9236979261?profile=originalOrganized Crime has existed in Russia (former Soviet Union) for centuries. Under the communist regime corruption was as normal in Russia as snow falling during the winter. One of the big money makers for the Russian criminals was selling Western products on the black market, a market they controlled in the 1970s and 80s.

It was also during this time that there was a wave of Russian émigrés who fled to North America. Most of these émigrés were Jewish, however a lot of Russians faked a Jewish passport, among them Russian criminals. Most of the Russians settled in Brighton Beach in New York, which has the largest Russian population outside of Russia.

When the Soviet Union fell apart, Russian organized crime was unleashed unto the world. Russian organized crime can now be found everywhere, from the US to Israel to Spain and England. The Russians can be considered to be among the most powerful criminals in the world.

Russian criminals are active in: Fraud, transnational money laundering, extortion, drug trafficking, weapon smuggling, auto theft, white slave trafficking/prostitution, hostage taking, extortion of immigrant celebrities and sport figures, transportation of stolen property for export, insurance and medical fraud, counterfeiting, credit card fraud, and murder.


The Billion Dollar Don
Living in a KavKaz Nation - Profile of New York crime boss Roman Nikoghosyan
Coast-to-Coast “Pure Armenian Blood” gang under patronage of US-based “Vor v Zakone” busted by Feds
Porsches and Yeezys – Profile of New York crime boss Aleksey Tsvetkov
“For him, I am a god” – Profile of Russian Mafia boss, and vor v zakone, Razhden Shulaya
Boris Nayfeld (flipped)
Leonid Lebedev
Sergei Tsapok (in prison)
Gafur Rakhimov
Tariel Oniani
Victor Bout (from prison to freedom)
Aleksandr Solonik (whacked)
Sergei "Mikhas" Mikhailov (in freedom)
Evsei "The Little Don" Agron (whacked)
Semion Mogilevich (in freedom)
Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov (in freedom)


Suicide Squad: The Mafia bosses, hitmen, and gangsters fighting Russia’s war in Ukraine
Cold Case Amsterdam: The mystery behind a dismembered Russian art smuggler
Boss of Brooklyn’s Eastern European mob extradited to US from Switzerland to face racketeering charges
Real “Lord of War” back from the shadows as pawn in international prisoner swap between US and Russia
Brooklyn Pure Armenian Blood member admits racketeering and fraud
Money launderer of powerful US-based Russian Mafia boss pleads guilty
Spanish court rules investments of Tambovskaya-Malyshevskaya Russian Mafia clan not criminal
Russian Mafia boss Razhden Shulaya ran nationwide criminal enterprise from Brighton Beach to Las Vegas
Greedy Sharks: The new rule for banking in Eastern Europe that makes fraudulent oligarchs billions
How Russian oligarchs turned Latvia into their money laundering machine
Russian mob crew in Brighton Beach busted by DEA, IRS
Russian extortionist pleads guilty after mob boss flips, agrees to testify against him
Russia arrests top officials, charges them with taking bribes from mob boss
Russian Mafia money laundering ring busted in Spain
Russian mob boss Sergei Mikhailov orders the internet to ‘fuggedabout’ him
Fugitive Russian mobster caught in Pattaya, Thailand
Russian mob boss released on bail in Austria
How two Russian mobsters got caught up in the Iraqi civil war
A New Dawn For the Russian Mafia
FIFA capo Sepp Blatter boozing with Russian mob boss
Russian mob boss arrested in Thailand
Spain police bust Russian Mafia gang Taganskaya
Investigating the Russian Mafia on its home turf
Georgian Crime Clan of Vors Busted in Europe
Viktor Bout Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison
The Dark Knight of Mother Russia
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The Russian Mafia in Spain: Operation "Troika"
An American Businessman in Moscow: The Story of Paul Tatum

Puparo's look on Russian O.C.

Russia 1990 - 1994
Russia 1995 - 1999
Russia 21st Century

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