Santa Lucia Boss Michele Zaza

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Michele Zaza
Father Zaza was a fisherman and had as children Michele Zaza and his brother Salvatore Zaza and their sister Maria Zaza (married with Anna maria Liguori and her father is Giuseppe Liguori)

Michele Zaza “u pazzo”
Gran caffe Verdi in piazza Municipio (Municipio square) was bought by Federico Guida for Michele Zaza

Zaza man Giovanni Adamo
Zaza friend Michele gaglione

Michele Zaza “u pazzo” properties in USA
Zaza had a villa in Beverly Hills and 2 restaurants in Los Angeles run by the nephews Ciro marino and Salvatore Marino (married to Alba Capaldo)

Nice’s Casino Du Rohl
In november 1974 opens Jean Dominique Fratoni (a friend of Nice's mayor Jacques Medecin) the Casino Du Rohl.

Nice, mayor Medecin, casino Palais de la Mediteranee, Renee Le Roux
In august 1976 was Simon Gavet shot and killed, he had both evenings heavily won in the casino.

In september 1976 was the sicilian gangleader Marcel Gauthier killed in Nice when he came back from a vacantion at Corsica.

Milan businessmen Luigi Monti and Antonio Virgilio
In 1981 the Cuntrera and Caruana families start an investmentfirm in Milan which is directed by Luigi Monti and Antonio Virgilio. The owners are the drugsbosses and their men: Bono, his man Ugo Martello, Salamone, Zaza, Buscetta, Fidanzati, Nuvoletta, Badalamenti, Salvatore Catalano, Onofrio Catalano, Leonardo Greco, Antonino Rotolo, Gerlando Alberti, Gaetano Carollo, Enea brothers, Carlo Zippo, Carmelo Gaeta, Maurizio Monticelli, Salvatore Priolo.

France murdercase Marcel Francisci
15 January 1982 was Marcel Francisci (62) a Corsican politician who wanted to buy a share in the casino Palais shot dead, France then closed the casinos casino du Rohl and Palais. Francisci had a feud with fellow Corsican Jean Baptiste Andreani who was suspected with Zemour of the murder.

Camorra boss Michele Zaza in Paris
In september 1982 arrives Michele Zaza in Paris where he spoke with Antonio Salamone (married with Girolama Greco the sister of Michele Greco), Salamone's nephew Alfredo Bono and Francesco Di Matteo what was observed by police.

Camorra boss Michele Zaza in Los Angeles
25 September 1982 Zaza travels to his home at Los Angeles and two days later Salamone arrives there also. Salamone phones from there a nephew in Palermo and tells him to meet Paolo Cuntrera's son in law Nino Mongiovi and to travel to Caracas and from there to go to Sao Paolo. A month later there arrives 132 kg heroin in Zaza`s home but police arrive to late. Zaza started then in Rouen a heroinlab that was supervised by his man Nunzio Guida who works with the corsicans Paul Graziani and Bernard Quilichini.

San Giuseppe Iato capomafia Salamone
24 October 1982 was Francesco Di Matteo (Salamone's nephew) arrested at Palermo`s airport Punta Raisa. Within 24 hours his uncle had left Sao Paolo in Brazil.

Paris, Zaza
Police had infiltrated Nunzio Guida's gang and they murder 14 januari 1983 a friend of the infiltrated policeman at the Champ Elysees.?????????????????????????????
In february 1983 was in France a topfunctionary of the french intelligence service killed, he was researching the connection between the Bulgarian secret service and the ambush at the pope by Agca.

In September 1984 stood Michele zaza on trial with brothers Alfredo and Giuseppe Bono, Matteo Cristofalo, brothers Antonio and nicolo Salamone, Salvatore Amendolito, Salvatore and Antonino Enea, Gianpasquale Grappone

Camorra boss Michele Zaza arrested in Paris
Zaza and Nunzio Barbarossa get arrested in Paris at 16 april 1984.

Aruba, Cuntrera brothers
At the end of february 1986 the brothers Paolo, Gaspare and Giuseppe Cuntrera are allowed on Aruba to open nightclub Visage. They sell their holdings in Venezuela to the brothers Antonino, Gaetano and Vincenzo Napoli.

Cuntrera brothers arrange a meeting
Mid february 1986 about 10 topfigures of the Colombians, Sicilians and the Camorra meet in Spain. The colombians want to provide cocaine to the European market and when the coke arrives the Sicilians refine it and distribute it around europe. The Sicilian Madonia family from Palermo distribute in Central Europe and the Corleonesi in Eastern Europa. The camorrabosses Zaza and Bardellino distribute France, Central Italy and Barcelona. Michelle Zaza works from Marseille in France, Nunzio and Vincenzo De Falco settle in Portugal. In England lives Antonio La Torre (36) fom Casertano in Aberdeen. In Holland Francesco Tiberio La Torre and his sons Augusto and Antonio work from hotel Isolabella and are the owners of some pizzerias and hotels. In Austria Enrico Maisto a son of the big boss of the 50ties lives in Vienna. Eduardo Contini laundered a lot of his money in Eastern Europe by buying pizzerias, bars, restaurants, hotels). The Cuntrera brothers are allowed to launder most of the money because they arranged the meeting. The camorraboss Francesco Toscanino goes to Brazil where he settles and buys in the coke for the camorra families. The coke the sicilians exchange for heroin after which the coke gets refined in a lab of Gaetano Fidanzati in Milans's borough Stadera which is handled by his men the brothers Mannino.

Milan's via Salamone garage drugdistributionpoint
As distributionpoint they use a garage in Milan from which the delivery got distributed to elsewhere. It was protected by corrupt policemen and the owners of the distributionpoint were the bosses Riina, Santapaola, Giuseppe Madonia and the Cursoti of Luigi Miano who controls Milan.

Milan borough Stadera run by Mannino brothers
The brothers Vincenzo and Matteo Mannino ruled the Milanese borough Stadera for Fidanzati. They worked in Milan with the calabrian Talia family and with the turkish Hamza Turkuresin

France based Camorra boss Zaza
Michele Zaza finds it smarter to relocate in november 1988 to Marseille and settles there permanent under the protection of the Corsican bosses.

In 1986 a new consortium got permission in France to reopen the Ruhl casino, it was led by Toussaint Torre who came from the same Corsican village as Fratoni and Fratoni`s daughter and son in law were important shareholders.

In februari 1988 Pancrace Santoni a friend of the murdered Gavet was killed.

Zaza’s underboss Nunzio Barbarossa (58) arrested
15 February 1989 were Zaza’s capos Nunzio Barbarossa (58), Nunzio Guida and Umberto Naviglia in Nice arrested.

France based Camorra boss Zaza (43) arrested
14 March 1989 Michele Zaza was arrested in Marseille while his men Puca, Verde, Claus, Vincenzo Tagliamento and Nini Giappone were arrested in Naples.

France based Camorra boss Zaza
To launder their money the camorra/mafia group of Zaza uses in France private hospital clinics near Marseille till the moment the American DEA agents start to look around. So the bosses of the camorra, the mafia and the Corsicans meet in autumn 1989 in Marseille to talk about investing their money into casinos. They used as a front Sofextour and owned 8 important casinos on the french coast line.

Zaza’s underboss Nunzio Barbarossa arrested in Bologna
18 October 1989 Nunzio Barbarossa gets rearrested in Bologna after being released.

Nice Burgemeester Medecin
In august 1990 mayor Medecin of Nice flees to Uruguay because he was accused of fraud.

Zaza group in Bologna
18 October 1990 in a pizzeria in Bologna police arrested Nunzio Barbarossa again.

Zaza men arrested
15 April 1991 Domenico Basilavecchia, Giuseppe Esposito and Ferdinando Pinelli (Pierferidinando Tinelli??) of Zaza's gang get arrested.

Zaza and casinos
24 June 1991 Zaza's men Giannino Tagliamento (35), Antonio Alberino (35), Sergio Corte (51), Vincenzo Miranda (40), Antonio Corrieri (53) and Camillo Brunetti (43) get arrested because of their involvement in the casinos of San Remo, Costa Azzurra and Monte Carlo.

Nice Mayor Medecin and Casino Palais de la Mediteranee owner Renee Le Roux
In october 1991 the murder case of Agnes Le Roux was reopened after a new witness stepped to police.

Nice Burgemeester Medecin
26 March 1992 in a parking garage in Nice a niece of mayor Medecin was shot death as a warning to her fled uncle.

Santa Lucia camorraboss Zaza
13 Januari 1993 police find 20 kgs of coke in naples and arrest 8 under whom Zaza's trustees Federico Guida (60) and Sergio Lama.

Lugano arrest of Neapolitan Camorra boss Ciro Mazzarella
According to Italian court records, Neapolitan Camorra boss, Ciro Mazzarella, nicknamed "the prince," "the engineer," or "the uncle," attempted in 1993 to monopolize smuggling and duty free businesses in Montenegro. He conspired to gain control of Montenegrin government warehouses, which he would hold through a Panamanian company called Gisto, based in Lugano, Switzerland. At least 50 containers a month primarily Marlboros would be sent to warehouses in Montenegrin ports of Zelenika, Bar and Katar. The cigarette cases would then be transferred to speed boats and shipped at night across the Adriatic to Italy's Puglia region, about 100 miles away. According to documents obtained by the Center, Mazzarella, seeking support for his venture, contacted individuals close to Milo Djukanovic, Montenegros then-prime minister and current president. This was quickly granted and Mazzarella received a license from the government-owned company ZetaTrans to be the exclusive cigarette trader through Montenegro. But Italian investigators uncovered the conspiracy and, on Sept. 27, 1993, Mazzarella was arrested in Lugano. The case is still before the courts.

Mazzarella arrested
25 September 1993 Zaza`s nephew Ciro Mazzarella get arrested. Ciro mazzarella’s son Massimo Mazzarella

Naples borough Santa Lucia boss Zaza dies
18 july 1994 Michele Zaza (50) dies in prison. His nephew is Pasquale Zaza

After the death of Michel Zaza became his nephews Mazzarella and Salvatore zazo the bosses. Salvatore Zazo his real name is Zaza but changed because of a mistake during registration

Salvatore Zazo was at war with brothers Raffaele Baratto and Antonio Baratto « o calascione »(Casalesi ally) and there were 2 murders : the murder of Francesco Estatico killed in Soccavo and the 3 june 2006 murder of Giuseppe Iadonisi « faccia verde »(green face)

Boss Antonio Bianco

Lugano (Swiss), Jean-Dominique Fratoni dies
Jean-Dominique Fratoni dies of cancer in August 1994 in Lugano (Swiss). Jean-Dominique Fratoni "the gambling king". Suspected of recycling dirty money (in particular italian Mafia, but also for the Corsican milieu), he had fled abroad in 1980 following tax and customs problems. Police suspects him of being implied in the disappearance of Agnes Leroux (girl of his principal competitor) in 1977.

Nice murdercase Noel Fratoni
23 October 1998 was Noel Fratoni (50), son of Jean-Dominique Fratoni, found shot down with ten bullets of 9 mm including two in the head, in the garage of his residence in Nice.
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