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Using a katana sword to whack a debtor? That kind of stuff only happens when the Japanese Mafia is involved. Yakuza boss Kim Yeong-cheol (photo above) was arrested last week by police and charged with ordering just such an attack on a used-car dealership manager in November of 2017. Kim is a leader of the Inagawa-kai, one of Japan’s most powerful crime groups.

His indictment follows the previous arrest of two of his underlings in June. Security camera footage caught three men wearing ski masks enter the manager’s office late in the afternoon on November 9 of last year. They sprayed the man’s face with tear gas before one of them pulled out a Japanese sword and slashed the manager’s stomach, the Tokyo Reporter states.

With the man wounded and bleeding, the mobsters left with 500,000 yen and two cell phones. The manager was later transported to the hospital and is expected to recover. 71-year-old Kim denies any involvement in the attack, telling police: “I have absolutely no connection [to the matter].”

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  • Not the nicest way to die.I'm glad to hear that he didn't.-Still,it will probably send out a warning to someone.

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