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The summer has arrived and before the boys from Philly pack their stuff to enjoy the shore, crime reporters George Anastasia and Dave Schratwieser discuss a dark cloud hanging over them as well as why mob boss Joey Merlino was meeting with Robert De Niro.

Right off the bat, the two get to business. They talk about a bar in South Philadelphia that several unnamed members of the Philly mob have started using as a clubhouse during the weekday evenings before heading to the shore for the weekend.

But where they could relax before, now they have a dark cloud hanging over them, Anastasia and Schratweiser say. Will they be indicted? And who is the rat amongst them? Also, is there just one or are there more?

Mafia boss Joseph Merlino, meanwhile, is getting ready for his upcoming sentencing in September. And, Anastasia asks, will he be implicated in other investigations? It’s a possibility, the longtime reporter concludes.

Either way, Anastasia says: “Joey’s become more mature. He realizes there’s more to life than fast cars and partying.”

Like meeting with Hollywood superstar Robert De Niro! The mob boss and actor have had frequent meetings starting around the time of Merlino’s racketeering trial in New York. De Niro is currently filming The Irishman with director Martin Scorsese, and perhaps looking for some insight.

Or maybe, he’s looking to bring Merlino’s story to the silver screen?

Watch this week’s Mob Talk below:

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