Colombo Mafia family capo Michael Franzese on Sammy the Bull threats, testifying, mob contract on his life

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Michael Franzese came through for yet another VladTV interview, and he started off speaking about his new book, “Mafia Democracy: How Our Republic Become a Mob Racket,” where he compares how the government is a better-run version of the mob. Michael also spoke about being portrayed in “Goodfellas” and knowing the real guy who Ray Liotta played in the movie, who was put into witness protection. This led to a discussion about Alpo Martinez leaving witness protection to come back to Harlem, where he was ultimately killed. During the conversation, Michael also spoke about Sammy The Bull doing a VladTV interview, which led to Michael speaking about his relationship with Sammy. To hear more, including Michael speaking about the YSL RICO case, hit the full interview.

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