Puparo's Cosa Nostra: Palermo in the 2000s


Catania murdercase Sciuto mafioso Giuseppe Pidatella
10 February 2000 was in Catania the body of the killed criminal Giuseppe Pidatella (43) found, he had been convicted for mafia association and holdups, he was a member of the clan of Biagio Sciuto. Pidatella was killed with 2 bullets. Pidatella had been shortly arrested in 1996.

Enna murdercase Leonardo’s righthand Antonino Timpanaro
After Giuseppe Pidatella (43) got killed in Catania also Antonio Timpanaro (60) was killed in february 2000 in Enna according to pentito Paolo Severino, the chauffeur of Enna province represante Gaetano Leonardo. Timpanaro’s murder would have been revenge because Gaetano Leonardo was planning the murder of the old mafioso Giovanni Mattiolo who leads a group that opposes Provenzano.

7 March 2000 were 8 men arrested in Enna, they were accused of the murders of Angelo Minacapilli from Aidone and the disappearance (lupara bianca) of Giuseppe Mililli in 1998.

Raffadali (Ag) murdercase Oreto
30 May 2000 disappeared Salvatore Oreto, later he was found killed.

Marsala murdercase Leonardo’s friend Francesco Romeo
27 June 2000 was also Enna capomafia Gaetano Leonardo’s friend Francesco Romeo from Marsala killed.

Enna arrests
In june 2000 were arrested Valguarnera capomafia Domenico Calcagno (41), Angelo Gangi (58), Vincenzo Giunta (66), Umberto Indovino (43), Antonio Leanza (42), Angelo Sorbello (29), Ettore Tedesco (60) and Angelo Francese (62). The last was suspected of harbouring in 1997 for some time the sought Bernardo Provenzano and the already captured boss Piddu Madonia.

San Giuseppe Jato capomafia Salvatore Genovese arrested
12 october 2000 San Giuseppe Jato capomafia Salvatore Genovese arrested, he is the son of Giovanni Genovese one of the 2 Genovese brothers of bandit Giuliano's men.
San Giuseppe Jato capomafia Giuseppe Bommarito

Belmonte Mezzagno
14 october 2000 was in Belmonte Mezzagno Antonino Martorana (45) killed, he was reputed to be close with Benedetto Spera the righthand of Provenzano.

Belmonte Mezzagno
15 November 2000 was Pietro martorana killed, he is the brother of Antonino who was killed a month before.

San Giuseppe Jato former boss Bernardo Brusca dies
8 December 2000 dies former San Giuseppe Jato boss Bernardo Brusca (82) in a hospital.

Partinico boss Francesco Lo Iacono and son Maurizio Lo Iacono
10 march 2001 was in Brazil Francesco Lo Iacono (30) arrested while in Spain was arrested Santina Ronsisvalle (45) from catania and a supporter of Provenzano. Maurizio Lo Iacono became a pentito???????? And is filling in police now on the actual situation of the cosche in Palermo??????. In may 2001 was also Gaetano Baio (42) from Porto Empedocle arrested in Brasil. In total police arrested in this operation also 3 camoristi and n’dranghista.

Palma di Montechiaro
22 february 2002 was Rosario Lupo killed in Palma di Montechiaro.

9 March 2002 was Salvatore Iacopinelli killed near Licata, he was killed with sophisticated weapons of war of the same kind with which had been killed Vincenzo Collura.

Roccapalumba (Palermo province) capomafia Gaetano Pravata
Roccapalumba capomafia was Gaetano Pravata in the 70ties and his sons are Francesco Pravata and Placido Pravata.

Caccamo capomafia Antonino Nino Giuffre arrested
16 April 2002 was Caccamo capomafia Antonino Giuffre (57) arrested in the company of Francesco Pravata in a house in Roccapalumba (Palermo province) owned by Pravata and his brother Placido Pravata who was arrested nearby probably on his way to them.

Agrigento province capomandamento Maurizio Di Gati
14 July 2002 was Maurizio Di Gati choosen capomandamento of Agrigento province. But police arrive at the house in Santa Margherita Belice and arrest 15 mafioso under whom Salvatore DiGioia, Favara capomandamento Giuseppe Nobile, Pasquale Salemi, Stefano Fragapane (son of the imprisoned Salvatore). According to later pentito Antonino Giuffre had Campobello di Licata capomafia Giuseppe Falsone protested to Provenzano about the election of the young Maurizio Di Gati.

Racalmuto (Agrigento province)
9 October 2002 was Beniamino Di Gati arrested, he is the brother of Maurizio Di gati.

San Giuseppe Jato capomafia Giuseppe Bommarito arrested

18 March 2003 was in San Giuseppe Jato (Pa) Giuseppe Bommarito (59) arrested, he is suspected of being the new capomafia of San Giuseppe Jato. Also arrested were Ignazio Bruno (30), Giuseppe and Salvatore Reda (33 and 35 and first grade nephews of Giovanni Brusca) and Calogero Martorana (38) who was accused of a holdup on 4 october 1994 in Castellamare del Golfo at the place pf the palermitan urolog Francesco Paolo Rizzo.
San Giuseppe Jato capomafia Bommarito

Caccamo capomafia Antonino Nino Giuffre pentito
In june 2003 (of 2002) became Antonino Giuffre pentito.
Caccamo capomafia Salvatore Rinella

Favara (Ag) capomafia Carmelo Milioti killed
13 August 2003 was suspected Favara capomafia Carmelo Milioti killed, he was a trustee of Giovanni Brusca who he had helped when he was a fugitive and had ties with fugitive Maurizio Di Gati the new capomandamento of Agrigento province. There was speculation in the press that Di Gati had ordered the murder to warn other fugitives as Giuseppe Falsone of Campobello di Licata who according to pentito Nino Giuffre had protested to Provenzano about the election of the young Di Gati or Luigi Putrone of Porto Empedocle who is accused of 20 murders and the righthand of the in 1995 arrested Agrigento capomandamento Salvatore Fragapane.

Marseille hospital
In october 2003 arrived bernardo Provenzano in Marseille hospital "La Ciotat" under the name of Gaspare Troia to have a prostate operation. He was accompanied by da Salvatore Troia, the son of Gaspare Troia.

Resuttana (Palermo) mafiafamily Bonanno
23 December 2003 was near a hospital in Palermo the body found of the fugitive Francesco Bonanno (38), who was known as a capo of the Resuttana cosca, allied with Lo Piccolo, capimafia of the area. Bonanno had died of a heartattack, he was a son of Armando, one of the killers with Giuseppe Madonia and Vincenzo Puccio of Monreale (Pa) carabinieri captain Emanuele Basile, who was killed in may 1980.

Provenzano contactman Francesco Pastoia
The previous June 2004, mafioso Francesco Pastoia completed his jail sentence. In an abandoned farmhouse near Palermo, Mafia members seeking contact with Provenzano left coded notes for the Mafia boss and later received responses from Francesco Pastoia. Police hid three listening bugs in the farmhouse and learnt that Pastoia was to meet Provenzano on September 19, but the Mafia boss was tipped off. In october 2004 an entrepenuer was killed in Palermo and later became a suspect in the murder mafioso Francesco Pastoia.

Altofonte murdercase Oreste Lo Nigro
3 October 2004 was also near Altofonte killed Oreste Lo Nigro (son of Enrico who had been killed in 1997).

Operation “Grande mandamento”
25 January 2005 police end operation “Grande mandamento” and arrest about 50 people under whom Salvatore Troia who becomes pentito and told about Provenzano’s prostate operation in the marseille clinic. His story was supported by his at the same time arrested friend Mario Cusimano who also became a pentito.

Sant'Anna prison suicidecase Belmonte Mezzagno mafioso Francesco Pastoia (62)
28 January 2005 committed Francesco Pastoia (62) suicide in Sant'Anna prison, he had hanged himself in his cel. Investigators were quoted by ANSA as saying Pastoia became aware that police had records of telephone conversations in which he had tried to cheat Provenzano in business dealings, and had carried out killings without the authorisation of his superiors in the Cosa Nostra

Raffadali (Ag) murdercase
3 march 2005 was near Raffadali the body found of Maurizio Giglione. He had been arrested in october 2004 for drugs.

Giuseppe Gelardi arrested
24 march 2005 was in Ivory Coast the fugitive partinico capomafia Giuseppe Gelardi arrested. He stands trial with Leonardo Vitale for the murder of Vito Salvia who was killed 1994 in a clash between cosche. Gelardi is the son in law of Partinico capomafia Giovanni Bonomo, who also had been arrested in Africa in 2003.

Partinico murdercase Mario Rappa
24 June 2005 was Mario Rappa of the Vitale clan killed, of this were the Provenzano allies suspected???

Partinico murdercase Maurizio Lo Iacono
3 october 2005 was in Partinico (Pa) Maurizio Lo Iacono (34), the son of capomafia Francesco Lo Iacono (in jail for some time) killed. The man had been a trustee of capomafia Vito Vitale, but after that ones arrest he had gone to the side of Provenzano. Police speculate that the murder had been ordered by Mimmo Raccuglia, from Altofonte (Pa), an ally of Vitale, it is a message to Provenzano and revenge for the murder of Mario Rappa of the Vitale clan.

Resuttana (Palermo) mafiafamily Bonanno
9 January 2006 disappears Giovanni Bonanno (35), reputed underboss of the Resuttana “family” he was proably a victim of the socalled “lupara bianca”. He is a son of Armando Bonanno and Francesco Bonanno was his brother. Giovanni Bonanno was released from prison some months before, and in the same period Aldo Madonia, the younger son of boss Francesco, gets out of prison.

27 January 2006 was near Caccamo (Palermo province) Antonio Canu (33 and originally from Trabia) shot and killed. Former Caccamo boss and pentito Antonino Giuffre had already said in his testimoney in 2002 that Antonio Canu had been condemned to be murdered. That because Canu had done holdups and pizzo extortion without the agreement of the bosses. Giuffre said he was asked permission in july 1999 from Trabia capomafia Salvatore Rinella to kill Canu.

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