Colombo Mafia capo Michael Franzese explains why he spoke to the FBI, why the Mafia wanted him whacked

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In this clip, DJ Vlad tells Michael Franzese about a former drug lord named Alpo Martinez and his decision to ditch witness protection in Lewiston, Maine, in order to return to the street life back in Harlem, New York, where he was eventually murdered. To that Franzese responds to the story by comparing it to a Steven Martin film called "My Blue Heaven," citing that some guys just aren't made to live the simple life.

This topic prompts DJ Vlad to ask the actor if he had ever been in witness protection. Franzese said no, before explaining to the VladTV viewers directly, that although he has spoken with the feds in the past, no one had ever gone to prison based on anything that he told them.

From there, the 55-year-old goes on to explain why being indicted seven times played a role in his desire to get out of the life of being a mobster. In response, DJ Vlad asked him if the offense was considered "breaking the code," which was punishable by death in the mob. Franzese answered yes. Moving along, he then goes on the reveal the name of the gangster who put a hit on him.

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