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Domingo “Junior” Valdovinos (above) was sentenced Wednesday to a life term in federal prison after a jury found him guilty of murder in connection with a drug trafficking conspiracy. The judge also imposed two 30-year terms of imprisonment for Valdovinos’s convictions for methamphetamine trafficking offenses.

28-year-old Valdovinos led a drug ring with ties to Washington, North Dakota, Idaho, and Mexico. At sentencing, the judge noted that the amount of drugs trafficked by Valdovinos’ organization was one of the largest he had seen in over twenty years on the Federal bench. He noted both Valdovinos’ leadership of the organization, which was responsible for upwards of 50 pounds per month of methamphetamine transported into the area.

This successful operation did not arise without spilling some blood, however. In the late hours of February 28, 2014, drug dealer David Whitman found out that there is no easy buck to be made selling dope.

Valdovinos suspected Whitman had stolen from him. In the world of gangs and drugs that meant he had to act, whether it was true or false did not matter. That is why he decided to make an example of Whitman - or to put it more aptly: a horrific spectacle.

Whitman was lured to a residence on Knox Street in Spokane, Washington, under the guise of resolving a drug debt. When he arrived he was greeted by Valdovinos and several of his associates who were armed with baseball bats. They beat him up and transported him to a remote location in Stevens County.

There, Valdovinos and his uncle, Benito Baldovinos, doused him with gasoline, shot him multiple times, then set his body on fire.

Detectives later told KXLY that, “Before it was over more than a half dozen people had participated in [the] chilling murder designed to create fear among anyone who did business with this group of drug dealers.”

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