Puparo's Cosa Nostra: Palermo (introduction)


San Giuseppe Jato (about 10000 people) is about 1,5 km from nearby San Cipirello (about 5000 people)

San Cipirello (Palermo province)
Capomafia Giuseppe Agrigento and his son Romualdo Agrigento the bosses of San Cipirello (Pa), Giuseppe Agrigento is the father in law of pentito Giuseppe Monticciolo. Brusca man Salvatore Fascellaro is close with the bosses Agrigento and is a friend of Monticciolo.

San Giuseppe Jato (Palermo province) mafiafamily Brusca
Capofamiglia Bernardo Brusca (brother in law is Angelo Siino) and his sons are Vincenzo “Enzo” Brusca and Giovanni Brusca (born 20 february 1957 and married to Rosaria Cristiano), his underboss is Balduccio Di Maggio. Giovanni and Enzo Brusca’s nephews were Emanuele, Raffaele, Giuseppe and Salvatore Reda.

San Giuseppe Jato (Palermo province) mafiafamily Di Maggio
Baldassare “Balduccio” Di Maggio (his son Andre Di Maggio) and his 3 brothers under whom Emanuele Di Maggio (52 when he was killed) and Salvatore Di Maggio (his son Andrea Di Maggio, or was he the son of an other brother?)

Altofonte (Palermo province) mafiafamily Di Matteo
Capofamiglia Giuseppe Di Matteo had as son Mario Santo Di Matteo who was born 7 december 1954 and had as son Giuseppe (who was killed at age 11 in january 1996)

Altofonte (Palermo province) mafiafamily La Barbera
Girolamo La Barbera (born in 1925 in Altofonte) had as son Gioacchino La Barbera who was born in Altofonte 23 november 1959.

Noce (Pa) mafiafamily Ganci
Noce capomafia Raffaele Ganci (born 4 january 1932 in Palermo) had as sons Stefano Ganci (born ), Domenico Ganci (born 20 june 1958 in Palermo) and Calogero Ganci (born 22 march 1960 in Palermo). Calogero's brothers in law Francesco Paolo Anselmo and Salvatore Anselmo.

Resuttana (Pa) mafiafamily Madonia
Francesco Madonia (born 31 march 1924 and his sons Giuseppe, Antonino Madonia who was born 1952, Aldo and Salvatore) and now his brother acting capomafia Diego Madonia (capomandamento and free). Aldo Madonia’s wife is Carla Cottone.

Resuttana (Pa) mafiafamily Carollo
Gaetano Carollo (killed 1 june 1987) was married with Antonietta Ciulla (a niece of Fidanzati`s capo Giuseppe Ciulla) and their sons are Antonino (married with Geraci`s daughter) and Pietro Carollo (lupara bianca victim in 1987).

Resuttana (Pa) mafiafamily Bonanno
Armando Bonanno (lupara bianca victim in january 1988) and his sons Francesco Bonanno (died december 2003 at age 38) and Giovanni Bonanno (lupara bianca victim on 13 january 2006 at age 35).

Ciaculli (Pa) mafia family Puccio
Brothers Vincenzo Puccio, Pietro Puccio and Antonino Puccio (all killed in 1989).

Trabia mafiafamily Rancadore
Trabia’s old capomafia was Giuseppe Rancadore whose son is Domenico Rancadore.

Roccapalumba (Palermo province) mafiafamily Pravata
Roccapalumba capomafia was Gaetano Pravata in the 70ties and his sons are Francesco Pravata and Placido Pravata.

Cattolica Eraclea (Ag) capomafia Saro Terrasi
Cattolica Eraclea’s old capomafia was Saro Terrasi and his son is Liborio Terrasi (killed 21 february 1981 at age 47).

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