The Great Northern Biker War

Written by Peter

Not too many years ago Scandinavia were in the headlines around the world, but for all the wrong reasons. The two motorcycle clubs, Hell's Angels MC and Bandidos MC, were doing their best to destroy each other, by any means necessary. Police were saying at that time, they were fighting about who was going to rule the criminal underworld, later it is generally believed it was about "who is the best". As a police official would later say, "childish maybe, but very deadly". To understand a little how it came to this, a bit of history.

On New Years Eve, 1980, Denmark gets its first Hell's Angels (HA from now on) chapter, the Copenhagen chapter. They believe from the very beginning they are on top of the biker pyramid, "we are the best, f… the rest", as one of their mottoes says. It stays like that for years. The club grows in Denmark, and with the 90'es also in the rest of Scandinavia. In the beginning of the 90'es there is in Denmark a break between HA and Morticians MC, a club who for years have been on good terms with HA. Morticians MC change their name to Undertakers MC, gets to know Bandidos MC, whose only European chapter is in Marseille, France, and in 1993 becomes Bandidos MC Denmark. Denmark now has two international motorcycle clubs. And at a time when different clubs around in Scandinavia are on their way to join HA, suddenly there is an alternative for those who don't see eye to eye with HA.

The war starts in Sweden, when HA MC Sweden tries to prevent Morbids MC from getting too established, and to join Bandidos MC. From there it slowly, but surely spreads around Scandinavia, until all four countries have plenty of murder and mayhem. Funerals being more than well attended, are a huge hit with the media. In Denmark, Sweden and Finland the war is between HA and Bandidos MC, but in Norway Outlaws MC are also involved.


26.01.94 Shots fired at clubhouse of Morbids MC in Helsingborg, Sweden.

13.02.94 Shootout between HA and Bandidos in Helsingborg. One killed, Joakim Boman, HA supporter and three wounded.

21.02.94 First anti-tank rocket shot at HA MC Helsingborg, Sweden's clubhouse.

22.06.94 President of Klan MC Finland, shot and killed by HA supporter.


19.02.95 Shootout between HA and Bandidos in Oslo, Norway, one wounded.

17.07.95 President of Bandidos MC Sweden, Mikael "Joe" Ljunggren, shot and killed. Case unsolved.

26.07.95 MC Finland's (Hell's Angels prospect club) clubhouse in Helsinki, shot at with anti-tank rocket. Two Bandidos members later sentenced. Kai Tapio Blom six years and Antti Tauno Tapani four years.

31.07.95 Shots fired at MC Sweden's (Hell's Angels prospect club) clubhouse in Helsingborg.

27.09.95 When Bandidos MC Finland's president arrive at Helsinki court house, for the trial of Kai Tapio Blom and Antti Tauno Tapani, he is attacked and beaten up by HA members. Later during the trial there is a big turn up of Bandidos members from around Scandinavia.

11.10.95 A tattoo studio, the Tattoo Center in Helsinki, Finland, HA owned, is completely destroyed.

18.11.95 Shots fired at Outlaws MC's clubhouse in Oslo, Norway.

25.12.95 Two HA members beaten up by Bandidos members at a nightclub in Copenhagen, Denmark. The beginning of the war in Denmark.


05.01.96 Bomb thrown at Screwdrivers MC (HA supporter) clubhouse in Hamar, Norway.

18.01.96 A gasoline bomb thrown at HA Oslo's clubhouse, Norway.

26.01.96 Shots fired from HA Oslo's clubhouse, at car with Outlaws' members. One Outlaw wounded.

27.01.96 Explosion in front of Screwdrivers MC clubhouse in Hamar, Norway.

11.02.96 Bomb explosions at HA owned bar and warehouse, Helsinki, Finland.

01.03.96 Shootout between HA and Bandidos at Bandidos' clubhouse in Helsinki, Finland. Two Bandidos members wounded. Jarkko Kokko, vicepresident, dies on 17.03.96. Two HA prospects later sentenced. Ilkka Ukkonen, 12½ years. Jussi Penttinen, six years.

05.03.96 Bandidos member wounded during shootout in Helsingborg, Sweden.

10.03.96 Bandidos member shot and wounded in Fornebu Airport, Norway.

10.03.96 Members of Bandidos MC Denmark are in Kastrup Airport, Denmark, to pick up returned members from a weekend in Helsinki, Finland. Are shot by HA members. One Bandidos member, Uffe Larsen killed, and three wounded. The following HA members and associates were sentenced:
Michael Brokside, 16 years.
Jörgen Nielsen, life.
Kim Jensen, 8 years.
Svend Erik Holst, 11½ years.
Ove Witthöft, 6 years.
Johnny Engelhof, 11½ years.

11.04.96 Two rockets shot at HA Helsingborg Sweden's clubhouse.

17.04.96 Anti-tank rocket shot at HA South Denmark's clubhouse, which burns down.

17.04.96 Anti-tank rocket shot at Avengers' clubhouse (HA supporter) in Aalborg, Denmark.

26.04.96 Hand grenade thrown at Horseröd Stateprison, against a Bandidos member who gets wounded.

07.05.96 Two hand grenades thrown at a HA Copenhagen member while at home, who loses a leg. Two Bandidos members later sentenced.

08.05.96 Shots fired at car with two women in, while passing by HA Oslo's clubhouse.

13.05.96 An un exploded bomb found at HA Helsinki's club house, Finland.

18.05.96 While trying to blow up HA Finland's clubhouse in Helsinki, Finland, a hand grenade explodes prematurely and wounds the bombers. Later, Bandidos Mc Finland's president and secretary are sentenced for being behind the operation.

29.06.96 Fight between HA and Bandidos at Blues festival, Finland.

10.07.96 Car bomb defused on Bandidos car in Nyköbing Falster, Denmark.

15.07.96 Bandidos prospect, Jan Krogh Jensen shot and killed in Drammen, Norway. Unsolved case.

19.07.96 HA supporter shot at in Oslo, Norway.

21.07.96 Six kg bomb found in front of HA Copenhagen, Denmark's clubhouse.

23.07.96 Bandidos prospect in Helsingborg, Sweden, shot and wounded in the leg.

25.07.96 HA member, Jörn Jönke Nielsen, shot and wounded in Jyderup Stateprison, Denmark.

04.08.96 HA Member in Malmö, Sweden, shot and wounded in stomach.

14.08.96 Bandidos supporter in Haslev, Denmark, shot and wounded in shoulder.

28.08.96 HA Helsingborg Sweden's vicepresident shot and wounded.

04.09.96 Car bomb attempt against MC Denmark (Hell's Angels prospect club), Aalborg member.

12.09.96 Car bomb explosion at HA South, Denmark's clubhouse.

22.09.96 Machinegun shots fired at HA South, Denmark's clubhouse.

24.09.96 Anti-tank rocket shot at HA Helsingborg, Sweden's clubhouse.

28.09.96 Anti-tank rocket shot at HA Helsingborg, Sweden's clubhouse.

03.10.96 Bomb explosion at HA's clubhouse in Malmö, Sweden. 12 neighbours wounded.

06.10.96 Anti-tank rocket shot at HA Copenhagen, Denmark's clubhouse, during party. HA member Louis Linde Nielsen, and guest Janne Krohn killed. Bandidos prospect, Niels Poulsen sentenced to life.

30.10.96 Car bomb at HA club house in Oslo, Norway.

22.11.96 Two Bandidos members shot at in Horsens, Denmark.

29.11.96 Three HA cars burned by gasoline bombs, Denmark.

09.12.96 Bandidos member in Aalborg, Denmark shot and badly wounded.


10.01.97 HA Aalborg, Denmark member, Kim Thrysöe Svendsen shot and killed in Aalborg, Denmark. Unsolved.

13.01.97 Shootout between HA and Bandidos in Helsingborg, Sweden.

22.01.97 Two Outlaws MC members, Thore 'Henki' Holm (Outlaws president) and a French member, shot and wounded in Oslo, Norway, by a member of Untouchables MC (HA supporter).

02.02.97 Anti-tank rocket shot at Bandidos member's prison cell in Köge, Denmark.

04.02.97 HA prospect shoots at Bandidos member on Amager, Copenhagen, Denmark.

18.02.97 Anti-tank rocket shot at Bandidos member's prison cell in Holbäk, Denmark.

18.02.97 Shoots against HA in Horsens, Denmark.

19.02.97 Anti-tank rocket shot at Bandidos member's private house in Horsens, Denmark.

04.03.97 Bandidos supporter shot and wounded in Köge, Denmark.

13.03.97 Bomb exploded at Bandidos associated motorcycle shop, Oslo, Norway.

22.03.97 Anti-tank rocket shot at HA Helsingborg, Sweden's clubhouse.

23.03.97 Hand grenade attack against Bandidos member in Aalborg, Denmark.

01.04.97 HA hangaround shot and wounded on Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark.

04.04.97 Shoots fired through windows of Bandidos flat in Horsens, Denmark.

13.04.97 HA supporter arrested with a car bomb on Amager, Copenhagen, Denmark.

01.05.97 Bomb found in shaver, delivered to Bandidos member under arrest in Copenhagen, Denmark.

07.05.97 Bandidos supporter shot and wounded in Köge, Denmark.

12.05.97 Three Bandidos supporters shot and wounded while in a car, Aalborg, Denmark.

29.05.97 Bandidos member shot at in Malmö, Sweden.

04.06.97 Car bomb explosion at Bandidos club house in Drammen, Norway. Total destruction of club house. Irene Astrid Bäkkenvold killed while passing by in a car during the explosion. First in 2002 are HA members sentenced.

07.06.97 Four Bandidos members shot in Liseleje, Denmark. Björn Gudmandsen killed. HA member, Vagn Smith sentenced to life.

11.06.97 Bandidos club house in Dalby, Denmark mined.

25.09.97 War is over. Jim Tindman, Bandidos Europe president and Bent "Blondie" Nielsen, HA president, shakes hand on Danish TV news.

Result of the war: 11 murders, 74 attempted murders and 96 wounded. Since then the two clubs have learned to live side by side. To avoid problems in the future, they have meetings where they inform each other of things which might concern them all. When peace was made, there was talk about the clubs would unite in one way or another, but that never came to anything. Another part of the peace treaty, was that no more chapters would be opened up, but that was over by the end of the 90'es. The clubs are now bigger than ever, not only in Scandinavia, but also in the rest of Europe. The same goes for their supporters. Official supporter mc-clubs and supporter groups have been established, with more or less success. Whatever the reason was for the war, pride or criminal domination, the police are sure these days, that mc-clubs like HA and Bandidos walks hand in hand with crime. Several members of both clubs have been sentenced for drug related crimes, since 1997. And though the clubs have avoided fights between themselves, besides the summer of 2001, where a holiday resort in Denmark were the battleground for fights between HA, Bandidos, and their supporters, they have not been able to avoid members getting killed. But as the storyteller always says, that is another story for another day.


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