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Philadelphia mobsters have been on the move lately, journalists George Anastasia and Dave Schratwieser report in their latest Mob Talk, going from one social club to the next. The two also discuss the death of Colombo family legend “Sonny” Franzese and the interesting arrest of a loanshark.

Members of the Philadelphia mob love to get together. “It’s a South Philly thing,” Anastasia says. Recently, they opened up a social club past the Italian market around 9th and Catherine Street. Is it smart to be hanging out at a clubhouse?

“To be in a spot where you know you’re gonna meet, it kind of helps law enforcement in terms of who is who and who is associating with who. The FBI and Philadelphia police are aware. On the flipside, if you are talking to guys on the streets [and ask them, they will answer]: We’re not doing anything [illegal] so what’s the difference?” Anastasia concludes.

Then there was an interesting arrest by the Pennsylvania State Police. They busted Frank Scarpato, who lives in South Philly, and charged him with running a massive loansharking business. He put out hundreds of thousands of dollars out on the streets over the past ten years, allegedly making threats, stalking debtors. The question for Anastasia and Schratwieser is: Is it standalone or connected to other things?

Watch the entire episode of Mob Talk below:

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