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Move over Spiderman and Batman! The Supreme Team is taking over. Author Seth Ferranti is bringing the infamous true story of drug kingpin Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff to the world of comic books and graphic novels usually inhabited by super heroes and Anime school girls.

Seth Ferranti has always been a fan of comics, he tells Gangsters Inc. “I’ve been reading the X-Men and Batman since I was a kid. I always liked the independent comics too like Groo and The Maxx and Battle Chasers. Mixing crime and comics is natural to me. I can’t believe that other people haven’t done comics like this before. It’s just a natural progression for me.”

Crime has played a huge role in Ferranti’s life. He was convicted of leading a drug enterprise and was locked up from 1993 until his release a few years ago. While inside, he kicked off a successful writing career, bringing the inside stories on true crime and street gangs to the general public.

One of his best-selling books was The Supreme Team: The Birth of Crack and Hip Hop, Prince’s Reign of Terror and the Supreme / 50 Cent Beef Exposed, about McGriff and his gang when they ran the drug racket in New York in the 1980s up until today when ‘Preme found himself beefing with rapper 50 Cent. Ferranti met McGriff while the two spend time behind bars.

Now, that book has been turned into a graphic novel, complete with colorful artwork and fast-talking characters that explode off the pages. Readers get a close-up look at McGriff and how he started his criminal empire, how he dealt with the junkies and his rivals, how he stayed one step ahead of the cops and crooks who wanted to rob him.

With his company GR1ND, Ferranti has partnered up with Stache Publishing to bring out a true crime comic book every month, Supreme Team this month, Gangster in April, Kingpin in May, Drug Dealer in June, Swag in July and Caught ‘Em Slipping in August. “We also have some more stuff in development including Green Dragons, about a Chinese gang in New York,” Ferranti adds.

“These comics are for anyone who likes Mafia or gangster movies,” Ferranti says. “If you watch shows like The Sopranos or Breaking Bad then you want to check out these comics we have coming out at GR1ND. Or if you are a comic fan and just want to change it up a little bit and check out something new and original and fresh then go get Supreme Team or Kingpin.”

The Supreme Team is out in stores NOW! You can get your copy in print, on ComiXology and Kindle, plus on Seth Ferranti’s www.thegr1nd.com or his personal website www.sethferranti.com

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