Puparo has done it again! You guys and gals like the Boardwalk Empire era? Well, here are some of the facts and insider details on that period, its gangs, mobs, and players and shakers. With a focus on Chicago because, well, if any city roared during the 1920s it was the Windy City.

So read and enjoy all the crime and corruption Chicago has had to offer during the twentieth century. Puparo collected information about every Chicago borough and every gang and crime boss that held sway over it. From the North Side to the South Side, to the West: Pup has got it covered.



Afro American policy king Gus Greenlee bought in 1931 the Pittsburgh Crawfords and build in 1931 Greenlee Field in Pittsburgh which opened 29 April 1932

afro American club The Palm tavern owner Jim Knight
6 May 1933 Jim Knight opened afro American club The Palm tavern at 446 East 47th Street in Bronzeville

Chicago racketeer Skidmore
Skidmore and his partner Bill Johnson had as their biggest customer policy king Edward P. Jones.

Eddie Jones
the IRS, armed with the books from Skidmore's casinos, moved in on the Jones brothers, using the log of Eddie Jones' casino losses as evidence to build their case, but it was a weak case at best, or least it was until Esra Leake, one of Jones' white employees whom the brothers cheated and then fired, turned state's evidence against them. Eddie Jones was given 28 months at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, where he celled with Billy Skidmore and Sam Giancana, who was doing time on a bootlegging rap.

Policy boss Big Jim Martin
1 October 1940 someone planted a bomb at Big Jim Martin’s bar.

4 July 1942 “Golfbag” Hunt shot and killed afro American Michael Wade (linked to John Livert “St Louis” Kelly’s crew). Wade, his wife Fannie and James Baxter drove in a car. Baxter shot and wounded Hunt

the brothers Caesar and Leo Benvenuti
In 1942 were for policy arrested the bosses Julius Benvenuti, Edward Jones, George Jones, McKissick “Mack” Jones (later killed in a car accident), Pat Manno aka Patrick J Manning, Julian Black and others.

Skidmore dies in prison
Billy Skidmore died of a heart attack in his prison cell 18 February 1944.

afro American vice overlord John Livert “St Louis” Kelly
afro American vice overlord John Livert “St Louis” Kelly was Bartenders International union local 444 business manager

Bartenders International union president Edward Flore

South Side
7 April 1944 was afro American vice overlord John Livert “St Louis” Kelly killed

Giancana was released in 1946 from prison goes into vending machines with Lenny Caifano

in 1946 Giancana was released from jail and wanted to take over the Afro American policy games.

South side afro American policy king Edward Jones gets kidnapped and leaves for Mexico
11 May 1946 Edward Jones was kidnapped by 4 white males (send by his partner Giancana) and was set free after 6 days for a ransom of 100000 dollars. George Jones paid the $100,000 ransom to release his brother. Jones retired to Mexico and entered the car business.

Chicago afro American policy king Teddy Roe
After Edward Jones fled Chicago, afro American Teddy Roe took over all of the gambling on Roosevelt Road and Halstead streets and everything in between.

Policy boss Robert Wilcox (39) killed
Robert Wilcox (39) was killed 11 September 1946 in the Chicago shop where he ran his policy game

the brothers Caesar and Leo Benvenuti
23 April 1947 a bomb was thrown in the house of Leo Benvenuti.

the brothers Caesar and Leo Benvenuti
28 April 1947 a bomb was thrown in the house of Caesar Benvenuti at 5115 North Christiana Avenue

the brothers Caesar and Leo Benvenuti
Cesar Benvenuti and Leo Benvenuti were muscled out when their homes were bombed in 1947. Police interviewed as a suspect Jimmy the bomber Catuara

the brothers Caesar and Leo Benvenuti
The Erie Buffalo policy wheel had been owned by the brothers Leo Benvenuti, Cesar Benvenuti and Julius Benvenuti (had died). They later gave the Erie and Buffalo Company to the brothers Manno who still paid the Benvenuti brothers a part and it was run totally by Fred Fratto

The main Erie and Buffalo turn in spot was supervised by Marvin Fishman and the other turn in spot was supervised by Driskell Jackson.

The main turn in spot was supervised by Milton Winfield Jr. and his father Winfield Sr.

The policy wheel of Leon Motts, Charlie Ferrill and Young (Frank Young and Henry Young??)

Theodore “Teddy” Roe’s Alcoa policy wheel partnership with Jesse Perry and Lucius Clay

The brothers Ralph Madia and Louie Madia and their partner Vinnie???

black policy king Winston Howard
Gary policy rackets boss and afro american Louis “Buddy” Hutchen (42) was shot and killed 19 June 1948 and the suspect is policy king Winston Howard because he had invaded Chicago policy

black policy king Winston Howard killed
Winston Howard, a Black policy king and close friend of Marva Lewis, Joe Lewis' ex-wife, was killed 30 September 1949 by his business partner and friend Charlie Cole.

Policy boss Big Jim Martin
Policy boss Big Jim Martin was shot and wounded 15 November 1950 by “Jackie” Cerone and retired

Policy boss Sedes Flanagan
Policy boss Sedes Flanagan was visited by the Manno brothers in his Piccadilly Inn and they became his partners.

Policy boss Sedes Flanagan killed
Flanagan was shot and killed 1 February 1952 by Maurice Taylor

Ralph Pierce used in policy the afro Americans Osborn Fraser, John Womack and James Robinson


Robert Beck “Iceberg Slim” (became a writer later)
Robert Beck “Iceberg Slim” (17) was sent (in 1935??) to the Wisconsin Green Bay reformatory for pimping his girl friend (15)

Robert Beck “Iceberg Slim” (became a writer later)
Robert Beck “Iceberg Slim” (became a writer later) his friend Albert “Cadillac Baby” Bell shot and killed a friend of his 4 June 1943(Bell would have worked as an enforcer for the Jones brothers)

Robert Beck “Iceberg Slim” (became a writer later)
Robert Beck “Iceberg Slim” (became a writer later) his friend Joe “party time” Evans was killed

Robert Beck “Iceberg Slim” (became a writer later)
Robert Beck “Iceberg Slim” (became a writer later) his friend Albert “Cadillac Baby” Bell killed himself

Robert Beck “Iceberg Slim” (became a writer later)
The first book he wrote was “Pimp”

Robert Beck “Iceberg Slim” (became a writer later)
Robert Beck “Iceberg Slim” told in his book “Trick Baby” about his prison mate the Chicago con man Johnny O’Brien “White Folks”.

Robert Beck “Iceberg Slim” (became a writer later)
Later a follow up book is written by Beck named “Long White Con” which also goes about O’Brien


Chicago black policy king Theodore "Teddy" Roe
In the early summer of 1951, Fat Lenny Caifano and Marshal Caifano rented the yacht Lady Lu, moored it at Burnham Harbor on the South side and for several days met with Momo Giancana, Fifi Buccieri and Vincent Ioli to discuss kidnapping Teddy Roe. It was decided that they would follow Roe for several days to determine his schedule. Once that was established, they would run him off the road, kidnap him, and then kill him once the ransom was paid. Sam Giancana was attempting to take over the Southside gambling operations

Chicago black policy king Theodore "Teddy" Roe bodyguards kill "Fat Lenny" Leonard Caifano
19 June 1951 Roe and his bodyguards, three off-duty Chicago cops, were driving home when the driver looked into his rearview mirror and spotted a set of bright headlights flashing behind him. The driver sped up but Roe ordered him to pull the car over to the side of the road. Roe and two of his guards stepped out of the car and walked up to the Chevy that carried Fat Lenny and Marshal Caifano and Vincent "Vince" Ioli. Fat Lenny Caifano (brother of Marshall Joseph Caifano) was shot in the head and killed. Roe took credit for the killing and was arrested but the charges were dropped.

Dallas gambling king pin Herbert Noble killed
Dallas gambling king pin Herbert Noble (41) was 7 August 1951 killed by a bomb under his mailbox when he drove by

Russian Louis Strauss contacted Benny Binion and told him the Chicago outfit wanted to kill him because they suspect him of the murder of Herbert Noble in Dallas (Texas) who had been his bitter enemy. Strauss got money from Binion to clear it with the outfit, he just kept the money

Los Angeles (California) murder case Frank Borgia
2 December 1951 Dragna man Frank Borgia disappeared while on a business trip to Hanford. Frank Borgia was brought by his best friend Anthony Mirabile to the home of Joseph Adamo (brother underboss Girolamo “Momo” Adamo). Frank Borgia was strangled by Fratianno and Bompensiero because he refused to be extorted by Gaspare Matranga who was supported by Jack Dragna.

Chicago black policy king Teddy Roe killed
Teddy Roe went out 4 August 1952 and John Michael Caifano “Marshall” killed him with eight shots to the head on the street at the orders of Sam Giancana.

South side policy kings the Manno brothers jailed
in 1953 the brothers Tom Manno, Nick Manno, Sam Manno and Fred Manno (another brother is Pat Manno aka Pat Manning) and their partner Sam Pardy were jailed for evading $2,000,000 in taxes from their policy racket.

Anthony "Tough Tony" Capezio aka Tony Reno
April 17,1953 Tony Capezio leaves Oak Park hospital.He had been there for several weeks of treatment.


Drug boss Anthony Pape killed
Drug boss Anthony Pape (40) and his brother James Pape were killed 18 April 1954

Drug boss Anthony Pape group member Coduto killed
15 May 1954 was drug dealer Frank “Shorty” Coduto (42) killed and soon also disappeared two of his friends

In 1954 disappeared Nicholas Avolio (53) he had been chauffeur for several bosses. His son is James Avolio

Drug boss Anthony Pape
Of his gang were sentenced for drug trafficking his widow, Joseph Iacullo, Anthony Schullo, Anthony Sperna and Anthony Ponzi

South Side drug boss Shelby Faulk

South Side drug boss Shelby Faulk
He served a prison term for manslaughter

South Side drug boss Shelby Faulk
Shelby Faulk was convicted for narcotics and was sentenced to 2 to 3 years in 1955.

Joseph “Joe” Bruno (FBN book page 130)
Italian Joe Bruno (stood on trial in July 1957??) sold heroin to the afro American dealers Rupert Kelly and Archie Robinson

South Side drug boss Shelby Faulk
In November 1960 Faulk had been freed on charges of possession and sale of narcotics.

Taylor street crew member Sam De Stefano
South Side drug boss Shelby Faulk killed
14 June 1961 was South Side drug boss Shelby Faulk (36) shot and killed in his Cadillac. Police seek for questioning South Side drug boss Nolan Mack (37)


South Side drug boss Nolan Mack
20 August 1963 was Nolan Mack (38) arrested for beating up a man

South Side drug boss Nolan Mack
26 October 1963 was South Side drug boss Nolan Mack (38) shot and killed by police

28 October 1963 was dope seller Jesse Pugh (36) shot in the arm in what police think could be fighting over the drug traffic of the by police killed Nolan Mack

Chicago Heights mobster Monteleone
In 1964 and 1965 was Monteleone arrested, he is a man in the south side crew in Chicago Heights.

South Side

South Side capo Pierce dies
In July 1975 dies Ralph Pierce the capo of the South Side he was followed up by Catuara
South Side capo Catuara


chop shop war victim
15 June 1976 Joseph Theo (33), a robber and associate of Richard Ferraro was shot dead in his car. Linked to his murder is scarpelli

O’Hare International Airport trunk music victim Earl Abercrombie
12 July 1976 Earl Abercrombie Jr. (34), a convicted auto thief was found shot dead in the trunk of an auto at O'Hare International Airport.

chop shop owner Steve Ostrowsky killed
6 October 1976 Steve Ostrowsky (36), owner of the South Chicago Auto Parts and Wrecking Co, was shot outside his garage.

chop shop war victim
13 June 1977 disappeared Richard Ferraro (36), a partner of James Palaggi and former enforcer for Catuara.


Cicero crew members
John Anthony Borsellino "Tony Bors" had been with Gerald Scarpelli, William Petrocelli, Joseph Jerome “Jerry” Scalise and James “Duke” Basile part of the Cicero crew.

Catuara's chief enforcer Sam Annerino killed
24 July 1977 Sam Annerino (34), Catuara's chief enforcer was shot. probably by Gerald Scarpelli and Jerry Scalise for Al Tocco. Nicholas Calabrese testified that he, along with Joseph LaMantia, Frank Calabrese Sr. and Frank Saladino, planned and attempted to murder Samuel Annerino. Ronald Jarrett (murdered), also participated in the planning. Though the attempt was unsuccessful, Nicholas Calabrese later learned that the murder was later carried out by Joseph Scalise. William Petrocelli and Anthony Borsellino also participated in the murder, but were killed.

chop shop war victim
28 August 1977 James Palaggi (46), a partner in a Kankakee junkyard was shot dead in his van.


South West side boss Jimmy "the bomber" Catuara killed
28 July 1978 Dauber's partner Jimmy "the bomber" Catuara was killed at the orders of William Dauber and Chicago Heights boss Albert Caesar Tocco .

South West side boss Angelo LaPietra
Catuara had been a boss in South West side and his operations in southwest were taken over by Angelo LaPietra who had in his crew Johnny Monteleone.

Angelo LaPietra
Angelo LaPietra (brother James LaPietra). In his crew are First Ward politician Pat marcy, Richie Catazone, Donald DiFazio, Larry Pusiteri, Marco D'Amico, Robert Abbinante, Ken Eto, Frank Caruso, Joe Granata, Joseph "johnny Apes" Monteleone, James Peter "Duke" Basile, Leonard Patrick, James LaValley, William Jahoda, Richard Mara, Robert Cooley, Charles Francis Bills, Joseph LaMantia and "Dirge" Imperato.

Chop shop owner Billy Dauber
Chop shop owner Billy Dauber had worked close with Jimmy Catuara and when Catuara was killed his chop shops were taken over by Albert Tocco.

Robert G Siegel "Bobby the Beak"
Witness Robert G Siegel "Bobby the Beak" met killed burglar John Mendell in 1973 while they were in federal prison

Robert G Siegel "Bobby the Beak"
“Bobby the Beak” Siegel participated in three murders between 1964- 1978 of suspected FBI informers. He killed Sly Moore, an unknown man and Mel Young.

O’Hare International Airport trunk music victim Mel Young suspect Robert G Siegel
custom chopper builder Mel Young (41) kidnapped and killed by Robert G Siegel "Bobby the Beak". Mel Young an Elk Grove Village man was found dead in the trunk of a car parked at O'Hare airport 8 September 1978. Police suspect it was related to chop shop activities.


Lawndale (South side) based Vice Lords president Willie Lloyd
In 1957 in the Illinois State Training School For Boys the black gang the Vice Lords was started by Willie Lloyd and they rule in Chicago the borough Lawndale.

7 October 1967 was gang member Stevie Coffey (15) shot and killed by Earnest Rollins Jr (15)

Blackstone Rangers president Jeff Fort
Vice Lords arch rival in the 60 ties were the Blackstone Rangers who were started by Jeff fort and Eugene “Bull” Hariston.

Black Gangster Disciple Nation president David Barksdale
David Barksdale started the Black Gangster Disciple Nation as opponent of the Black P Stone Nation.

Black P Stone Nation
In 1969 T Rogers from Chicago starts in Los Angeles the Almighty Black P Stone Nation and starts to work with the Bloods.

Black Gangster Disciple Nation president David Barksdale dies
In 1969 Barksdale was severely wounded in an ambush and dies in 1974.

Vice Lords member James Allen killed
Black Aces gang members were arrested 20 October 1969 for the murder of James Allen (15) a leader of the rival Vice lords

15 october 1971 was in the West side Virgil White (18) shot and wounded and he died 21 October 1971

Black P Stone Nation
In 1973 Hoover kills William Young and was send to Stateville prison, Illinois?

Gangster Disciples
Barksdale’s men Larry Hoover and Jerome “King Shorty” Freeman divided the gang and Hoover became the leader of the Black Gangster Disciple Nation and later they were renamed the Gangster Disciples and the gang of Freeman took the name the Black Disciples. From prison in Illinois Larry Hoover (44) leads the biggest gang (about 25000 Afro American members) of Chicago the Black Gangster Disciples (BGD) and the Vice Lords (about 20000 Afro American members) were led by multiple killer Willy Loyd.

North Side gang leader Rasher Zayed killed
In July 1974 was Rasher Zayed killed he was leader of a North Side gang

In July 1974 was Vernon “Boom Boom” Baker killed. Baker had been indicted with Johnny Veal for the 17 July 1970 double murder of the policemen Anthony Rizzato (35) and James Severin (38)

Royal Family
In 1981 in Chicago Roger Collins the leader of the black gang Royal Family was convicted with several others for murder. They were connected with the Outfit in Chicago.

El Rukns
Beginning the years 80 the Chicago Black P Stone gang changes its name to the El Rukns. In June 1983 El Rukn members kill Ronnie Bell.

El Rukns
2 January 1986 Leroy Cashmore Barber “Hambone” was shot to death, eyewitness is Janice Denice Rosemond.

El Rukns
Summer 1986 undercover agents sell weapons to Allen Knox and Melvin Mayes and police storm their mosque and find a weapon arsenal. In 1986 William Doyle took over street level control of the El Rukn's for the imprisoned Jeff Fort and other bosses are Henry Andrews and George Carter.

South side afro American drug boss Willy Stokes
16 March 1979 South Side afro american drug king ping Willy "Flukey" Stokes got 18 months

South side afro American drug boss Willy Stokes
In February 1984 was South Side afro american drug king ping Willy "Flukey" Stokes his son Willie “The Wimp” Stokes Jr. (28) shot and killed in front of a motel. Stokes buried his son in a Cadillac build coffin.

21 September 1986 was South Side afro American drug king ping Willy "Flukey" Stokes rival Charles Edward Bey (41) shot and wounded

South side afro American drug boss Willy Stokes killed
18 November 1986 in South Side afro American drug king ping Willy "Flukey" Stokes (49) was shot to death when he leaves a Cadillac (owned by his righthand William “Big Bill” Hill), also his chauffeur Ronald Johnson (48) was killed. A suspect in the murders was Charles Edward Bey and also Elliott Taylor. Convicted was former Stokes bodyguard Earl Wilson who wanted to take over the place of his boss

18 November 1986 South Side afro American drug king ping Willy "Flukey" Stokes right hand William “Big Bill” Hill got 20 years

South side afro American drug boss Willy Stokes
In July 1987 Janice Denice Rosemund was severely wounded in an ambush.

Black Gangs
In November 1984 police raided the home of Jerome Freeman (33) 8 days after he was released from prison.

Blackstone Rangers leader Eugene Hairston killed
Blackstone Rangers leader Eugene Hairston was shot and killed in September 1988

Black Gangs
In 1990 was a body found of a drug runner and suspect in the murder is the cocaine dealer Tony Varela.

Black Gangs
In 1990 Freeman the leader of the Black Disciples gets arrested, he fights with Hoovers Gangster disciples.

El Rukns
In 1991 Henry Leon Harris Jr. testified that Noah Robinson, Rukn leader Jeff Fort and South side drug dealer Alexander Cooper split 1 million dollars made in heroin distribution, also witnesses are now Derrick Kees, Earl Hawkins and Eugene Hunter. Robinson owned 6 Wendy's Restaurant franchises and got that year a life sentence. In June 1991 El Rukn leader Harry Evan testified he delivered cocaine to lieutenants of Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan on several occasions at the Muslim's South side headquarters.

Gangster Disciples
In October 1992 was Dantrell Davis killed by a sniper, his great uncle is Jerome "king shorty" Freeman the leader of the Black Disciples. In their war for the drugs monopoly the black gangs did in 1993 and 1994 about 600 executions in the form of liquidations and drive by shootings.

Unknown Vice Lords leader Willie Lloyd
In October 1993 Casey Dunbar (15) tried to kill Unknown Vice Lords leader Willie Lloyd but he only wounded him, it is the second of 2 attempts on Lloyds life that year.

Black Gangs
William Bradley was invited in January 1994 thanks to preacher Jesse Jackson to visit in the White House president Clinton.

Unknown Vice Lords
In May 1994 was Willie Lloyd (43) the leader of the Unknown Vice lords in the West side found guilty.

black gangs
12 November 1994 the brothers Paul and Michael Ware kill Elvira Gosa (38) and wound Kevin Cooper (33) and Michael Jones (45) they later got life.

black gangs
In December 1994 Kenny Gary (15) a gang member from the South side Woodlawn neighborhood was shot dead.

Vice Lords
In February 1995 Vice Lords leader Samuel "Sharif" Willis was found guilty.

Gangster Disciples
Gangster Disciples leaders Larry Hoover and Wallace "gator" Bradley. Hoover is president of the legal organizations 21st Century Voices of Total Empowerment (VOTE) and Better Growth and Development (BGD) who has as its replacement leaders the former gangsters Hal Baskin and William Bradley who hope to be chosen in April 1995 in Chicago’s council. Then they can even influence police by cutting its budget. With Hoover stood trial drug supplier Adrian Bradd. After the conviction of Hoover in 1995 the Gangster Disciple leaders were Jeffrey Hatcher, Jimmie Gholson and Bryan Crenshaw and Hatcher will cooperate in 1996 after his arrest against Presley "Lucky" Patterson.

black gangs
"Pops" Johnson ordered the murder of Darryl "Blunt" Johnson 7 May 1995 and 9 June 1995 of Charles "Jello" Banks who was killed by Ray, they were both killed on the same Far South side corner because they were suspected of informing.

West side's black gang Undertaker Vice Lords
In August 1995 the co leaders Eddie Richardson (39) and Carmen Tate (40) of the Undertaker Vice Lords gang get life for running a West side drug operation.

North side's black Gangster Disciple leader Charles "Big Chuck" Dorsey killed
In January 1996 Gangster Disciple leader Charles "Big Chuck" Dorsey was slain in his tavern, he had controlled the drug trade in the North side for the last 4 or 5 years.

black gangs
12 February 1996 Geary Dow shot dead by Ferrance Strain.

black gang Travelling Vice Lords
In June 1996 Traveling Vice Lords leader Andrew Patterson was convicted.

black gang El Rukns
In July 1996 four El Rukn leaders stand trial for 11 murders of gang rivals between 1974 and 1986.

Vice Lords
In January 1997 Ray Longstreet the leader of the Four Corner Hustlers (a faction of the Vice Lords) was convicted.

El Rukns
In October 1997 Noah Robinson gets life for hiring El Rukn hit men to kill 3 enemies, informer is El Rukn hit man Jackie Clay (44).

black gangs
2 February 1998 Ramon Friar (21) shot and killed by Maurice DuPree (23).

Travelling vice lords
In April 1998 Mohammad Mansoori (43) formerly of Highland Park was convicted of supplying narcotics to the Traveling Vice Lords on the West side.

Travelling vice lords
In April 1998 Traveling Vice Lords leaders and brothers Tyrone Williams (37) and Andre Williams (28) were convicted, just like that month Traveling Vice Lords leader Terry Young who is also a cop.

Gangster Disciple
Bertha Mosby longtime girlfriend of Larry Hoover became witness in July 1998.

Gangster Disciple
In July 1998 Gangster Disciple leader Gregory Shell was sentenced to life.

Gangster Disciple
In July 1998 Gangster Disciple leader Darryl "Pops" Johnson (33) gets the death sentence for ordering the slayings of 2 gang members suspected of being government witnesses.

Gangster Disciple
In November 1998 gangster Disciple leader roger Stewart (26) becomes witness against his boss Darryl "Pops" Johnson and Quan Ray in the gang slaying of Charles "Jello" Banks.

Gangster Disciple
In December 1998 gangster Disciple leader Compton Jones (31) gets 35 years and Roland Tetteh (19) got 24 years.

Gangster Disciple
In August 1999 Gangster Disciple member Kyle Williams (21) gets 38 years for beating to death Agripino Reyes (16) in a fight between the Gangster Disciples and the Latin Kings on 31 may 1998.

Traveling Vice Lord
In September 1999 Traveling Vice Lord leader Mark Cox "Anthony Prince" (25) got life.

drug kingpin Nathan L Hill
In November 1999 drug kingpin Nathan L Hill was sentenced to life for supplying almost 4,5 tons of cocaine to two of Chicago's largest street gangs, the Gangster Disciples and the Vice Lords, over nearly a decade he was also convicted for 2 murders of Videl McGee and Andrew Redmond and the attempted murder of Charles Buford on 29 November 1994.

Gangster Disciples
In May 2000 Gangster Disciple leader Johnny "Crusher" Jackson (27) was convicted, he was a confident of Hoover with William Edwards (40) who got life in may 2000.

Gangster Disciples
In July 2000 Gangster Disciple leader Solomon Evans (32) pled guilty.

South Side Italian crew bosses

South Side boss John "Johnny Apes" Monteleone
Released from prison in 1998 was Chiaramonti.

South Side boss John "Johnny Apes" Monteleone dies
South Side boss John "Johnny Apes" Monteleone, who died of natural causes in January 2001. Monteleone was one of the mob's top bosses, controlling rackets in Cicero, the South Side and the south suburbs, according to law enforcement sources.

South Side boss Chiaramonti
After Monteleone's death, authorities believe Chiaramonti assumed at least interim oversight of the area, though they said it was unclear whether street crew bosses who were supposed to be under Chiaramonti's jurisdiction ever acknowledged his authority. Chiaramonti, who ran loan-sharking operations for Carlisi, reported directly to Zizzo, according to court records.

south side boss Chiaramonti killed
Earlier this year, FBI surveillance showed Chiaramonti meeting with top mob bosses at a Melrose Park trucking company, according to federal law enforcement sources. FBI records show the trucking company was owned by another recently released mobster who was convicted on extortion charges in a separate prosecution. In November 2001 was Anthony Chiaramonti "Tony the hatch", 67, shot and killed in the vestibule of Brown's Chicken and Pasta restaurant, a west suburban chicken restaurant. Authorities believe Chiaramonti's murder may be part of a struggle for control of lucrative South Side rackets once overseen by John "Johnny Apes" Monteleone, who died of natural causes in January 2001.



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