and he also spoke about a run-in with Joe “Pegleg” Morgan, the first non-Hispanic member of the Mexican Mafia. After some shake-ups within the Aryan Brotherhood, Michael thought about leaving the gang, and Michael then spoke about cooperating with authorities. To hear more, including Michael speaking about getting out of prison in 2020, watch the clip.

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