Overview: Puparo's History of the Camorra

Marano (NA)
The town of Marano has a population of nearly 60000 citizens and borders the city Naples’ boundaries to the north.

9236997058?profile=originalMarano camorra family Nuvoletta (related by marriage to families Orlando and Lubrano)
Brothers Ciro Nuvoletta (killed 10 june 1984), Angelo Nuvoletta (right), Gaetano Nuvoletta and Lorenzo Nuvoletta, their mother is Maria Orlando, her brother is Antonio Orlando who is married with Antonietta Di Costanzo and their daughter is married with the boss Enrico Maisto. Lorenzo Nuvoletta had as son Edoardo Nuvoletta (his brother in law is Raffaele Chianese, they have probably married sisters, don’t know for sure because i don’t know their wifes) and as daughter Rosa Nuvoletta who is the widow of Raffaele “Lello” Lubrano (who was killed 14 november 2002). There are also the brothers Aniello, Antonio and Angelo Nuvoletta and their sister Mariangela Nuvoletta who had as son Angelo Orlando, he is married with Simona Amitrano and her father is Alberto Amitrano.

Angelo Nuvoletta’s brother in law Giuseppe Felaco was arrested

Raffaele “Lello” Lubrano was killed 14 november 2002.

In November 2003 was Nuvoletta man Giuseppe Gala killed

Lubrano family
Raffaele “Lello” Lubrano (killed 14 november 2002 and his widow is Rosa Nuvoletta the daughter of Lorenzo Nuvoletta) is the son of don Vincenzo Lubrano whose brother is Gaetano Lubrano (was married with Giuseppina Orlando and he died in 1989) and their sister Maria Giuseppa Lubrano married Raffaele Ligato (he is convicted for the murder of Franco Imposimato). Gaetano “Bucaciov” Lubrano consigliere

Raffaele Ligato and son pietro Ligato (his nephew Vincenzo Lubrano and his son is Giuseppe Lubrano)

pietro Ligato and Giuseppe Lubrano were suspected of murdering 26 january 2000 Raffaele abbate the father of pentito Antonio Abbate

Nuvoletta men:
Luigi “Maurizio” Baccante capodecina, Eduardo Cante, Armando Del Core, Gaetano Iacolare, Giuseppe Vallefuoco (?-2000)

In 1972 was cigarette smuggler Emilio Palamara killed.

Corleonesi’s Naples ally Marano camorra family Nuvoletta
Gaspare Mutolo of the Partanna Mondello family testified that in 1973 he had a leave from Poggioreale prison and attended a meeting with Riina and Saro Riccobono and Angelo Nuvoletta in which they fested the alliance between the Corleonesi and the brothers Ciro Nuvoletta, Angelo Nuvoletta and Lorenzo Nuvoletta.

Camorra bosses Zaza, Bardellino and Nuvoletta get innitiated in the sicilian mafia
In 1974 the Camorra bosses Zaza, Bardellino and Nuvoletta get innitiated in the mafia and they decide to start cigarettesmuggling in big now. Gaetano Fidanzati keeps an eye on them and start to live in Zaza's home. The commands of La Cupola they get from Gaetano's brother Giuseppe Fidanzati.

Gerlando Alberti, Bontate, Zaza and Rosario Riccobono arrested
Beginning 1974 were Michele Zaza, Gerlando Alberti, Stefano Bontate and Rosario Riccobono arrested.

Alfredo Maisto dies and Naples invaded by other gangs
24 June 1976 dies Alfredo Enrico Maisto the most important camorraboss who reigned over Giugliano. The last important boss Antonio Spavone is in America and can't do a thing when Sicilians like Gerlando Alberti, Giuseppe Di Cristina and Rosario Riccobono move in and take parts of Naples just like the calabrian boss Mico Tripodi.

Cutolo and calabrian boss Tripodi become partners
Cutolo and calabrian boss Tripodi become partners and organize an attack at camorraboss Spavone who gets seriously wounded.

calabrian boss Domenico “Mico”Tripodi killed in Poggioreale prison (Naples)
25 August 1976 Giorgio DeStefano and Paolo DeStefano have the imprisoned Domenico Tripodi killed in Poggioreale which was arranged by Tripodi’s friend camorraboss Cutolo. Tripodi was killed by the also imprisoned Salvatore Esposito, a killer from camorra boss Cutolo, and Agrippino. They take over the monopoly on construction in North Calabria. Cutolo takes over Tripodi's area in Naples. Tripodi had contacts with Riina and Leggio.

Santa Lucia camorraboss Zaza and sicilian mafiosi LaMattina and Bono arrested in Naples
28 Februari 1977 the carabinieri (paramilitary police) arrest Michele Zaza, Nunzio LaMattina and Alfredo Bono around a table in the napolitan restaurant Chez Ferdinando.

Santa Lucia camorraboss Michele Zaza and sicilian mafioso Bono meet
In march 1977 meet Michele Zaza and the sicilian boss Alfredo Bono in Napels. Zaza wanted them to kidnap Guido De Martino so he could pressure the man’s father Francesco De Martino, a PSI politician of Bettino Craxi’s socialists. Bono had Turatello organize it and Turatello held contact via Nunzio Guida with Zaza. The in Milan living brothers Giuseppe and Alfredo Bono have also contact with mafiaboss Gaetano Fidanzati via Salvatore Enea.

Milan boss Francis Turatello “Faccia d'angelo” imprisoned
2 April 1977 was Turatello arrested and went to jail. Turatello’s gang was now led by his former trustee Angelo Epaminonda.
Milan boss Angelo Epaminonda

Santa Lucia camorraboss Michele Zaza
5 April 1977 in Napels Guido De Martino gets kidnapped by Federico Corniglia, Aleardo Cattaneo and Ciro Forte. Also somewhere was written that also belonged to his kidnappers Umberto Javarone (who was killed in 1982 by killers dressed as carabinieri), Francesco Agozzino who was killed in 1985, while Domenico Raimondi was killed in 1990.

Double murdercase Alfredo Taborre and Giuseppe Barbera
27 June 1977 the bosses Zaza and Lorenzo Nuvoletta have Alfredo Taborre and Giuseppe Barbera killed at the request of Stefano Bontate’s brother ???.

Cigarette smuggling bosses Zaza and Spadaro
In 1977 they reorganize cigarette smuggling big and Zaza and sicilian boss Spadaro finance it but the bosses of the operation are Francesco Prudentino and Giuseppe D’Onofrio.

Santa Lucia (Naples) camorraboss Zaza
In 1978 police arrest Bernardo Brusca (a capo of Luciano Leggio) in companion of Michele Zaza.
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