Estimate members: Around 100
First Boss: Joseph Bonanno.
Primary activities: Involved in narcotics trafficking, home video pornography, robbery, extortion, loan sharking, gambling, phony telemarketing schemes, pizza parlors and espresso cafes.
Boss: Michael Mancuso
Acting Boss: Joseph Cammarano Jr.


Joseph Cammarano Jr. (in freedom)
Thomas Di Fiore (in freedom)
Michael Mancuso (in prison)
Salvatore Montagna (whacked)
Joseph Massino (flipped)
Carmine Galante (whacked)


Anthony "T.G." Graziano (dead, natural causes)


Richard "Shellackhead" Cantarella (flipped)
Joseph "Joe Valet" Sabella (in prison)
Ronald "Ronnie G." Giallanzo (in prison)
Joseph Sammartino Sr. (in freedom)
Anthony Pipitone (prison)
Jack Bonventre (prison)


Thomas “Tommy Karate” Pitera (prison)
Benjamin "Lefty Guns" Ruggiero (dead, natural causes)


Salvatore Russo (prison)
Sylvester "Sally Daz" Zottola (whacked)
Ronald "Monkey Man" Filocomo (prison)
Joseph Gambina (flipped)


Blood and Money. When They Fell. Bringing down the Zips.
The Father, the Son… the Mafia, the Bloods Gang, and Greed
The Glare of a Killer
“I’m going to put him under the fucking bridge” – Nine mobsters of Genovese and Bonanno families busted
Bonanno Mafia family capo-turned-snitch now president of Arizona's Italian American club
“He feared nothing.” - Daughter of Mafia boss Carmine Galante talks about her infamous father
Real Donnie Brasco, FBI agent Joe Pistone, still in hiding at age 81: "But I don't constantly worry about it”
Mob Murder: A Cold Case in Maryland. And the Mafia
Fitness Behind Bars: Mafia boss Vincent Basciano's prison workout routine
The Shoot-Out on Troutman Street: The Mafia at War
Paul Ragusa sentenced to 6 years in prison on gun charges
Consigliere Anthony Graziano dead at 78, his “Mob Wives” daughter reports
If a man looks like a mobster, is he also guilty of being one?
Bloods gangster arrested for murder of Bonanno mobster
Murder at the Drive-Thru: Bonanno family mobster shot in the head while getting coffee at McDonald’s
Bonanno family mobster shot in front of his Bronx mansion Salvatore Zottola in critical condition
Bonanno crime family capo and soldiers plead guilty to racketeering conspiracy, will forfeit $2.25 million
Boss Cammarano Jr. and others hit with extortion, assault charges
How Mafia families in New York and Canada cooperate in global drug trade
Vinny Asaro and grandson of mob boss John Gotti plead guilty
Vinny Asaro busted with grandson of mob boss John Gotti
Mobsters chat about loot from Lufthansa heist at famous East-Harlem restaurant Rao's
Keeping the New York docks in the (Mafia) family: The Gigantes to the daughter of Donnie Brasco's “Lefty”
Bonanno mobster of Donnie Brasco fame remains behind bars
Bonanno capo sent back to prison for 2 more years
Six plead guilty in murder of ex-Bonanno family mob boss
Anonymous mobster says Vinny Asaro was part of Lufthansa heist
Bonanno capo smashed glass in face of sushi lounge owner
Gangsters Inc. Court Report: “Goodfella” Vincent Asaro’s trial
How Bonanno goodfellas whacked Lufthansa heist loot
WTC contractor with mob ties busted for $1.5M fraud
Former Bonanno boss Massino’s HQ becomes bakery
The Canadian Connection: Flooding the U.S. with dope
Bonanno goodfellas turned in by former boss Massino
Montreal Mafia Boss Vito Rizzuto (1946 - 2013)
Bonanno Family Leadership Busted
Bonanno Boss Murdered Near Montreal
How the Sicilian Mafia flooded the US with heroin
Montreal Bust: Project Colisée
Mafia of Montréal: A Short History
Aftermath of a Hit (Murder of the three captains)


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