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It was to be the perfect summer holiday. A group of tourists doled out some cash and rented a beautiful villa in the charming village of Ischia in the picturesque Bay of Naples. As they enjoyed their life of leisure and luxury in the sun they were shocked to find police at their door, telling them to leave immediately.

It turns out, Italian news agency ANSA reported today, the tourists had rented a villa that had been seized in 2011 from the Giuliano clan of the Camorra, one of Italy’s four criminal organizations.

The Giuliano clan is one of the oldest and most powerful Camorra families, rising to power in the 1950s. Its base of operations is located in the city center of Naples, from the Forcella and San Gaetano districts to Maddalena.

Several wars - including two internal feuds - have weakened the family which helped authorities to arrest many members and associates and confiscate many of their riches, including a lavish villa that is ideal for a summer getaway.

Unfortunately for the tourists, police were adamant and their vacation was cut short. Seeing that it was labeled as a “Mafia asset” it could not be rented out. Other tourists in the area could be in for a rude awakening as well, police are currently checking other confiscated houses and villas in the region as well.

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