9236976073?profile=originalFirst Boss: Filippo "Phil" Amari
Primary activities: Extortion, gambling, drugs, loansharking, union corruption, prostitution.
Boss: ?



Francesco Guarraci (dead, natural causes)
Vincent "Vinny Ocean" Palermo (flipped)
John "The Eagle" Riggi (dead, natural causes)
John D'Amato (whacked)


Charles Stango (prison)
Francesco Polizzi (dead, natural causes)


Joseph "Tin Ear" Sclafani (freedom)
Anthony Capo (flipped, dead)


What happened to Tony Soprano? Series creator David Chase reveals New Jersey mob boss’ fate
Alleged New Jersey mobster admits gun and coke were his
DeCavalcante Mafia family mobsters hit with drug charges
Mafia author shares dark stories behind Garden State Gangland: The Rise of the Mob in New Jersey
New Jersey Mafia capo gets 10 years for plans to whack rival
DeCavalcante family capo admits planning mob rival’s murder
Two Decavalcante family mobsters admit distributing cocaine
Will Historic Mob Bust Really Go Down As Historic?
Turncoat Mobster Once Again Involved in Dirty Business


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  • I always hoped they would do a prequel to the Soprano's...just loved the episodes of the good ole' days with "Johnny Boy" Soprano. Ya never know.

  • Yes the Soprano's was based on the DeCavalcante Family. Our thing was not portrayed as the old man ran it. But hell HBO had to make the show sell.  Being Sam's son I know that hollywood had it's way with it and it was not a very welcome thing some of what was used to base the show on. Thankfully they did not go into the life as it really is and expose what was the truth and really happened.

  • Yeah, that is very true. I read somewhere that a couple of DeCavalcante guys, and two skippers were picked up on a bug. :)
  • That is very much open to debate. DeCavalcante mobsters were picked up on a bug talking about the series and asking each other if those guys were supposed to be them. But The Sopranos and DeMeo Family are based on a variety of mobsters from Jersey, New York, and other places.
  • Also, the creators of 'Soprano's' based the DeMeo family on the DeCavalcante family. Fact.

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