Puparo's Gangland History of the Chicago Boroughs

9237018483?profile=originalPuparo has done it again! You guys and gals like the Boardwalk Empire era? Well, here are some of the facts and insider details on that period, its gangs, mobs, and players and shakers. With a focus on Chicago because, well, if any city roared during the 1920s it was the Windy City.

So read and enjoy all the crime and corruption Chicago has had to offer during the twentieth century. Puparo collected information about every Chicago borough and every gang and crime boss that held sway over it. From the North Side to the South Side, to the West Side: Pup has got it covered.



Ragen Colts member Joseph Brooks “Dynamite Joe”
31 January 1922 was Ragen Colts member Joseph Brooks “Dynamite Joe” (21) arrested while disturbing a lecture by Eli Erickson (Ericcson)

Chicago based Lincoln Gardens (later Café de Paris) band leader Joe "King" Oliver
Joe "King" Oliver starts in June 1922 his own Creole Jazz band at the Lincoln Gardens (later Café de Paris).

Chicago based musician Louis Armstrong
In 1922 Armstrong arrives in Chicago and played at South Side clubs including the Sunset cabaret at 35th and Calumet.

Ragen Colts members arrested
15 December 1922 were eight Ragen Colts members arrested (among them Ray Cafferty??)

Ragen Colts members arrested
22 June 1923 were four Ragen Colts members arrested

Chicago Asbestos Workers Union head Hugh Mulligan
Chicago Asbestos Workers Union head Hugh Mulligan (Ragen Colts member?? At least he was close with them)

Chicago Asbestos Workers Union head Hugh Mulligan
Hughie Mulligan of the Asbestos Workers' union his 19 January 1928 election as president of the St. Francis Laymen's Retreat


Spike O'Donnell
26 March 1916 was Moving Picture union slugger “Ham” Hugh Coogan shot and killed and police suspect Spike O'Donnell, Elmer Johnson and Mish Thibeau

???Jeremiah Horn?? aka Jerry Horan’s saloon bartender John Miller
John Miller was charged with the murder of Amalgated Wood Workers International Union Local 44 business agent

Spike O'Donnell
Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher workers union president John Kikulski was 17 may 1920 shot and wounded. Police suspect Joseph Bitel (24), “Spike” O’Donnell and Elmer Johnson. Kikulski dies 22 May 1920. Following the alleged admission of Joseph Bitel, 24 years old, of 4732 South Wood street, that he had driven the car from which John Kikulski was shot, the police search 18 May 1920 had narrowed down to Spike O'Donnell and Elmer Johnson

9 April 1921 was Butchers workers union local 554 business agent Stanley Rokosz so severely beaten it was expected he would die

Illinois republican governor Lennington “Len” Small broker "Umbrella Mike" Boyle
Among Boyle's clients was Spike O'Donnell, who immediately started the great Chicago beer wars upon his release, “Spike “O ‘Donnell released in 1923 by governor Small

Saltis men
Saltis gang included in 1923 John Hanrahan, ally Ralph Sheldon and Willie Channel (out on parole after conviction for murder of Hattie Kaufman in 1911, she was the mother of later gangster Julian Kaufman who was 13 when his mother was killed) in its membership.

South side based Spike O'Donnell gang
7 September 1923 the brothers Steve O’Donnell, Walter O’Donnell and Tommy O’Donnell go with their men George ¬Bucher, George Meeghan and Jerry O’Connor to several bars to convince the owners to buy their beer instead of Torrio's. The six men smashed up some bars and bar owner Jacob Geis and his barkeeper Nick Gorysko were put into the hospital.

South side based Edward “Spike” O'Donnell gang at war with Saltis McErlane
Finally they went to the bar of Joseph Klepke (Kepka) at 5358 South Lincoln street where their brother Spike O’Donnell waited and gave him the orders for beer from the bars. Suddenly armed deputy sheriff Daniel McFall entered (a member of Ragen’s Colts) and everybody tries to escape. Jerry O’Conner went for the back door but when he opens it he was shot in the face with a shotgun by the waiting Frank McErlane.

South side based Spike O'Donnell men killed
17 September 1923 Joe Saltis, Daniel McFall, Thomas Hoban and Frank McErlane shoot to death from their car O’Donnell’s men George Bucher (26) and George Meegan (23).

South side based Spike O'Donnell man killed
18 September 1923 was Tony Raymond killed, possibly by Saltis McErlane gang.

Chicago Public Enemy # 18 William Niemoth (Neymoth)
Around 10 October 1923 were arrested William Neymouth, William Dickman and ??? as suspects in the beer war murders

South side based Spike O'Donnell men killed
1 December 1923 McErlane shoots with William Channell at a beer transport of the O’Donnell gang and kills Thomas “Morris” Keane and wounds William “shorty” Egan.

Chicago Public Enemy # 18 William Niemoth (Neymoth)
Willie Niemoth was indicted for the 1 December 1923 murder of Maurice Keane of the South side O’Donnell’s

South side based Spike O'Donnell
5 December 1923 was Dominic Armato killed because he was suspected of being one of the killers of Keane.

South side based Spike O'Donnell
18 December 1923 was roadhouse owner Homer Finch killed by Spike O’Donnell gang.


John “Mitters” Foley and Daniel Stanton
9 February 1924 were Leo Gistenson (28) and Israel Jack Rapport (Rappaport) (27) shot and killed in the Checker Cab Garage. Police wanted to arrest John Foley, Foley’s friend Daniel Stanton, James Mogley, Dave Ostren, John Charbo (Chesbro) and Sid Gordon aka Sidney Morley (Mogley?)

Hughey “stubby” McGovern
Ragen Colts member Hughey “stubby” McGovern, John O’Brien, the brothers John Madigan and Harry Madigan kidnapped in April 1924 Cicero election clerk Joseph Rice

9237018660?profile=originalCICERO TAKEN BY CAPONE

Cicero based Hawthorne Inn
Chicago mayor Dever’s reforms caused Torrio to move his headquarters to nearby Cicero, Illinois. While Torrio was vacationing in Italy, Capone (left) chose the Hawthorne Inn at 4823 W. Twenty-Second Street as their Cicero headquarters.

Cicero election commissioner Czarnecki

The day before the election was Democratic candidate for clerk William K. Pflaum beaten up

Cicero mayor elections
1 April 1924 there are mayor elections in Cicero, near Chicago, the republican candidate Joseph Z Klenha was supported by Torrio and Capone, the democratic candidate was supported by Cicero's most important gangster and former boxer Eddie Tancl (in the boxing ring Tancl punched 7 July 1906 opponent Charles “Young” Greenberg of 1607 Wabash avenue to death). Men of Torrio and Capone intimidate the voters and 3 get killed and 39 wounded.

gunmen shot up the headquarters of Rudolph J. Hurt, Democratic candidate for president of the village board

Democratic worker Stanley Stanklevich was the first who got kidnapped

Michael Gavin was kidnapped and found back shot through both his legs

Conditions were so bad that Cook County Judge Edmund Jarecki deputized seventy Chicago police officers to go into Cicero and engage the Capone gang.

Al Capone’s brother Frank Capone shot and killed by police in Cicero
From Chicago a police force was send to Cicero and some agents met Al Capone, his brother Frank, their nephew Charley Fischetti and Dave Hedlin who threatened voters. When the car stopped Frank Capone opens fire at the agents and they shoot back. They kill Frank Capone and wound Dave Hedlin. Al Capone and Hedlin escape and Fischetti was captured. At the funeral were invited Kaufman, along with his sometime partner Dion O'Bannion

Cicero clubs
The Cotton Club
Montmartre Club
The Ship
Hawthorne Inn
Anton’s aka Alton

West side based Frank Pope (brother Ben Pope)
Frank Pope who in 1924 was a partner in The Ship casino at Cicero with John Torrio.

Cicero based The Ship owners Jimmie Murphy, Mondi and the LaCava brothers (Louis LaCava)

Al Capone and murder case Joseph “Joe Ragtime” W. Howard (28)
Jake Guzik and Denny Cooney ran a gambling house. 8 May 1924 Joe Howard gives in Heinie Jacob’s bar Jake Guzik a beating, some time later arrives Capone and shoots Howard 4 bullets through the head. Joe Howard entered Hymie Jacob’s saloon and walks to the back to talk to Tony “Mouth Bagno” Bagnolia. Sitting with Bagnolia and Howard is George Bilton. Al Capone aka Al Brown ran at that moment the Four Deuces as a front he also ran a used furniture store right next to the Four deuces.

District Attorney (DA) Robert E Crowe
Chicago District Attorney (DA) Robert E Crowe and his aide Chicago assistant State’s Attorney William McSwiggin

assistant State’s Attorney William McSwiggin prosecutes Al Capone
Capone was prosecuted for Joe Howard’s murder by William McSwiggin but was found not guilty after the witness George Bilton disappeared.


Frank McErlane (Saltis partner)
4May 1924 was Thaddeus Fancher killed by McErlane friends John O’Reilly and Alex McCabe, for which later Frank McErlane was indicted. Frank Cochran the state witness was murdered (Frank Cochran of Crown Point, Ind., killed 10 May 1925 by an ax murderer)

Walter O’Donnell (brother South side based Spike O'Donnell)
4 July 1924 was Alfred Deckman killed by Walter O’Donnell (brother of South side based Spike O’Donnell)

Chicago’s South side based Spike O'Donnell gang at war with Saltis McErlane
6 October 1924 McErlane shoots at an other beer transport of the O'Donnell gang and kills Philip Corrigan.

Capone who sends his killer Walter Stevens after the O’Donnells, he kills even more of their men than McErlane.


Willie Niemoth
In March 1925 were William Niemoth, Fur Sammon and William Dickman arrested.

Walter O’Donnell shot and dies
17 April 1925 was Walter O’Donnell shot while sticking up a road house and died 9 May 1925. 17 April 1925 McErlane shoots in a restaurant Walter O’Donnell and Henry Hasmiller to death when they sit at a table.

Saltis McErlane
In July 1925 was George “Big Bates” Karl killed by his own bosses Saltis mcErlane.

17 July 1925 was Joseph Novello wounded and Tony Campagna killed. Accused were Drucci, Hugh “Stubby” McGovern, Maloney and Saltis (connected to the 3 Genna Murders??)

South side based???? Saltis McErlane gang
McErlane was officially suspected of the murder of William Dickman (34) who was shot and killed 3 September 1925. In august 1925 was Saltis mcErlane man William “Bill” Dickman killed at the orders of his own bosses Saltis McErlane, because he was a witness in the murder of George ”Big Bates” Karl.


Introduction of the machinegun in Chicago by Frank McErlane and South side based Spike O'Donnell quits
26 September 1925 Frank McErlane shoots with a machinegun (for the first time it get used now in the Chicago gangster wars) at the boss Edward "Spike" O’Donnell, he escapes but quits his business. leader Edward “Spike” O'Donnell was forced to leave Chicago after being severely wounded, by Frank McErlane, during a drive-by shooting on September 25, 1925.


Saltis McErlane war Ragen's colts leader Sheldon
Once Edward “Spike” O'Donnell was wounded and eliminated, the Joe Saltis- Frank McErlane gang (who have started to support Weiss) attacked their ally the Ragens Colts leader Ralph Sheldon

Saltis McErlane gang attack Ragens Colts
4 October 1925 was the Ragens Colts Club House (Ralph Sheldon headquarters) machine gunned and died bystander Charles Kelly and wounded was Thomas Hart. 4 october 1925 Saltis mcErlane shoot up the Ragen Colt’s clubhouse killing Charles Kelly when they try to kill Joseph “Dynamite Joe”Brooks and Edward Harmening.

Saltis McErlane gang attack Ragens Colts
13 October 1925 was Sheldon man Edward “Ed” Lattyak killed by Saltis gang


Saltis McErlane gang attack Spike O’Donnell group
16 October 1925 there was an attempt to kill Spike O’Donnell by Saltis McErlane gang

Saltis McErlane gang attack Spike O’Donnell group
22 October 1925 was Spike O’Donnell man Pasquale Tolizotte killed by Saltis gang

Saltis McErlane gang
16 November 1925 was Joe Saltis shot and wounded


Sheldon’s cigar store bombed by Ragen Colts rivals Brooks and Stanton
16 November 1925 was Sheldon’s cigar store near West Sixty third street and South Ashland Avenue bombed and suspects were saloon owner “Dynamite Joe” Brooks and his friend Danny Stanton

??? there had been a split in Ragen Colts when Joey Brooks and Ed Harmening started to work for Klondike O’Donnell. Sheldon had as loyal men Hugh NcGoverna dn Thomas Sheilds??

27 November 1925 policeman James Carroll and James Henry were shot and wounded in Thomas McKeon’s saloon at 5253 South Halsted street. It is the beer feud between Sheldon and Spike O’Donnell

Saltis McErlane gang
28 November 1925 was McErlane arrested for a shooting and a slugging during a highjacking

Ragens Colts members killed by Saltis McErlane gang
3 December 1925 were “Dynamite Joe” Brooks and policeman Edward Harmening killed by Saltis mcErlane gang. Joe Brooks a boss from Sheldon’s Ragen’s Colts.

Ragens Colts co leader Foley wounded by Saltis McErlane gang
10 February 1926 were Sheldon associates John “Mitters” Foley and William Wilson shot and wounded in the saloon of Martin “Buff” Costello.

Hughey “stubby” McGovern
8 march 1926 were Hugh McGovern and David “Yiddles” Miller identified as 2 of the attackers of Afro American James Thomas. In a dying statement Thomas said he had been lured to the rear of the Ragen Colt’s club building by promises of free drinks but instead was savagely beaten.

Hughey “stubby” McGovern
Hughey “stubby” McGovern, William Brooks and Thomas Shields were shortly arrested 11 June 1926 after a bullet was fired from the Ragen Colts clubhouse that narrowly missed Dr. William Borrelli (brother of Judge Borrelli)

Hughey “stubby” McGovern
In the fall of 1926 Hugh McGovern accompanied by George McMahon and Thomas Johnson set out for Mexico to establish a gambling firm. During a stopover in San Diego (California) was George McMahon murdered and police arrest McGovern and Thomas Johnson (Ralph Sheldon man later also killed) charging them with the murder after a quarrel on the spoils of a robbery. They are acquitted.

Esposito’s brother in laws
15 April 1926 the Sheldon gang lost their two top distributors Frank DeLaurentis (29) and John Tucillo (Tucello) (33). The Genna- Aiellos killed Esposito’s brother in law John Tucillo???? Frank DeLaurentis cousin of Joe Esposito

Saltis- Ragen Colts at war
15 april 1926 Sheldon’s gangsterfriends Frank DeLourentis (cousin of “Diamond Joe”Esposito) and John Tucillo (36) ( Tuccello) (a brother in law of “Diamond” Joe Esposito) get killed in their car, the car with their bodies was parked outside the home of Ralph sheldon.

and also an other brother in law of Esposito: Philip Leonatti gets killed.

Sheldon then asks for the help of Capone who orders Saltis to stop his war and he does what Capone wants.

Saltis McErlane gang
20 July 1926 was Vincent McErlane attacked

Ragens Colts co leader Foley attacks Vincent McErlane
23 July 1926 was Frank Conlon killed and escaped Vincent McErlane (brother of Frank McErlane). Charged was Mitters Foley

Top killer Walter Stevens attacked
29 July 1926 was Walter Stevens attacked

6 August 1926 was John “Mitters” Foley (28) killed by the Saltis McErlane gang. A burned Saltis car was identified as the car used in the Foley murder. Police arrested 24 august 1926 Joe Saltis and Frank Koncil. Later were also arrested John “Dingbat” O’Berta and Edward “Earl” Herbert. Also Saltis man Otto Kosteneck aka George Darrow (35) was indicted (George Darrow was killed 28 October 1928 in a saloon by officer Thomas Curtin)

John “Mitters” Foley friend Danny Stanton hates then Joe Saltis


Matt Kolb
By 1926 Kolb owned a third of the Capone-Guilfoyle's $3,000,000 bootleg beer business. Kolb stayed on with the Martin Guilfoyle gang until after they merged with the Capone organization in mid 1926 and Kolb became then a partner of Touhy

Hotel Sherman peace Treaty presided by Maxie Eisen
At the 20 October 1926 Hotel Sherman meeting were the arrangers O’Berta and Saltis and the others were Al Capone, George Bugs Moran, Vincent Drucci, Jake Guzik, Ralph Sheldon, William Skidmore, Maxie Eisen, Jack Zuta and Christian P “Barney” Bertsche. At the meeting Antonio Lombardo (Capone supporter) and Maxie Eisen ( Capone’s enemies) decide to carve up Chicago in 4 parts: an area for Capone, Guzik and Sheldon, an area for Eisen, Saltis and McErlane, an area for Myles and Klondike O’Donnell and the rest of Chicago goes to Drucci, Moran, Bill Skidmore, Barney Bertsche and Jack Zuta. Kaufman held enough financial interest, in the O'Bannion gang, to be invited to the Hotel Sherman Treaty.


23 October 1926 Peter Kazinski blew himself up with a bomb. He was acting boss for Joe Saltis and Frank McErlane while they were in prison

Chicago racketeer Saltis
In November 1926 Saltis and Koncil get spoken free for the murder of “Mitters” Foley.

30 December 1926 Sheldon gang member Hilary Clements was killed by the Saltis-McErlane Gang. Saltis and his underboss Koncil kill Sheldon’s man Hilary Clements and Capone is angry because they broke his treaty.

Hughey “stubby ”McGovern
Upon his return from California was Hugh McGovern 5 January 1927 arrested as a witness in the murder of Hillary Clements because McGovern was the last man seen with Clements before his murder.

Capone friend Tony Anton “Tony the Greek” killed
6 January 1927 was Theodore Anton “Tony the Greek” killed (a friend of Capone and manager of the Hawthorne Hotel). (suspect McGurn or Weiss??)

Saltis underboss Frank Koncil and Charlie Hubacek killed
the Sheldon Gang killed 11 march 1927 Frank “Lefty” Koncil and his chauffeur Charlie "Big Hayes" Hubacek, Saltis understands the message and stops the attacks.

Other murders that week
Same week march 1927 were also killed Alofonso Fiori (36) who was found in the gutter with his head shot to pieces and bootlegger Benjamin J Schneider who was shot and killed in front of his home.

Hughey “stubby” McGovern
McGovern was arrested 14 march 1927 with James Clements (thought by police to be John L Clements, the brother of Hillary Clements) when they shouted to a group of prisoners held as suspects in the murder of Lefty Koncil, Hugh McGovern’s brother Michael “Mike” McGovern was probably among the prisoners.

Danny Stanton and his man Hugh “Stubby” McGovern
Ragen’s Colts and Stanton man Hugh McGovern was 16 may 1927 involved in an car crash in which died in an other car mrs Julia Corbett while her husband mr Corbett was wounded. McGovern was found unconscious in the other car and police took him to the Maxwell street station where he refused to inform on his partners in the car who had fled. Cards found in the back seat of the car indicated that the fled man was Danny Stanton ( a friend of saloonkeeper Joseph “Dynamite Joe”Brooks).

Ragen Colts disbanded
4 august 1927 the 12 remaining Ragen Colt’s members met and decided to disband the Ragen Colt’s and sell the clubhouse. Although Frank Ragen had said he didn’t associate anymore with ragen Colt’s.

Tommy Maloy
Maloy's president Thomas J. Reynolds was on the payroll of Western Electric Company at $143.00 a week as a "consultant." He had been taken on by Western Electric in 1927, right after the company synchronized sound machines.

Tommy Maloy
In 1927 Pete Gusenberg and Frank Gusenberg wanted their younger brother Henry Gusenberg placed on Maloy's payroll but he refused, sensing that the Gusenbergs might be trying to muscle in on his territory. In retaliation, they ran Henry Gusenberg for president of the union against Maloy. Eventually a compromise was reached and Henry Gusenberg was placed on the payroll at $175 a week and he never had to appear at work. A few months later, on August 29, 1927, the city's theater owners locked out Maloy's union. Jack Miller, the original owner of the projectionist union, led the revolt but not for idealistic reasons. He wanted to lead the owners and the projectionists as one. It didn't work, Maloy and his goons loaned out by Bugs Moran broke the lock out.

McErlane acquitted
3 November 1927 was McErlane acquitted of the 4 may 1924 murder of local attorney Thaddeus Fancher after the key witness Frank Cochran was murdered with an axe.

Saltis man Frank Herbert killed
22 November 1927 was Joe Saltis bodyguard Frank Herbert (26) (brother of Earl “Big Herb” Herbert) shot and killed by police sergeant John Gibbons

1 January 1928 was Frank “Dutch” Carpenter (25 and a friend of Danny Stanton) shot and killed in the Radio Inn. Suspects are Jack McGurn and John Armando

Peter Rizzuto (Rizzito) (36) killed
27 October 1928 was Peter Rizzuto (Rizzito) (36) shot and killed in front of his home 878 Milton Avenue and accused was Pasqualino Lolardo


Ragens Colts leader Danny Stanton
Ragens Colts leader Ralph Sheldon left Chicago in1928 for Arizona for TB treatments and new Ragens Colts leader became Danny Stanton who got into troubles with Michael “Bubs” Quinlan (had worked before for South side gambler Tommy Tuit) and George Maloney

Michael “Bubs” Quinlan
Quinlan had been an ally of the Saltis mcErlane group

Michael “Bubs” Quinlan
His brothers are Richard Quinlan and Charles “Chick” Quinlan

George Maloney
the 1928 murder of South side gangster Thomas Johnson. Suspect George Maloney

Coal teamsters local 704 president James "Lefty" Lynch
George Red Barker went after the Coal teamsters and approached James "Lefty" Lynch who owned the Coal teamsters local 704. Lynch sat through Barker's speech and then tossed the hood out of his office

Coal teamsters local 704 president James "Lefty" Lynch wounded
Early October 1928 Lynch went to his summer home with his family to Brown Lake outside Burlington, Wisconsin. Danny Stanton and Klondike O'Donnell, drove into the yard and parked. Klondike pulled out his pistol and shot Lynch through his leg. ??

??? According to Chicago police officers, the assailants, William Clifford and Michael Reilly (alias William Martin and Thomas Elliot) were muscle men preying on labor unionists and beer bosses. They gained control over the garage owners organization of Chicago and the Laundry Drivers union by shooting the two men in charge of the groups.???

Hugh McGovern attacks Michael “Bubs” Quinlan
14 October 1928 escaped Michael “Bubs” Quinlan from an ambush but bartender Ralph Murphy was killed. Suspected shooter was Stanton man Hugh “Stubby” McGovern

Mike McGovern the brother of Hugh “Stubby “ McGovern
9 November 1928 was Chas. Rice (44) shot and killed in a saloon at 5213 South Halsted street and police suspect Mike McGovern the brother of Hugh “Stubby “ McGovern

Hughey “stubby” McGovern and William “Gunner” McPadden killed
31 December 1928 were Sheldon’s men Hughey “stubby” McGovern (32) and William “Gunner” McPadden shot and killed in the Granada Café (6800 Cottage Grove Ave) by George Maloney.

George Maloney
29 December 1928 were Danny Stanton’s men Hugh “Stubby” McGovern and William “Gunner” McPadden shot and killed in South Side nightclub Granada Café by George Maloney who was caught with his revolver by police. Major Calvin Goddard proofed the revolver had also been used in the 1928 murder of South side gangster Thomas Johnson

George William Clifford
15 March 1929 was William Vercoe killed by George William Clifford in the Pony Inn in Cicero

Quinlan men at war with Stanton
Stanton man and South side saloon owner Raymond “Ray” Cassidy (30) was shot and killed 23 March 1929 in front of his brother’s saloon at 5215 South Halsted Street. Police see as a suspect “Spike” O’Donnell gang member Steve Oswald

Michael “Bubs” Quinlan attacked
4 April 1929 was Quinlan (his brother in law is Jimmy Burns) shot at but it was his chauffeur “Mushy” McCormick who was wounded

Quinlan men at war with Stanton
Quinlan man and bootlegger Frank “Red” Krueger (45 and a former Druggan Lake man and later affiliated with Red Bolton) was shot and killed 5 April 1929 in his car in front of his father in law’s restaurant at 736 West 22th Street

Quinlan men at war with Stanton
13 April 1929 were William Clifford and ¬¬¬Michael Reilly shot and killed in Cicero. They worked for Quinlan??

 family George Maloney
6 June 1929 was roadhouse keeper Patrick Maloney aka William Burke killed

George Maloney
6 July 1929 was George Maloney shot and wounded

Quinlan men at war with Stanton
Quinlan his brother in law Jimmy Burns was shot and killed 31 August 1929


Danny Stanton labor union representative Benjamin Butler
27 April 1930 was Benjamin Butler shot and severely wounded, he was a labor union representative for Danny Stanton

George Maloney dies
6 May 1930 died George Maloney (38) of pneumonia


Chicago racketeer Frank McErlane
Frank McErlane and his brother Vincent McErlane left Joe Saltis because he didn’t like Saltis lieutenants John Dingbat O’Berta and Patrick “Paddy” Sullivan. The McErlane brothers started to work with Spike O’Donnell?????

Mike McGovern
McErlane man Mike McGovern

Chicago racketeer Frank McErlane
28 January 1930 Frank McErlane gets shot down on the street, he was wounded and brought to a hospital. Police suspect he was shot by John “Dingbat” O’Berta

Chicago racketeer Frank McErlane
24 February 1930 there is an other attack at Frank McErlane while he still lays in hospital. Two men entered and drew revolvers, McErlane drew also a revolver and shot back, the would be assassins drew back and McErlane survives. The attackers left a gun traced to Sam Malaga

Chicago racketeer Saltis
5 March 1930 Saltis top killer John Dingbat O’Berta was killed with his chauffeur Sam Malaga in his car. O’Berta’s wife became for the second time widow, her first husband had been “Big” Tim Murphy.

Earl “Big Herb” Herbert
10 July 1930 was Thomas Bonner (45) shot and killed by Earl “Big Herb” Herbert


Moran ally Jack Zuta
Capone’s men try 1 July 1930 to kill pimp Jack Zuta, he survives but bystander Elbert Lusader dies.

Moran ally Jack Zuta killed
Zuta was hiding out at the Lake View Hotel on the shores of Lake Nemahbin, a summer resort near Delafield, Wisconsin. 1 August 1930 was Jack Zuta shot and killed by 5 men, police find at his body important incriminating papers. Accardo is strongly suspected of having been the trigger man behind the Jake Zuta murder. Also Accardo's friend Lawrence "Dago" Mangano was a suspect in the Zuta murder.

A golfbag is found along with some shotgun shells in the woods near Delafield and police immediately suspect Sam “golfbag” hunt in the Zuta murder.

Union racketeer Danny Stanton and his chauffeur Edgar Smith were picked up sitting in a car, a pistol in a side pocket beside Stanton was found and examined by Calvin Goddard who found out it was a pistol used in the Zuta murder. Union racketeer Danny Stanton was wanted in Waukesha for the murder of Jack Zuta, because his gun had been used in the murder (found out by Calvin Goddard).

Henry Finkelstein suspect in the murder of jack Zuta

Moran ally Julian "Potatoes" Kaufman flees from Chicago
Julian "Potatoes" Kaufman fled to New York and fell under the paid protection of Vincent Alo aka Jimmy Blue Eyes.

Touhy partner Matt Kolb
Matt Kolb had been partners with Zuta and was once, briefly, with the old Moran-Aiello gang but after Capone had Zuta killed he sent his boys over to the Northside to tell Matt Kolb that he was "out", in other words Kolb's gambling territory now fell under the ownership of Jake Guzak and Kolb would either pay 50% of his gross to Guzak's agent on the far Northside, none other than Rocco De Grazio, Roger Touhy's old business partner. Kolb called Touhy and their partnership was on.

2 August 1930 was a man shot and killed in Lake View hotel on Upper Nemahbin Lake. It is believed to be Jack Zuta man Solly Vision or Albert Bratz

Danny Vallo
Danny Vallo was sought for questioning in the murder of policeman Joseph Sullivan and was 6 June 1929 arrested in front of “Micky” Cozzi’s Restaurant at 1139 Taylor Street

Danny Vallo killed
14 August 1930 was former Genna man and later Capone man Danny Vallo shot and killed

projectionists union racketeer Tommy Maloy and Jacob Kaufman murder
Jacob Kaufman was a dedicated union organizer who had tried for years to have the courts get Tommy Maloy and his thugs tossed out of the unions. Maloy had warned Kaufman to back off but in June of 1931 Kaufman entered another suit against Maloy and announced that he would run against Maloy in an open election. On the night of June 20, 1931, Kaufman heard a can fall inside of his garage on Princeton Street. When he opened the garage door somebody fired six shots into his head, killing him. Murray Humpreys was strongly suspected by police as being the killer for hire. Police sought for questioning Tommy Maloy (brother Joseph Maloy), his right hand Ralph O’Hara, Danny Stanton, Stanton man Eddy Donovan, union official Jack Quin and Frank Clifford. Case handled by Assistant State’s Attorney Charles Lounsbury

Danny Stanton bodyguard Edgar Smith killed
15 July 1931 was Danny Stanton bodyguard Edgar Smith shot and killed (he was also implicated in the Zuta murder) and police search for Danny Stanton

Chicago’s Club Morton owner Matt Kolb killed (business partner Touhy)
25 October 1931 was Matt Kolb killed at his speakeasy gambling club, the Club Morton on the corner of Dempster and Ferris Road. Two well dressed men, one was suspected to be George Red Barker, slipped out of their car and walked into the club through the back door and shot and killed Kolb. The cops hauled in as suspects James Belcastro, Dominick Brancato and Dominick Bello for questioning in the killing.

Former Ragen’s Colts leader Ralph Sheldon arrested
8 February 1932 was Los Angeles and Agua Caliente betting commissioner Zeke Caress and his wife kidnapped. Police arrest former Ragen’s Colts leader Ralph Sheldon, Louis Frank, Jesse Orsatti, Joseph Baillie (Bailly?), Ray Wagner and the witness James Gatewood aka Jimmy Doolen. 26 February 1934 also surrendered Les Bruneman to the Los Angeles police. Caress was Bruneman his former employer and friend


Edward Fitzgerald killed
21 April 1931 was Edward Fitzgerald killed

Edward “Spike” O’Donnell man James Quigley
Edward “Spike” O’Donnell man James Quigley escaped 13 May 1931 from an attack. Police speculate that Quigley was attacked as revenge of the earlier murder of Fitzgerald

Harry Hyter killed
that same day 13 May 1931 was killed the minor criminal Harry Hyter.

Frank McErlane murders his girlfriend Elfrieda Rugus
On October 8, 1931, gangster Frank McErlane's car was found parked in front of a house at 8129 Phillips. In the back seat lay the body of his girlfriend Elfrieda Rigus aka Marion Miller. She had four bullets in her. At her feet lay the bodies of her two dogs. Both had been shot to death. A few blocks away in McErlane's bungalow at 7753 Bennett, police found the signs of a drunken party. He surrendered ten weeks later, but was released for want of sufficient evidence.

Spike O’Donnell man James “Daffy” Quigley killed
Spike O’Donnell man James “Daffy” Quigley was killed 12 October 1931

Frank McErlane (38) dies
Frank McErlane (38) died 8 October 1932

Chicago’s South side based Saltis McErlane gang
McErlane was officially suspected of the murders of his common law wife Elfrieda Rigus aka Marion Miller, John “Dingbat” O’Berta, Sam Malaga, Spot Bucher, George Meegham, William Dickman, James Quigley, Thaddeus Fancher, Frank Cochrane.

Michael “Bubs” Quinlan- Danny McGeoghegan at war with South side Spike O’Donnell

“Spike” O’Donnell
the Quinlan - Danny McGeoghegan gang machine gunned 26 June 1931 spike O’Donnell’s home.

Spike O’Donnell man Joe Cainski (Gainski)

Charles O’Donnell (brother of “Spike” O’Donnell) was machine gunned by George Downes and Walter Zwolinski of the Quinlan- Danny McGeoghegan gang. Charles O’Donnell died almost a month later from gangrene in march 1932.

“Spike” O’Donnell
13 May 1932 was Walter Zwolinski shot and killed

John Walsh aka Danny McGeoghegan imprisoned
John Walsh aka Danny McGeoghegan of Tampa , Florida

Others riding the car as it advanced toward the bank were two brothers, Leonard and Jack Patrick. They were alleged participants in the robbery of the University State Bank of Chicago , in which cashier Carlson J. White was slain.

Another gangster among the 26 May 1933 Culver Bank invaders was Emmett Kearns, aka Eddie Murphy, wanted in Chicago on charge of murdering Arthur Johnson in December 1932.

The 'sextet was completed by the presence of Walter Grabowski, also eagerly sought by Chicago authorities.


Stanton partner Martin “Sonny Boy” Quirk
22 July 1933 was Stanton partner Martin “Sonny Boy” Quirk questioned in the 16 July 1933 Al Strook murder. Strook was a former part owner of the Jeffery tavern. In the murder was a witness John Curtin (27)

Stanton partner Martin “Sonny Boy” Quirk
Quirk gang members Fred Farley and Edward Farley

Michael “Bubs” Quinlan (35) killed
Michael “Bubs” Quinlan (35) was shot and killed 20 July 1934 in a café where he sat with his partner Thomas McLaughlin.

20 August 1934 was Roy Thompson (42) shot and killed, he was a business agent for the Painters Union

3 January 1936 was George Henneman’s wife Elsie shot and killed and police suspect her husband and James Dungan (business agent of Local 191 of the Painters Union of which Henneman is the secretary)

26 June 1937 was Robert Shields (54) shot and killed, he was financial secretary of Local 184 of the Painters Union and his brother is Roy “Muckles” Shields who is a union racketeer

28 March 1938 was Edward Shuler shot and killed, he was a member of Local 399

9 August 1938 was James Dungan killed he was a business agent of Local 191 of the Painters Union

15 March 1939 were Painters union leader Charles Youngblood and his wife Loretta shot and wounded


Danny Stanton
Danny Stanton is the suspect in the 5 April 1939 murder of George Sanders.???????

Lawyer Mike Brodkin and Union racketeer Danny Stanton
Photo of Stanton partner Martin “Sonny Boy” Quirk December 1939 in court with lawyer Michael Brodkin (photographer Davis)

Nitti- Humphreys – Stanton syndicate??

Guzik- Nitti- Humphreys- Vogel gambling syndicate????

Bartender’s union local 278
Bartender’s union local 278 was under the influence of Frank Nitti, Danny Stanton and Humphreys (racketeer George Scalise??)

Bartender’s union local 278 president Louis Romano arrested
Bartender’s union local 278 president Louis Romano was arrested 3 June 1940 at union’s headquarters at 64 West Randolph street.

Bartender’s union local 278 president Louis Romano arrested
Bartender’s union local 278 president Louis Romano was hired as consultant by Abraham Teitelbaum who is counsel for the Chicago Restaurant Association

Former Danny Stanton men killed
15 June 1940 were Michael J McGovern and James McGlade shot and killed in a car. Michael J McGovern was the brother of the already killed Stanton man Hugh “Stubby” McGovern

Painters Union 7th murder
16 August 1940 was William Schaaf (36) shot and killed, he was a former business agent of the Painters Union and worked for Danny Stanton

19 July 1942 died in hospital Painter District council secretary treasurer Arthur “Artie” Wallace from a bullet wound and Charles Youngblood had been wounded

James Ragen’s son in law Russell Brophy (Brophy employee George Redston)
21 July 1942 Mickey Cohen and Joe Sica invaded Russell Brophy’s office and beat him up at the orders of Siegel and Dragna to intimidate his father in law Ragen

South side gambling

Chicago Daily Times columnist Irv Kupcinet
he began writing ''Kup's Column'' in The Chicago Daily Times in January 1943

Spike O’Donnell
15 march 1943 was Spike O’Donnell shot and severely wounded

Union racketeer Danny Stanton killed
Union racketeer Danny Stanton (early leader of the Ragen’s Colts gang and married to Lucile Bock) and Louis Dorman were killed 5 May 1943 and wounded was Cy Shapiro and suspected as one of the killers was Sam “Golfbag” Hunt. (a killer would have been James Blakely??) Danny Stanton had been trailed from the Hawthorne race track. A shotgun used to kill him was later also used in the murders of James Ragen and James Fawcett.

Former Danny Stanton man George Mensik became religious and was questioned by police

Also questioned were the brothers Joseph Piech and Eddie Piech who also worked for Stanton

Chicago Times photographer Bob Kotalik
Photographer Bob Kotalik started to work in 1943 for the Chicago Times (later Chicago Sun Times)

Chicago Times photographer Bob Kotalik
Photographed 12 May 1943 Mrs. Lucille Bock- Stanton widow of gangster Danny Stanton on Englewood police station during questioning (press photo of Kotalik)

Chicago Public Enemy # 18 William Niemoth
22 July 1943 William Niemoth and Phillip Funchion (ex chauffeur of Danny Stanton) are picked up and given lie detector tests in connection with Stanton’s murder

Martin “Sonny Boy” Quirk
Martin “Sonny Boy” Quirk and James “Red” Forsythe aka Fawcett then took over Stanton’s gambling

Martin “Sonny Boy” Quirk killed
Martin “Sonny Boy” Quirk had been trailed from the Hawthorne race track. Martin “Sonny Boy” Quirk was shot and killed 18 September 1943 by James “Red” Forsythe aka Fawcett and Anthony De Lordo (Anthony DeLardo FBN book page). James Egan (the payoff man in the murder) became witness. Indicted for Martin “Sonny boy” Quirk’s murder were: South Side tavern and gambling house owner John Joseph Williams, James Egan, Anthony DeLordo (DeLardo), John Enright, James “Red” Forsythe aka Fawcett, Raymond Beskovitch, Jerome de Jonckeere, Robert Bock (brother Danny Stanton wife Lucille Bock) and Michael Doe (so unknown last name??). The car they used in the Quirk murder had been hired from ex convict Frank Russo “Little Five” aka Frank Rosiano

Chicago Times photographer Albert Westelin
20 September 1943 press photo of Quirk’s widow Edna Quirk by Chicago Times photographer Westelin

16 November 1943 disappeared South Side bookmaker John Murphy

John Joseph Williams
14 December 1943 picture of Anthony DeLordo, John Enright, John Joseph Williams and lawyers??? When they were spoken free

John Joseph Williams
Picture of John Joseph Williams happy wife after the verdict

Chicago’s South side gambling boss Sam “Golfbag” Hunt
In 1943 following the gang murders of Danny Stanton and Martin “sonny boy” Quirk became Sam “Golfbag” Hunt the boss of Chicago’s South side gambling.

Chicago Daily Times photographer George Emme
27 December 1943 photo of Paul Labriola (27) at Detective Bureau for questioning in Ross murder (Chicago Daily Times photographer George Emme)

John Joseph Williams killed
3 March 1944 was suspected Martin “Sonny Boy” Quirk killer John Joseph Williams (29) shot and severely wounded in his car after being acquitted in the murder of Quirk (got a press photo of that one)

Chicago Public Enemy # 18 William Niemoth and Gus Alex
In 1944 was Gus Alex (30) arrested with Willie Niemoth in connection with the shotgun wounding (October 1944?) of Robert Bock (Bock ally- friend? Ray Deskovitz)

safe cracker Wincel Urban
25 January 1945 Detectives chief Walter Storms ordered the arrests of Patrick “Patsy” Flaherty (43), Wincel Urban and John “Jiggs” Sullivan for a 150000 dollars vault robbery.

safe cracker Wincel Urban (49) killed
16 March 1945 was Wincel Urban (49) shot and killed, he was a safe cracker

James “red” Forsythe aka Fawcett killed
James “red” Forsythe aka Fawcett was 26 May 1945 shot and killed in South Side tavern at 2462 East 75th Street. Ralph Pierce was in 1945 arrested for questioning for murder of James “red” Forsythe aka Fawcett.

Stanton friend Joseph Piech killed
Joseph Piech, 50, of 6007 S. Ashland av., ex-convict and brother of Eddie Piech, south side gambler and union official, and Martin [Cow Cow] Conroy, 55, of 1921 W. 51street (also an ex-convict), were found shot to death 9 September 1945 in Conroy's two room flat.

Boilermakers union
Vice president Joseph McCollum

Boilermakers union
Boilermakers union racketeer Eddie Piech was ousted from the union 6 October 1960 after working for 18 years for it (so since 1942?)

Boilermakers union president James Valentine Quinn
The killed wife of James Valentine Quinn, the president of local 1 of the Boilermakers union, 5837 Madison street, was found 8 august 1964 on the living room floor of their home at 38 South Highview avenue (Fox Lake).

James Ragen wounded
26 June 1946 was gambling boss James Ragen shot and severely wounded by 3 men (supposedly arranged by "Hump" Humphreys and Gus Alex). A left behind shotgun was identified as the murder weapon in the murders of Danny Stanton, James “red” Forsythe aka James Fawcett and James Ragen.

"Hump" Humphreys
Got a 1946 press photo of Humphreys being questioned about Ragen shooting

Continental Press owner Ragen killed
At the hospital Ragen accuses the Outfit leaders and he dies in September 1946 in the hospital

In 1947 Dave Yaras, Lenny Patrick and William Block ge¬t arrested because they are recognized by 3 witnesses of the Ragen shooting. The 3 killers were soon free when one of the witnesses was killed.

The police captains William “Bill” Drury and Tom Connelly arrest Jake Guzik who was suspected of ordering the hit at Ragen. Their commissioner John Prendergast let Guzik go within a few hours and then fires the 2 captains.


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