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Doing time is a trip. So much so that sharing a cell with one of America’s most notorious Mafia bosses seems like just another day in a world filled with violence and crazy inmates. StreetGangs.com talked to Bloods gangster “Kre Kre” who shared some anecdotes about the years he spent locked up and the time he spent with New York’s Dapper Don John Gotti.

“Yeah, we was in the same year together in 1997,” the Bloods gangster tells the interviewer in the YouTube clip – watch below. “We did 9 months together at Marion. In the same unit. It was all blacks and Mexicans there,” he adds. Gotti was cool with them, but he didn’t socialize with the “dirty” white gangs, the bikers and Nazis, Kre Kre says.

In the video below, he also talks about the time Gotti was assaulted by a fellow inmate:

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