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Mob Corner is written by Thom L. Jones. A retired businessman, he has had a long interest in organized crime, and in particular the Sicilian and American Mafia. A hobby triggered by a book he read while studying at university "God Protect Me From My Friends" a biography of the Sicilian bandit Salvatore Guiliano, which started him off into collecting and creating a database of books, articles, reports and internet sources that now amounts to literally thousands of pages of detailed information on the people and events that have changed the face of international crime over the last eighty years.

Although living in New Zealand, and consequently somewhat removed from easy access to traditional research facilities, he has travelled the world extensively over the last thirty years, and still maintains this schedule, allowing him to keep up-to-date with events in North America and Europe.

A contributor to; the now defunct and he is now presenting his crime articles and short stories of fiction at Gangsters Inc. hosted by David Amoruso and looks forward to continuing to attract and interest anyone fascinated by this absorbing subject.

Below are his mob stories. If you are interested in more stories and articles on the mob, check out Gangsters Inc.'s American Mafia section.


A Murder of Crows: How the kidnapping of the wife of a connected man caused a Mafia cleansing

Behold a Pale Horse - Part One: The Killing of Boris Giuliano

Murder on the Dancefloor: The demise of Gambino Mafia family soldier Anthony Mascuzzio

Five Minutes to Midnight: The Sicilian and New York Mafias, the Catholic Church and a huge finance scandal

Emanuele Notarbartolo, the man who fell from the train, and the dark heart of Italy

The Boys from Bethnal Green: How the infamous Kray Twins ruled the London underworld

Deep in the Heart of Texas: The Rise of the Italian Mafia in the Lone Star State

Anthony Carfano: Temptation of Revenge
The Life and Death of Mafia Capo Anthony Carfano
A Mafia Killing in Sicily

A Chicago Mob Story: The Man who loved being a Gangster

In search of the Corleonesi: How the Mafia changed forever

The Blackfriars Massacre

The Phantom of The Grand Hotel: Sicily, the Mafia, and a Mystery

Murder Blue in Melbourne, Australia: “Two dogs (cops) have to die!”

The Sound of Silence: How the Mafia in Sicily Communicates

Assault on Law and Order: Melbourne, Australia

The scoop on the man who brought down Genovese

A Mean Street in Queens: To Kill a Cop

The Woman in Black: Leoluchina Sorisi

The Man in Black: Gaspare Magaddino

The Kindness of Death

The Star of Forrest Hills

Give a Man a Gun: The story of Carmine DiBiase

Joe Barboza: Boston Barbarian

The Slaughter at Slaughterhouse Square

Kill The Chinaman

Man is the Cruelest Animal: The story of “Trigger” Mike Coppola

The Man Who Stole the French Connection

La Primula Rossa (Part 3 - Final)


Thom's Fictional Short Stories:


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