Unrest within the New York Mob

In three days one mobster dead, another wounded

By David Amoruso
Posted June 25, 2007

On Tuesday morning, June 5, Robert DeCicco got in his father's fiancé's Cadillac DeVille after picking up a prescription at Dolinsky's Pharmacy. As he sat in his car another car rolled up beside him. Inside it sat a masked gunman who pulled out a fire arm and opened fire. Bullets hit DeCicco in the arm, one even grazed his head. Trying to escape the hail of bullets DeCicco got out of the car, and ran for the pharmacy. The gunman fled the scene, leaving behind a wounded DeCicco. The motive for the shooting wasn't entirely clear, but one thing was very clear: it was mob related.

Robert DeCicco is the son of long time Gambino mobster George DeCicco, and was among a group of mobsters arrested in January. He is currently out on $500.000 bail. George DeCicco was a capo at the time of the Jan 30 bust but has allegedly been demoted to the rank of soldier. Indicating that he has lost respect of the Gambino Family leaders. His son Robert never had the respect of his fellow mobsters. He was a messenger for his father, and had gambling debts. His personal life didn't bring him any respect either, he is divorced, and collects $710 in Social Security and $150 in food stamps. He owes $10,000 on his credit card. Not a success at age 56. A motive for the hit attempt on DeCicco could be that he is blamed for the January indictment, because he introduced the man who would become an informant. Bringing an informant into the Family got you killed in the old days. Most mobsters don't live by the old rules, except those who come from the old country: Sicily. Two of the men indicted with father and son DeCicco are associates of the Sicilian Mafia. Could they be behind the hit attempt? Or did DeCicco's gambling debts force people over the edge?

Two days later on Thursday June 7, Genovese soldier and loanshark Rudolph "Rudy Cue Ball" Izzi, 74, was found dead in his bed in his Brooklyn home. He had been shot once near his ear, in the back of his head. Izzi's home was less than a mile and a half from the spot where DeCicco was shot at. Izzi had been in life threatening trouble before. In 2001 police came to his home after they received reports of gunfire. Izzi told the cops that a gunman had barged into his home and pistol-whipped him, and that the intruder’s gun went off after he tried to wrestle the man to the ground.

Could the same man have come back to finish the job? And are the two mob shootings in three days related? Law enforcement found no proof of that but did put out a warning to the mob Families, saying there should be no more suspicious shootings. "One more shooting, and they'd start a task force to investigate," a law enforcement source said. If the past tells the mob one thing it is this: mob wars bring heat. With the heat on, will things quiet down, or will things come to a boiling point? We will wait and see.

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