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On a newly released CCTV video from inside the prison cell of Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman the sounds of hammering can be heard in the moments before he escapes via a mile-long tunnel. Watch video below.

Guzman can be seen laying on his bed watching television with the volume turned up to drown out the noise diggers are making beneath his cell. Despite this, the clanking and thumping sounds of hammering are clearly audible.

Meanwhile, the guards at Altiplano prison are not responding. Not to the loud television set in Guzman’s cell nor to the hammering sounds which must’ve vibrated through the area. They do not respond until twenty minutes after Guzman’s exit from his cell. Giving him enough time to get away.

It is widely believed Guzman had corrupted many guards and prison officials in order to make sure his escape succeeded.

To date 23 government employees and 10 citizens have been arrested in connection with Guzman’s prison break. Among them one pilot who transferred the fugitive drug lord to a safe destination and 22 prison officials, including three high-level officials from the federal prison system.

Since his escape Guzman has been a ghost. He remains in firm control of his Sinaloa drug cartel.

The video is courtesy of broadcaster Televisa.

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