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Conor McGregor’s nickname may be “The Notorious” but that’s because the UFC champion has a big mouth and is an impressive fighter, not because he has strong links to organized crime.

Talk about McGregor’s links to the underworld comes at the heels of the killing of Irish gangster David Byrne, who was murdered by hitmen at the weigh-in of a boxing event at the Regency Hotel in Dublin on February 5.

The above photo shows McGregor and Byrne taking a selfie picture together.

Byrne and McGregor had trained together at Crumlin Boxing Club and Byrne is rumored to have traveled to Las Vegas to attend McGregor’s fight against Jose Aldo, but McGregor’s coaches are adamant that both men are not very close. They say it was just a “club relationship” and that the selfie was one of many selfies McGregor would take during a day surrounded by fans.

It’s not the first time a UFC champion’s alleged links to organized crime dominate the headlines. Two years ago, UFC legend Georges St. Pierre wrote a letter to a judge in support of his friend, convicted Canadian drug boss Jimmy Cournoyer.

And British MMA fighter Lee Murray is currently doing time in a Moroccan prison for the largest cash robbery ever committed in the United Kingdom.

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