The Philadelphia Crime Family Chart of 2011


The La Cosa Nostra Family in Philadelphia has been in a steady decline ever since the trigger happy boss Nicky Scarfo took the reins back in the 1980s. Murders, turncoats, and a lust for notoriety played a big role in decimating a once successful crime family.

Decades later, however, the Philly mob has finally quieted down a bit. Current boss Joseph Ligambi is running the small family in the same manner legendary Philadelphia mob leader Angelo Bruno did from the 1960s till his murder in 1980: with diplomacy and in secrecy.

Though things have been quiet as of late and there have been no recent indictments, a team of members of the Real Deal Mafia Forum was able to compile a very accurate chart of the current crime family. They, and we at Gangsters Inc., hope you’ll enjoy it!

Chart created by “Atardi” (member of Real Deal).
Sources: George Anastasia, “Philly”, “Pogo the Clown” (last two, both members of Real Deal)


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