By Puparo.
"I like to thank Carmelo and Felice"

Sicilian Cosa Nostra: Agrigento Province

Agrigento (old names Akragas and Girgenti) and province

In Agrigento's province there are also the cities Siculiana, Palma di Montechiaro, Porto Empedocle, Menfi, Sciacca, Canicatti, Raffadali, Racalmuto (here was Leonardo Sciascia born), Favara (had in 1981 a population of 32793). Agrigento had in 1990 a population of 56372. Luigi Pirandello born in Agrigento (Girgenti).

The Tempelvalley in the Sicilian town Agrigento is important for the old Greek building art, but also a lot of the rich people from Agrigento had build illegal palaces around the roman ruines. There was asked for a trial against mayor Calogero Sodano, 4 former mayors and 6 counselmembers. The director of the Tempelvalley was arrested because she had refused to okay a building project in the valley. The builder is the nephew of the magistrate who gave out the arrest warrant for the director. It comes out and the magistrate was transferred

Felice’s 2001 DIA report said Agrigento province had 33 families and 402 men of honour.

Carmelo’s 2002 Minister of Interior report said Agrigento province had 47 families and 580 members (they consider only made members and not associates and flanked)

Agrigento province situation nowadays:

Porto Empedocle capomandamento Luigi Putrone (fugitive)
Porto Empedocle had Giambacorta Putrone cosca (brothers Luigi and Giovanni Putrone), Ianni L’Abate cosca (Vito Ianni and his son Rocco Antonio Ianni, Calogero L’Abbate and his son Natalino) and corleonesi Albanese Messina cosca (brothers Salvatore –his son is Dino- and Alfonso Albanese -his son is Calogero-, brothers Gerlandino “Gerlando” and Fabrizio Messina), stidde Grassonelli Mallia, pentito Pasquale Salemi

Salvatore Albanese (59) get killed (the latest his son is Dino

Campobello di Licata capomandamento Giuseppe Falsone (fugitive)
Campobello di Licata had corleonesi Vincenzo Falsone and his sons Angelo and Giuseppe Falsone and their sister Carmela Maria Rita Falsone (41)n and Pasquale Bove

Licata had Rosario Balistreri and Angelo Antona

Ribera capomandamento Joseph Focoso (fugitive) Ribera had Carmelo Colletti, Ruggero Francesco Montalbano, boss Simone Capizzi

Racalmuto capomandamento Maurizio Di Gati (fugitive d his brother is Beniamino)
Racalmuto had corleonesi Luigi Cino, stidde A A Burruano

Sambuca di Sicilia capomandamento Leo Sutera

Villafranca Sicula had Cascio Mule

Favara capomandamento Giuseppe Nobile
Favara had Fabio Vella, Lorenzo Baio (41) and the cosca Petruzzella

Santa Elisabetta capomandamento Stefano Fragapane

Sciacca capocosca Carmelo Bono
Sciacca had Salvatore La Sala, stidde? Sole, Alberto Provenzano Pasquale Breccia, Isidore Nuara, the Campofranco cosca and the Lombardo (Corleonesi) cosca in Sciacca have also something to say in Agrigento. Still at large is the boss Salvatore Di Gangi from Sciacca and his trustee Stefano Greco (40).

Burgio capocosca Giovanni Maniscalco
Burgio had Nicolo Raggio, Pasquale Riggio and Giovanni Miceli, Mario Davilla, Calogero Sala

Agrigento capocosca Francesco Cacciatore

Cianciana capocosca Andrea Montalbano
Cianciana had Paolo Manzullo

Canicatti capomafia Calogero Di Caro (56)

Canicatti had Regiomember Ferro, stidde Gallea, Rinaldi cosca, Diego Di Bella (76), Salvatore Di Gioia (49), Ferraro brothers

Siculiana mandamento:

Siculiana capomafia Gerlando Caruana Siculiana had Leonardo Caruana, Nicholas Rizzutto in Montreal and his man Pozza.


Cattolica Eraclea capocosca Domenico Terrasi

Santa Margherita Belice capocosca Pietro Campo

Santa Margherita had Giuseppe Artale and Francesco la Sala

Cammarata- Casteltermini capomafia Raffaele Faldetta ?

Grotte capocosca Valentino Licata

Raffadali had Stefano Mangione, Cuffaro, Di Caro, Gentile

Palma di Montechiaro had corleonesi Calogero Sambito, cosca Ribisi Allegro, Eugenio Serafini, Bordini brothers in Germany, stidde Amico, Pace, Avarello, Puzzangharo, Croce Benvenuto, Corleonesi Di Vincenzo and his men Schembri,Incardona and Calafato, Parla cosca

Alessandria della Rocca had Giuseppe Settecase (Tampa people)

Ravanusa had corleonesi Angelo Ciraulo

Ravanusa had Domenico Di Maida and Cristoforo Vivacqua

Province Agrigento

-stidde Sala Radosta
-Corleonesi Angelo Barbera
Siculiana born Giovanni Mira

Giovanni Mira, a Palermo based drug trafficker, but born in Siculiana. Mira knew Gentile, and he was spotted by the police with Carmelo Caruana in Milan, where they probably met their Corsican heroin supplier. Both were linked to the so-called Caneba-network, which smuggled heroin to the U.S. through Canada from 1951 until 1960 when the police disrupted this route. Mira was sending suitcases with tens of kilos of heroin to a certain Settimo Accardo in Canada. Another plot, according to Interpol, was to hide heroin in cans of anchovies. The anchovy plot consisted of the smuggling of eight kilo's of heroin a month, according to Interpol. Accardo was the consignee.

Siculiana born Pasquale and Liborio Cuntrera

Canadian immigration-records show Pasquale and Liborio Cuntrera arrived in 1951 and acquired Canadian nationality in 1957.

Siculiana, Pasquale Cuntrera and Leonardo Caruana

Pasquale Cuntrera and Leonardo Caruana were indicted for a double murder, the theft of four cows and arson by the Giudice Istruttore of Trapani in August 1952, both were acquitted in December 1953 'per non aver commesso il fatto' not having committed the fact.

Siculiana, Cuntrera and Caruana families

Siculiana once counted 12,000 inhabitants; now there are only 5,000 left. During the 1950s and 1960s the village emptied, the men moved to Belgium, Germany, England, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil. Some, like Alfonso Gagliano, representative in the Canadian Federal Parliament for Montreal's 'Little Italy' Saint Leonard, rose to prominent positions.

Siculiana-born Giuseppe Indelicato

Settimo "Big Sam" Accardo was also linked to yet another Siculiana-born trafficker Giuseppe Indelicato, who was arrested in February 1956 with three pounds of heroin in New York.

Siculiana group

Mira and Caruana were spotted in 1958, their supplier was Antoine Cordoliani. In 1958 an undercover agent of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics met Gentile. The police had intercepted a courier with a letter from Gentile to a certain 'cuniglieddu', in which Gentile complained about not receiving his money, which would be handed to him by Nino Gatto. The Narcotics Bureau decided to set up a trap by pretending that Gatto (who Gentile didn't know personally) wanted to meet him. Gentile told the undercover that 'cuniglieddu' was Joe Biondo, and of his friendship with Luciano and relations with drug traffickers.

Gentile Siculiana (Agrigento province)

9 June 1963 decides Gentile to publish his memoires he was helped by his friend Lillo Pullara. According to Messick a resentful Gentile confessed to the FBI. In fact his memoirs were for sale in every bookshop. The confession was shown to Joe Valachi who vouched for its accuracy and said Gentile 'wrote just the way it is'. The memoirs of Gentile were written down by Italian journalist Felice Chilanti. This forgotten book already describes the internal organization of the Mafia, or l'onorata società the Honoured Society as Gentile calls it, more than 20 years before Tommaso Buscetta emerged as the first pentito who broke with omertà and told Cosa Nostra's inside story. Gentile was already more explicit than Buscetta in his first confessions. Gentile undiffidently talked about his links with politicians for whom he acted as a canvasser. (See also: Felice Chilanti, La mafia su Roma, Milan 1971, p.60) Buscetta only started talking about the links between the Mafia and politics eight years after his first confessions, after Judge Giovanni Falcone was murdered. Gentile's fellow mafiosi didn't apreciate his candor and sentenced him to death, but the clan who had to kill him declined to do so. At the end of his days, Gentile was a pitiful figure who only survived through the pasta which his neighbours gave him. (See: Pino Arlacchi, Gli uomini del disonore. La mafia siciliana nella vita del grande pentito Antonio Calderone, Mondadori: Milan 1992, p.158).

Siculiana (Agrigento province)

Many choose to leave the country instead. Pasquale Cuntrera and Leonardo Caruana moved to Montreal in Canada, while Giuseppe Caruana preferred Rio de Janeiro, where the now 86-year old family boss still resides in good health. The repression caused by the Ciaculli Massacre disarranged the Sicilian drug trade to the United States. Mafiosi were banned, arrested and incarcerated. Control over the trade fell to the hands of a few fugitives: Pietro Davì, Salvatore Greco 'l'ingegnere', Salvatore Greco 'Cicchiteddu', Tommaso Buscetta and Gaetano Badalamenti. All of them acquainted with Cuntrera and Caruana.


Siculiana had been ruled by mafiosi for years, concluded the Agrigento Court in 1966. Giuseppe and Leonardo Caruana and Pasquale Cuntrera exploited every economic activity in the village and its surrounding communities. They had created a atmosphere of omertà with violence and intimidation making sure that no one dared to denounce them. The Court thought it best to expel them from the village. 19 October 1966 to impose an 'soggiorno obbligato' to Pasquale Cuntrera and the verdict of the Tribunale di Agrigento, 11 November 1966; and Report of the Questura di Agrigento on Leonardo Caruana, 6 June 1978. For information about the clan in Siculiana and their first criminal activities, see also: Rapporto giudiziario di denuncia a carico di Bono Giuseppe +159, Rome 7 February 1983, pp.254-258.

Cuntrera Caruana families

Antonio Calderone - a mafioso from Catania who turned state-witness - recounts having first heard of the Cuntreras and Caruanas in 1968: 'Giovanni Mira, an old uomo d'onore from Siculiana who was serving his soggiorno obbligato near Catania, told me they were drug traffickers and that they were very rich.'

Canada, Alfonso Caruana and his brother in law Pasquale Cuntrera

In 1968 Alfonso Caruana and his brother in law Pasquale Cuntrera settle in Canada.

Agrigento province

Beginning 70ties were in a parliamentary hearing named as Agrigento bosses Settecase.

Reggio Bar tapes

10 May 1974 police tape Violi's Reggio bar when he speaks sicilian Carmelo Salemi and Giuseppe "Pino" Cuffaro from the province Agrigento. In the 1970's Leonardo Caruana was 'capo mandamento' for this region (Siculiana, Cattolica Eraclea and Montallegro), a sort of representative of regional Mafia-families in the overall provincial Commission. Nick Rizzuto seemed to have some problems with this nomination, one can deduce from the Reggio Bar tapes. (See: Arnone, p.52, and Galluzzo, p.92.)

Santa Elisabetta, Fregapane clan

At the end of the 70ties there is a mafia war in Agrigento and province for the control of the druglines to the US, when Stefano Fregapane and his son Francesco get shot down in their village Santa Elisabetta, some of their Fregapane clan move to belgium.

Giuseppe Settecase (80) killed

23 March 1981 the Cuntrera brothers have their boss Giuseppe Settecase (80) in Siculiana in a cafetaria shot to death and take over his drugsline from Agrigento to the US.

Siculiana boss Leonardo Caruana killed

2 September 1981 Leonardo Caruana the boss of Siculiana gets killed at the marriage of his son Gerlando (or Gaspare?) and within 48 hours the Corleonesi also murder Vincenzo Rimi in Alcamo and 3 bosses of the Zumo cosca from Gibellina and the Fretto cosca from Raffadali. It is the start for the hunt by the corleonesi for the friends of the Palermitan families Inzerillo, Bontate, Badalamenti, Grado and Mafara in the other provinces. Leonardo Caruana was followed up by his nephew Paolo Cuntrera who lives with his brothers in Venezuela and they let Siculiana be ruled by his friend Carmelo Colletti the boss of Ribera (from this town also came Nino Cocuzzella an acquintance of Gentile) who also leads the cosca of Sciacca.

Mutolo's Thai supplier Koh Bak Kim

In april 1983 flew judge Falcone to France to interrogate Francesco Gasparini and thanks to him police find 24 may in the Suez channal the ship Alexandros G with 233 kg heroin. The heroin came from Thailand and police arrest then in Bangkok Mutolo's Thai supplier Koh Bak Kim. Extradited to Italy Koh Bak kim told that the heroin was for Santapaola's man Francesco Ferrera and Riina`s man Gaspare Mutolo. Gasparini testified that he had earlier attended a meeting in Muto­lo`s house in Palermo where then then still living Partanna Mondello boss Riccobono spoke with Santapaola about the purchase of 500 kg heroin. A few months later, Alfonso Caruana was in Bangkok with relative Giuseppe Cuffaro to set up a new supply line.

Sciacca boss Carmelo “Lillo” Colletti killed

In 1983 the corleonesi murder Carmelo “Lillo” Colletti, he ruled Sciacca and Siculiana.

Ribera boss Carmelo “lillo” Colletti disappeared in july 1983, he was a friend of count Cassina and the Salvo family, testified his widow Benedetta Bono. As revenge had Riina in november 1983 in 24 hours 6 people killed testified the pentiti Calogero Ganci and Francesco Paolo Anzelmo.

Porto Empedocle, stidde boss GiuseppeGrassonelli

In 1983 escape Grassonelli's men Francesco Traina and his son Giuseppe Traina from an ambush in which 3 others were killed.

Palma di Montechiaro caopocosca Calogero Sambito killed

In the beginning of the 80ties Calogero Sambito became the boss of Palma di Montechiaro and soon everybody in town pays him pizzo (extortion money) and he contacted Riina and Giuseppe Madonia. The Corleonesi wanted because of the war in Palermo to move their drugsactivities, and they move them to Palma and nearby Licata and Gela. Sambito also starts into the heroin business and puts a branch next to Calo’s Magliana gang in Rome, who start to launder money with the clubs Jackie O and La Clef. Also men from Palma di Montechiaro move to Germany and start to deal in weapons and drugs. The heroin they got via Milan after which they sold it from pizzerias. Also they buy weapons which they smuggle to Sicily for use in the wars. In 1984 the corleonesi boss Calogero Sambito was killed by his men the 7 Ribisi brothers who become the new bosses


17 April 1986 in Belgium the Sardinian Virgilio Daga was shot to death by order of Carmelo Bongiorno.

Germany, diaspora Palma di Montechiaro

In july 1986 in Ludwigshafen Salvatore Sortino was shot to death, his brother Carmelo was severely wounded with a shot through the head. Salvatore's wife is the niece of Carmelina Sortina who is married to Gaetano Micalizzi the driver of the boss Gaetano Zucchero who police suspect to live in Mannheim. Later Micalizzi was shot to death in Kaiserslautern.

Porto Empedocle

In the province Agrigento, which was ruled by Regiomember Ferro, the boss of Canicatti, arrived great loads of drugs in the harbour Porto Empedocle. Also the Stidde boss Giuseppe Grassonelli went into drugs and became rich and powerfull at cost of the rivalling Albanese- Messina cosca. 21 September 1986 eight killers of the Albanese-Messina cosca, under whom Sergio Vecchia, enter a bar in Porto Empedocle and open fire at the local boss Giuseppe Grassonelli who gets killed with his son Luigi, 2 bodyguards under whom Giovanni Mallia (37) and 2 bystanders. The next day 2 more get killed.

Canicatti boss Antonino Ferro

Beginning 1987 judge Angelo Rosario Livatino have police arrest 32 men of Antonino Ferro, the boss of Canicatti at a party for the from the US arrived Giovanni Alaimo. Under the arrested men were the politician Salvatore Curto, Gregorio Brunco (from the US), Giovanni Spina, Francesco Rinaldi and Salvatore Gioia. Brunco had the phonenumber of a Caruana who lives in Venezuela.

Porto Empedocle

In september 1987 Gaspare Mallia (a nephew of Giovanni) escapes from an ambush.

Pasquale Caruana

In 1987 and 1988 Caruana travels through Germany till his arrest. When Pasquale Caruana arrives in the Frankfurter Intercontinental Hotel with Cuffaro they are observed by police. They contacted Angelo Bellavia in Dillingen (from Siculiana), Giuseppe Camellar of the Vella cosca in his pizzeria in Hamburg, Pasquale Di Mora, Di Luciano, Chiaro and Graziano in Belgium, Vincenzo, Pietro and Pasquale Coirazza in Keulen Potz, Bruno Prospero, a weapendealer in Solingen, a house in Keulen, a bistro ("Ai Trulli"?) in Leverkussen.

Porto Empedocle

In januari 1988 Gaspare Mallia escapes again from an ambush.


1 Februari 1988 in Agrigento Antonino Sala (41) gets killed by the boss Stefano Radosta.

Palma di Montechiaro

In may 1988 in Palma Nicolo Brancato was killed, his bosses were the Ribisi brothers. The Ribisi brothers are at war with the Di Vincenzo cosca (followers of Sambito) and the Stidde.

Palma di Montechiaro

4 June 1988 Giuseppe Cammalleri, the former mayor of Palma, gets wounded in an ambush.

Palma di Montechiaro boss Gioacchino Ribisi killed

6 August 1989 in Palma the boss Gioacchino Ribisi and his nephew Calogero Castronovo get killed in a pizzeria by Paolo Amico and Domenico Pace.

Palma di Montechiaro

In september 1989 the Ribisi brothers hit back when they ambush Carlo Savaia, Gaetano Puzzanghero, Domenico and Salvatore Pace but they escape.

Palma di Montechiaro, brothers Carmelo and Rosario Ribisi killed

5 October 1989 Gioacchino's brothers Carmelo and Rosario Ribisi get killed by Paolo Amico when the wounded Rosario lays in hospital. Their trustee is Michele Montana who gets killed and Pietro , Calogero and Ignazio Ribisi hide. Their cosca is taken over by Rosario Allegro (53). Amico's uncle Paolo Scarna is the mayor of Palma.

Palma di Montechiaro boss Rosario Allegro killed

Rosario Allegro gets killed 1 november 1989 with Traspadano Anzalone and the killers take with them a pistol they stole at the murderscene. The Stidde wiped out the Ribisi brothers at the orders of Giuseppe Di Caro the boss of Canicatti and they go into drugs.

Belgium, Salvatore Fregapane

7 November 1989 Giuseppe Dell Aera was shot to death in Morlanwelz, Belgium, at the order of Bongiorno. Salvatore Fregapane from the family in Santa Elisabetta joined the Stidde and Salvatore Fregapane ruled the Stidde branch in Belgium. He went into drugs and weapondealings and regularly went to Sicily to report his activities to his bosses. In Brussels live his villagemen Raimondo Graceffa and Santo Barcella who con companies, also they send stolen cars to Sicily. They get helped by Carmelo Bongiorno, Pietro and Salvatore Allatta who went into crime under the leading of Carmelo D'Agristina from Calacibetta and belonging to the Stidde and living in Charleroi, belgium. They also meet regularly Cuntrera man Sebastiano Di Luciano.


In 1990 Roberto Di Mauro becomes mayor in Agrigento (his boss is the politician Gaetano Trincanato).

Porto Empedocle

25 June 1990 in Siculiana in a pizzeria there is an ambush at Gaspare Mallia (25) who escapes but his friends Giuseppe Gunone (24) and Marco Salvatore Bonsignore (28) get killed, the killers escape on a motorbike. Bonsignore lived in Germany but was on "vacation".

Porto Empedocle

4 July 1990 Mallia's friends hit back when 4 killers enter the garage of the brothers Albanese and open fire, they kill Sergio Vecchia and his brothers in law Giuseppe Marnalo and Stefano Volpe also wounded are Francesco Vecchia, Giuseppe Palumbo and Calogero Albanese (the son of Alfonso).

The stidde kill judge Livatino

21 September 1990 judge Angelo Rosario Livatino (37) gets killed by Paolo Amico, Domenico Pace, Giuseppe Avarello (25), Giuseppe Croce Benvenuto (20) and Gaetano Puzzangharo (22). They are the Stidde bosses in Palma di Montechiaro. The killers leave a weapon that was stolen when some time before Allegro and Anzalone were killed and a motorbike that was used at the bodged ambush at Mallia.

Leverkussen (Germany), pizzeria "Ai Trulli"

Paolo Amico and Domenico Pace flee to Germany where they are arrested 5 october 1990 in pizzeria "Ai Trulli" in Leverkussen. A suspect in ordering the killing is the Canicatti boss Antonino Ferro.

Racalmuto stidde boss Alfonso Alfano Burruano killed

In januari 1991 the Stidde boss Alfonso Alfano Burruano gets killed in Racalmuto at the order of the Corleonesi supporter Luigi Cino.

16 Januari 1991 Benedetta Bono (54) gets wounded in an ambush, she is the widow of Carmelo Colletti and she worked with the police.

2 Februari 1991 Gaspare Caruana (24) gets killed he is the godson of Luigi Grassonelli, and his friend Mario Sciortino (25) gets wounded.

Canicatti boss Giuseppe Di Caro killed
In februari 1991 the boss Giuseppe Di Caro (62) gets killed and a war starts between the Di Caro cosca, the Guarneri cosca and the Ferro cosca. 4 Days later his nephew Lillo Di Caro gets wounded in an ambush.

Racalmuto capocosca and Corleonesi supporter Luigi Cino

In march 1991 the boss Luigi Cino has his men kill the Stidde Alfonso Sole.

Palma di Montechiaro

24 March 1991 Rosario's son Pietro Allegro (19) gets killed.


30 march 1991 the brothers Bruno (29) and Giovanni Gallea (43) get killed, they are members of the Canicatti cosca and they had visited their imprisoned brother Antonio. 1 April in Canicatti Giuseppe Selvaggio (78) was killed.


1 April 1991 in Agrigento Vincenzo Miceli (79) gets killed.

Porto Empedocle

6 April 1991 Giuseppe Traina (47) gets killed, he worked for Grassonelli and had escaped in 1983 with his father Francesco from an ambush in which 3 others were killed.


28 April 1991 Antonino Corso (23) in Agrigento gets shot to death, he had been arrested several days before as a suspect for the murder of Francesco Privitera.

Porto Empedocle

7 May 1991 in Porte Empedocle Antonino Iocolano and his friend the boss Salvatore Albanese (59) get killed (the latest his son is Dino ,31).

Palma di Montechiaro

In may 1991 Pietro's nephew Carmelo Allegro (29) and Giovanni Lombardo (35) get killed.


16 June 1991 Salvatore Pullera gets killed in Agrigento.

Campobello di Licata boss and corleonesi Vincenzo Falsone killed

23 June 1991 were Vincenzo Falsone (60) and his son Angelo (32) in Campobello di Licata killed by the stidde, they were Corleonesi supporters and Vincenzo Falsone’s son Giuseppe falsone becomes the new boss.

Racalmuto boss and Corleonesi supporter Luigi Cino killed

24 June 1991 the Corleonesi supporter Luigi Cino (61) gets killed and the Stidde also kill the Corleonesi supporters Angelo Ciraulo in Ravanuso and Luigi Cali in San Cataldo in nearby province Caltanissetta. Ciraulo had been a friend of Di Cristina but had changed sides to the corleonesi.

Raffadali boss Amedeo Gentile killed

In 1991 the boss Amedeo Gentile gets killed in the town Raffadali. 12 August 1991 in Raffadali the capo Alfonso Cuffaro (52) and his wife Rosa Di Carlo (44) get killed and that year there have been till then 48 murders, Cuffaro's boss had been Amedeo Gentile.


7 September 1991 in Racalmuto Giuseppe Sole (63) was killed, he is family of Alfonso Sole.


10 November 1991 the politician Salvatore Curto gets killed, Curto was called a honest man by mayor Vincenzo Di Caro. Antonino (70) and Giuseppe Ferro are at war with Salvatore Gioia the boss of the Gioia-DiBella cosca. Gioia disappears then with his friend Francesco Rinaldo. From the by judge Livatino arrested men are already 7 murdered.

Palma di Montechiaro

1 Januari 1992 in Palma there is an ambush and Felice Allegro (61) and Giuseppe Alotto (30) get killed, Allegro's nephew Ignazio (39) and his son Felice (9), their nephews Angelo (34) and gioacchino Castronovo (38), Pasquale Bordino (27), Calogero Martinello (37) and Francesco Vinci get wounded. A bodyguard kills Salvatore Caniolo (20) of the Ianni-Iocolano cosca from the neighbour province town Gela. The other killers are Gioacchino Schembri (32), Gioacchino Calafato, Gaspare and Ignazio Incardona and they go to Germany. 1 Januari 1992 the minor Orazio from Gela and others burst into a bar in Palma di Montechiaro and after the shooting there are 3 dead man.


4 Januari 1992 in Agrigento the boss Stefano Radosta gets killed.

Palma di Montechiaro

19 Januari 1992 Onolfo Croce (71) get killed, his wife Paola Allegro (72) gets severely wounded, she is the sister of Felice and Rosario, and Ignazio was their son.

Police commissionair Guazzelli gets killed

5 April 1992 commissionair Giuliano Guazzelli get killed by the killers from the town Palma Diego Provenzani and Salvatore Di Caro and the from Canicatti coming killers Gioacchino Ri Rocco and Ignazio Alotto, and Massimiliano Migliore (21). The murderweapon for Guazzelli was delivered to the killers by Gaetano Amodeo (born in porto Empedocle and member of the Cattolica Eraclea clan).

Mannheim (Germany) arrests

In april 1992 Gioacchino Schembri, Gioacchino Calafato, Gaspare and Ignazio Incardona get arrested in Mannheim. When police came to arrest them, one of them shot through the door because he thought it were their enemies from sicily, just before he had been shot at by Gaetano Puzzangharo (33).

Palma di Montechiaro

15 April 1992 the families Allegro, Calafato, Ribisi and Incardona lose many members to arrests, police arrest 14 under whom Grazia Ribisi (46) a sister of the brothers and Nicolo Ribisi (20) a nephew.


22 April 1992 mafia member Paolo Borsellino (32) gets killed near Agrigento.


In 1992 Di Mauro’s counselmembers get arrested for fraud in the building sector for 2 million dollars, but they stole much more. Di Mauro had just become a parliamentsmember.

Germany, judge Borsellino (Caltanissetta)

Beginning july 1992 judge Borsellino talks in Germany with the cokedealer Heico Kschinna who betrays the killers Schembri, Calafato and Incardona, and Schembri becomes a pentito.

Favara boss Salvatore Airo

9 July 1992 in Favara entrepeneur Gaetano Russello (42) gets killed, he is the 46th casuality in a year, before were the bosses Giuseppe Barba, Gioacchino Capodice and Francesco Agro murdered.

Bompensiere e di Milena cosca member Francesco Randazzo arrested

Francesco Randazzo was arrested in 1992 thanks to pentito Leonardo Messina who says he is a member of the Bompensiere e di Milena cosca.

Caracas (capital of Venezuela), Paolo (53), Gaspare (58) and Pasquale Cuntrera (62) arrested 8 September 1992 Paolo (53), Gaspare (58) and Pasquale Cuntrera (62) get arrested in Caracas and deported to Italy 4 days later, the family is now led by Alfonso Caruana. Alfonso Caruana lives in Woodbridge just north of Toronto and leads a huge drug and laundering operation. In Montreal were the brothers Pasquale (50), Gerlando (54) and Alfonso Caruana (52), Oreste Pagano (60), Alberto Minelli (33), Marcel Bureau (51) and Nunzio La Rosa (50). Alessandro Pansa, head of the Economic Crime Section of the Servizio centrale operativo (Sco) of the Italian National Police, finally arrested the Cuntrera brothers at Rome's Fiumicino airport when they were expelled from Venezuela in 1992.


5 November 1992 in Racalmuto Carmelo Anzalone (24), Giuseppe Macaluso (26) and Luciano Polifemo (39) get killed by the rivalling Sole cosca.

The stidde

In december 1992 Guazzelli's killers get arrested.


14 December 1992 Paolo Borsellino's father Giuseppe was killed, they are family of the murdered Sala.


11 Januari 1993 the killers of the Borsellinos get arrested: Mario Davilla (27), Paolo Polizzi (29), Pietro Galifi (34) and Calogero Sala (42) the brother of the murdered Antonino.

Mannheim (Germany)

14 Januari 1993 in Mannheim Giuseppe Crapanzano (39) gets killed, he was married with Gioacchino's sister Carmela Schembri and was killed by her brothers Ignazio and Rosario. They do it to silence their brother who is a friend of Crapanzano.

Sciacca boss Salvatore Di Gangi arrested

9 March 1993 Salvatore Di Gangi (51) the boss of Sciacca was arrested with his men Accursio and Francesco Dimino, Stefano (35) and Salvatore Greco (40) and Rosario Messana (64) the nephew of a passed away magistrate in Sciacca.

Porto Empedocle

20 April 1993 in Porto Empedocle Angelo Carlisi (31) get killed.


20 April 1993 Massimiliano Migliore (21) a killer of inspector Guazelli gets arrested. At the end of 1993 even Trincanato (a senator) gets arrested.

Rome, bombattack

15 May 1993 exploded in Rome a bomb when tv presentator Maurizio Costanzo drives by the perpetrators are the in Germany living brothers Matteo and Calogero Bordini the sons of aboss from Palma di Montechiaro. Costanzo had an antimafiaprogram.

Alfonso Gagliano

The accountant Alfonso Gagliano is a loyal supporter of Canada's Prime-Minister Jean Chrétien. Gagliano organized the Liberal Party's fund raising for the 1993 election-campaign. He was a candidate for a position in the new government of Mr Chrétien. The RCMP is asked to screen every probable future minister, and Mr Gagliano didn't quite pass the test.The Montreal daily La Presse revealed why: Gagliano's accountancy firm kept the books of Agostino Cuntrera, a nephew of Pasquale Cuntrera and implicated in the murder of Paolo Violi, boss of the local Cotroni-family, in 1978. The murder was a sign that the Sicilian clan had taken over control in Montreal. Agostino Cuntrera was never convicted; he struck a deal with the Canadian Justice Department. Asked about his relationship with Agostino Cuntrera, Gagliano said: 'Mr Cuntrera is an acquaintance. We both come from Siculiana. I met him during a engagement in a church. He came to me in the 1970's when he wanted me as his bookkeeper for his restaurant.' Gagliano et Cie kept Agostino Cuntrera as a client after his complicity in the Violi-murder was revealed. Agostino Cuntrera and Gagliano saw each other occasionally during marriages and activities of the Association de Siculiana, a cultural association founded by Mr Gagliano, who was its first president. Some years after Mr Gagliano's chairmanship, Agostino Cuntrera became president of the association. Nor was Agostino Cuntrera the only client of Gagliano. Another was Dima Messina, the financial aid of Montreal Mafia-boss Vito Rizzuto. An RCMP investigation showed that Messina laundered 22 million Canadian dollars for Rizzuto in 1986-88. Rizzuto's Ferrari Testarossa (a 250,000 dollar Italian sports car) was registered under Messina's name.

Public Works Minister Alfonso Gagliano

In 1994, the RCMP reported to Prime Minister Jean Chretien that Gagliano's accounting firm had done work for companies owned by Agostino Cuntrera, who had served time in prison for conspiracy in the slaying of another mob boss. The accounting firm dropped Cuntrera as a client, but the controversy kept Chretien from naming Gagliano to cabinet for several months. After a second report from the RCMP cleared him, Gagliano became a minister in late 1994 and has held several portfolios.

The Cuntrera-Caruana clan

The Cuntrera-Caruana ring was dismantled in March 1995 in Northern Italy. Caruana brought together the cocaine producers of the Colombian Cartels with the Italian distributors, six 'ndrangheta families the Calabrian variant of the Mafia. Once again the Cuntrera-Caruana family was the indispensable link between suppliers and distributors.

Operation Cartagine sentences

A year after the cocaineseizure of march 1994 the Turin Prosecutors Office presented the indictment. The Palermo Tribunal, reviewing earlier drug connections of the clan, was impressed. The sentence concluded that the network was 'a further indication of the high criminal capability' of Caruana who had 'escaped every judicial initiative during the last decades and succeeded in reaching the top of the international drug trade, adjusting his criminal contacts and showing such skill that he is to be considered as one of the most important exponents in this sector'. The 52-year old Alfonso Caruana is the living example of the international ramifications, elusiveness and continuity of the family's activities. Although a fugitive, he remains one of the top level Family bosses. The fact he is married to Giuseppina Caruana, the daughter of Family patriarch Giuseppe Caruana (brother of Alfonso's father Carmelo Caruana) the eldest of the foregoing generation, is an indication to be taken seriously in the archaic conventions which rule the internal dynamics of the clan. 'Coca, colombiani & 'ndrangheta', La Repubblica, 23 March 1995. p.21; Gian Carlo Caselli, 'Droga e criminalità organizzata', Narcomafie, April 1995. Caselli is Attorney General in Palermo. He describes the clan as 'pluricontinental', and underlines that Operazione Cartagine shows the clan still plays a essential rol in the drug trade.

Favara boss Salvatore Airo

11 March 1995 was in Rome arrested Francesco Barba a stidde capo from Favara (Angelo Barba?). Salvatore Airo the boss of Favara gets arrested in 1995 in Rome.


In may 1995 dies Giuseppe Di Caro in prison, he came from Favara.


5 October 1995 was in Ravanusa Peitro Formica killed.

Porto Empedocle

The same day, 5 october 1995 was in Porto Empedocle Salvatore Greco killed.


7 January 1996 was Giovanni Attardo killed and the next day committed his brother Francesco Attardo suicide. 19 February 1996 was Giuseppe Sutera killed by Giovanni Bellavia who was the same year arrested thanks to his brother Gioacchino. Since 1996 is Giuseppe Vetro, the boss of Favara sought.

Agrigento province

9 May 1996 was Fabio Coniglio killed.

Palma di Montechiaro

8 July 1996 Totuccio Pace (the brother of the Stidde capo Domenico Pace) gets arrested.

Palma di Montechiaro

23 July 1996 Antonio Gallea ( a boss of the Stidde in Canicatti), Salvatore Parla and Salvatore Calafato (Stidde bosses from Palma) and Giuseppe Montanti get arrested for ordering the murder of judge Livatino at the orders of Ferro.

the Cuntrera-Caruana clan

According to DEA analyst Attanasio the clan smuggles 70% of the cocaine bound for Europe, he told a journalist in July 1996. The Colombian Cartels have a lot of respect for the Sicilian Mafia, he added.

The Cuntrera-Caruana clan

The Cuntrera-Caruana clan has had some serious set-backs with the arrest and conviction of some of their most prominent bosses in 1996. During the trial in Palermo, one of the defendants, the fugitive Alfonso Caruana, turned out to be the central organizer of a network that smuggled eleven metric tons of cocaine to Italy from 1991-94.


15 September 1996 in Agrigento the killed criminals Carmelo Giangreco (28) from Canicatti and Calogero Naro (24) from Campobello di Licata get found in a car.


17 October 1996 was pastor Nino Giarrauto beaten to death because he opposed drugtraffickers.

Porto Empedocle

7 Januari 1997 in Porto Empedocle Libertino Cozzo Vasile (22) gets arrested. He had in 1991 with other killers the stiddari man Angelo Ficarra killed.

Alfonso Caruana

The Italian police can now procure a photo of Alfonso Caruana at a Canadian news agency that was taken during his Court appearance in February 1997.

Bompensiere e di Milena cosca member Francesco Randazzo

5 Januari 1998 Francesco Randazzo’s son Salvatore gets killed in Agrigento.


13 January 1998 was Antonino Quaranta killed.

Porto Empedocle boss Calogero Salemi

Calogero Salemi, the former boss of Porto Empedocle is pentito and thanks to him police can arrest in march 1998 a lot of people.

Cuntrera-Caruana family

the Cuntrera-Caruana crime family, whose Canadian leaders are in prison for their involvement in a large cocaine shipment that was seized in 1998.


5 december 1998 committed Giovanni Bellavia suicide in prison, he had 27 years for the murder of Giuseppe Sutera.

Policeoperation Akragas 2

11 Januari 1999 police do arrests in Agrigento for 20 murders in Agrigento between 1990 and 1994 under which the murder of policeman Guazzalli and prisonguard Di Lorenzo in 1992 and the kidnapping of Di Matteo's son Giuseppe (13). Arrested was Giuseppe Fanara (43) the boss of Favara. 11 Januari 1999 the killer Giuseppe Fanara (42) and Paolo Nobile get arrested thanks to Alfonso Falsone who says that Fanara was a killer of maresciallo Giuliano Guazzelli and the murder was ordered by Leonardo Fragapane.

Policeoperation Akragas 2

Amodeo, originario di Porto Empedocle, era latitante dal 12 gennaio del 1999, quando nei suoi confronti era stata emessa un'ordinanza di custodia cautelare dal gip di Palermo, che lo accusa di associazione mafiosa e omicidi nell'ambito dell'operazione Akragas 2.

Sciacca boss Salvatore Di Gangi

29 January 1999 police arrest the boss Salvatore Di Gangi (57), he is a friend of Provenzano.


22 April 1999 there is an ambush at the car of Carmelo Cusumano and they kill the child Stefano Pompeo (11), Cusumano's brother in law is Salvatore Sgarito.


7 May 1999 was Calogero Bongiorno killed, his brother is a politician.

Cattolica Eraclea born Bonanno capo Gerlando Sciascia (65) killed

In may 1999 Bonanno capo Gerlando Sciascia (65) was shot to death.

Italy, Pasquale Cuntrera escapes

21 May 1999 escaped Pasquale Cuntrera but he was 4 days later arrested in Spain.

Spain, Pasquale Cuntrera arrested

25 may 1999 Pasquale Cuntrera was arrested in Spain.

Toronto, Alfonso Caruana arrested

Pasquale Cuntrera's brother in law Alfonso Caruana was arrested 8 july 1999 in Toronto.

Gaetano Amodeo arrested

Gaetano Amodeo (48) was arrested in Montreal, he was one of Italy's 500 most wanted fugitives. He was close to Ribera capomafia Simone Capizzi and Sciacca capomafia Salvatore Di Gangi and he had also contacts with the Cuntrera caruana family and the NY Bonnanno clan.

Public Works Minister Alfonso Gagliano

Public Works Minister Alfonso Gagliano faced calls to relinquish his post and submit to a public inquiry Friday after it was disclosed his office contacted the Immigration Department on behalf of the wife of a reputed Mafia kingpin. The minister said staff in his Montreal-area riding office were approached by Maria Sicurella di Amodeo, who asked for help with her immigration file. Staff members wrote to the department as part of a "normal administrative followup that in no way constitutes an intervention in the file," said the statement. Sicurella is the wife of Gaetano Amodeo, who was arrested in Montreal on Tuesday and is facing deportation proceedings. He's wanted on murder charges in Germany and murder and attempted murder charges in his native Italy. His name appears on Interpol's list of 500 most dangerous fugitives. Once his wife had successfully obtained landed immigrant status, she attempted to sponsor Amodeo for permanent residency as well -- an effort likely to be cut short by his arrest. The letter to the Immigration Department from Gagliano's office was written last May 25. It noted the Quebec government, which plays a major role in selecting immigrants to that province, had issued a certificate to Sicurella. The letter also observed she had a visitor's visa good until 2001 and asked about the progress of paperwork in her application for permanent residency. Deputy Prime Minister Herb Gray said all MPs make frequent inquiries on behalf of would-be immigrants. That does not mean they are personally backing them, he said. "Neither Mr. Gagliano nor his office was supporting the application. An inquiry is sent as to its status, that is not supporting the application." As for Sicurella's links to Amodeo, Gray said MPs and their staffs don't have the resources to check everybody who asks for help. Sicurella obtained landed immigrant status for herself and her two children last July, two months after her visit to Gagliano's office. She claimed she was separated from Amodeo, so no security check was done on him, said Robert Gervais, a spokesman for the Immigration Department. Two months later, Sicurella said she had reconciled with her husband and filed to sponsor him for landed status. The RCMP advised Immigration early this month that international warrants seeking Amodeo's arrest had been issued by Germany and Italy. His wife and children are not included in the current deportation proceedings, but officials are looking into the question of whether Sicurella told the truth about being separated from Amodeo. She could face expulsion if she lied as part of a plot to get him into the country.


3 November 1999 was Vincenzo the brother of council member Angelo Vaccaro Notte killed.


24 November 1999 police arrested suspects of the murder of Michele Manganella and there was also cocaine traffic from Holland.


5 February 2000 was in the province Agrigento former council member Angelo Vaccaro Notte (43) killed.

Favara boss Giuseppe Vetro arrested

27 May 2000 was Favara's boss Giuseppe Vetro arrested, he is suspected of the massacre in september 1986 in Porto Empedocle and the murder of the child Stefano Pompeo in april 1999 to which was also connected Carmelo Cusumano who should have been the victim. Also arrested Gregorio Lombardo and Angelo Alaimo.


6 May 2002 was Valentino Licata arrested , he is the brother of the for murder imprisoned Vincenzo Licata who had helped Giovanni Brusca when he was on the run.

Santa Margherita Belice

14 July 2002 was Maurizio Di Gati choosen capomandamento of Agrigento province. But police arrive at the house in Santa Margherita Belice and arrest 15 mafioso under whom Salvatore DiGioia, Giuseppe Nobile, Pasquale Salemi, Stefano Fragapane (son of the imprisoned Salvatore)


9 October 2002 was Beniamino Di Gati arrested, he is the brother of Maurizio Di gati.

Strada Burgio a Villafranca

26 January 2003 was found there the killed Filippo Riggio.

Campobello di Licata

3 March 2003 was Giuseppe Bufalo arrested he is the brother in law of the killed Angelo Falsone.

Porto Empedocle

16 July 2003 was Giovanni Putrone arrested. He is the brother of the fugitive boss Luigi Putrone.


13 August 2003 was Carmelo Milioti of Favara killed.

Sant Elisabetta

9 October 2003 was Giuseppe Bruno (29) killed, he was close with the Fragapane clan from Sant Elisabetta.

Pentito Leonardo Canino told the judges that the Porto Empedocle clans had contact with minister Calogero Mannino.

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