Puparo's Cosa Nostra: Palermo in the 1980s


Murdercase CD politician Mattarella
1 January 1980 was Pier Santi Mattarella (44), the son of Mattarella, the cd prime president of Sicily, shot dead by Francesco and Salvatore Davi, Giacomo Giuseppe Gambino, Antonino Madonia, Antonino Rotolo, Santino Inzerillo and Salvatore Federico. Mattarella was a supporter of Aldo Moro and had protested the pact between cosa Nostra and Salvo Lima- Vito Ciancimino. Some months before the murder had Bontate met the politician Andreotti and some months after the murder of Mattarella they met again in the villa of ... Inzerillo (an uncle of Salvatore). Attending were Salvatore Federico, Agostino Marino Mannoia, Salvatore Inzerillo, Michelangelo La Barbera, Girolamo Teresi, the nephews Ignazio and Nino Salvo and Giuseppe Albanese (the last is there because his father in law Mateo Citarda is the boss of the politician Salvo Lima. Bontate's brother Giovanni is married to Citarda's daughter. Andreotti protested but got ordered to close his mouth.

In Karachi, Pakistan, was the belgium Joseph Vienne arrested and he had with him papers of the belgium rijkswacht (a police service). Thanks to the investigation was then 13 januari 1980 in Belgium Leon Francois (42) arrested for suspicion of drugstrafficking. He was head of the bureau narcotics for the Rijkswacht.

In 1980 joined Craxi�s Socialist Party the government with the Christen Democrats and Craxi starts to place his frontmen on lucrative positions where they can get briberies. Beginning 1980 Caltagirone's financial imperium crashed and Italcasse (and in the end the Italian taxpayer) was left with more then 150 million dollars in loans which won�t be paid back.

NAR member Valerio Fioravanti
He got a life sentence for the murder of Maurizio Arnesano which happened on 6 february 1980.

Carabinieri captain Basile and judge Borsellino
In februari 1980 accuses Basile then Bagarella of drugdealing and arrested some of his men and searched their appartments. Basile could prove that Bagarella`s gang had connections with camorra boss Lorenzo Nuvoletta and with a colony of the Corleonesi who operated from Bologna led by Giacomo Riina (an uncle of Salvatore Riina) and Giuseppe Leggio (a nephew of the boss Luciano Leggio).

New Jersey: Cherry Hill Gambinos
In march 1980 went Rolli to the Mille Luci Cafe and spoke there Emanuele Adamita and the brothers Rosario and Giuseppe Gambino who get him sofar that he will go to Milan to get a package of heroin. Rolli informed the police and was later that month arrested with Adamita while they are in the possession of 40,5 kgs of heroin. Adamita had with him the adresses of Catalano and Ganci.

Murdercase Carabinieri captain Basile
1 May 1980 carabinieri captain Emanuele Basile was killed by Giuseppe Madonia, Vincenzo Puccio and Armando Bonanno. Judge Borsellino got his murdercase from his boss judge Rocco Chinnici and meets again his friend judge Falcone with who he starts to work. Judge Gaetano Costa head of Palermo's Procura ? (prosecution) then signs arrestwarrants. The next day police arrested about 55 members of the interrelated Palermitan families Gambino, Inzerillo, Spatola and DiMaggio who smuggled drugs to the US and delivered the drugs to the Cherry Hill Gambino brothers from New Jersey. Under the arrested were John Gambino, Rosario Spatola, Emanuele Adamita, Salvatore and Matteo Inzerillo. When police want to arrest Rosario DiMaggio the clanhead of these families, he thinks the Corleonesi came to kill him, he got an heartattack and died. Immediately the heroin case Spatola-Inzerillo went to judge Giovanni Falcone.

Gerlando Alberti and Gaetano Zampa
Zampa works with the sicilian mafia as well with the Camorra : he delivers heroin to the brothers Bono and too Michele Zaza. Also he delivers chemists for the heroinlabs at Sicily. In may 1980 was Albert Gillet arrested in Rome with 8 kgs of heroin and police arrested 2 more couriers under whom Eric Charlier. Gillet told Falcone that there were at Sicily 5 big heroinlabs mainly owned by Gerlando Alberti because he had laid the contacts with the Corsican chemists. Alberti had also taken over the chemist Andre Bousquet from the Corsican boss Gaetan Zampa and the chemist would soon arrive at Sicily heared Falcone. The couriers had contact with Francesco Mafara the boss of Brancaccio and Spatola. The case even had led to a belgium policeofficer. Falcone then starts to cooperate with the french judge Pierre Michel who would tell him when Bousquet would leave for Sicily.

Banker Sindona
Banker Sindona worked with the Genovese family togather who brought him into contact with the sicilian brothers Gambino and he started to launder their money but also he laundered money for the bosses Inzerillo, Spatola, Badalamenti and Bontate. At the end of the 70ties earned Sicilian drugdealers about a billion dollars yearly in the USA it was estimated, much of which was laundered by Sindona. Verzotto wrote black money cheques at the orders of Sindona and gave them to mafiaboss Di Cristina.

Salvatore Inzerillo and his brother in law Rosario Spatola
Salvatore Inzerillo and his brother in law Rosario Spatola build with their drugmoney Palermo full. Rosario Spatola was the biggest contractor of Italy and the biggest taxpayer, the tax was in the hands of the Salvo nephews who worked for the state but they were mafiosi from Salemi which boss Zizzo was one of the earliest heroindealers.

NAR members Valerio Fioravanti and Francesca Mambro
They got life sentences for the murder of Franco Evangelista which happened on 28 may 1980.

Propaganda Due members Raffaele Giudice and Bruno Muselli
In 1980 found the police out that P2 members Raffaele Giudice and Bruno Muselli were behind a swindle which had went on for years, they evaded tax on benzeen for 2,25 billion dollars. The taxes they evaded was on imported oil.

Propaganda Due member and banker Calvi
In june 1980 went one of Banco Ambrosiano�s biggest clients, a leading Italian buildingcompany broke and Calvi's bank was hit hard. Florio Fiorini, financial director of ENI loaned banker Calvi than 50 million dollars, at the end of the year opened Silvano Larini than a bankaccount with the name protection (to this bankaccount went briberies) on which Gelli and Calvi donated than 7 million dollars, of this profitted the Socialist leaders Craxi and Martelli.

NAR members Valerio Fioravanti and Francesca Mambro
They got a life sentence for the murder of Mario Amato which happened on 23 june 1980.

businessmen Antonio Virgilio and Luigi Monti
1 July 1980 were the businessmen Antonio Virgilio and Luigi Monti almost arrested in Milan with the Fidanzati brothers.

Gerlando Alberti and Gaetano Zampa
25 August 1980 was Andre Bousquet followed to a lab and there arrested with Gerlando Alberti. The more labs on Sicily were closed the more grew the importance of a newly by Santapaola`s nephew Ferrara setup heroinpipeline, they bought heroin from the Singapore chinese Koh Bak Kim after which it was smuggled to Sicily.

Murdercase hotel owner Carmelo Janni
Two days later, 27 august 1980, was the hotel owner Carmelo Janni shot dead because he had helped the police. Gerlando Alberti got a life sentence for his murder which he ordered.

NAR members Valerio Fioravanti and Francesca Mambro
They got a life sentence for the murder of Francesco Mangiameli which happened on 9 settembre 1980.

Milan, catanese family Mirabella �i Cipudda�
Rosario Mirabella was autumn 1980 killed in his car in Milan.

The void in Milan left by the family Mirabella �i Cipudda� was then filled by Angelo Epaminonda. Angelo Epaminonda became the boss of Milan early 80ties after the families Miano, Mazzei (who worked with the Palermitan Fidanzati brothers) were decimated.

Altofonte murdercase Giovan Battista Alotta
In Altofonte was in 1980 Giovan Battista Alotta killed by Giuseppe Marfia and Antonino Madonia (Resuttana cosca) , they killed him because he was suspected of being a police informer. For Giovan Battista Alotta�s murder was also accused the pentito Calogero Ganci who said the murder had been ordered by San Giuseppe Jato capomafia Bernardo Brusca (now deceased).

Italy double disappearance
29 November 1980 in Italy disappears former countess Jeanette May Rothschild and her girlfriend Gabriella Guerin. The countess befriended the in Londen living Sergio Vaccari who befriends Francesco Di Carlo. 27 Januari 1982 the 2 women are found dead in their car.

In januari 1981 starts in Turin a mafiawar when the Palermitans kill the Catanese Paolo Bornia a man of the Cursoti boss Luigi "Jimmy" Miano. After this were killed Marino Provvisionato, Mario Siani, Viscardo Rosolia, Antonino Bullo and the Palermitan Franco Calcagno.

Cattolica Eraclea (Ag) murdercase capomafia Liborio Terrasi (47) and others
Cattolica Eraclea capomafia Liberio Terrasi had come into conflict with Ribera capomafia Carmelo Colletti. 9 or 21 february 1981 were Cattolica Eraclea�s capomafia Liborio Terrasi (47), Domenico Francavilla, Mariano Virone and the innocent Vincenzo Mul� (18) shot and killed. Two of the shooters were Francesco Madonia�s son Salvatore Madonia (who got later a life sentence for the murders) and pentito Giovanni Brusca (who testified against Salvatore Madonia). Also Salvatore Riina got a lifesentence for the murders because he had ordered them to help Ribera capomafia Carmelo Colletti. In maxi trial Akragas were Riina and Madonia for the murders convicted thanks to Brusca but in high court Salvatore Madonia was spoken free.

Italy, Gelli's P2
At the end of april 1981 Gelli, Calvi and Marcinkus buy for about 175 million dollars 40 % of the shares of the Milanese Rizzoli who owns the newspaper Corriere della Serra.

Altofonte mafioso Gioacchino La Barbera
Gioacchino La Barbera was in 1981 inducted in the Altofonte cosca.

This Corleonesi hitteam
The bosses Bontate and Inzerillo were killed by the Corleonesi hitteam that was made of Giuseppe Lucchese, Pino Greco (with his kalashnikov), Filippo Marchese, Giacomo Giuseppe Gambino, Antonino Madonia, Raffaele Ganci, Mario Prestifilippo, Giovanbattista Pullara and Giuseppe Marchese (the brother of ). Of course the Corleonesi had even some other hitteams.

Passo di Rigano boss, underboss Montalto
26 May 1981 went Inzerillo's brother Santino �Santo� Inzerillo (born 23 april 1946 in Palermo) and their uncle Calogero DiMaggio (born 16 august 1924 in Torretta, Palermo) to a Cupola meeting in San Giuseppe Jato and demanded the names of the perpetrators. Riina gave a signal after which Gaspare Mutolo, Francesco Davi, Salvatore Scaglione, Raffaele Ganci, Antonino Rotolo and Antonino Madonia strangled both men. The bodies were destroyed at the destructioncompany of Salvatore Liga.

Santa Maria del Gesu boss Lo Iacono
27 May 1981 disappear Bontate's men Girolamo Teresi, Giuseppe Di Franco, Salvatore and Angelo Federico when they went to a peacemeeting with the Corleonesi. Nino Sorci, a friend of Bontate, had guaranteed their safety but betrayed them. Also Bontate's own hitmen Salvatore Contorno and Emanuele D'Agostino had been invited, but they didn't trust the Corleonesi even with the guarantee by Sorci and didn't go which saved their lives. Bontate was followed up by his capo Lo Iacono a corleonesi supporter.

Bontate's cosca was led by the Pullara brothers and Lo Iacono and the Passo di Rigano cosca by...... Also Ragona, Girolamo Teresi's brother Francesco Paolo, Salvatore Buscemi, Giuseppe Finocchio, Pietro Pagano, Paolo Bevilacqua, Paolo Mazzola, Ginetto, Tagliavia, Patricola, Contorno's familymembers Gaetano Mandala, Salvatore Corsino, Calogero Bellini, Inzerillo's brother in law Tommaso DiMaggio, the buildingconstructor Pecoraro (41) in Prizzi, Paolo Amodeo, Ignazio Pellerito, Badalamenti's nephew Natale Badalamenti were killed that year.

Partanna Mondello boss Rosario Riccobono
D'Agostino decided to flee to the Us with the help of his friend the boss Rosario Riccobono, D'Agostino also tried to get Contorno so far to join his journey. Contorno refused because he also didn't trust Riccobono. D'Agostino went 28 may 1981 to Riccobono who delivered him at the service of the Corleonesi who killed him and made the body disappear.

Corleonesi enemies arrested
12 June 1981 were in Zurich Pietro Marchese, Giovannello Greco and Antonino Spica arrested, they wanted to flee to Buscetta in Brazil. Antonino Spica was extradited to Italy, was set free and disappeared.

Santa Maria del Gesu boss Lo Iacono
25 June 1981 drove Contorno and his nephew Giuseppe Faglietta through Palermo when Cotorno suddenly sees Pino D'Angelo and then he also recognized Vincenzo Buffa, Lucchese, Filippo Marchese and Pino Greco. By acting immediately he saved their lives while their car was riddled with bullets, but they were only slightly wounded and were bandaged by Contorno's friend the doctor Sebastiano Bosio.

Corleonesi enemy Giovannello Greco
21 July 1981 were Salvatore Greco and Giacomo Cina killed, they were respectively Giovannello's father and uncle.

Passo di Rigano boss, underboss Montalto
31 July 1981 torture Pino Greco and Filippo Marchese in the socalled chamber of death Giuseppe Inzerillo (17) (the son of Salvatore) and his friend Stefano Pecorella till they are dead. Giuseppe Inzerillo had vowed after the murder of his father that he would kill Riina, when Pino Greco had heared that he had the 2 boys kidnapped from the street. Just before he killed Inzerillo he had cut of the boy's arm and had said: " with this arm you won't kill Riina".

The corleonesi hitteams
The Corleonesi then started to wipe out their enemy families Bontate, Inzerillo and Badalamenti in Palermo and started to take over the herointrade. They also started to attack the friends of the losing clans in the other cities who were in the heroinbusiness with the losing clans. The killers of the Corleonesi massacred all their enemies. Vincenzo Sinagra, his nephews Vincenzo "tempete onweer" and Antonino Sinagra, Salvatore, Mario and Giuseppe Prestifilippo, Giuseppe "Pino" Greco, Giuseppe and Filippo Marchese, Giovanbattista Pullara, Lucchese, a namesake nephew Giuseppe Greco, Salvatore Cucuzza, Pietro Vernengo, Pietro Senapa, Francesco Spadaro, Antonino Rotolo, Salvatore Rotolo and Salvatore Maniscalco are the most important killers at that moment. Then the Corleonesi have also Pino Greco's killers Giuseppe Lucchese, Giovanni Drago, Filippo La Rosa, Giuseppe Graviano, Agostino Marino Mannoia, Francesco Tagliavia, Mario Prestifilippo and Pino Greco and Marchese's killers Pietro Salerno, Paolo Pietro Alfano, Salvatore Rotolo, Vincenzo Sinagra, Antonino Geraci Jr, Salvatore Cancemi and Salvatore Montalto.

Partanna Mondello boss Riccobono's capo Mutolo
In 1981, Mutolo organized a 400 kilo shipment to the US. The Cuntrera-Caruana clan received half of the load, while John Gambino's crew took care of the other 200 kilos. When the money of the first deal came back, Mutolo immediately started to arrange another similar transport. The shipments were financed by consortium of Sicilian Mafia clans. They had organized a pool to provide the money to buy the merchandise from Thai suppliers. The system in the heroin-business was that every Mafia family could invest in a shipment if it had the money. Each step in the different stages between buying and selling the commodity was payed along the way. The Cuntreras and Caruanas were the trusted buyers who supplied the market in North America.

Propaganda Due member and banker Calvi
Calvi confesses and tries to commit suicide, when he gets back at his feet he gets free on bail on 27 august 1981 and he goes into hospital a sure way not to be questioned by the police in Italy. He says his confession was made under pressure and that it was false. As head of Banco Ambrosiano he gets replaced by curator Rinaldo Rosono.

Castellammare (Trapani province)
30 September 1981 the Corleonesi Antonino Buccellato murders his brother Felice who supports the losing families in Palermo.

NAR member Francesca Mambro
Convicted to a life sentence for the murder of Marco Pizzari which happened 30 september 1981.

Stefano Gallina killed
1 October 1981 was Stefano Gallina killed.

Pentito Contorno's family
3 October 1981 they killed Contorno's nephew Pietro Mandala, the son of Francesco.

Emmanuele Mamola killed
5 October 1981 they killed Emmanuele Mamola.

Rome borough Magliana boss Domenico Balducci killed
17 October 1981 was Magliana boss Domenico Balducci killed by Danilo Abbruciati.

Rome borough Magliana boss Maurizio Abbatino NAR member Francesca Mambro
Convicted to life for the murder of Francesco Straullu e Ciriaco from Rome which happened 21 october 1981.

Marseille murdercase judge Piere Michel
Judge Piere Michel was shot and killed by Francois Checchi who was driven on a motorbike by Charles Alti�ri on the boulevard Michelet in Marseille on 21 october 1981. They would been ordered by Francois Girard and Hom�re Philippi. Zampa had also the judge Michel killed. Later that year Alberti had also the french judge Pierre Michel killed by a Corsican.

Magliana boss Laudovino de Sanctis (Santis?)
In manette "Lo Zoppo", boss della Magliana "Lallo Lo Zoppo (the criple)� again was accused of the murder of Antonella Montefoschi who was shot and the following kidnapping of the survivor Mirta Corsetti on 17 july 1981, police wound Magliana boss Laudovino de Sanctis (Santis?) when they invade his appartment in Lavinio , near Anzio. 24 October 1981 police free the kidnapped Mirta Corsetti.

Kidnapping coffeeking Giovanni Palombini
The Magliana gang also kidnapped coffeeking Giovanni Palombini and Laudovino de Sanctis �Lallo lo Zoppo� killed him with 3 shots but they still made the family pay ransom. Giovanni Palombini�s body was put in a refrigerator and was found in october 1981. Behind the kidnapping are Magliana boss Laudavino De Santis �Lallo lo Zoppo� and Nicola Proietti (of the namesake family).

Kidnapping marmer?? King Valerio Ciocchetti
The Magliana gang also kidnapped marmer??? king Valerio Ciocchetti and killed him but they still made the family pay ransom. Behind the kidnapping are Magliana boss Laudavino De Santis �Lallo lo Zoppo� (who gave the order for the murder) and Nicola Proietti (of the namesake family).

Magliana boss Laudovino de Sanctis (Santis?) �Lallo lo Zoppo�
Laudovino de Sanctis �Lallo lo Zoppo� and brother Pietro de Sanctis. Laudovino de Sanctis �Lallo lo Zoppo� got convicted for the murders of kidnapped coffeeking Giovanni Palombini and kidnapped marmer??? king Valerio Ciocchetti thanks to judge Ferdinando Imposimato.

Santa Maria del Gesu boss Lo Iacono
6 November 1981 was doctor Sebastiano Bosio killed and 8 november Contorno's friend Antonino Rugnetta.

Rome borough Magliana
24 November 1981 was Magliana man Giuseppe Magliolo killed.

27 November 1981 a weaponry of the Magliana gang is found and police find there the same ammunition as used at the murder of journalist Pecorelli.

Villabate boss Giovanni Di Peri killed
25 December 1981 drives Giovanni Di Peri the boss of Villabate with his bodyguards Antonino and his son Biagio Pitarresi through Bagheria when they are suddenly machinegunned from an other car by Giuseppe Marchese, his brother Filippo Marchese, Pino Greco and Salvatore Rotolo. The fingerprints of Giuseppe Marchese were found and identified by a forensic expert. Di Peri was replaced by Inzerillo's underboss Salvatore Montalto and Bontate's cosca was led by the Pullara brothers and Lo Iacono. 26 December was also Villabate member Giuseppe Caruso killed.

Santa Maria del Gesu boss Lo Iacono
4 Januari 1982 was Salvatore Di Gregorio killed.

Corleonesi enemies hit back
7 January 1982 the losing clans killed Michele Graviano.

France murdercase Marcel Francisci
15 Januari 1982 was Marcel Francisci (62) a Corsican politician who wanted to buy a share in the casino Palais shot dead, France then closed the casinos casino du Rohl and Palais. Francisci�s had a feud with fellowcorsican Jean Baptiste Andreani who was suspected with Zemour of the murder.

Sebastiano Pisciotta killed
In 1982 Sebastiano Pisciotta is shot dead in palermo, he was businesspartner of Napoli.

Milan, Spica family
2 Februari 1982 was the killed Antonino Spica found in Milan.

Rome; Magliana- Proietti war
In Rome there are the Magliana group and the Proietti clan which war eachother. 23 Februari 1982 the Banda della Magliana killed Claudio Vannicola, "la scimmia".

Palermo murdercase PCI politician Pio La Torre
30 April 1982 were in the centre of Palermo the PCI partysecretary of the PCI at Sicily, Pio La Torre (55) and his chauffeur Rosario Di Salvo shot dead in their car by a killerteam made out off Salvatore Rotolo, Pino Greco, Giuseppe Zaccheroni, Mario Prestifilippo, Giuseppe Lucchese, Salvatore Cancemi, Pietro Aglieri and Giovanbattista Pullara. Pentito Salvatore Cocuzza confessed he was one of the killers Gaetano Carollo (Resuttana cosca), Nino Madonia, Pino Greco Scarpuzzedda', Antonino Lucchese and one of the Galatolo family. La Torre had been the driving force behind the making of a new antimafialaw with which the properties of convicted mafiosi could be seized. Dalla Chiesa�s first workingday he had to attend the funeral of La Torre. The general started checking the buildingfirms of the Catanese builders Carmelo Costanza, Mario Rendo and Gaetano Graci. They were building Palermo full what proofed that Santapaola and the Corleonesi worked togather. Dalla Chiesa got a lot of information about them from the recently in Milan for a hasjtransport of a 1000 kgs arrested boss Alfio Ferlito, Ferlito suspected Santapaola of having him tipped away to police.

Catania mafioso Maurizio Avola
Maurizio Avola was inducted in the Catania cosca in 1982.

Catania, Filippo Malvagna
Filippo Malvagna was close with the Catanesi since 1982.

Testimonies of pentito Vincenzo Calcara
Calcara, who has co-operated with Sicilian investigators for the past three years, testified that a year before Calvi�s murder he travelled from Sicily to Rome to deliver two suitcases containing $6.5m to Marcinkus and an unnamed cardinal. Rome prosecutors are hoping that they will able to question Marcinkus, who is now 80 and takes masses in Phoenix, Arizona. But he still has the protection of a Vatican state diplomatic passport and there are fears that he may never talk.

Testimonies of pentito Vincenzo Calcara
Vincenzo Calcara served drinks and coffee for some gangsters at a meeting outside Milan, he was struck by the especially tense atmosphere. Among the business discussed that day was the decision to impose a death sentence on a prominent Italian financier named Roberto Calvi.

Banker Calvi
Calvi had been sacked as chairman on June 17, 1982 after failing to account for debts to shell companies in Latin America controlled by the Vatican bank. The Vatican insisted that he pay back at least �154m. Several attempts have been made to penetrate the Vatican and determine the exact nature of its links with Calvi, but Italian and American investigators were refused permission to question Paul Marcinkus, then president of the Vatican�s bank.

London murdercase Italian banker Calvi
Calvi met his killers at his flat in Chelsea, west London, at about 10pm on June 17, 1982. The secretive banker often travelled with as many as a dozen bodyguards, but it is clear that he trusted his visitors. It was a fatal error. Calvi was taken to the Thames. Bruises on his arms and right wrist and marks on the soles of his shoes suggest that he fought back when he was attacked either on the edge of the river or on a boat as it approached Blackfriars Bridge. The forensic report describes two versions of what happened next: either the team of killers drugged him or applied �a slow, steady pressure�, almost strangling him. The men then stuffed the bricks into his pockets and down the front of his trousers, together with $15,000 in cash. Calvi was still alive � but probably unconscious � when a noose was placed around his neck and the orange rope tied to a ring on scaffolding under the bridge. They then moved the boat away and the weight of the body and the bricks, combined with the river�s current, tightened the noose. As the water swirled around his legs, reaching halfway up his calves, Calvi took anything from 30 to 60 minutes to die.

Termini Imerese (Pa) murdercase prisonguard Antonino Burrafato
29 June 1982 was prisonguard Antonino Burrafato killed in Termini Imerese (Pa). 3 october 2005 got Leoluca Bagarella and Antonino Marchese a lifesentence for the murder while Pietro Senapa and Giuseppe Lucchese were spoken free.

London murdercase suspected mafiakiller Sergio Vaccari
16 September 1982 was in London suspected mafiakiller Sergio Vaccari killed.

Montreal murdercase Michel Pozza
Michel Pozza got killed by Frank Cotroni�s killer Real Simard because he had spoken a few days earlier with the sicilian boss Rizzutto. 17 September 1982 in Montreal the killed Michel Pozza was found, he had a moneyslip with him that proved that he had send 2,6 million Canadian dollars to an account of Sergio and Giovanni Ciancimino. The sons of Vito Ciancimino, who got the money via a bank in Liechtestein where Jean Pozza a brother of Michelle was one of the directors. The money came from the Cuntrera brothers and was for Ciaculli boss Michele Greco. Greco`s heroinlab was hidden at the citrus fields of the Prestifilippo family and his distillers were the brothers Rocco, Salvatore and Giuseppe Marsalone.

Paris, camorraboss Michele Zaza
In september 1982 arrives Michele Zaza in Paris where he spoke with Antonio Salamone, Salamone's nephew Alfredo Bono and Francesco Di Matteo what was observed by police.

Los Angeles, camorraboss Michele Zaza
25 September 1982 Zaza travels to his home at Los Angeles and two days later Salamone arrives there also. Salamone phones from there a nephew in Palermo and tells him to meet Paolo Cuntrera's son in law Nino Mongiovi and to travel to Caracas and from there to go to Sao Paolo. A month later there arrives 132 kg heroin in Zaza`s home but police arrive to late. Zaza started then in Rouen a heroinlab that was supervised by his man Nunzio Guida who works with the corsicans Paul Graziani and Bernard Quilichini.

Walter Sordi told a judge in Rome 15 october 1982: "Alibrandi told me that Massimo Carminati is the pupil of Abbruciati and Giuseppucci. He also told Sordi about an investment they had done with Giuseppucci and Abbruciati, they invested: Alibrandi 20 million lire, Bracci Claudio 10 million, Carminati 20 million, Stefano Bracci and Tiraboschi 5 million.

Villabate capomafia Salvatore Montalto arrested (Palermo province)
7 November 1982 was Salvatore Montalto arrested.

Riccobono capo Mutolo arrested
Mutolo was arrested in 1982 before he could finish the second heroinshipment. But, he assured the judge during the Cuntrera Trial, the shipment arrived.

Partanna Mondello boss Rosario Riccobono, underboss Salvatore Micalizzi, consiglieri Antonino Porcelli or Vincenzo Cannella Noce boss Salvatore Scaglione, underboss Raffaele Ganci, consiglieri?

San Giuseppe Jato massacre (Partanna Mondello and Noce bosses killed)
30 Novembre 1982 there is a party in San Giuseppe Jato which is attended by about 50 mafiosi of several families at a sign of Riina the killers Giacomo Giuseppe Gambino and Antonino Madonia grab the boss Rosario �Saro� Riccobono (born 10 february 1929 in Palermo) and Pino Greco strangles him. At the same time Riccobono�s friends Salvatore Micalizzi (born 23 august 1952 in Palermo), Vincenzo Cannella (born 13 august 1947 in Palermo), Salvatore Scaglione (born 6 april 1940 in Palermo and the boss of Noce), Salvatore Francesco Cosenza, Carlo Savoca (born 28 october 1943 in Palermo), Giuseppe Lauricella and his son Salvatore and Francesco Gambino get slaughtered at the party by the Corleonesi. Several days later a group of Riccobono men get shot and killed at the nightclub "Singapore Bar" in Partanna, three men die and Michele Micalizzi (one of the brothers) escapes. Police also find the beheaded Vito Riccobono back in his car. Gaspare Mutolo was the main capo, he wasn't killed because he was close to riina and because he had ties with drugbosses in Thailand and Turkey. After Riccobono was killed Antonino Porcelli was made boss and Giuseppe Civeletti made underboss, but the cosca lost its power and their power went all to the San Lorenzo family.

omicidio Cappiello (nel quale era imputato anche il fidanzato della figlia del Riccobono, Michele Micalizzi

Noce boss Raffaele Ganci, underboss, consiglieri?
Partanna Mondello boss Antonino Porcelli, underboss Giuseppe Civeletti, consiglieri ?

Rome; Magliana- Proietti war
14 december 1982 was Mariano Proietti (the son of Enrico) killed.

Mutolo's Thai supplier Koh Bak Kim
In april 1983 flew judge Falcone to France to interrogate Francesco Gasparini and thanks to him police find 24 may in the Suez channal the ship Alexandros G with 233 kg heroin. The heroin came from Thailand and police arrest then in Bangkok Mutolo's Thai supplier Koh Bak Kim. Gasparini testified that he had earlier attended a meeting in Mutolo`s house in Palermo where then the still living Partanna Mondello boss Riccobono spoke with Santapaola about the purchase of 500 kg heroin. A few months later, Alfonso Caruana was in Bangkok with relative Giuseppe Cuffaro to set up a new supply line.

Mutolo's Thai supplier and pentito Koh Bak Kim
12 July 1983 indicted Italy 11 members of a heroinegang under whom Ko Bak Kim who was arrested in Bangkok, directly flew first De Gennaro and then Falcone, Pizzuti and Signorino to Bangkok to interrogate him. Extradited to Italy Koh Bak kim told that the heroin was for Santapaola's man Francesco Ferrera and Riina`s man Gaspare Mutolo.

New York, Farina family (Trapani diaspora)
In the summer of 1983 Ambrogio Farina is arrested with 5 kgs of heroine in New York. Farina and his son Salvatore were deported to Italy to stand trial for the murder.

Badia di Sulmona prison murdercase Sisto Nardinocchi
31 august 1983 was in Badia di Sulmona prison inmate Sisto Nardinocchi (35 and from Rome) killed by inmate Mario Di Curzio (30 and from Rome), Sisto Nardinocchi was the former trustee of Laudovino de Sanctis �Lallo lo zoppo�. Mario Di Curzio got for the murder 21 years and police think the order came from Antonio Mancini and his men Claudio Mancini, Nicola Di Comite, and the inmates Ercole Prestipino, Bruno Donini, Claudio Crapanzano and Mohamed Mecherguy.

Milan, San Vittore prison
Henry Arsan dies in november 1983 in San Vittore prison in Milan

Partanna (Trapani province) murdercase vice mayor Nastasi
6 December 1983 (or 6 december 1984) Stefano Nastasi the vice mayor of Partanna was killed by the Accardo brothers at the request of the politician Culicchia. Vincenzo Culicchia was mayor of Partanna for 30 years.

5 Januari 1984 was in Catania the newspaperowner and journalist Giuseppe Fava killed by Domenico Lo Faro, Antonino Cortese at the orders of Giuseppe Pellegriti who got the order from Maurizio Avola and Aldo Ercolano. Santapaola had been angry because of Fava's articles about him but he did it to please constructor Graci.

Turin murdercase Giovanni Carnazza
28 September 1984 was the boss Giovanni Carnazza, who ruled Turin�s backyard, invited by Agatino Razzani, the righthand of Mario Stramondo. At the meetingpoint didn�t appear Agatino but Salvatore Parisi and Mario Stramondo who shot and killed Carnazza. Later that year was Parisi arrested by coincidence in Turin, 2 days before he would kill Lello Liguori at the orders of the boss Epaminonda. Mean while had the since 1983 imprisoned Carmelo Giuffrida started cooperating with police, he confessed 4 murders under which of a certain Gennaro but also told about 30 murders of the Cursoti. Parisi then also became pentiti and confessed 22 murders and also told police about 39 other murders of the Cursoti.

Intimidation of the pentiti
La Cupola have Francesco Lo Iacono, Pietro Paterno, Mario Coniglio and Salvatore Anselmo killed in novembre 1984 because they suspect them of going to become protected witnesses. Salvatore Anselmo was killed in his fortified bungalow by his own brother Francesco Paolo and their brother in law Calogero Ganci (the son of Raffaele) who were disguised as carabinieri.

In december 1984 were several of the about 220 indicted Cursoti arrested under whom Serafino Licata (the head of the carabinieri in Catania), Pietro Perraechio (the High Court judge of Catania), police commissioner Santo Musumeci, judge Aldo Rocco Vitale, Angelo Epaminonda and Sebastiano Mazzeo.

Pentito Antonino Saia
14 December 1984 starts also the since 1983 imprisoned Antonino Saia to cooperate and confessed 11 murders and the kidnapping of Paolo Alessio.

Pentito Pietro Randelli
In 1985 confessed Pietro Randelli 5 murders and became pentito.

20 May 1985 kill Salvatore Caruso (coming from Francoforte and later living in Milan) and his brothers by mistake 2 innocents while their targets escape.

In 1985 were after a holdup the Catanese Carmelo Faldelli and Ivana Buzzecoli arrested, the last is the brother in law of Santapaola's righthand and brother in law Turi Ercolano.

Italy president Francesco Cossiga
24 June 1985 was the Sardinian christen democrat Francesco Cossiga (56) chosen president for Italy.

Palermo mayor Leoluca Orlando
Now Vito Ciancimino was imprisoned succeeded candidate Leoluca Orlando (a close friend of Mattarella) to become Palermo`s mayor against the wishes of the Cupola. Professor Leoluca Orlando was installed as mayor 16 july 1985 and was mayor till 12 march 1990.

Commissionar Montana
25 July 1985 led commissionair Montana (who leads the fugitive searchteam) and his men a succesfull action and they arrest 8 fugitive mafiosi in hotel Costa Verde in Cefalu under the arrested was Tommaso Canella the boss in Prizzi and he is also a businesspartner of Michele Greco. They had been celebrating the marriage of Francesco Madonia's daughter and also Riina and Provenzano had attended but were in time warned by secret service man Bruno Contrada the former head of the Palermitan detectives.

Commissionar Montana killed
Three days later, 28 July 1985 commissionair Montana went sailing with friends, when he came back he was shot dead in his swimming trousers by 2 killers. His friend the commmissioniar Cassara and judge Borsellino investigated the murder scene and soon police arrest Salvatore Marino (25), one of the killers. The angry agents under whom Natale Mondo beat him to death while they interrogate him 2 august.

Commissionar Antonio Cassara killed
6 August 1985 was Antonio Cassara with his chauffeur Roberto Antiocha riddled with bullets while Mondo escaped by hiding under the car and also an other was wounded. The hitteam existed from 15 killers under whom Giuseppe Greco, Giuseppe Lucchese, Mario Prestifilippo and Agostino Marino Mannoia and also connected to the murder of Cassara were Giovambattista Ferrante, Salvator Biondo, Giovanni Motisi, calogero Ganci and Francesco Paolo Anselmo (the nephew of the wife of Calogero Ganci and just like calogero and Ferrante he would later become pentito). Nino madonia, Pippo calo, Vincenzo Galatola, Domenico Ganci, raffaele ganci, Salvatore Buscemi, nene geraci, Salvatore Montalto, Giuseppe Farinella, Salvatore Biondo "the long one", Salvatore biondo "the short one", salvatore Biondino, Nicola Di Trapani later got life for the murders while spoken free was Giuseppe galatola.

Canada, Vito Rizzuto
In september 1985 Sammy Nicolucci got 14 years for importing 12 kilos of cocaine seized in Vancouver, he is an associate of Rizzuto�s son Vito.

Ciaculli boss Giuseppe "Pino"Greco killed
First Riina allowed Pino Greco to become more important than his boss Michele Greco so he could replace him. When Pino Greco became bold Riina had Greco in october 1985 shot to death by his friends and capos Vincenzo Puccio and Giuseppe Lucchese in the kitchen when he makes coffee for them. Also there were the soldiers Agostino Marino Mannoia and Filippo La Rosa. Greco get succeeded by Mario Prestifilippo as boss of Ciaculli.

Ciaculli boss Mario Prestifilippo

First Maxi Trial with presiding judge Alfonso Giordano
10 februari 1986 the first Maxi Trial starts with 476 accused of which 119 by absence. Presiding is judge Alfonso Giordano. They get accused of 160 disappearings and about 300 murders commited during the war. It got booked as the trial against Giovanni Abbate + 474.

Nice (France), Calderone arrested
12 May 1986 was in Nice Giuseppe Calderone (50) in his laundryshop arrested he had fled from Catania to safe his life.

Marsala Procura della Republica judge Borsellino (Trapani province)
In october 1986 judge Borsellino becomes the head officer of Procura in Marsala and starts to investigate the murders in the surrounding towns with substitute officer Diego Cavalliero, also working close with Borsellino is police agent Calogero Germana.

Judge Falcone and pentito Giuseppe Calderone
9 April 1987 met judge Falcone, inspector Antonio Manganelli and the french judge Michal Debaq in a prison in Marseille Giuseppe Calderone who beame a pentito.

Milan murdercase Resuttana underboss Gaetano Carollo
Gaetano Carollo is the underboss of Francesco Madonia.and came from the borough Resuttana and was married with Antonietta Ciulla a niece of Fidanzati`s capo Giuseppe Ciulla. His son Antonino is married with Geraci`s daughter. 1 June 1987 was near Milan Gaetano Carollo killed. Then was in Turin his man Salvatore Rinella killed with his wife Franca Cassina. At he end of the month was also Francesco Perna killed and disappeared Francesco's son Pietro Carollo as a victim of the lupara bianca. Gaetano Carollo's son Giuseppe took over as the leader of their clan.

Resuttana boss Giuseppe Carollo
9 December 1987 was Francesco Rinella killed he is the brother of Salvatore and he had also ties to the Carollo family.

First Maxi Trial sentences
16 December 1987 judge Giordano sentences the mammoth trial and convicts Michele Greco, Salvatore Riina, Antonino Marchese, Salvatore Rotolo, Giovanbattista Pullara, Santapaola, Pietro Senapa, Antonino Sinagra, Francesco Madonia, Bernardo Provenzano, Giuseppe Marchese, Salvatore Montalto, Paolo Pietro Alfano, Pino Greco, Filippo Marchese and Rosario Riccobono to life and the other suspects get a total of 2655 years and 45 are spoken free. The freed suspect Antonio Ciulla (38) get shot to death the same day on the streets he is the boss of Bolognetta and the next day police find the burned body of Giuseppe Garonia who was connected to the trial. Justice got the convictions thanks to the pentiti Undli Sinagra, Buscetta, Contorno, Melluso, Calderone and Stefano Calzetta (whose brother Vincenzo got murdered during the trial). Some convicts are already killed by their fellow codefendands and most are on the run.

Resuttana boss Giuseppe Carollo
In january 1988 disappears Armando Bonanno who had wanted to take over the position of Gaetano Carollo as boss of Resuttana and was probably killed by the Madonia family.

Palermo former mayor Insalaco (46) killed
12 Januari 1988 in Palermo former mayor Giuseppe Insalaco (46) and his chauffeur get shot to death in his car. He was convicted at the Mammothtrial and told around that he would start to speak about politics. The 2 killers Domenico Guglielmini and Antonino Galliano left a gun that was used by the murder of carabinieri captain D`Aleo. Evidence that the murders are somehow connected. Domenico Guglielmini and Antonino Galliano had gotten the murder assignment from Domenico Ganci.

Arenella boss Gaetano Fidanzati
14 Januari 1988 Giuseppe Lucchese and Salvatore Madonia shoot inspector Natale Mondo to death from a motorcycle. Salvatore �Salvino� Madonia later got a lifesentence for this murder.

Judge Falcone in the USA
In february 1988 judge Falcone flew to the USA and spoke there Tommaso Buscetta.

Palermo , la strage al mercatino di viale Francia
28 June 1988 two mafiosi get shot to death in mercatino di viale Francia from a motorcycle by Salvatore �Salvino� Madonia who also kills an innocent boy (16).

San Giuseppe Jato meeting and murdercase Luigi Ranieri
In 1988 there is in San Giuseppe Jato a meeting attended by San Giuseppe Jato sottocapo Baldassare DiMaggio, Cataldo capomafia ? Leonardo? Messina and Angelo Siino (the brother in law of Bernardo Brusca and caretaker of Riina's intrest in concrete). They talk about the refusal of the Palermitan builder Luigi Ranieri to leave the building of the institute for Geometry in Caltanissetta to an other firm controlled by the mafia. Soon Ranieri get killed and the politician Gianfranco Occhipinti looks after that the order goes to the brothers Anzalone.

Canicatti (Agrigento province), Judge Saetta gets murdered on orders of La Cupola
25 September 1988 judge Antonino Saetta (66) and his mental ill son Stefano (35) are driven from the road near Canicatti in their car and killed by Michele Montana and Pietro Ribisi, one of the Ribisi brothers from Palma di Montechiaro. Saetta got killed at the orders of la Cupola (Salvatore Riina and Francesco Madonia got in first grade lifesentences for ordering the murder) who used the Ribisi brothers. The murder had been ordered because Saetta had given a lifesentence to Madonia�s son for the murder of carabinieri captain Basile in Monreale and would presidnet the high court appeal of the first maxi Trial. The Ribisi brothers get into war with the Di Vincenzo cosca who get from Riina the order to wipe out the Ribisi brothers because they had murdered their boss Sambito a corleonesi.

Germany, Pasquale Caruana and Giuseppe Cuffaro arrested
Meanwhile Giuseppe Cuffaro and Pasquale Caruana were in Germany organizing another network on the European continent to replace the route through England that had been dismantled. In November 1988, the German police arrested Pasquale Caruana and Giuseppe Cuffaro near the Swiss border. BKA investigations revealed an extensive network. Caruana and Cuffaro were supported by relatives and some of the many fellow-villagers who had emigrated to Germany in the 1960s and 1970s. Cuffaro had travelled for months through Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium in rented cars: 33,000 kilometres in 145 days, an average of 227 a day. He spent his days in the plush spa and casino-resort Baden Baden and Germany's financial center, Frankfurt. In addition, he flew up and down from Frankfurt to Bangkok several times, and to Montreal and Caracas. When the BKA finished the investigation it concluded 'there are indications that Caruana and Cuffaro were planning to settle in Germany to lead drug trafficking from South-East Asia and to put into circulation the resulting profits through investments in legal businesses. Cuffaro and Pasquale Caruana were extradited to Italy and convicted in 1991. Cuffaro becomes pentito.The bosses Pasquale Caruana and Leonardo Cuntrera send regularly their men to germany. This is the same Pasquale Caruana from Londen.

Pasquale Cuntrera
25 Januari 1989 DEA undercoveragent John Costanzo agent meets Raffaele Bellizzi who introduces him to Pasquale Cuntrera who he mets 27 october in Caracas in Belizzi's house.

San Giuseppe Jato capomafia Bernardo Brusca imprisoned
In 1989 goes Bernardo Brusca to prison, he had been the boss of the town and his sons are Vincenzo and Giovanni Brusca (married to Rosaria Cristiano), his underboss is Balduccio Di Maggio

Milan meeting (Africo cosca)
10 March 1989 police photograph Saverio Morabito, his underboss Francesco Sergi and Antonio Papalia meeting the Sicilian Antonino Zacco in Milan. Saverio Morabito, his underboss Francesco Sergi and Antonio Papalia ask in Milan the Sicilian Antonino Zacco to get a heroindistiller. He promissed to make contact with his boss Carollo.

Christen Democrat politician Lodovico Ligato
13 April 1989 the Christen Democrat politician Lodovico Ligato and his friend Vincenzo Cafari (62) meet and arrange a lucrative concretecontract to be handed to a man of them.

Santa Maria di Gesu, pentito Francesco mannoia
20 april 1989 the corleonesi Cancemi kills Ciaculli man Agostino Marino Mannoia (23) and let his body disappear and his brother Francesco Mannoia (son in law of Pietro Vernengo) from Santa Maria di Gesu starts to fear that his family have got Riina's attention attracted in a negative way. After the murder of his brother Francesco began to talk to the police. Mannoia belonged with Contorno to Bontate's most trusted men but was left alone because his brother Agostino was an important killer for his bosses Greco and Puccio. Francesco Mannoia had 17 murders commited and was the heroin distiller of the Corleonesi.

Ucciardone prison murdercase Ciaculli capomafia Vincenzo Puccio
In may 1989 Ciaculli boss Vincenzo Puccio gets killed in Ucciardone prison by the prisoners and brothers Giuseppe and Antonio Marchese and Giovanni Di Gaetano. 7 Minuts later Vincenzo`s brother Pietro Puccio get shot to death at a cemetery. The Ciaculli boss had stood up against the allmight of Riina's decisions.

Ciaculli capomafia Giuseppe Lucchese

Milan (Africo cosca)
19 May 1989 Saverio Morabito and his brother Antonio and Francesco Sergi meet the Corleonesi Antonino Carollo and his underboss Zacco in a restaurant in Milan. They get as chemists the french Alain Mazza and Gilles Pairone. The heroinlab was hidden with Sergi`s friend Francesco Romeo in Trezzano sul Naviglio and the heroin they stored with Morabito`s friend Giampiero Atzeni. Morabito runs the heroin business for his bosses the Sergi brothers. Siderno drugdealer Pannunzi was in charge of heroin shipments from Turkey through Italy to the United States.

Santa Maria di Gesu, pentito Salvatore Contorno rearrested
29 May 1989 Gaetano Grado and Salvatore Contorno get arrested in Palermo in a small area called the triangle of death (Bagheria, Altavilla and Casteldaccia) where the last months were 17 killings of Riina supporters. Now police arrest 16 mafiosi who helped Contorno with his vendetta under them Agostino D`Agati who becomes pentito.

South Africa, Terrasini man Vito Palazzolo
Palazzolo apparently struck up a relationship with Namibian activist Anton Lubowski in 1989. In June 1989, Palazzolo's son, Christian, and his lawyer, Cyril Prisman (who is now an acting judge), visited Lubowski in Windhoek. In the same month, three payments totalling R100 000 were mysteriously made into Lubowski's bank account by Global Capital Investments, a front company for South Africa's military intelligence.

Judge Falcone and Fidanzati
21 June 1989 was at Sicily a bombattack at judge Falcone's vacationhome bodged when divers wanted to install explosives. The attack was ordered by Gaetano Fidanzati whose drugimperium was researched by the judge.

Pentito Salvatore Contorno's family
In july 1989 the 24th family member of Contorno was killed.

Ciaculli boss Giuseppe Lucchese
The Ciaculli boss becomes now Giuseppe Lucchese and Antonino Puccio the last of the Puccio brothers get killed 5 July 1989.

Pentito Mannoia's family
Ciaculli boss Giuseppe Lucchese who orders the same year, 1989, the killings of Mannoia`s family members Giorgio and Salvatore Mandala.

New York (Sinopoli)
10 July 1989 Vincenzo Macri and Salvatore Ingrati get observed by the FBI in New York.

USA, Vincenzo Macri arrest
18 July 1989 Belliti and Lena meet with Vincenzo Macri (a familymember of the murdered boss macri). Salvatore Ingrati, his nephew Cosimo Ingrati and his uncle Vincenzo Macri drive to Coleman and deliver 1,5 kgs of heroin and get arrested. Vincenzo Macri was armed but came free after a short sentence. After that police make more arrests but the boss Faro Bartolotta.

Italy prime minister Andreotti
21 July 1989 started the 49th after the war cabinet in Italy led by Andreotti.

Murdercase agent Antonino Agostino
5 August 1989 agent Antonino Agostino and his young wife were shot and killed by Nino Madonia who later got a lifesentence for the murder.

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