Puparo's Cosa Nostra: Palermo in the 1970s


Milan, leggio hidingplaces
Leggio went to milan and lived at the end of 1970 in via Stefini 6 in Milan, Leggio was protected by Francis Turatello, who was the protege of leggio and Coppola. Coppola and Leggio were in contact with the banker Ugo De Luca who dealed with Turatello`s friend Franco Restelli and Gianfranco Ginocchi in falsified stock, Ginocchi was later killed. Leggio starts then a gang that organized kidnappings through whole Italy in cooperation with calabrian criminals, the gang was named Anonima Sequestri ( Holding Kidnapping).

Giuseppe "pippo" Calo (born 1932) tried in 1954 to kill Francesco Scaletta and had to serve 8 months in the Ucciardone prison where he meets the also imprisoned Domenico Balducci. Calo moved in 1971 from Palermo to Rome where he settled and started to work with the Roman gangsterbosses.

Bulgaria president Schiwkov
In 1971 became Zjivkov president.

Francesco Paolo Coppola
26 Nov 71: Arrested at Rome for drug trafficking on information earlier supplied by 1962 deceased Charley Luciano.

Murdercase commissioner Calabresi
17 may 1972 was commissioner Calabresi killed.

Lorenzino Ingemi first appeared in judicial reports after the dynamite attack at Motel Faro owned by Valore. Ingemi was one of the important indicted in the attack but he was spoken free because of lack of evidence. 18 May 1972 the Pubblica Sicurezza (Public Safety) gives Ingemi obligation to stay in Comune di Guidonia (Rome). 20 June 1972 explodes a bomb in via U. Bassi, in front of Circolo 'Ariston' , it is one of the worst attacks at that moment, it is believed have to do with the fight between the groups that manage in Messina the illegal gambling dens. Two people were severely wounded. 31 May 1973 police arrest for the attack Lorenzino Ingemi and Francesco Molonia "Francu 'u Puddicinu” . According to the inquiry the gang of Ingemi was in conflict with the group of Benito Taglieri who protected the Circolo 'Ariston'. Benito Taglieri was arrested in 1982 for heroin trafficking between Syria and Milan. Ingemi had run Gabinetto di lettura and before there had been an attack at a person close to Domenico Gatto, one of the organizers at Gabinetto di lettura. At the trial in may 1975 said the boss Nicola Mazza: Ingemi said he ordered the attack at Circolo 'Ariston' . The judges don’t believe Mazza and acquit Lorenzino Ingemi.

Investigation murdercase commissioner Calabresi
27 september 1972 was Gianni Nardi arrested when he returned from swiss with explosives , a Browning and a pistol with caliber 38. police also get into sight then a dutch weapontrafficker who had contacts also with the german RAF and the japanese terrorists who had done the massacre at Tel Aviv’s airport. One of the pistols had also been used in the murder of commisioner Calabresi

Tormarancio (Rome) murdercase boxer Sergio Maccarelli
18 october 1972 was in Tormarancio before the bar tabaccheria of Italo Maurizi in Rome a group of men shot at and boxer Sergio Maccarelli (32) got killed with bystander Italo Pasquale. Boxer Sergio Maccarelli is a friend of Turatello’s associate and boxing fan Ettore Tabarani (himself killed in 1975). Soon it is said that boxer Danilo Abbruciati (his father was Otello Abbruciati, former boxing champion of Italy) was behind the murder of boxer Sergio Maccarelli because of a fight. It is the first murder Danilo Abbruciati is suspected of but not the last.

Investigation murdercase commissioner Calabresi
17 november 1972 was in Rome a pistol found, it turns out to be the pistol which had been used 17 may 1972 to kill commissioner Calabresi.

Rome murdercase Carlo Faiella
29 December 1972 police find the body of Carlo Faiella in a parked Citroen Ds, he had been shot and killed. The car is registered to Ernesto Diotallevi and Danilo Abbruciati is suspected again of a murder because Faiella was last seen while he met Ernesto Diotallevi and Danilo Abbruciati.

Rome, attack at police officer Mangano
5 April 1973 Leggio with the help of Camorra boss Michele Zaza and Zaza's nephew Ciro Mazzarella do an attack in Rome at police commissioner Angelo Mangano, he only gets wounded.

16 July 1973 Ingemi was again indicted for extortion togather with Gaetano Costa, Alessandro De Tullio and Nicola Mazza, at the trial in Messina in february 1977 they were acquitted. Costa became a big boss in Messina who was close with the N’drangheta and Mazza was killed in october 1979 in an ambush in front of circolo 'Andrea Costa' in Gazzi.

15 days before the arrest of Ingemi for the explosion at circolo Ariston (may 1973), the palermitan entrepeneur Nicola Ancione (owner of an enterprise which worked at the route Messina- Patti) his car was blown up with gelignite, an explosice particularly used in those years by operating groups of extreme right who worked at the University of Messina. Ancione said that before the attack he had been approached by some mafioso who demanded pizzo from him. At the end of august 1974 were arrested for the attack Lorenzino Ingemi, Domenico Barrese (old mafioso from Giostra who had been convicted for trying to kill Diego Bongiorno in 1960) and Felice Bilardo. Also this time was Ingemi spoken free.

Milan, Luciano Liggio
The same year (1973) Leggio invites in Milan Damiano Caruso who then gets killed by Nello Pernice. Caruso (the right hand of Riesi boss Di Cristina) had murdered Nino Guarano (a friend of Leggio) because Guarano had tried to dethrone Caruso's boss Di Cristina. Leggio then invites Caruso's girlfriend and her daughter, rapes them and then kills them.

Milan, leggio hidingplaces
From 1971 till september 1973 lived Leggio in via Cremosano 4 in an appartment which belonged to nello Pernice.

Milan, leggio hidingplaces
From september 1973 till his arrest Leggio lives then at via Ripamonti 166.

Marano camorra family Nuvoletta and the sicilians
Gaspare Mutolo of the Partanna Mondello family testified that in 1973 he had a leave from Poggioreale prison and attended a meeting with Riina and Saro Riccobono and Angelo Nuvoletta in which they fested the alliance between the Corleonesi and the brothers Ciro, Angelo and Lorenzo Nuvoletta.

Netherlands, Amsterdam, cafe Mostar, triple murder case, suspect Mitric
Christmas day 1973 Slobodan Mitric "karate Bob" shot and killed in cafe Mostar in Amsterdam 3 other yugoslavs and gets arrested, he said they were part of Yugoslavs secret service.

Rome, Sindona
U.S. Ambassador John Volpe presented in January 1974 at a luncheon at the American Club in Rome, Sindona with the "Man of the Year" award.

Barcellona (Messina province) pentito Pino Chiofalo testimonies
14 February 1974 a young Pino Chiofalo was arrested for extortion. Giuseppe Perdichizzi had Filippo Barresi send explosives to Villa San Giovanni so the extorted person would understand that they still could hurt him. Chiofalo went to prison and there he forged ties with important N’drangheta bosses as De Stefano, Ursini, Giovanni Calabrese, Garofalo, De Cano. In Reggio Calabria Pino Chiofalo was in 1974 imprisoned with Giovanni De Stefano, who was later killed in front of the famous Reggio local "Roof Garden". Later Chiofalo was imprisoned in Messina with Francisco Ursini.

Leggio escapes arrest
Soon, 25 februari 1974, Sicilian boss Alfredo Bono and Camorra boss Michele Zaza drive with a BMW through a police control near Palermo who follow them and arrest them with weapons, but they did it only so Sicilian boss Luciano Leggio could escape who is sought by police and drove an other car.

Pentito Leonardo Vitale and judge Turone
In march 1974 judge Turone, who got information from his informer Leonardo Vitale, orders police to observe several to north italy deported Calabrians and sicilians and they find on the farm of the sicilian Taormina brothers the kidnapped count Luigi Rossi De Montelera.

Milan, Leggio arrested
Police also observe the family Pullara in Milan at the orders of judge Turone and that way police can arrest 16 may 1974 the Corleonesi boss Luciano Leggio at via Ripamonti 166 in Milan.

Pentito Leonardo Vitale and judge Turone
In may 1974 judge Turone has the priest Agostino Coppola arrested (earlier that year coppola had married Salvatore Riina and Ninetta Bagarella and he is the brother of Domenico).

Della Chiaie's name is linked to the the bombing of the Rome-Munich express in August 1974 which killed 12 and injured 48, and the murder of the magistrate investigating the bombing.

Locri murdercase Leonardo Zucco
26 August 1974 was Leonardo Zucco, the owner of a concrete fabric in Locri killed, from this profits his concurrent Antonio Jemma who is married with Adele Cataldo the sister of the Cataldo brothers. The Cataldo-Marafioti cosca from Locri under Bruno Marafioti was the boss since they had chased their enemies the Napoli family.

NATO commander Haig
16 september 1974 was the American general Alexander Haig commander of the NATO troops in Europe (Kissinger protege?). Beginning 70ties Licio Gelli than had a talk with Alexander Haig in the US embassy in Rome. The Propaganda Due (2) took it as its plight to keep communists outside of the goverment.

Reggio Calabria murdercase Giovanni DeStefano
In november 1974 Domenico Tripodi’s men surprise the brothers Giorgio, Giovanni and Paolo De Stefano inside of “Roof Garden” a famous local bar in Reggio Calabria. The 2 killers open fire and killed the youngest of the DeStefano brothers Giovanni (18) while Giorgio De Stefano was severely wounded.

Pentito Leonardo Vitale and judge Turone
15 November 1974 ends the trial against 32 persons belonging to Anonima Sequestri (Holding kidnappings). At the head stood Leggio who gave his commands from prison via priest Agostino Coppola. Others who stood trial were: Michele, Francesco and Calogero Guzzardi, Francesco and Giacomo Taormina, Salvatore and Giuseppe Ugone sr., Gaetano Quartarano, Domenico Coppola, Nello Pernice, Giuseppe Ciulla, Giuseppe and Ignazio Pullara. Most of them get free and witness Vitale gets put away in a mental institution.

Naples area, Ottaviano: Cutolo's NCO
In 1974 the for murder convicted Raffaele Cutolo gets free and begins with his in prison errected NCO Nuova Camorra Organisatie to play a bigger role, after several months Cutolo gets arrested again and convicted. Cutolo and calabrian boss Tripodi become partners and organize an attack at Spavone who gets seriously wounded. Thanks to psychologist Aldo Semerari was boss Cutolo in a sanatorium, police find out that even from there he organized an enormous cocainesmuggle and they replace him to the institution in the town Aversa. The directors of both institutions commit suicide under suspicious circumstances.

Rome, clan of the Marseilles (corsicans)
After police rolled up the french groups early 70ties a group of Corsicans settled in Rome, they were called the clan of the Marseillaise and were led by Bergamelli, Berenguer, Maffeo Bellicini and Forcet.

Rome, clan of Marseilles
They war the Magliana gang, the Corsicans kill the Magliana man Claudio Ticani after a holdup at the square of Caprettari in february 1975. At the shooting was also killed policeman Giuseppe Marchisella, Berenguer was spoken free for the murder of policeman Giuseppe Marchisella. Ticani’s brother Giovanni is a member of the Magliana gang. Magliana boss Laudovino de Sanctis (born 1936) “Lallo lo Zoppo” had also been connected to the shootout.

Magliana boss Laudovino de Sanctis (Santis?) “Lallo lo Zoppo”
He was also suspected of ordering the murders of Giacomo Palermo and his fiancee Angela Piazza, because thewy testified in the trial against De Sanctis in murdercase of policeman Giuseppe Marchisella at the square of Caprettari shootout.

In february 1975 Pippo Calderone gets the other bosses so far they start a Cupola for Sicily's provinces and they name it the Regionale, this is according to the testimony of his brother.

the Regionale
Beginning februari 1975 is the first meeting of the Regionale (a Cupola for the rest of Sicily) which was started thanks to Giuseppe Calderone (Catania capomafia). When Stefano Bontate (province Palermo), Di Cristina (province Caltanisetta?), Antonino Ferro (province ?), Nicola Buccellato (province Trapani), Giovannino Mongiovi (provincie?) and Giuseppe Calderone (province Catania) are going to chosse fromthemselves a Regionale president Buccellato proposes Bernardo Provenzano , even while he is not a member of the Regionale what the others point out to him, still he proposes Provenzano. The Corleonesi showed this way that also in the Regionale they had a say, the others then choose Calderone as president as thanks for his strating of the negotiations to start the Regionale. The new Regionale then forbids the Corleonesi to do kidnappings at Sicily, this was especially pressed by Bontate.

Cupola and Regione members 1975-1977

chairman Gaetano Badalamenti (later banned), Cinisi- Palermo province
Stefano Bontate, Santa Maria Del Gesù - Palermo
Michele Greco, Ciaculli - Palermo
Francesco Madonia, Resuttana - Palermo
Salvatore Scaglione, Noce - Palermo
Pippo Calò, Porta Nuova - Palermo
Rosario Riccobono, Partanna-Mondello - Palermo
Giuseppe Lucchese, Brancaccio - Palermo
Luciano Leggio, Corleone - Palermo province
Bernardo Brusca, San Giuseppe Jato - Palermo province
Nenè Geraci, Partinico - Palermo province
Leonardo Greco, Bagheria - Palermo province
Salvatore "Toto" Inzerillo, Passo Di Rigano - Palermo
Giuseppe Panno, Casteldaccia - Palermo
Nino Troia, Capaci - Palermo
Salvatore Buscemi, Boccadifalco - Palermo
Salvatore Montalto, Villabate - Palermo province
Matteo Motisi, Pagliarelli - Palermo
Francesco Messina Denaro, Trapani city- Trapani province
Vincenzo Milazzo, Alcamo - Trapani province
Paolo Rabito, Salemi - Trapani province
Mariano Agate, Mazara del Vallo - Trapani province
Calogero Buccellato, Castellammare Del Golfo - Trapani province
Nitto Santapaola, Catania city- Catania province
Giuseppe Di Cristina, Riesi - Caltanissetta province
Francesco Madonia, Vallelunga - Caltanissetta province
Peppe Settecase, Agrigento province
Antonino Ferro, Canicattì - Agrigento province
Carmelo Colletti, Ribera - Agrigento province

Alcamo capocosca Vincenzo Rimi dies (Trapani province)
In march 1975 Vincenzo Rimi dies and his son Filippo becomes the boss. Alcamo was ruled for decades by the brothers Filippo and Natale Rimi who were supported by the Greco family and in Paceco was Vincenzo Milazzo the boss and he supports the Corleonesi. Alcamo capocosca Filippo Rimi

Badalamenti and Bontate convicted at the Trial
In july 1975 were of the 114 suspects in the earlier started trial only 32 convicted to small sentences under them were Bontate and Badalamenti. Cupola member Salamone was spoken free but settled permanently in Brazil while he was at San Giuseppe Iato, Sicily, represented by Bernardo Brusca.

Luigi Corleo kidnapping and disappearing
In july 1975 was than Luigi Corleo kidnapped by the Corleonesi, he is the father in law of Nino Salvo the taxcollector for the state at Sicily but Nino was also a mafioso for the clan from Salemi. Salvo stood also under the protection of Bontate and when the ransom was paid the Corleonesi killed Corleo and made his body disappear. An insult to Bontate whose prestige suffers but he can't proof the Corleonesi a thing.

Boss Angelo La Barbera killed
In july 1975 was Angelo La Barbera send to an other prison and was stabbed to death by 3 fellow prisoners, under whom Ferrera at the orders of Leggio.

Murdercase agent Gaetano Cappiello
In juli 1975 killed Rosario Riccobono, Salvatore Micalizzi and Gaspare Mutolo inspector Gaetano Cappiello.

Christen democrat party
25 July 1975 Amintore Fanfani puts down his function as partysecretary and was followed up by Benigno Zaccagnini. This because the christen democrats lost big at the elections.

Italy, Milan
7 November 1975 escaped the Calabrian Emilio Di Giovine of the Serraino cosca from Milan's prison by changing places with his visiting brother Francesco. He had started his career with holdups. Di Giovine is the 4th son of the 12 children of Maria Serraino and Rosario Di Giovine.

Belgium, Raznjatovic "Arkan"
Belgium sentenced Raznjatovic "Arkan" to 10 years prison on 18 december 1975.

Palermo mayor Scoma
Carmelo Scoma was installed as mayor of Palermo 3 january 1976 and was mayor till 28 october 1978.

Badalamenti and Bontate get free
In 1976 came Badalamenti and Bontate free early and they were angry at the Corleonesi because those never asked La Cupola permission for what they did. The Corleonesi committed also kidnappings in their areas without asking permission from them.

San Lorenzo, Filippo Giacolone, policekiller and Corleonesi Leoluca Bagarella
29 Januari 1976 was the policeman Carmine Apuzzo riddled with bullets in his car by the Corleonesi. They committed the murder in San Lorenzo the town of the boss Filippo Giacolone who started to complain to La Cupola leader Michele Greco. Suddenly was Giacolone kidnapped and strangled by Bagarella after which they made the body disappear.

Bontate reacts with murdercase Stefano Giaconia
Bontate protested against the murder but Michele Greco said that the Coreonesi hadn't done the murder. Soon also the Corleonesi supporter Stefano Giaconia met the same fate as Giacolone. He would start to lead the resurrected cosca of Palermo Central and would probably have become a member of la Cupola. Bontate strangled him helped by Riccobono, Riccobono helped him because Giaconia had called him a snitch because of his contacts with policechief Bruno Contrada.

Catania double murdercase Cursoti members
Beginning 1976 went Salvatore Lanzafame and Turi Palermo driving with "Marietto" and "the prof” two members of the Cursoti. In the car shot Lanzafame than "Marietto" through the head, they drove than to the estate of Francesco Cinardo where they waited for the evening. They then drove to Di Cristina’s town Riesi where the body was thrown into a well while Lanzafame strangled the “the prof" whose body was thrown also into the well.

Brothers Calderone
In 1976 went the brothers Giuseppe and Antonino Calderone to the estate Favarella where also Rosario Riccobono and Vittorio Mangano arrived, they had just done some killing of a kidnapper?? (the murders of the kidnappers?).

In Palermo Graziella Mandala Quartuccio (the wife of a man connected to the mafia) gets kidnapped in 1976 by independent criminals and the sicilian mafia kill the 6 kidnappers. Rosario Riccobono and Vittorio Mangano (a man of Calo)?????????

Domenico Belfiore
12 Februari 1976 in North Italy Maria d'Alessio (22) gets kidnapped by the Cursoti Carmelo Giuffrida and the Calabrian Domenico Belfiore.

San Giuseppe Jato mafioso Giovanni Brusca and murdercase Gaudenzio Giammalva
In 1976 was in San Giuseppe Jato Gaudenzio Giammalva killed by Giovanni Brusca (19), it is his first murder and with it he was inducted as San Giuseppe Jato mafioso. Giammalva was killed because he operated as a criminal without the approval of the mafia. Later were thanks to pentito Giovanni Brusca for the murder indicted Leoluca Bagarella and Mario Brusca.

Netherlands, Scheveningen prison
In 1976 Mitric starts to contact the CIA from prison via Dusan Sedlar a serbian opposition leader.

Rome, clan of the Marseilles (corsicans)

In march 1976 was the Marseillaise Albert Bergamelli in Rome arrested, his partner Jacques Rene Berenguer fled to New York but was extradited to Italy. Also there is Maffeo Bellicini.
Rome, the Marseilles clan
the French weekly, L'Express, revealed that Spaggiari had been in contact in 1976 with a gang in Rome, "the Marseilles clan," who in turn had been close to Concutelli, and had been indicted by the latter's victim, Judge Occorsio. (LExpress, 21 February 1977; cf. Laurent, pp. 365-66, 400)

Rome murdercase Propaganda Due member and judge Vittorio Occorsio
10 july 1976 was in Rome judge Vittorio Occorsio killed by a fascist of NAR. The judge was a member of Licio Gelli's P2, but was going to inform the government about the existence of Propaganda 2 and its acitvities.

France, Albert Spaggiari
Albert Spaggiari is a right extremist who fought in Indochina and then in the OAS (Organisation armée secrète), after that he becomes photographer in the service of the Nice mayor Jacques Medecin, a man who surrounded himself with gangsters and was a supporter of the extreme right. The Corsican Alberto Spaggiari, an associate of Della Chiaie, who had also worked for the french OAS and the Portugese Aginter Press. In the weekend of 17 on 19 juli 1976 robbed a gang “probably” led by the corsican Albert Spaggiari the vaults of the bank Societe Generale in Nice via a tunnel. They got away with an estimated 10 million dollars worth. Of course police heared the boss of Marseille Gaétan " Tany " Zampa and his colleagu the boss of Toulouse " Gégé " Vigier, but the police came out withs as a suspect Spaggiari. Spaggiari was arrested and heared but was set free. About the robbery appeared 2 books and a movie.

Giuseppe Palillo
Giuseppe Palillo was arrested on 30 July 1976, since then Palillo has remained constantly in prison to date.

Paris, Societe Generale Bank tunnelheist
A second sewer heist was executed in August 1976, this time at the Societe Generale Paris branch on Ile Saint-Louis. The amount was $5 million.

In the summer of 1976 police watch 3 French in Bangkok and when they follow them they find 11 kgs of raw morfine who was gonna be sent via Athene to Marseille. That way they find the lab in the villa of Henri Malvezi a Corsican heroindealer.

Graziano Mesina
20 August 1976 Graziano Mesina escapes again and starts to work for Turatello again. 16 March 1977 Mesina gets arrested with Mario Pais and Maria Luisa Campregher.

Poggioreale prison (Naples) murdercase Domenico Tripodi
25 August 1976 Giorgio and Paolo DeStefano have the imprisoned Domenico Tripodi killed in Poggioreale which was arranged by Tripodi’s friend camorraboss Cutolo. Tripodi was killed by the also imprisoned Salvatore Esposito, a killer from camorra boss Cutolo, and Agrippino. They take over the monopoly on construction in North Calabria. Cutolo takes over Tripodi's area in Naples. Tripodi had contacts with Riina and Leggio.

Italy, Milan
In 1977 was Emilio Di Giovine wounded in an ambush by yugoslavs in which were 2 others killed.

Turatello gang
8 Februari 1977 was Mario Astorina the cashier of Turatello arrested.

Milan, Pepe Flachi
15 Februari 1977 was Vallanzasca in Rome arrested, his territory in Milan was taken by the Calabrian Pepe Flachi , he had been part of the holdup gang of Renato Vallanzasca and Antonio Colia.

Naples arrests of Santa Lucia camorraboss Zaza and sicilian mafiosi LaMattina and Bono
28 Februari 1977 the carabinieri (paramilitary police) arrest Michele Zaza, Nunzio LaMattina and Alfredo Bono around a table in the napolitan restaurant Chez Ferdinando.

In march 1977 meet Michele Zaza and the sicilian boss Alfredo Bono in Napels. Zaza wanted them to kidnap Guido De Martino so he could pressure the man’s father Francesco De Martino, a PSI politician of Bettino Craxi’s socialists. Bono had Turatello organize it and Turatello held contact via Nunzio Guida with Zaza. The in Milan living brothers Giuseppe and Alfredo Bono have also contact with mafiaboss Gaetano Fidanzati via Salvatore Enea.

Turatello imprisoned
2 April 1977 was Turatello arrested and went to jail. Turatello’s gang was now led by his former trustee Angelo Epaminonda who decided he didn’t need Turatello and got into conflict with Turatello’s supporters.

Naples kidnapping De martino (Santa Lucia camorraboss Zaza)
5 April 1977 in Napels Guido De Martino gets kidnapped by Federico Corniglia, Aleardo Cattaneo and Ciro Forte. Also somewhere was written that also belonged to his kidnappers Umberto Javarone (who was killed in 1982 by killers dressed as carabinieri), Francesco Agozzino who was killed in 1985, while Domenico Raimondi was killed in 1990.

Kidnapping duke Massimiliano Grazioli Lante della Rovere
The Magliana gang gained notority 7 november 1977 when they kidnapped duke Massimiliano Grazioli Lante della Rovere and killed him but they still made the family pay ransom. In 1995 got Antonio Montegrande and Giovanni de Gennaro a life sentence for the kidnapping. Enrico Mariotti got 22 years. pentito Maurizio Abbatino told about the kidnapping.

Red Brigads
16 March 1978 CD politician Aldo Moro was kidnapped by the Red Brigadists and his 5 bodyguards were killed. Andreotti wants Bontate to peddle for Moro's freedom. Bontate reached to his imprisoned friend Tommaso Buscetta and tells him to make contact with the also imprisoned Brigadists but Moro was held by the Brigadists in the Roman borough Magliana. Calo speaks the Magliana boss Domenico Balducci and the Sardinian Flavio Carbone and finds out that Moro had made written statements in which he says that he will cleanse the party and start to reign with the Communist party. Andreotti he accuses of several crimes. Andreotti doesn't want then Moro's freedom and 9 may Moro (61) was found back killed. Also camorra boss Cutolo had send his underboss Casillo to the boss Nicolino Selis, he tried to get Moro free so the politicians would have to do them some favours.

Aldo Moro kidnapping
16 March 1978 cd politician Aldo Moro gets kidnapped by the Red Brigades, Cutolo sends his underboss Casillo to the Magliana capo Nicolino Felis (gets killed later) in Rome to get Moro free but that doesn't happen and 9 may police find the murdered Moro.

Cutolo's man Antonino Cuomo of Castellammare tries in 1978 to have his enemy Ciro Maresca killed but he lives.

Rome murdercase Franco Nicolini
25 July 1978 when the crowd leaves the racetrack at Tor di Valle, Franco Nicolini gets at the parkingplace but before he reached his car he was shot and killed. The shooters were Abbatino, Toscano, Colafigli and Selis and the order had come from Franco Giuseppucci.

Italy, Milan
At the beginning of october 1978 the Montegrin yugoslav boss Velko Krivokapic escaped in Milan from an ambush by Magas men from whose gang he had split.

Austria, Wien, murdercase Krivokapic, suspect Caldovic
Velko Krivokapic goes then 27 october 1978 to a peace meeting in cafe Zur Hauptpost in Wien with Ljubomir Magas from whose gang he had split. Magas and an other yugoslav grab him and Rade Caldovic beats his skull in with a heavy winebottle.

Catania capomafia Benedetto “Nitto” Santapaola
In february 1979 was Benedetto Santapaola chosen new capomafia of catania, at the meeting was also his nephew Francesco Ferrera who had been supported for the job by Gaetano Fidanzati.

Poggioreale inmate Ottaviano camorraboss Cutolo
15 May 1979 the escaped Cutolo gets arrested and send to Poggioreale prison, his sister Rosetta leads now for him the Nuova Camorra Organisation and leads the bloody war with the other families of La Nuova Famiglia.

Palermo: detective squad Chief Boris Giuliano
In may 1979 police invaded a house and arrested Antonino Gioe (from Altofonte) and Antonino Marchese (the brother of Bagarella`s girlfriend). Commissionary Boris Giuliano is then on the trail of Bagarella and had his men invade his hidingplace, but Bagarella had just narrowly escaped. But Giuliano finds in the hidingplace weapons, heroin and some personal belongings of Melchiorre Sorrentino (21). Sorrentino was a young mafioso from Altafonte who had completely disappeared and was presumed to be murdered which was investigated by carabinieri captain Emanuele Basile.

Palermo: detective squad Chief Boris Giuliano
Police found out that Badalamenti's nephews Salvatore and Matteo Sollena had recently transferred 330000 dollars to a bankaccount in Palermo in the name of Francesco Giglia. The US police then starts to exchange information about these Sicilian drugdealers with Boris Giuliano the head of the Palermitan detectives. Boris Giuliano asked information from the bankdirector Francesco Lococo and asked who Giglia was. The bankdirector misled Giuliano because he was a nephew of Stefano Bontate and he had personally transferred the money to a bankaccount of Bontate.

The Palermo drugbosses
19 June 1979 was 497000 dollars found at the airport of Punta Raisa in a suitcase, the money came from Savatore Sollena. He and his uncle Badalamenti were also suspects in the smuggle of 24 kgs of heroin which the customs found. The police found out that Sollena and Frank Castronovo had send the previous 2 years more then 4 million dollars to Francesco Mafara. Salvatore Inzerillo and his brother in law Rosario Spatola build with their drugmoney Palermo full. Rosario Spatola was the biggest contractor of Italy and the biggest taxpayer, the tax was in the hands of the Salvo nephews who worked for the state but they were mafiosi from Salemi which boss Zizzo was one of the earliest heroindealers and was very rich. When the police found 5 kgs of heroin at Kennedy Airport they didn't tell the newspapers and Salvatore Inzerillo and Rosario Gambino interrogate their man Frank Rolli because they think he stole the heroin. Rolli is the foreman of a crew of Alitalia and all his men worked for the smuggleline. One of them was arrested and turned in the others after which Rolli started to cooperate.

Prison, Vallanzasca marriage
4 July 1979 marry Vallanzasca and Giuliana Brusa in prison which is attended by Bergamelli and Berenguer, the last was soon spoken free and disappeared into a french prison.

Belgium, Raznjatovic "Arkan"
But after about 3 years Raznjatovic "Arkan" escaped 4 july 1979 from prison and went to the Netherlands.

Curator Giorgio Ambrosoli killed
7 July 1979 meet Boris Giuliano and Giorgio Ambrosoli, the curator of Sindona's failliet banking imperium, Giuliano gave the curator proof that Sindona laundered money for the Cherry Hill Gambinos, Salvatore Inzerillo, Rosario Spatola, Gaetano Badalamenti and Stefano Bontate. 11 July Sindona had the curator of his failliet bankingimperium Giorgio Ambrosoli killed by the from the US in flown hitman William "Bill" Joseph Arico who escaped to the US but was imprisoned for other crimes. There were phonecalls traced between Sindona, Licio Gelli and Andreotti in the Ambrosoli case.

Palermo: detective squad Chief Boris Giuliano killed
21 July 1979 was Boris Giuliano in Palermo`s Bar Lux (a coffeebar) shot dead by Leoluca Bagarella who escaped with Pietro Marchese (31) (a brother of Filippo) and Bonanno?. Giuliano was killed beacuse he send so many reports on the mafia to the Procura della Repubblica after which then nothing happened with the reports, this way La Cupola knew that he stood alone and he was killed. Giuliano was followed up as head of the Palermo detectives by Bruno Contrada who was the same year introduced by his fellow freemason Arturo Cassina to the mafiaboss Rosario Riccobono for whom he started to do favours. Basile then not only goes to work on the Sorrentino murdercase but then also takes the research in Giuliano`s drugsinvestigation in his hands.

Sindona kidnapping
2 August 1979 left Sindona the Hotel Pierre in New York and faked his kidnapping but he hid in the Tudor Hotel where he was visited by Rosario Spatola after which Sindona and Joseph Macaluso (who came from Catania) flew to Athen and there they got company of Dr Miceli Crimi (forensic expert with the Palermitan police and freemason) and Bontate's brother in law Giacomo Vitale (just like Bontate and Crimi a freemason) they went to sicily where Sindona stayed at the home of a Catanese builder. Crimi brought Sindona to Licio Gelli for a meeting. Sindona spoke with Andreotti's righthandman Evangelisti at Sicily. To make the kidnapping believeable Crimi shot the banker in a leg while he was held down by Giovanni "John" Gambino.

Sicily murdercase judge Terranova
25 September 1979 had Leggio the judge Cesare Terranova, the head of the Procura della Repubblica, killed by Giuseppe Madonia and Leoluca Bagarella when he returned in Palermo, he was followed up by judge Rocco Chinnici.

Sindona “kidnapping”
9 October 1979 was Vincenzo Spatola a brother of Rosario arrested with Sindona's lawyer Rodolfo Guzzi he had with him a letter by Sindona. Sindona then fled back to New York where he was awaited by John's brother Rosario Gambino. Not much later also returned Giovanni Gambino back to the US and Sindona turned himself in to the police.

Netherlands, Ansterdam
24 October 1979 three yugoslavs holdup a jeweller store in Amsterdam and police arrest them: Raznjatovic "Arkan", Carlo Fabiani (later Giovanni Di Stefano) and Slobodan Kostovski. Several days before they had also held up a eweller in The Hague and they were sought in several countries for bank and jeweller holdups.

Sicily murdercase Christen democrat politician Giuseppe Russo
27 October 1979 was Giuseppe Russo, former secretary of Palermo's leading cd politician killed.

Murdercase Settimo Favia (suspects Bonventre and Filippo Ragusa)
In november 1979 was the cook Settimo Favia shot death in front of his house by Bonventre, he gambled and had lost more then 3000 dollars after which Bonventre and Filippo Ragusa had approached them. If Favia would take a package of heroin for them from Italy and smuggle it into the uS he wouldn't have to pay his gamblingdebt, he refused and was killed because they were afraid he would inform the police.

Catania capomafia Benedetto “Nitto” Santapaola
10 November 1979 a murderteam hit from an ambush a police escort who transferred the boss Angelo Pavese to an other prison. The 3 carabinieri weren killed and Pavese "liberated", police later held a car with in it Benedetto Santapaola, who had gunpowder marks on his hands, but he said he had been hunting and was set free, 10 days later was the body of the killed Pavese found.

Milan, restaurant La Strega massacre
One night in november 1979 a murderteam stormed the restaurant "La Strega" in Milan, they had gotten the order from Francis Turatello to kill his enemy Antonio Prudente. The killers were Luigi Francesco Di Paolo (a brother in law of Dragomir Petrovic a capo in the Marseille clan), Gaetano Mirabella (29) (an in Milan living mafiaboss) and Giosue Gargiulo who also killed in the restaurant 6 witnesses. In 1980 was Giosue Gargiulo killed.

Corleonesi Leoluca Bagarella arrested
10 December 1979 was Leoluca Bagarella arrested in company of his fiancee Ninetta Marchese.

NAR member Valerio Fioravanti
He got a life sentence for the murder of Antonio Leandri which happened on 17 december 1979.

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