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Spagnoli family Di Biase at war with family Russo (ally of Sanita boss Giuseppe Misso)

Quartiere Spagnoli (the spanish build quarter of Napoli) camorrafamily Di Biase
Francesco Di Biase (killed 20 april 1999) and his sons Antonio Di Biasi (killed 17 may 1997), Gianfranco Di Biasi (died 1998 in accident), Luigi Di Biase and mario Di Biasi (allies of Frizziero). Gilda Guarracino and her man had as sons the brothers Ciro Di Biase (his son is Francesco Di Biase) and Luigi Di Biase (wife Anna Casella and their son in law is pentito Ciro verdicchio) and as daughter Emma Di Biase

Quartiere Spagnoli (the spanish build quarter of Napoli) camorrafamily Russo
Domenico Russo “Mimi dei Cani” (46 when killed 8 january 1999) and his sons Maurizio Russo (killed 9 april 2000), Salvatore Russo (married the daughter of Ciro Lepre) and Gaetano Russo.

Spagnoli family Di Biase kill Domenico Russo “Mimi dei Cani” (46)
Domenico Russo “Mimi dei Cani” (46) was shot and killed 8 january 1999.

Spagnoli family Russo kill capofamiglia Francesco Di Biase (71)
20 april 1999 was as revenge Francesco Di Biasi (71) shot and killed.

Spagnoli family Russo kill Antonio “Pavesino” Di Biase
17 May 1999 was in Spagnoli quarter Antonio “Pavesino” Di Biase killed.

Spagnoli family Di Biase kill Maurizio Russo
Maurizio Russo was killed 9 april 2000, he is a son of killed capofamiglia Francesco.

Spagnoli family Russo attacks Ciro Di Biase
Police arrested in 2001 Gaetano Russo (28) because they suspect him of the attack at Ciro Di Biase the boss of Spagnoli who was wounded 2 days earlier. Police had already arrested the other attacker Gennaro Capezzuto. 9 April 2000 had been Gaetano Russo’s brother Maurizio Russo killed in Spagnoli. And 2 years ago had their father been killed.

4 december 2003 was Domenico Russo “Mimi dei Cani”’s son Ciro Russo killed at the orders of Luigi Di Biase

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano
The brothers Ciro mariano (his wife is Concetta Tecchio whose sister is Anna Tecchio) and Marco Mariano
Ciro Mariano’s brother in law Saverio Mandico

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano members Raffaele Esposito (?-1996), Ciro Mariano boss (?-1999)

Zarino Maresca
Zarino Maresca’s wife Anna Baracchini left him and went to live with her children with Antonio Montariello. Antonio Montariello shot and killed 4 september 1970 Domenico Paduano and a woman. In 1976 was Antonio Montariello shot and killed by Michele Maresca (brother Giuseppe « Babba »maresca).

Giuseppe “Babba” Maresca
In september 1980 Giuseppe “Babba”Maresca marries in restaurant "Cascine" of Domenico Ferrara who works for Antonio Bardellino the boss of Giugliano.

Ciro Mariano man Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone”
Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone”and his son Eduardo Terracciano and daughter Emanuele Terracciano

Ciro Mariano man Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone”
Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone” started to work for Ciro mariano and participated in the murders:
1986 murder of “Marmitta bruciata”

Ciro Mariano man Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone”
Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone”and murder of Geppino Campagna in 1987 in quartieri Spagnoli

Giuseppe “babba”Maresca killed by Ciro Mariano man Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone”
Giuseppe “babba”Maresca came free from prison and was soon killed 1 september 1987 by Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone” who works for Ciro mariano.

Ciro Mariano man Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone”
Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone” started to work for Ciro mariano and participated in the murders:
1988 murder of Matrone

Giugliano, Napels, Bardellino
In november 1988 Marco Mariano the boss of Spagnoli marries in Cascine of Domenico Ferrara who works for Antonio Bardellino, the boss of Giugliano.

22 january 1989 was capofamiglia Zarino Maresca (56) killed. He is the father of Giuseppe and Carolina Maresca

10 march 1989 was Carolina Maresca wounded

Ciro Mariano man Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone”
Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone” started to work for Ciro mariano and participated in the murders:
1989 murder of “o fruttivendolo”

Paesano acting boss Giuseppe Sepe “o fruttivendolo”???????????

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano
5 October 1989 Marco Mariano had the heroindealer Antonio Romano killed instead of paying him.

Spagnoli boss Ciro Mariano killer Antonio Delos
Antonio Delos killed in 1981 during a robbery Francesca Silvano and got 18 years.

Spagnoli boss Ciro Mariano orders murder of Pozzuoli boss Giovanni Di Costanzo
7 December 1989 were in nightclub Circolo the camorra boss Giovanni Di Costanzo and 3 of his bodyguards shot and killed by Antonio Delos (26) at the command of Ciro Mariano. Later police accuse Ciro Mariano, Marco Mariano, Tommaso Esposito, Salvatore Cirelli, Pasquale Fraiese, Giuseppe Amendola and Salvo Terracciano.

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano at war with Luigi DeBiase (wife Anna Casella)
In may 1990 twenty men of the warring Mariano and DeBiase coscas get arrested already there were 15 killings.

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano at war with Luigi DeBiase
27 June 1990 Salvatore Amoroso (33) and his girlfriend Patrizia Milano (29) get shot to death in a car, they do the drugsbusiness for Luigi DeBiase and Rita Vartella.

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano attack Giuliano family
In september 1990 Giovanni Labonia gets free on probation leave and tries to kill the dealer Roberto Della Morte of the Giuliano cosca at command of his boss Mariano, Della Morte escapes but the next day he gets killed by Vittorio Moglie.

Villaricca boss Domenico Tambaro killed
5 November 1990 Nuvoletta orders the killing of the boss Domenico Tambaro who gets murdered with his bodyguards Vincenzo Ranucci and Vincenzo Mauriello by Domenico Ferrara who takes over his area Villaricca.
Villaricca boss Domenico Ferrara

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano at war with Savio
14 November 1990 Antonio Supino (26) get murdered in the war between Mariano and Savio.

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano at war with rebels Cardillo and Ranieri
24 March 1991 there is an attack at Ciro Mariano`s trustee Vincenzo Romano, who get wounded and his bodyguard Ciro Napolitano got killed the order came from Mariano`s capos Salvatore Cardillo and Antonio Ranieri who tell their boss this way that they are now independent.

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano at war with rebels Cardillo and Ranieri
29 March 1991 Mariano`s capos Salvatore Cardillo and Antonio Ranieri also order the killings of Umberto Esposito (30), Luigi Terracciano (37) and Carmine Pipolo (26) who get shot to death by Giuseppe Amendola, Umberto Bernasconi and Rosario Ugon.

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano at war with rebels Cardillo and Ranieri
In march 1991 Antonio Ruggiero, Salvatore Festa and the brothers Franco and Biagio Liccardo get sieged in their stronghold, but they escape. They belonged to Mariano`s cosca but changed sides to his capos Cardillo and Ranieri.

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano at war with rebels Cardillo and Ranieri
1 April 1991 Vincenzo Cuomo and Massimo Monaco get attacked by Raffaele Iacovelli and Pasquale Fraiese of Mariano, their bodyguard Giovanni Labonia reacts timely and saves them but also kills carabinieri Salvatore D`Addario (31) who arrived. Cuomo`s mother Anna De Rosa revenges the attack by having the boss Francesco Palazzo killed.

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano
11 April 1991 police arrest in Rome Giuseppe Amendola, Vincenzo Errichiello, Felice Mulieri (31) and the Sicilian Calogero Pullara (36).

Forcella: mayor drug bust
11 January 1992 police arrest 51 people of the camorra gangs Cardillo, Giuliano, Mariano, Anna De Rosa and Giuseppe Vatiero who work togather in dealing drugs. The police got help from pentita Carmela Palazzo “Cerasella”(30) who want to avenge the murder of her brother Francesco Palazzo. Under the arrests Anna De Rosa (55) who leads a territory for Giuliano, her daughter Assunta Cuomo, Elvira Palumbo (30) the wife of Vincenzo Romano, the sisters Anna (27) and Rita Esposito (30), Anna Iacone, Carmela Forte (46) the daughter of Salvatore Forte a former capo of Mariano, the lawyer Gaetano Inserra (31) a family member of the Palazzos. Rita Saltalamacchia the wife of Guglielmo Giuliano, Enrico Ricci and Gennaro La Morella.

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano
15 September 1992 the capo Vittorio Moglie (32) get arrested he changed sides to Mariano`s enemies.

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano
3 October 1992 Mariano`s cassier Giuseppe Criscuolo (42) gets arrested.

Spagnoli camorrafamily DeBiase
27 April 1993 the brothers Giovanni Carola (his wife is Giuseppina Piscopo) and Salvatore Carola murder the agents Michele Del Giudice (27) and Gennaro Autuoni (35), they belong to the clan of Ciro De Biase.

Ciro Mariano man Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone”
Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone”and murder of Arturo Taglialatela in june 1997

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano kill rebel boss Antonino "Polifemo" Ranieri
27 October 1999 Bruno Guidone (40) and Maurizio Di Napoli (38) got wounded and Spagnoli's boss Antonino "Polifemo" Ranieri (42) was killed. The same day was wounded elsewhere in Napoli Salvatore Ferraiuolo (41) and at another place was wounded Domenico Carillo (24).

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano kill rebel Bruno Guidone
23 June 2000 was the body found of Bruno Guidone who had been killed, 27 october 1999 he had escaped from the ambush in which the boss Antonino "Polifemo" Ranieri (42) was killed.

boss Salvatore Cardillo’s son Antonio Cardillo killed
2 august 2005 was Antonio Cardillo (22) the son of the imprisoned boss Salvatore Cardillo killed.

Ciro Mariano man Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone”
His daughter Emanuele Terracciano (22) shot and killed Nicola Sarpa in 2009

Ciro Mariano man Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone”
19 september 2010 was Francesco Terracciano (59) killed, he is the brother of the boss Salvatore Terracciano “o nirone”

Sanita based Misso capo Mario Savarese
Brothers Mario Savarese (his sons are Gioacchino Savarese and Marco Savarese , 24 when wounded 27 march 2007) and Salvatore Savarese

Sanita (NA) camorrafamily Bottone
Giovanni Bottone

Alberto- Cuccaro- Aprea clan at war with Sarno
Sarno brothers were supporters of Mazzarella family in their war with Contini and his supporters the Cuccaro family

Giacomo Alberto “giacumino” and his allies

Eduardo Contini supporters the Camorra family Cuccaro

Camorra family Aprea
Brothers Pasquale Aprea, Ciro Aprea (his wife is the niece of the Cuccaro family), Gennaro Aprea, Vincenzo Aprea and Giovanni Aprea (his sons Luigi Aprea and Gennaro Aprea and his brother in law is Antonio Acanfora?) and their sister Anna Aprea (who is married with Ciro Relli?).


la faida tra la famiglia Sarno ed il gruppo De Luca Bossa;
Tonino De Luca Bossa and his brother in law Ciro Minichini “Cirillino”

Umberto De Luca Bossa and his sons Antonio De Luca Bossa and Giuseppe De Luca Bossa.

Teresa De Luca Bossa (the mother of Antonio De Luca Bossa a trusted killer for the Sarno clan and of Patrizio De Luca Bossa) was arrested 20 june 2000, her fiancee is Giuseppe Marfella (of the family that had a feud with the Lago family in Pianura ???)

Ciro Veneruso was killed 26 july 1996 and his widow is Eleonora Scuotta

Quartiere Pianura camorrafamily Lago
Brothers Vincenzo Lago, Pietro Lago (brother in law Rosario Marra), Giorgio Lago (his son is Antonio lago), Carmine Lago and Mario Lago. The Lago clan is in Pianura and wars with the Marfella clan but the Lago brothers also fight with the Varriale family.

Quartiere Pianura camorrafamily Lago
3 october 1998 was Vincenzo Lago attacked

Quartiere Pianura camorrafamily Lago
5 january 1999 were killed Maurizio Farnatale and Antonello De Liso, the last is a member of Pianura’s Lago clan. Wounded were camorista Antonio Imparato and criminal Alfredo De Feo.

Quartiere Pianura camorrafamily Lago
13 may 2000 was Marfella man Gaetano Avolio (47) killed by the Lago clan

Quartiere Pianura camorrafamily Lago
11 august 2000 were the students Luigi Sequino (20) and Paolo Castaldi (20) killed, it was a mistake because the killers thought they were the bodyguards of Rosario Marra, brother in law of Pietro Lago. 20 december 2004 police arrest the brothers Luigi (34) and Pasquale Pesce (37) who they suspect of the murders of Luigi Sequino (21) and Paolo Castaldi (21) on 10 august 2000.

Cavone (near Spagnoli) camorrafamily Lepre
Brothers Ciro Lepre “o sceriffo”(his daughter married Salvatore Russo the son of Mimi Russo), Carmine Lepre, Luigi Lepre, Patrizio Lepre (married with Annamaria Troise), Salvatore Lepre.

Cavone (near Spagnoli) camorrafamily Lepre
There starts a war between the Lepre brothers and the family of Salvatore Piccirillo “Tore e Silvestro”. 22 february 1999 was Salvatore Piccirillo attacked, he survived but his brother in law Antonio Mazzocchi was killed. Of the murder were Ciro Lepre’s men suspected.

Cavone (near Spagnoli) camorrafamily Lepre
12 July 2003 was Gaetano Festa of the Lepre clan killed. Vincenzo Festa and Luigi Cianciulli were then accused of attacking the home of Salvatore Piccirillo.

Cavone (near Spagnoli) camorrafamily Lepre
22 July 2003 men shot at Immacolata Piccirillo’s house when they want to kill her father Salvatore Piccirillo. Several days later men shot at the house of Enrico Mazzocchi, the son in law of the boss Salvatore Piccirillo "Tore e' Silvestre".

Torre del Greco camorrafamily Falange
Giuseppe Falanga and son Giovanni Falanga

Torre del Greco camorrafamily Chierchia
Brothers Giuseppe and Alfonso Chierchia (killed 28 january 2006). Brother?? Gennaro Chierchia. Chierchia family are allies of Pasquale Gallo “o bellillo”.

Torre del Greco camorrafamily Chierchia
12 september 1996 were arrested at a meeting Giuseppe and Alfonso Chierchia, Palmerino Gargiulo, Antonio Turi, Domenico Scoppetta “Penniniello” (his wife is Maria Rosaria Venditto, the daughter of dead “Bicchierini” boss Ernesto Venditto), Francesco Colasante and Alfonso Chierchia’s brother in law Patrizio Izzo.

“Bicchierini” boss Ernesto Venditto and his sons Andrea Venditto and Aurelio Venditto (killed 28 february 1999) and his daughter Rosaria Venditto

Torre del Greco camorrafamily Chierchia
6 September 1998 was Alfonso Chierchia’s brother in law Patrizio Izzo killed with Aniello Palomba (16).

Torre del Greco camorrafamily Chierchia
9 September 1998 as revenge Chierchia’s men kill Santo Tulli and Luigi Malvone. For the murder stood on trial the brothers Giuseppe and Alfonso Chierchia and their brother in law Palmerino Gargiulo.

Torre del Greco camorrafamily Chierchia
In october 1998 Chierchia men kill Angelo Russo (45) in Torre Annunziata, he was part of the “Bicchienni” clan.

Torre del Greco camorrafamily Chierchia
28 February 1999 Chierchia men kill Aurelio Venditto.

Torre del Greco camorrafamily Chierchia
In june 2000 is Pasquale Arabesco (37) killed in Torre Annunziata, he is a member of the Chierchia clan.

Torre del Greco camorrafamily Chierchia
25 August 2002 were Aldo Della Valle and his uncle Raffaele Della Valle killed by the Chierchia clan??

29 september 2004 were the brother in laws Angelo Scoppetta (45) and Carlo Balzano (59 and member of Gionta clan) killed

Angelo Scoppetta’s brother Domenico Scoppetta was killed 2 september 2005

Torre del Greco camorrafamily Chierchia
28 january 2006 was Torre del Greco camorraboss Alfonso Chierchia killed with Raffaele Cirillo.

Torre del Greco
27 november 2003 was Giuseppe Cascone (55) killed in Torre del Greco. His son is Carmelo Cascone (son in law of boss Falanga??).


Camorrafamily Cosentino
Brothers Giovanni Cosentino (64 married with the daughter of the boss Costantino Diana) and Mario Cosentino (43 married Mirella Russo the sister of Giuseppe Russo who got life for murder)

Cava dei Tirreni camorra family Bisogno
Mario Bisogno- boss Francesco Carusone. Their man Michele Faiella

Casal Di Principe family Bianco (Schiavone men)
Brothers Luigi Bianco "Zingariell" and Cesare Bianco "Cesarino" were sought in operation spartacus. Their mother is the sister of De Vivo who had as son Marcello De Vivo

In Fuorigotta are the group of Antonio Bianco “Cerasella”and the group of Salvatore Zazo

Pignataro-Prudente (Pignatore??)
Alfonso Prudente brother in law (cognato) of Antonio Pignataro

15 may 2009 were killed Francesco Buonanno, Modestino Minutolo and Giovanbattista Papa.

20 april 2010 was killed Crescenzo Laiso (his brother is Salvatore Laiso)

Pecoraro –Renna
Alfonso Pecoraro (his brother in law Giuseppe esposito) and Renna
Pecoraro-Renna "scissionista" Domenico Frasca (killed) and Demetrio Trimarco

Camorrafamily Grimaldi (??SALERNO PROVINCE??)
Brothers Lucio Grimaldi (his brother in law Lucio Esposito) and Franco Berardino Grimaldi

Pasquale Grimaldi and Giuseppe Grimaldi were killed.

Acerra (NA) camorra boss
Ciro Grimaldi

Grimaldi family enemies are the families Panella and De Feo

Camorrafamily Panella
Amedeo Panella (enemy of Grimaldi)

Lucio Grimaldi
At the end of january 1996 was Antonio Nese killed, he was the nephew of Lucio Grimaldi.

Lucio Grimaldi
Several days later was killed Franco Berardino Grimaldi (brother of Lucio Grimaldi).

Lucio Grimaldi’s brother in law Lucio Esposito killed
In july 1996 was killed Lucio Esposito, brother in law of Lucio Grimaldi.

Lucio Grimaldi killed
Lucio Grimaldi was 18 april 2001 killed in his feud with Amedeo Panella.

Lucio Grimaldi
In december 2003 was Amedeo Panella arrested?

Caivano feud
10 September 1997 was Salvatore Natale’s trustee Vincenzo Mele killed. His murder had been ordered by Domenico Ciccarelli, Antonietta Spagnuolo (mother of Ciccarelli), Giovanna Russo (sister of Alfredo) and Paolo Andreozzi, trustee of Alfredo Russo. Andreozzi had killed Mele.

Caivano feud
22 september 1997 escape Alfredo Russo and Domenico Ciccarelli from an attack which is revenge for the murder of Mele. The attackers were Giuseppe Marino, Luigi Ferraiuolo, Pasquale Pezzella, Salvatore Natale, Pasquale Castaldo, Pasquale Grimaldi, Giuseppe Grimaldi (the last two were soon also killed).

Caivano feud
In Caivano was also later tried to kill Amedeo Morano who had the bad luck of driving a car the same as Antonio Attanasio (associate of the Antonio Cennamo clan) who was the target, Morano was wounded but survived. The order had come from Salvatore Natale, Giuseppe Marino and Pasquale Pezzella and the attackers were Alfredo Lionelli, Giuseppe Grimaldi, Giuseppe Marino and Giuseppe Di Micco.

Caivano feud
23 april 1998 they try again to kill Domenico Ciccarelli , but he escapes again.

Caivano feud
6 may 1998 the Natale Marino clan kill Massimo Ciccarelli, the killers had dressed as policemen and then killed him in his appartment.

Caivano feud
10 May 1998 was also Antonio Fischetti killed by the Natale Marino clan.

Caivano camorraboss Salvatore Natale killed
23 september 1999 Salvatore Natale of the Natale clan in Caivano was killed with his bodyguard and his capo Vincenzo Testa escaped from the ambush and became the new boss.
Caivano camorraboss Vincenzo Testa

Caivano camorrafamilies Natale and Marino at war with Napolitan camorrafamilies Russo and Ciccarelli
Caivano camorrabosses Salvatore Natale and Giuseppe Marino got into war with the after the 1980 earthquack Caivano invaded Napolitan camorrabosses Alfredo Russo and Domenico Ciccarelli.

Caivano camorraboss Testa arrested
11 February 2000 Vincenzo testa was arrested.

1 december 2002 were Giuseppe Amore and Vincenzo Bervicato wounded they were married with a sister and the daughter of Giuseppe Marino’s topkiller Giuseppe Di Micco.

Caivano murdercase Giuseppe di Micco
20 april 2003 was Giuseppe Marino’s topkiller Giuseppe di Micco killed.

Acerra (NA) camorra boss Cuono Crimaldi
Boss Cuono Crimaldi “Cuniello e capasso” (wife is Maddalena Loffredo ??? hmmm caselesi Nicola Loffredo from Maddaloni???) and brother Vincenzo Crimaldi and wife Emma Crimaldi (46) their son Vincenzo Crimaldi and daughter Livia Crimaldi

Acerra (NA) camorra boss Mario De Sena
Mario De Sena

Acerra (NA) camorra clan Di Fiore- De Falco
Ciro de Falco « o ciomm » and wife Giovanna Terracciano (39) and their son is Impero De Falco (21) and their daughter is Elvira De Falco who married Pasquale Di Fiore. Mario Di Fiore

13 march 1992 Mario Di paolo’s men murder Cuono Crimaldi man Vincenzo Vigliotti

15 march 1992 Cuono Crimaldi’s men murder Mario Di Paolo’s man Mimmo De Rosa

30 april 1992 was Cuono Crimaldi’s man Saverio Villanova killed

Mario Di paolo was then attacked but escaped while his brother Antonio Di Paolo was killed

Acerra (NA) camorra boss Cuono Crimaldi attacked by Mario Di paolo
1 may 1992 were Cuono Crimaldi’s brother Vincenzo Crimaldi’s wife Emma Crimaldi (46), son Vincenzo Crimaldi and daughter Livia Crimaldi (24 and 5 months pregnant) killed with an other son and a friend

Acerra (NA) camorra boss Cuono Crimaldi
16 may 2004 was Cuono Crimaldi’s brother in law Raffaele Caterino D’urso killed by De Sena’s men Dario Tedesco and Vincenzo Esposito

Acerra (NA) camorra boss Cuono Crimaldi
10 october 2006 was Ciro de Falco « o ciomm »killed, his widow is Giovanna Terracciano (39) and their son is Impero De Falco (21) who killed 9 december 2006 Luigi Borzacchiello and their daughter is Elvira De Falco who married Pasquale Di Fiore


Avellino province camorra boss Modestino Genovese (his son Marco Antonio Genovese)
Genovese clan members Roberto Iannuzzi and Adolfo Palinuro escape 10 february 2001 from arrest
Genovese clan member Franco Rosafinta (born 1949) was arrested 17 february 2009

25.1.2002, il tentato omicidio di Demetrio Trimarco e Marcello Pumpo, verificatosi in Pontecagnano-Faiano

12.2.2002, il tentato omicidio di Giuseppe Longo in Salerno

12.3.2002, il sequestro e la scomparsa di Maurizio D'Elia in località in Montecorvino Rovella

Murdercase Giuseppe Esposito
4 november 2001 was Giuseppe Esposito, brother in law of Alfonso Pecoraro, killed and his fiancee Emma Barba wounded in San Cipriano Picentino.

Bellizzi murdercase Domenico Frasca
27 November 2001 was the boss Domenico Frasca killed in Bellizzi,

16 may 2002 was Salvatore Ridosso killed in Scafati

Battipaglia (Salerno province) camorrafamily De Feo
brothers Pasquale De Feo, Vito De Feo and Antonio De Feo, all were in december 2003 arrested
clan members Francesco Ingarra, Gerardo Petrillo


clan Francesco Saccone-Corrado Sperandeo
under the boss Francesco Saccone who was killed 17 march 1998. For his murder was arrested the boss Alessandro de rosa
Corrado Sperandeo

San Felice a Cancello
San Felice a Cancello clan Massaro: Clemente Massaro “o pucuraro”and Antonio Carmine Massaro “Caliseo o ??”

Barra boss Franco Gaiola

Camorra family Formicola
Brothers Ciro Formicola (his wife Maria Domizio and his daughter is Assunta Formicola), Bernardino “Bernardo” Formicola (killed in 1996 and his sons Giuseppe Formicola, Pasquale Formicola and Antonio Formicola), Gaetano Formicola (killed in 1993) and their sister Concetta Formicola (married with Stanislao Marigliano and their sons are Antonio Marigliano and Alessandro Marigliano).

Camorra family gargiulo
Carmine Gargiulo, Ciro Gargiulo and Vittorio gargiulo and their familymember Lucio Formicola

17 march 1978 was Raffaele Cuccaro (45) shot and killed by Antonio Borriello (19) who got 14 years and came free in june 1986. Raffaele Cuccaro’s son in law Salvatore D’Albunzio (36) had been wounded and soon died of a heart attack. Raffaele Cuccaro was married with Annunziata D’Albenzio and their son is Salvatore Cuccaro who then murdered 25 august 1987 his father’s killer Antonio Borriello.

Raffaele Galliano and his righthand were killed in august 1987. Galliano was followed up by Ciro Fedele

Vincenzo gargiulo was killed in November 1987

Gaetano Formicola (his son is Antonio Formicola) was killed in august 1992, he was a brother of the boss Bernardino “Bernardo” Formicola

Formicola men Cesare Narangio and Alessandro Maina killed in 1993

2 January 1994 was Giovanni Altamura (39) shot and killed, he is the brother of the boss Luigi Altamura and they are allies of the Rinaldi family and they have a feud with the Formicola family

The boss Bernardino “Bernardo” Formicola killed in January 1996 and police arrest as a suspect Giuseppe Altamura the nephew of the boss Luigi Altamura

26 june 1996 were killed the boss Luigi Altamura (60) and his son Pasquale Altamura (37)

Bernardino “Bernardo” Formicola’s brother in law Ciro Rispoli was killed 11 november 1996 by the Cuccaro family.

The cuccaro family killed 14 november 1996 Luigia Esposito

Rosario Casillo was also killed

30 july 1997 was killed Agostino Notturno who had run a bar for the Formicola family.

San Giovanni a Teduccio
5 August 1997 were Raffaele Altamura (57 and his wife is Lucia Cordone) and his sons Eduardo Altamura (26) and Gaetano Altamura (28) killed, possibly as revenge for the murder a week earlier of Agostino Notturno who had run a bar for the Formicola family.

Formicola clan
10 October 1999 were in napoli in 24 hours killed : Vittorio Coluccio, then Salvatore Gargiulo and then was killed Salvatore Acciarino. Salvatore Gargiulo was the brother of the pentito Costantino Gargiulo who was a member of the Formicola clan. Already had been killed their brother Giovanni Gargiulo (14).

The families Brandi- Caiazzo -Cimmino had a feud with the family Alfano

Vomero camorra boss Giovanni Alfano
Giovanni Alfano “Giovanni o russo”and his wife Adele Frizziero and their daughters Ilaria Alfano and Anna Alfano. Alfano’s sister in law Adriana Mazzarella.

Mergellina camorra boss Alvino Frizziero
Alvino Frizziero (killed 27 november 1985 and he was the brother in law of Vomero boss Giovanni Alfano),

Torretta boss Fausto Frizziero

Boss Giovanni Alfano’s underboss Antonio Capuano
Boss Giovanni Alfano’s underboss Antonio Capuano. Boss Giovanni Alfano’s killer Rosario Privato became pentito

Vomero family Cimmino
Luigi Cimmino (his son is Massimo)

Vomero family Brandi
Boss Maurizio Brandi, Addolorata Brandi, Amelia Brandi, Antonio Brandi and Vincenzo Brandi

Family Petrone
Boss Raffaele Petrone, Anna Petrone, Antonietta Petrone, Gennaro Petrone, Luca Petrone, Pasquale Petrone and Rita Petrone

Vomero family Caiazzo
Boss Antonio “Tonino” Caiazzo, Luigi Caiazzo, Assunta Caiazzo, Rosa Caiazzo, Maria Caiazzo and Monica Caiazzo

Claudio Alberoni

11 october 1984 were killed Antonio Porro (41) and Luigi Chiaro (42). Suspected of ordering the murders is the boss Giovanni Alfano

Naples district Torretta based Piccirillo acting boss and later pentito Gennaro Panzuto
The in 2007 in the UK arrested Piccirillo acting boss Gennaro Panzuto became in 2008 pentito and confessed that he became part of the Piccirillo clan which was run by his uncles Rosario Piccirillo and Ciro “Barabba” Piccirillo. He became part of the clan when his uncle found out that Giovanni Alfano and his brother in law Alvino Frizziero wanted to kill the bosses Rosario Piccirillo (Orlando Frizziero had a quarrel with him), Vincenzo Ceglia and Vittorio Dello Russo.

Mergellina camorra boss Alvino Frizziero killed
As revenge (for the murders of Antonio Porro and Luigi Chiaro) was 27 november 1985 Alvino Frizziero killed (he was the brother in law of Vomero boss Giovanni Alfano), suspected are Gennaro Panzuto and Giacomo Cavalcanti

Naples district Torretta based Piccirillo acting boss and later pentito Gennaro Panzuto
Then Gennaro Panzuto left the Piccirillo clan and became part of the Torino clan through his uncle Ciro “Barabba” Piccirillo who had links with Misso scissionisti?? Salvatore Torino.

The Di Biase family wanted to murder the important Luciano Morrone “Spalluzzella”, Anna Terraciano (sister of Salvatore Terraciano “o nirone”), Salvatore Piccirillo and Domenico Russo.

Vomero based Luigi Cimmino (his son is Massimo)- Maurizio Brandi- Antonio “Tonino” Caiazzo clan
11 June 1997 they try to kill Luigi Cimmino who escaped but his man Salvatore Raimondo and Silvia Ruotolo were killed. Also was Cimmino’s man Luigi Filippini wounded. The attack was done at the orders of the boss Giovanni Alfano) and pentito was Rosario Privato

Vomero based Luigi Cimmino (his son is Massimo)- Maurizio Brandi- Antonio “Tonino” Caiazzo clan
18 June 1997 police arrest Gennaro Ciriaco who they suspect of the shooting.

Vomero based Luigi Cimmino (his son is Massimo)- Maurizio Brandi- Antonio “Tonino” Caiazzo clan
29 April 1999 were Giuseppe Consiglio and Enrico Ruffano killed in a car, they were part of the Cimmino- Brandi- Caiazzo clan and within 12 hours also the brothers Pietro and Vincenzo Aversano got killed.

Vomero based Luigi Cimmino (his son is Massimo)- Maurizio Brandi- Antonio “Tonino” Caiazzo clan
17 May 1999 were Vincenzo Montebello (Cimmino clan) and Gennaro Testa killed.

Vomero based Luigi Cimmino (his son is Massimo)- Maurizio Brandi- Antonio “Tonino” Caiazzo clan
7 July 2001 was Luigi Cimmino arrested .

Vomero based Luigi Cimmino (his son is Massimo)- Maurizio Brandi- Antonio “Tonino” Caiazzo clan
Antonio Siciliano was killed in january 2003, he had been a bodyguard for Luigi Cimmino. esecuzioni camorristiche di Antonio Agrippino (Agnino), Massimo Cantore (Carratore) e Carmine De Gais. Of those murders was spoken free Antonio Caiazzo

Vomero based Luigi Cimmino (his son is Massimo)- Maurizio Brandi- Antonio “Tonino” Caiazzo clan
Vincenzo Tammaro was killed in july 2003 he belonged to the Cimmino clan.

In november 1994 were in napels killed Vincenzo carbone, his son Salvatore and Ciro Polichetti by Gaetano and Giorgio carbone with Ciro Tarantino a man of the boss Mazzarella. In october 1999 were for the murders the brothers Gaetano and Giorgio Carbone arrested.

Antonino Cuomo « o Maranghiello »

Camorraboss Catello Cuomo

Rione Posillipo based Giglioso- Paesano- Calone clan
Bosses Giovanni Paesano and Luigi Giglioso’s former trustees Raimondo Anastasio and Antonio Calone (Miano based Lo Russo family allies)

Rione Posillipo boss Giovanni Paesano killed
Rione Posillipo boss Giovanni Paesano was killed 4 june 1995. Paesano acting boss Giuseppe Sepe “o fruttivendolo”

Rione Posillipo boss Luigi Giglioso killed
Rione Posillipo boss Luigi Giglioso was killed 16 september 1997 (ally Giovanni Alfano)

Operation Onice
In july 1998 police arrest Pasquale Gallo and Luigi Mansi (manzi) (important member of Limelli- Vangone clan)

Scafati and Boscoreale
9 February 2000 Carmine Aquino (36) was arrested he is a member of the clan that is active in Scafati and Boscoreale and has a life sentence for the murder in 1995 of lawyer Ciarlo.

22 march 1995 was lawyer Michele Ciarlo killed and life got Boscoreale boss Carmine Aquino (of the Nuova Famiglia family) for ordering the murder . killer was Filippo Veneruso. The lawyer was killed because he was a trustee of Angelo Visciano (died of aids) the enemy of Aquino. Other killers were pentito Gaetano Albano (committed suicide) and Nicodemo Federico (was later killed)

Volla boss Francesco Mollo
23 February 2000 Francesco Mollo was arrested with 10 others, they belonged to a cooperation between his clan from Volla, the clan from Casalnuovo, and the clan from Casarea and under the counts 2 murdercounts.

15 March 2000 was in province Casertano first Giuseppe delle Cave (49) killed in his car and then in Villa Literno Giuseppe Vitale (58), also in his car.

9 june 2001 were in Boscoreale the camoristi Andrea Cirillo and Carlo Varone killed.

Traiano camorraboss Puccinelli
17 october 1999 there are 9 life sentences for the feud between the clans Puccinelli and Perella in Traiano. For the murder of Fabio De Pandi (11) on 22 july 1991 got life sentence Amedeo Rei and were spoken free Salvatore Cutolo and Vincenzo Vacca. Also life sentences Francesco Cocozza, Salvatore Cotena, Salvatore Lamberti, Umberto Marchese, Luigi Nappa, Ciro Peluso, Salvatore and Saverio Perrella. Also the pentiti Antonio Buonocore and Marion Perrella get stiff sentences. Also was convicted Cristina Pinto.

Afragola (NA) camorrafamily Moccia
Moccia-Natale: Angelo Moccia, Natale, Ciro D’Emilio

Camorrafamily Pezzella
Brothers Francesco, Pasquale and Mario Pezzella (killed in 2005)
Nell’area del frattese i clan Natale e Pezzella

Acerra (NA)

Pomigliano D’Arco

Portici (NA)
Boss Attilio Belsole was killed in December 2001 and new boss became his son in law Lorenzo Cozzolino

Sant’Agata de Goti (BN)
Vittorio Saturnino-Mario Razzano- Luigi Bisesto

???? 18 February 1989 was Catello Saturnino killed

Portici family Vollaro
Portici boss Luigi Vollaro “Il Califfo” (his sons are Giuseppe “Pippo”Vollaro and pentito Ciro Vollaro who married Rosa de Crescenzo) and his brother Antonio Vollaro (his son is Alfonso Vollaro and his daughter is Anna Vollaro)

Portici family Vollaro
Portici boss Luigi Vollaro “Il Califfo” was suspected of murdering in june 1977 Carlo Lardone

Portici family Vollaro
Pentito Ciro Vallaro himself got 23 years for the murder of Alfredo Macoschi in 1993

Portici family Vollaro
In 1994 was Ciro Vollaro arrested and became pentito

Portici family Vollaro
15 February 1997 was Ciro De Crescenzo (67) killed, he is the father in law of pentito Ciro Vollaro.
Portici family Vollaro
16 March 1997 was Bruno Ursano killed he was a member of the Vollaro clan.

antiche faide tra i clan Mazzarella e Rinaldi, Formicola ed Altamura che progressivamente coinvolgevano anche i gruppi Reale,
la faida tra la famiglia Formicola e le famiglie Cuccaro ed Altamura;

San Giuseppe Vesuviano (NA) camorrafamily Reale
Antonio Reale, Carmine Reale, Patrizio Reale, Salvatore Reale and Gennaro Vicchiariello

Nuvoletta capo Polverino arrested
20 May 1997 Giuseppe Polverino get arrested, he was one of the most wanted criminals as boss of the group that murdered the last years several to protect their teritory against others.

19 June 1997 were Domenico Sebastiano and Raffaele Bellofiore killed, they were capi of the namesake clan Sebastiano Bellofiore.

19 September 1997 were Ciro Romano and Salvatore Girardi killed in Casalnuova.

Quartiere Spagnoli (the spanish build quarter of Napoli) camorrafamily Mariano
Brothers Ciro Mariano, Salvatore Mariano and Marco Mariano

Quartiere Spagnoli (the spanish build quarter of Napoli) camorrafamily Mariano rebels
Mariano rebelling capos Salvatore Cardillo and Antonio Ranieri (october 1999 killed).

Camorra family Mazzarella
Francesco Mazzarella (killed) and his sons the new capofamiglia Vincenzo Mazzarella (his son is Michele Mazzarella), Ciro “O Scellone” Mazzarella (his sons are Luciano Mazzarella and Francesco Mazzarella), Gennaro Mazzarella (his son is Ciro Mazzarella). Vincenzo Mazzarella’s son in law Fabio D’Amico and his brother Armando D’Amico. The Mazzarella brother’s nephew Vincenzo Mazzarella and his son Salvatore Mazzarella.

San Giovanni a Teduccio (NA) camorra family Mazzarella
Salvatore D’Amico
Ciro Esposito
Michele Mazzarella (Quartieri Spagnoli)
Salvatore Mazzarella -1995

Ercolano camorrafamily Ascione
brothers Raffaele "Il Lungo" ("the long one") Ascione (imprisoned), Pasquale Ascione, Giovanni Ascione and Mario Ascione (killed in march 2003) and their sister Vincenza Ascione who is married with Gerardo Lippolis

Ascione men Giovanni Casoria and Giorgio Ottaviano

7 march 1996 were shot and killed Nazareno Carducci (ally of Giuseppe Cirillo the boss of Sibari) , his wife Giovanna Ascione (38) and her father Giovanni Ascione (64)

Ascione clan members:
brothers Angelo Clavo and Gerardo Clavo (killed in 1996 and his son Ciro Clavo was also killed in 1999 with his brother in law Pasquale Di Dato), Lucio Di Giovanni (?-2000), Raffaele Di Grazia (?-2000), Ciro Montella vice (2003), Vincenzo Tuono (?-2001) ,

Ercolano camorrafamily Birra
Ascione brothers feud with brothers Antonio and Giovanni Birra “a mazza” (club or bat) (his brother in law Stefano Zeno), their sister Maria Grazia Birra is married with Giuseppe Infante (killed in june 2001).

Ercolano camorrafamily Iacomino
Birra allies the brothers Giuseppe Iacomino and Costantino Iacomino “Capaianca”

Ercolano family Papale (originally from Catania)
Pietro Papale (originally from Catania) and his sons Alfio Papale (got 13 years and his son Pietro Papale), Antonio Papale (got 12 years), Ciro Papale (got 12 years and his son Pietro), Luigi Papale (got 14 years), Mario Papale (got 13 years)

Ercolano camorrafamily Cozzolino
brothers Vincenzo Cozzolino, Simone Cozzolino (his daughter is Rosanna Cozzolino) and Pietro Cozzolino. (Antonio Farinelli)

Quartiere Loggetta (quarter in Napolis) camorra family Cocozza
Brothers Ciro Cocozza (killed in january 1985) and Francesco Cocozza and their sister Mariagrazia Cocozza.

Quartiere Loggetta a Napoli, camorra family Cocozza
29 july 2000 was Vincenzo Esposito killed and his son in law Alessandro Capezzuto wounded, they were part of the Cocozza clan.

20 april 1988 were shot and killed the extortionists Giorgio Ronzetti (28 and the righthand of the boss Raffaele Ascione) and Michele Del Mastro (23 and brother in law of Delfino Del Prete) and wounded was Giovanni Sgavino (24). Shooters were the brothers Giacomo Zeno and Ciro Zeno (other brother is Giuseppe Zeno)

Ascione clan at war with Esposito- Iengo clan
6 february 1990 was lawyer Cesare Bruno wounded in an attack

Ascione clan at war with Esposito- Iengo clan
1 march 1990 was killed Antonio Esposito (34) “Antonio e Giorgino”and wounded his trustee Tommaso Iengo (42).

Ascione clan at war with Esposito- Iengo clan
14 march 1990 the Esposito clan murdered as revenge Ascione man Ciro Naldi (19)

Ascione clan at war with Esposito- Iengo clan
7 July 1993 Lucio Di Giovanni married and his witness Salvatore Esposito “Lulluccio”was killed

Ercolano’s Ascione clan
28 february 1996 police end operation “Nemesi”in Ercolano and put almost the whole Ascione clan in prison under the arrested were the brothers Salvatore Zirpoli and Leonardo Zirpoli and they become pentito

28 march 1996 was Giuseppina Brisciano wounded, she is the sister of the pentiti brothers Zirpoli

4 april 1996 a bomb exploded in front of the restaurant “Tonino a mare”of Anna Imperato the fiancée of Leonardo Zirpoli

30 november 1996 tried lawyer Vincenzo Strazzullo to commit suicide.

Ercolano’s Ascione clan
In 1996 was Ascione man Gerardo Clavo killed.

Pentito Leonardo Zirpoli’s son Ciro Zirpoli (16) was killed 26 january 1997

Ercolano camorraboss Tommaso Iengo killed
3 August 1997 was Ercolano boss Tommaso Iengo killed.

Ercolano camorraboss Duilio Iengo killed
22 August 1997 was also Tommaso Iengo’s son Duilio Iengo killed.

Ercolano’s Ascione clan
10 November 1998 were Gerardo Clavo’s brother Angelo Clavo and Gerardo’s son Ciro Clavo (17) wounded.

Ercolano’s Ascione clan
15 May 1999 were in Ercolano Pasquale Di Dato and his brother in law Ciro Clavo (17) killed, he is the son of killed Gerardo Clavo.

Ascione clan at war with Birra clan
6 February 2000 were killed Lucio Di Giovanni (34) and his brother in law Raffaele Di Grazia (31).

Ercolano’s Ascione clan
In june 2000 were arrested Vincenza Ascione (42) the sister of the boss Raffaele Ascione, her husband Gerardo Lippolis (47) and Vincenzo Abbate (40).

Ercolano: Raffaele and Mario Ascione feud with Giovanni Birra
In june 2001 the Ascione brothers had their men kill Giuseppe Infante the husband of Giovanni Birra’s sister.

Ercolano based Raffaele and Mario Ascione feud with Giovanni Birra
8 September 2001 was killed Giuliano Cioffi (46) thebrother in law of Ascione

Ercolano based Raffaele and Mario Ascione feud with Giovanni Birra
In march 2003 was Mario Ascione killed with his trustee Ciro Martella at the orders of Giovanni Birra.

Ercolano based Raffaele and Mario Ascione feud with Giovanni Birra
Costanzo Calcagno, 49, a suspected member of the Ascione clan, was killed 8 april in a hail of eight bullets as he played cards with friends at a Catholic community center. Last week five people were injured in a shoot-out in the center of Ercolano, a town just east of Naples, in a second hit the target of which was thought to be another Ascione member.

Qualiano camorraboss Nicola Pianese (47) killed
14 September 2006 was the Queliano camorraboss Nicola Pianese (47) killed. Involved is Pasquale Russo “Cartunaro”

Torre del Greco drugboss Luciano Loffredo “o charlottiello” (52) killed
27 October 2006 was drugboss Luciano Loffredo “o charlottiello” (52) who had tried to monopolize the drugmarket for the Falanga clan in Torre del Greco killed.

Torre del Greco based Di Gioia feud with Falanga clan
31 October 2006 were Adriano Cirillo (37) and Pasquale Pecoraro (37) killed in Torre del Greco. It would be revenge for the earlier murder of drugboss Luciano Loffredo who had tried to monopolize the drugmarket in torre del greco. They worked for the clan of Gaetano Di Gioia who has a feud with the Falanga clan to which belonged Luciano Loffredo.

31 October 2006 was also Rodolfo Pacilio (36) killed in Sant'Antimo.

7 November 2006 two killers on board of an ambulance killed Pasquale Russo “Cartunaro” (41) an important member of the killed Nicola Pianese clan. Six of the most recent murder cases in Naples involved convicts released under the amnesty

Camorraboss Francesco Romito arrested ??????(Romito Libergolis??? SCU???)
In january 2005 was arrested Francesco Romito (62), a kingpin who was convicted of the murder of camoristi Raffaele Terracciano (39) and Aniello Anastasio (35) 16 february 1993.

Camorra boss Humberto A arrested in Spain
Spanish police say they have arrested in january 2005 Humberto A (49) a senior member of the Camorra. The man, who was detained in Barcelona, faces extradition to his native Italy, where he is due to serve a 24-year prison sentence for drug-trafficking. The arrest follows a series of recent raids by Naples police resulting in 29 people being detained for suspected involvement in organised crime.

Gricignano (city)
30 march 1996 was there killed Nicola Gaglione
12 april 1996 was in Carinaro killed Salvatore Gaglione
19 may 1996 was in Gricignano killed Francesco “Ciccio settepistole” Tessitore

Francesco “Ciccio settepistole” Tessitore killed
Francesco “Ciccio settepistole” Tessitore was shot and killed 19 may 1996 and his son is Vincenzo Tessitore who was arrested 6 may 2011 and works for the Casalesi boss Aldo Pica (his righthand is Antonio Riccardi who got life for the 4 june 1995 murder of Carlo De Novellis)

??? Carmine Iovine (deceased and his widow is ???? Rosanna de Novellis ?????and their sons are Oreste Iovine and Francesco Iovine???

Marcianise camorrafamily Piccolo
After the camorrafamily Gaglione disappeared other gangs tried to take over Marcianise like the nephews Piccolo Angelo Piccolo (his son is Antonio Piccolo) with their “Quacquarone” clan

Marcianise camorrafamily Belforte
their archenemies the brothers Domenico Belforte and Salvatore Belforte with their “Mazzacane” clan.

Torre Annunziata murdercase Luigi Tessitore
12 July 2005 was Luigi Tessitore (51), a former Cutolo member, killed.

24 february 1989 was Bruno Salvatore Ciliento killed

18 april 1991 were killed Michele Richiello, his son Salvatore Richiello (12) and Michele’s son in law Pellegrino De Micco

Sarno- Ricci clan

Sarno allies Prinno- Pistillo clan
Boss is Vincenzo Prinno

Arrested were Ezio Prinno and his mother Carmela Stefanoni, the nephews Salvatore Prinno and Luigi Prinno.

Pallonetto family Elia

8 june 2009 were former Cutolo man (now Egizio man ) Pasquale Iorio Racciopoli (55 and uncle of the killed nephew and his brother in law is Domenico Pelliccia) and his nephew Crescenzo Racciopoli (52) killed.

Rega- Antonio Egizio clan
In Germany and Cleveland owns camorraboss Antonio Egizio a chain of shops and had introduced successfully the perfum “Boss” (not Hugo Boss). He also had for years a war with the Foria- Anastasio clan

Brothers Mario Foria, Vincenzo Foria, Nicola Foria and Salvatore Foria.
Boss Aniello Anastasio, Michele Anastasio, Raffaele Anastasia

Brothers Raffaele Terracciano (his daughter Valentina Terracciano was killed at age 2 on 12 november 2000) and Fausto Terracciano
Domenico Arlistico “Mimmi o ceriello”(uncle of the killed Valentina Terracciano ) was arrested in Moldavia or Montenegro??
Arlistico- Terracciano acting boss Pasquale Carotenuto and his righthand Pasquale Nota

Somma Vesuviana camorra family Castaldo
Boss Gennaro Castaldo and his brother in law Giuseppe Liguori, there is pentito Marco Liguori. Brothers and pentiti Giuseppe Castaldo and Saverio Castaldo.

Somma Vesuviana camorrafamily Orefice
Boss Giuseppe Orefice (born in 1951 in Pollena Trocchia, NA) and brother Raffele Orefice became both pentito. Orefici capi and brothers and pentiti Luigi D’Avino and Fiore D’Avino. Their nephew Giuseppe D’Avino.

In may 1988 was Orefice man Gennaro Rega killed, his widow is Maria Teresa Granato who then got as new friend the boss Luigi Rea (ally of the Foria family)

Rega- Antonio Egizio clan
In December 1988 were Angelo Fico and Antonio Dalise shot and killed and Egizio man Pino Piscopo wounded

12 October 1989 was entrepeneur Luigi Pignatiello killed. His murder was ordered by Giuseppe D’Avino and the killers were Giacomo Giordano, Giovanni D’Avino, Vittorio Francato, Antonio Riccardi.

Rega- Antonio Egizio clan
Antonio Egizio a suspect in the 30 april 1990 murder of social democrat politician Vincenzo Agrillo. Police suspect as shooters Egizio man Pino Piscopo (29) and Vittorio Gallucci

Rega- Antonio Egizio clan
7 december 1992 escaped Antonio Egizio from an attack.

Antonio Egizio killed
Antonio Egizio (41) was 13 february 1994 killed. His brother is Carmine Egizio

Somma Vesuviana camorrafamily Orefice
27 June 1994 was Giovanni Anastasio killed at the orders of the Orefici family.

23 june 1995 was Raffaele Bianco (40) killed, he had been a trustee for Antonio Egizio and before him a trustee of the killed boss Nicola Nuzzo

Somma Vesuviana camorrafamily Orefice
19 september 1995 was Antonio Calvanese killed by the Orefice family.

15 November 1995 were Giuseppe Averaimo and his fiancee’s nephew Gioacchino Costanzo (2) killed at the orders of the boss Gennaro Castaldo.

Somma Vesuviana camorrafamily Orefice
Operation Orma ended in 1996. Giuseppe Orefice got 18 years while spoken free were Salvatore Mauri and Salvatore Mauri

29 january 1997 were Egizio killer Domenico Fico (41)’s father Pasquale Fico (58) and his wife Lucia Porricelli (55) killed as revenge for the double murder their son did

19 Settembre 1997 were in Casalnuovo (Na) shot and killed Ciro Romano (35 and his brother Giovanni Romano was killed in 1995 or is the robber Giovanni Romano, 30, who was killed 25 october 1993 with Renato Savarese, 34) and Salvatore Girardi (28) of the Piscopo clan.

Somma Vesuviana camorrafamily Orefice
In 1999 was Luigi Orefice killed.

Somma Vesuviana camorrafamily Orefice
23 October 2000 was in Somma Vesuviana (Na) Maria Teresa Granato (widow of Gennaro Rega who was killed in may 1988) shot and killed they had worked for the Orefice clan. After the murder of her husband Granato got herself as new friend the boss Luigi Rea (ally of the mario, Nicola and Salvatore Foria clan).

Valentina Terraciano's (2 and killed 12 november 2000) father, Raffaele Terraciano, has a criminal record for selling contraband cigarettes, a lucrative activity for the Naples-based Camorra. Raffaele Terraciano was treated for an arm injury and released from the hospital. His wife also suffered slight injuries in the shooting.

Somma Vesuviana camorrafamily Orefice
12 November 2000 was by accident Valentina Terracciano (2) killed, the killers had been ordered to kill one of the brothers Raffaele (her father) or Fausto Terracciano. Arrested were Mario Marino and Gennaro Castaldos brother in law Giuseppe Liguori. Brothers and pentiti Giuseppe and Saverio Castaldo.

Somma Vesuviana camorrafamily Orefice
16 November 2000 were Terracciano’s killers Carmine De Simone and Ciro Ottaviano killed and her killers Pasquale Fiorillo and Ciro Molaro wounded by the Orefice killers. Pasquale Fiorillo became pentito.

1 July 2004 was Arlistico man Ciro Coppola (40) killed, his widow is Maria Filosa (26)

Somma Vesuviana camorrafamily Orefice
21 May 2006 was in hospital Orefice’s man Palmiro Capasso (50) killed.

Di Lauro enemies hit
2 June 2006 were Ciro Girardi (26) and his brother Domenico Girardi (22) killed. Their father Salvatore Girardi (28) and Ciro Romano (35) had been killed 19 september 1997.

Di Lauro enemies hit
28 october 2006 was Patrizia Marino (63) killed she was the mother of the brothers Girardi

Barra- Ponticelli
3 april 2008 were the brothers Vincenzo Capasso (22) and Mariano Capasso (17) shot and killed.

Egizio scissionisti Giuseppe “pino”Piscopo- vittorio Gallucci clan
25 september 2009 was Giuliano Sovereto (30) killed in Gricignano he was of the Egizio- Gallucci clan

In february ???? were Egizio’s men Mario Di Iorio and Gennaro Tuccillo killed. By the Orefice family????

delitto di omicidio duplice in danno di Tammaro Musto e Giuseppe Passarelli , for their murder got Vincenzo Coppola 12 years

In may 2009 was Mariano Bacio Tarracino (53) shot and killed by Costanzo Apice (video on the net)

delitti di (Salvatore) M.Tagliaferro, Luigi e Domenico Caputo.

Torre Annunziata (NA)
Gallo-Limelli and Gionta cosa nostra members Francesco Bove, Edoardo Di Ronza, Pasquale Gallo, Salvatore Migliorino 1984-, Ciro Paduana, Alfredo Sperandeo

Torre Annunziata (NA)

French part of “Pizza connection”
In 1988 in France Mondolini`s underboss Andre Manoukian (54), Mariano Piazza (55) and the Italians Rodolpho De Pisa (53) and Giovanni Lo Cascio got convicted and got heavy sentences, they had been the french part of the pizza connection.

Valle Caudina and Valle Vitulanese

Valle Caudina camorrafamily Iadanza- Panella
Vincenzo Iadanza (55) and Nicola Panella (47) were 11 may 2011 arrested

Valle Vitulanese camorrafamily Lombardi-Esposito
Antonio Lombardi

Solopaca boss Francesco Esposito “o Scafaro” killed
Solopaca boss Francesco Esposito “o Scafaro”was shot and killed 30 july 2003 and his widow is Rosa Del Prete.

Valle Caudina camorra families Bove-De Paola
Vincenzo Pasquale Bove and Orazio De Paola (brother in law of boss Gennaro Pagnozzi “o giaguaro”, and his son is Domenico Pagnozzi). Gennaro Pagnozzi “o giaguaro” brother Paolo Pagnozzi

Antonio Bove got 23 years for the murder of entrepeneur Michele Marro of Cervinara who was killed 15 february 1999.

San Martino Valle Caudina (Avellino) camorra family Pagnozzi
Gennaro “o Giaguaro” Pagnozzi and sons Domenico Pagnozzi and Paolo Pagnozzi. 30 October 1999 was Luigi Pinzelli killed he worked for the Pagnozzi clan and was killed near the home of the boss Gennaro Pagnozzi who is imprisoned with his sons Domenico Pagnozzi and Paolo Pagnozzi. It is probably an internal war now the boss is imprisoned.

Arrested were the boss Francesco Verde, Giovanni Lombardo, Antonio La Montangna, Donato Tanzillo (from Lombardi clan in Acerra), Di Girolamo man Valentino Pellegrino and the Pagnozzi clan members Domenico Pagnozzi, Benito Caputo and Pietro Cioffi.

Marcianise “Quacquarone” clan the camorra boss Angelo Piccolo
13 november 1986 were killed Antimo Piccolo, giacomo and Antonio Bellopede and Michele Martellone and wounded were Antimo’s brother Angelo Piccolo, Antonio Perreca and Antonio Cirillo by the boss Paolo Cutillo and his bodyguard Domenico Belforte (29).

A few hours later died the boss Paolo Cutillo and his bodyguard Domenico Belforte (29) in a firefight with police

“Mazzacane” camorra boss Domenico Belforte from Marcianise (Caserta)
5 January 1998 was in his bar Raffaele Porfidia killed in Marcianise, he was close with the Mazzacane clan which is led by Domenico Belforte the archenemy of the Piccolo clan.

“Mazzacane” camorra boss Domenico Belforte from Marcianise (Caserta)
2 September 1998 were former Azienda president of Taranto, Alessio Magistro, and his lawyer Stefano Punzi (also from Taranto) killed, it has got to with a holdup which took 60 bilion lires worth of money from the Central postoffice in Zurich in autumn 1997. The two killed had had phonecalls with 3 perpetrators of the holdup. For the double murder was arrested Domenico Belforte from Marcianise (Caserta).

In 1999 was Salvatore Natale killed, his righthand was Giuseppe Di Micco “peppe a pesecca”

“Mazzacane” camorra boss Domenico Belforte from Marcianise (Caserta)
21 august 2000 was Michele “e Cusumiello”Cangiano killed he was a member of the Belforte clan from Marcianise. His sister is Immacolata Cangiano.

Marcianise “Quacquarone” clan the camorra boss Angelo Piccolo killed
Angelo Piccolo (his son is Antonio Piccolo) the capo of the Piccolo clan in Marcianise, was killed in 1996. His brother Antimo Piccolo was killed 13 november 1986. His brother in law is Gaetano Petruolo

24 april 2003 was Giuseppe Di Micco “peppe a pesecca”killed

Marcianise “Quacquarone” clan the camorra boss Angelo Piccolo
Mid september 2003 was Nicola Falco (34) killed in via Montesomma, next to the police station. Falco was reputed to be an associate of the Quacquarone clan.

Marcianise “Quacquarone” clan the camorra boss Angelo Piccolo
3 october 2003 was Francesco Sagliano (23) an associate of the Piccolo’s family "Quacquarone" clan killed.

Marcianise murder case albanian Edoardo Derbisciani
At the end of september 2003 was in Marcianise the young albanian Edoardo Derbisciani killed, it is probably a fight between albanian pimps.

Killers Pasquale Castaldo and Raffaele Angelino were themselves killed

1 november 1989 were Gerardo Cipolletta (28) and Crescenzo Santagata (26) shot and killed. Same day also killed Marcello D’Auria (31) of D’Allessandro clan from Castellammare

??? 1984 murder Nicola Cipoletta, scissionisti 2008 murder Salvatore Cipoletta

Boss Giosue Fioretto

Naples homicide police chief Francesco Di Ruberto

Villa Literno murder case Vincenzio Cavaliere
13 February 1994 was near Villa Literno Vincenzio Cavaliere killed and police suspect of the murder Clemente Lettiero.

Carinaro murder case Tommaso Guida
Tommaso Guida was killed 20 june 1999 in Carinaro.
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