Puparo Presents: Russian O.C. 1995 - 1999

Dedicated to our deceased brother in arms Robert I Friedman. Rest in Peace my sensei (teacher) on the Russian mobs, we will complete your mission! - Puparo (Post a message to him)
Written material collected by Puparo in a warning against the russian mobs

Russia, President Jelsin,Prime minister Tsernomyrdin, minister of Defence Igor Sergejev, chief of the army staff , Minister of justice , minister of Foreign Affairs Andrej Kozyrev , Minister of Internal Affairs Jerin, FSB chief Serge Stepasjin , minister of privatisation , Minister of finance , minister of nuclear energy , minister of Education, minister of transport


During the Russian Chetchenian war (beginning 1995) evacuated the Israelian service Chasnoet praktically all socalled mountain jews to Israel. The mountainjews descended from jewish refugees who went in the 6th century before Christ (after the liberation of the jews from exile in Babylon) to the Caucasus. A second gulf of jewish refugees settled around the year 800 after Christ in the area that was then ruled by the king of the Chazaren.

Russia, President Jelsin, prime minister

Tsjernomyrdin, Minister of justice Valentin Kovaljov, Minister of Internal Affairs , minister of Foreign Affairs Andrej Kozyrev , FSB chief Barsukov

beginning 1995 was Kovaljov minister of justice when his predecessor stepped down as minister out of protest against the invasion of Chetchenia. Sergej Stepasjin (the chief of the secret service FSB who was fired for incompetence after the bloody Chechenian hostageaction in the southern russian city on 20 june 1995). FSB chief Stepasjin was togather with minister of Internal Affairs Jerin made responsible for the hostageaction by Sjamil Basajev in which died 120 people.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

11 Januari 1995 was Boris Fastovski (28) an in Amsterdam living Russian businessman kidnapped by the Russian mafia and disappeared. He lived since 1990 in the Netherlands and traded in liqouir and food, his family runs in St Petersburg a supermarketchain. Fastovski imported in the Netherlands the Black Death wodka. The perpetrators were suspected georgians in Luxembourg who own a tradefirm in Amsterdam from which they extort other russians under their leader Igor R?

Antwerp, belgium

Beginning 1995 were the brothers Shelomo and David in Antwerp arrested for the 650 kilos of coke, they were later spoken free.

Paris, France, Anton Malevsky of the Ismajlovokaya In january 1995 met Brandwain in a hotel in Paris his enemy Leonid Sadov, Bruno Goldberger and the boss Anton Malevsky of the Ismalovo gang who now lives in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Antwerp, belgium, Anton Malevsky of the Ismajlovokaya In february 1995 arrested Antwerp police 3 people (under them the boss Anton malevsky the georgian godfather who ws extradited to France) they belonged to a russian group that was at war with an other gang.

Moscow, Vladislav Listev murder

The popular Moscow televisiondirector and presentator Vladislav Listjev was restructering the russian state television and decided to reorganize the sale of adverticement space at ORT televison (Russia's most important television channel) because ORT almost ended up with nothing from the sale of advertisement space. His plan was opposed by the commercials selling holding Premier SV owned by Sergej Lisovski, that owned the sale of advertisement space at the ORT channel. As compensation for killing their contract Lisovski wanted 100 million dollars from the ORT. Listjev found a western firm who wanted to buy Lisovski's concession. Arranged was that Berezovski would send the 100 million through too Lisovski's firm but he kept the money for 3 months and shortly thereafter 1 march 1995 was Vladislav Listjev shot to death in the portal of his flat. After Listjev's death Berezovski got ORT in his grasp according to Forbes and Lisovski got his monopoly of ORT advertisement space back.

Berlin, Germany Beginning march 1995 was in Berlin the businessman Peter Leontsjikov (27) killed.

Fano, Italy, Monya Elson Arrested

8 march 1995 was the boss Monya Elson in Italy arrested where he had phoned with Shabtai Kalmanoich and Semion Mogilevich and also he had contact with Yuri essine. Elson was extradited back to the US. He is currently in the Metropolitan Correctional center in Lower manhattan awaiting trial for three murders and numerous extortions.

Moscow's Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport.,Semion Mogilevich

He controls everything that goes in and out of Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport, a "smugglers' paradise, " says Elson. Mogilevich bought a bankrupt airline in a former Central Asian Soviet republic for millions of dollars in cash so he could haul heroin out of the Golden Triangle.

North Miami Beach, club Babushka

19 March 1995 introduced Fainberg then DEA undercoveragent Yasevich to the cuban Juan Almeida and said the colombians wanted to buy a submarine. Contactperson is Nelson "tony" Yester, the deal didn't went of.

Berlin, Germany, Solntsevoskaya

22 April 1995 were Viktor Averin, Sergey Michailov "Michas" (37) and their moneylaunderer Arnold Tamm photographed in a berlin hotel, Michas is the boss of the Solnzevskaia.

Moscow, Vjatsjeslov Ivankov (55) "Yaponovich" Alexander Volkov and Vladimir Voloshin had 2,7 million dollars from the Chara bank and Ivankov wanted it. At the end of april 1995 was the father of Vladimir Voloshin beaten to death in a metrostation in Moscow at the orders of Ivankov, because his son Voloshin had refused to be extorted.


In may 1995 travelled Mogilevitch to Prague where Averin had a birthdayparty in the Uhaluba club, under his way he got a message that he would be killed there, so he turned and phoned the police who interrogated the guests at the party.

Malaga, Spain

In 1995 were in a deserted farm near Malaga a Russian couple found with their child, all three were the throaths cut. The Russian mafia had settled in Malaga and Marbella but were still led from Moscow, but there also groups which leaders live in Germany and France.

England 16 May 1995 were Bernard Churchward, his wife Galina Vassiyevna (the mother of the son of Mogilevich) and Peter Blake Turner arrested.

Sochi meeting

27 May 1995 there is in the bathingcity Sochi at the Black Sea a meeting of the most important mafialeaders from Russia, the US and Greece, police arrested the 300 gangleaders but had to let them go after 3 days.

Moscow prison Lefortovo???, Aleksandr Solonik escapes 5 july 1995 escaped Aleksandr Solonik (35) from Moscow's prison, the next year he settled in Rome, Italy. He was the first person who escaped from Detention Center 1. He probably got the help from the prisonguard Sergey menshikov, a newspaper reported that the guard was found killed, but later retracted that story.

New York, Vjatsjeslov Ivankov (55) "Yaponovich" 19 June 1995 was Vjatsjeslov Ivankov (55) "Yaponovich" arrested in New York by the FBI. In the spring he had attended in St Petersburg the funeral of 3 killed topmobfigures. After Ivankov’s arrest fled Roustam Sadykov (one of the director's of the Chara Bank) back to Russia. Witness against them was Leonid Abelis. Ivankov was convicted in 1996 of extorting the two Russian-born Wall Street stockbrokers. He now resides in Raybrook, a Federal prison in upstate New York.

Budapest, Hungary, Semion Mogilevich

During 1995, two colonels from Department of the Russian Presidential Security Service traveled to Hungary under commercial cover to meet with Mogilevich seeking information for use in the Russian political campaign." An Israeli associate of Mogilevich met with the two colonels and provided intelligence.

Gregory Loutchansky

Gregory Loutchansky was connected to the transport of Scud rockets from North Corea to Iraq was found out in Ucrain after in the first part of 1995 a plane was halted with Scud rocket parts.

St Petersburg , Mayor Sobtsjak

Summer 1995 was Nikolai Gavrilenkov, the oldest brother of the Tambovskaya boss Victor Gavrilenkov shot dead.

Moscow, Yugorsky Bank

20 July 1995 was in Russia Oleg Kantor (40) the president of Moscow's Yugorsky Bank killed, they cut his throath. Already before was Vadim Yafyasov killed, he was vice president of the Yugorski Bank and had been director of the Krasnoyarsk Aluminium fabric.

Moscow, Volgograd Aluminium factory

31 July 1995 was the Moscow controller of the Volgograd Aluminium fabric shot dead. Since beginning april are at least 4 people in the Aluminiummining in the Tyumen district killed or wounded by the mafia when they try to take control over oil and aluminium.

Rosbiznesbank, Director Ivan Kivelidi killed 4 August 1995 was the banker Ivan Kivelidi (46) with his female secretary poisoned. Kivelidi was the director of the Rosbiznesbank one of the biggest banks of Russia. Also he was the head of an influential group of entrepeneurs called the Russian Round table for Businessmen of which he was the 9th murdered member. The last 3,5 years were 80 murderattacks at businessmen of which half died.

Berlin, Germany

In august 1995 was in Berlin Wilmersdorf the Georgian mafioso Shakro Kakachia shot and killed. In october 1995 german police invaded the Berlin restaurant "Astoria" where about 110 Russian guests had a party, 40% of the tracked down people where registered at the policefiles as criminals.

Sint petersburg (former Leningrad)

In october 1995 was in St Petersburg Mikhail Bravve wounded, when opponents fired at him and his 4 bodyguards with kalashnikovs. Bravve is a boss of the local Tambovskaya gang which has about 300 members.

Budapest, Hungary, Petersburg group Velikiye Luki In november 1995 were Oleg Kosov (32) and Andrei Sergeyev (32) in Budapest shot to death, they were members of the Velikiye –Luki gang from Sint Petersburg.

Brightonbeach, NY, Zilber brothers

17 october 1995 were Anthony Morelli, Joseph “Joey Benz” Maritato, Edward Dougherty, Vladimir Zilber, Mela Rubinov, Arkady Seifer, Igor Roizman, jacob en Vyacheslav Dobrer and George Doddy convicted for the benzeenfraud.

Moscow, Afghanistanfund

In october 1995 was Ratsjikov (president of the rivalling fund) in his car ambushed and got wounded, his lawyer who drove with him was killed.


In 1995 was the communist Albert Makasjov chosen into the Duma.

Russia's Central bank

In november 1995 became the economist Sergej Doebinin (43) president of the Russian Central Bank. Vice president is Andrej Kozlov.

Duma member Sergej Markidonov killed At the end of november 1995 was the Duma member the liberal Sergej Markidonov (34) shot dead by a bodyguard. He is the 4th parliamentarian who since the elections of 1993 was killed.

Duma candidate Michail Leznjev killed 8 December 1995 was the Russian candidate Michail Lezjnjev (48) killed before the elections for the Duma on 17 december. He is from the party of prime minister Tsjernomyrdin.


Just after christmas 1995 was in the Netherlands the 5th russian Youri Sentchougov (43) killed, he is an authority on lasertechnics and militairy projects.

Antwerp, Belgium

In 1995 sponsored Kremlyovskaya director Fanchini the formula 1 team of Jordan Peugeot with the coureurs Damon Hill and Rubens Barrichello. In 1996 they found out about Fanchini's connections with the russian mobs and Eddy Jordan and the direction of Peugeot left him.

Antwerp, Belgium

the Russian mafia officially lost the liquor import/export company Kremlyovskaya Group in November 1996, which had been used as its main cover in the port area. The company's chairman, mafioso Riccardo Marian Fanchini, is under investigation for allegedly laundering Moscow mafia money through Geneva to Antwerp for investment in residential real estate.The fall of Fanchini, tagged by the FBI as probably one of the biggest mafia drug bosses active in Western Europe, until 1996, began with the repeal of Russian president Boris Yeltsin's decree allowing the import of liquor duty free, with the tax going to sports associations. It was repealed in December 1995 and the Belgian company's financial crash came in April 1996. Media reports about the Kremlyovskaya Group's mafia ownership soon had its legitimate partners running for cover from the company and its representatives. The 1996 Monaco grand prix was one of the last big sporting events with which the group was associated; after that, its formula one partners dissolved their partnership with the Antwerp company. Peugeot was the first to bale out, and Eddie Jordan, another partner in the same sponsorship project, followed somewhat later.

Stolichny Bank

In januari 1996 was Tsjoebais dumped by Jeltsin from the government and Tsjoebais started then a company that got a rent free loan from the russian bank SBS Agro Bank (formerly Stolichny Bank) of about 2,5 million dollars (according to the newspaper Izvestija) that money was loaned to a company which set it out with success at the russian obligationmarket. The money went to the participants and Tsjoebais earned in about 5 months 250000 dollars.

Russia, president Jelsin, prime minister Tsernomyrdin, Minister of justice Valentin Kovaljov, Minister of Internal Affairs , FSB chief Barsukov, minister of Foreign Affairs Jevgeni Primakov 9 Januari 1996 was Jevgeni Primakov (former chief of the KGB) made successor of Andrej Kozyrev as minister of Foreign Affairs.

Duma deputy Aleksandr Vengerovski wounded

Beginning februari 1996 was the Russian parlementairy Aleksandr Vengerovski wounded in an ambush, he was till recently the righthand of Zhirinovski and his LDPR party but was now going to start his own party. Zhirinovski reacts by verbally attacking Vengerovski.


The warlord Salman Radoejev is related to president Dzjochar Doedajev by marriage and had led 19 january 1996 an attack at the russian town Kizljar in which he took hundreds of russians hostage and died more then a hundred people.

Sint petersburg

26 Februari 1996 there was in Sint Petersburg an ambush at the Tambovskaya boss Victor Gavrilenko, in the Vienna Cafe in the Nevskij Palace Hotel ,who was wounded, still his bodyguards the policesergeants Sergei Zadvorsky (25) and Vladimir Komarov (35) were killed. Also the innocent scottish lawyer John Hyden (41) was killed. This was the third ambush at a boss of the Tambovskaya in the last 12 months. The gang shared Sint Petersburg with the Kazanskaya.

Russia's Central Bank

In march 1996 was the appartment of Doebinin shot at as a warning.

Jekaterinburg (former Swerdlovsk)

21 March 1996 was Valentin Smirnov (62) in Jekaterinenburg shot dead, he was one of the most famous scientists for the Russian defence industry and the murder was possibly connected to the by him invented rocketcountersystem S 300V, the Russian counterpart of the American Patriot system, there was a 60 million dollar contract to the USA, later was found out that his businesspartner was behind his murder and had hired an assasssin.


21 April 1996 the russians kill the Chechenian president Dzjochar Doedajev with a rocket which is aimed at the signal of his satellitephone. The warlord Salman Radoejev is related to him by marriage and had led 19 january 1996 an attack at the russian town Kizljar in which he took hundreds of russians hostage.

Jekaterinburg (former Swerdlovsk)

In may 1996 was in Jekaterinburg the boss Wjatscheslaw Pochwalitow killed in front of his house. For the last 5 years both syndicates had shot at eachother once a week nowadays it is once a month.

Sportfund NFS

In may 1996 when Korzjakov is still chief of Jeltsin's bodyguard he called in Fjodorov and accused him of stealing 300 million dollars of the sportfund and he wants 40 million dollars. This was attended by Korzjakov's righthand Valeri Streletski.. Korzjakov would probably have used the money to support Lebed. Shortly thereafter was Fjodorov arrested and in the summer fired when cocaine was found in his car. Soon he was free because of lack of evidence but shortly thereafter he was severely wounded in an ambush when he was shot down near his house, according to him Korzjakov was behind the ambush.

Former KGB agent Dimitry naumov

Yuri Essine and Alberto Grotti (vice president of ENI) owned each 30% of Globus Trading also connected to Globus Trading was former KGB agent Dimitry Naumov (49) who lives in Rome and had ties with Semion Mogilevich. Former KGB agent Dimitry naumov knew the brothers Viktor and Aleksandr Averin who work for the Solntsevo leader Sergei Mikhailov. Naumov also knew grigory Louchansky. In june 1996 was former KGB agent Dimitry naumov arrested he is soon free again.

Jeltsin campaign

The socalled "big Seven Group" of businessmen who rule Russia's economy was made of Vladimir Potanin of the Unexim Bank, Vladimir Gusinsky of Media Most, Vladimir (alexander) Smolensky of SBS Agro, Mikhail Khodorkovsky of the Menatep Bank, Logovaz owner Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Vinogradov and Mikhail Fridman. At the beginning of 1996 they decided to support jeltsin in his election battle with the communist Zjoegov. This way they will ensure that the privisations will go through after which they can expand their business even more. 19 June 1996 were Sergej Krasavtsjenko and Viktor Iljoesjin (Jeltsin's righthand) arrested with half a million dollars in cash, they are important campaignmen for Jeltsin but work for Jeltsin's campaign organizer Tsjoebais (according to Izvestija the money was to be used in Jeltsin's election campaign and probably came from the Stolichnybank which was probably arranged by Tsjoebais). Jeltsin fired the next day Alexander Korsjakov the head of his bodyguard ( probably at the will of Tsjoebais, the new cabinet chief of Lebed). The former KGB general Korzjakov is a good friend of Lebed and now sided with Lebed. According to the press this way they had tried to sabotage Jeltsin's election to enlarge their own power. Jeltsin then made Mikhail barsukov head of the internal security force FSB (formerly kown as the KGB).

Sportfund NFS

After Korzjakov was fired Fjodorov took again his post at the national sport fund, later he told that general Korzjakov had tried to extort 40 million dollars from him and when he refused he was arrested for possession of a small amount of cocaine, he is soon free again but had to step down from his post as director of the national Sport Fund because of the planted cocaine, soon after this he was severely wounded in the summer when he was shot down near his house.

Russia, President Jelsin, Prime minister Tsjernomyrdin, minister of Defence Igor Sergejev, chief of the army staff , Minister of justice Sergej Stepasjin, Minister of Internal Affairs , FSB chief general Nikolai Kovialiov minister of Foreign Affairs Jevgeni Primakov, minister of privatisation Koch

Moscow , Mayor Loezjkov

21 June 1996 was Joeri Loezjkov rechosen as mayor of Moscow. He became very rich because of business deals as mayor but is very popular because he gave Moscow back some of its grandeur.

St Petersburg, mayor Jakovlev

In 1996 was vice mayor Jakovlev chosen mayor instead of Sobtsjak.

Vienna, Austria

In july 1996 was in Vienna businessman David Sanikidzo killed, he was one of the leading georgian bosses.

Russia's Central bank

21 July 1996 announced Doebinin that the Tveruniversal Bank loses its permits because they were almost broke, it has got the 18th place among the big banks. Also the 5th bank Inkom Bank is probably in troubles.

Russia, President Jelsin, Prime minister

Tsjernomyrdin, minister of Defence Rodionov , chief of the army staff Samsonov, Minister of justice Valentin Kovaljov, Minister of Internal Affairs , FSB chief Barsukov, minister of Foreign Affairs Jevgeni Primakov Jeltsin fired 9 september 1996 Barsukov and replaced him by general Nikolai Kovialiov as the new head of the FSB (Kovialov was from 1974 till 1994 head of the department for Industrial espionage). conservative vice prime minister Soskovets. Russia, President Jelsin, Prime minister Tsjernomyrdin, minister of Defence Rodionov , chief of the army staff Samsonov, Minister of justice Valentin Kovaljov, Minister of Internal Affairs , FSB chief general Nikolai Kovialiov, minister of Foreign Affairs Jevgeni Primakov

Moscow, Hotel Tverskaya, former KGB agent Dimitry naumov killed

23 september 1996 was 10 days after his arrival in Moscow the former KGB agent Naumov shot dead in Hotel tverskaya, police then find again the trail of Aleksandr Solonik, a member of the Kurganskaya, he was also suspected of the murder of Timofeyer. Gregory Lerner had ties with Solonik and Ivankov. Ivankov had ties with Brandwain and Nayfeld.

Brussels, Belgium

Although Fanchini's gang seems to have a dim future — in Belgium at least — his successor seems unfortunately to be moving in; in September 1996, Sergei Mikhailov, the new boss of Moscow's currently most powerful mafia gang, and his right-hand man Viktor Averin, were in Brussels to negotiate a partnership with French-speaking Belgian industrialists. Mikhailov was also trying to arrange new identity documents. He and Averin, who are now unwelcome in Israel and under investigation in Moscow, are actively looking for a safe haven in Western Europe.Mikhailov has established residence in Switzerland and is moving his business interests to Belgium. He has already registered one of his main companies, MAB International, in the country and has obtained a Belgian identity document of doubtful validity.On October 15, 1996, Mikhailov was arrested at Geneva-Cointrin airport and charged two days later with various violations of Swiss law, including belonging to a criminal organization and money laundering. The way Geneva prosecutors handle this case and whether they can secure a conviction will be key to the efforts of all Europe's police forces to combat the Russian mafia. Mikhailov's Israeli, Swiss and Belgian lawyers tried, with a certain degree of success, to make much of an official document from the Moscow prosecutor's investigation department, dated November 1996, certifying that there were "no criminal charges" pending against him in Russia at that time. But the document was deliberately taken out of context, because a month later the ninth section of the Moscow anti-gang brigade told the Geneva authorities that "Mikhas" did have a criminal record, that his acquittal in a later murder case was due only to putting pressure on witnesses, and that he was undeniably "the leader of the Solntsevskaya gang".

Antwerp, Belgium

In 1996 M&S is declared bankrupt and also Comuele went bankrupt, about 5 million dollars are missing. It seems Brandwain started then to inform on his friends.

Antwerp, Belgium

In 1996 was an israeli (34) arrested in Ramsgate, england, who lived in Antwerp , he had 15 kilos of drugs and got 11 years. The drugs were for the scottish drugdealer David Santini in Glascow who got 13 Years. Also a suspect is Rachmiel "Mike" Brandwain.

Semion Mogilevich group

In 1996, a British probe of Russian organized crime, wrote Mogilevich was "one of the world's top criminals," with personal wealth of $100 million.

Sportfund NFS

Beginning october 1996 it came out that Korzjakov had tried to extort 40 million dollars from the national Sportfund (NFS) that earned billions a year with importing cigarets and strong liqour about which the Fund had to pay almost no importtaxes. 6 October was Sjamil Tarpisjtsjev the Russian minister of Sport fired for corruption. Fjodorov said that Tarpisjtsjev and Korzjakov had wanted to use the money to support Lebed, but Jeltsin now also fired Tarpisjtsjev and had the general arrested. Tsjoebais also had Jeltsin fire Korzjakov. Fjodorov suggested that Korzjakov was behind the ambush at him but Fjodorov's successor at the NFS said that Fjodorov had threatened to kill his children when he wouldn't make place for Fjodorov. Korzjakov then nervously declared that Logovaz director Berezovski and director Goesinski of Most Bank had ordered hitmen to kill him. Korzjakov also said that Berezovski had asked him once in 1994 to have Goesinski of the Most Bank murdered.

Moscow, Solntsevo

In october 1996 was the father of Vadim Rozenbaoum in Moscow stabbed to death and a short time later was V. Titov director of one of Vadim Rozenbaoum's firms shot dead.

Geneve, Swiss, Solntsevo

23 October 1996 was the russian Sergej Michailov (38) "Michas" arrested at the airport of Geneve, when he arrived there from Vienna , he was just going to drive away in his Belgium Rolls Royce to his villa in Borex near Geneve. He is the godfather of the important Moscow Solntsevskaya syndicate with 1500 members and directed the organisation from swiss. A member of the Solntsevo gang was arrested when he had tried to extort succesfull businesswoman Jelena Melnikova for tenthousands wortd of dollars by kidnapping her lover. The leader "Michas" who is imprisoned in Swiss has as his lawyer there Natalja Jatskovskaja and possible used her to message his gang to get the member free. Jatskovskaja approached 2 high policeofficers (one of them is professor Zjigarjov of the Highschool for the Ministery of Internal Affairs) who would bribe somebody after which the evidence would be manipulated. Melnikova was pressured by the gang to take back her charges against the member and beginning 1997 she disappeared with her friend. The FSB had found out this bribery and tried to charge the people involved but still the 2 witnesses disappeared.

Army council

27 October 1996 Jeltsin also fired Korzjakov from the army. Korzjakov's friend Lebed is the new secretary of the National Security Council and he also fired general Valeri Lapsjov and general Viktor Barynkin (trustees of Gratsjov).

National Security Council

1 November 1996 became Berezovski the second man in the mighty National Security Council when he became vice president of the council this was probably arranged by Tsjoebais. The ORT channel became a propaganda channel for him and Jeltsin


Beginning november 1996 was the female chairman of the association for Deafmutes killed.


3 November 1996 was at the airport of Donetsk in East Ukraine the parliamentarian Evgueni Tsjerban shot dead by 3 men when he stepped from his plane. Somebody else was also killed and there were 5 wounded. Tsjerban was a rich businessman.

Moscow, Radisson Slavjanskaja Hotel

3 November 1996 was the American businessman Paul Tatum (39) shot dead in a metrostation in Moscow. He was with his russian partners in a legal battle before the judge over ownership of the prestigious Moscow Radisson Slavjanskaja Hotel that was opened 5 years ago.

Moscow, Afghanistanfund

10 November 1996 there is a bombattack at a cemetery in Moscow in which died 13 people. It was a memorial service for Michail Lichodej and under the killed were his mother, his widow and his son. Also his successor of the veteran fund Sergej Trachirov was killed with his wife, he was probably the target.

Stolichny Bank

In november 1996 succeeds the Stolichny Bank in taking over for a small price the starving statebank Agro bank, this way the Stolichny Bank gets in once the control over a large banknetwerk in the whole country. The SBS Agro Bank was suspected of giving an intrest free loan of about 2,5 million dollars to a by Tsjoebais run holding as a gift for his help.

Prime minister Tsjernomyrdin

12 Januari 1997 enjoyed prime minister Tsjernomyrdin an expensive bearhunt to shoot some bears with the governor of the area.


14 Januari 1997 were the Moscow director of the bank Kutozovski and the woman Tamara Lopatiuk, director of one of the biggest goldtradefirms, killed in Russia. 16 Januari 1997 was in Moscow businessman Ghennadi Dren (35) killed with a bomb.


In january 1997 was Leonid Fainberg arrested and turned Almeida himself in. Yester was still being sought.

Greece, Aleksandr Solonik killed

A plane from Frankfurt landed on Moscow's Sheremetyevo 2 airport and on board was greek citizen Kolandopulos, but his name is Andrey Koligov and he is a leader of a Kurgan based criminal group. Police found out that Koligov recently had a meeting with Solonik in Athens, Greece. 2 februari 1997 was Aleksandr Solonik (37) in Greece killed with his girlfriend Svetlana Kotova a former Miss Russia. Solonik had settled a year earlier in Rome and was going to kill in Italy Yuri essine but was killed before he could.


16 march 1997 arrested police in Trentino, Italy, 13 members of a russian group under whom the boss Yuri Essine (46) and also connected to this was Alberto Grotti former vice president of ENI (statefirm).

Duma LDPR deputy Filatow assistant killed

20 March 1997 was an advisor of the LDPR parliamentmember Filatow blown up in his car with a bomb. Filatow belongs to Zjirinowski's LDPR party. It is the 5th murder of a LDPR advisor in the last 5 months.

Lukoil (the biggest oilconcern in Russia), President Vagit Alekperov, Vice president Ravil Maganov In 1997 dies Vitali Schmidt one of the owners of Lukoil a mysterious death. Since his death his son Vadim tries in vain to get his heritage.

Rome, Italy, Aleksandr Solonik

25 March 1997 was in Rome a weaponarsenal of the russian mafia confiscated in an appartment of the killed Aleksandr Solonik (he had settled in 1996 in Rome).


1 May 1997 it became known that Aeroflot bought for 400 million dollar 10 Boeing 737 planes. Acting Aeroflot director Valeri Okoelov is the son in law of president Jeltsin and said the first plane would be delivered in april 1998, The American Chase Manhattan Bank financed 85 % of the buy, Aeroflot paid the rest, the Boeings are mainly going to fly in Europe to concur the west european companies.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, Kurganskaya

In 1994 was in Kiev the first businesspartner of mafiaboss Viktor Balulis killed. 19 May 1997 was in Amsterdam the Littuanian businessman and mafiaboss Viktor Balulis (45) shot and killed. Balulis did in oil and gass winning. The same day left Maxim K and Alekos A in a hurry the Palace Hotel in Scheveningen. Viktor Balulis (himself armed) was killed before a house in which he had intrests, in the same house was settled Alexei Drovossekov director of the Amsterdam brach of the Stolichny Bank. The owner of the house are the Lettians Genadijs Valagins (33) and Ivans Haritonovs (43). Their correspondence address is the house of Balulis in the PC Hoofdstraat where police found machineguns. Drovossekov hired from them via the holding of the Ucranian Michael Panteleer and Balulis with as front the to dutch naturalized Alla Korenshook Nibkila the in Kiev born upperneighbour of director Alexei Drovossekov. Valagins and Haritonovs stood later trial in Littuania and their gang was also accused of the kidnappings of 2 german businessmen who were later found dead in a small plane that had crashed in the Bodensee. 26 May were Maxim K, Alekos A and Vladimir S togather in the Golden Tulip Hotel in Zandvoort. They knew Balulis and met him regularly. 29 May Drovossekov and his boss Alexander Smolensky had to ensure about the murder to T de Swaan of the dutch Central Bank, that their bank is not infiltrated. 30 May dutch police arrested the Russians Maxim K (38 and born in Kazachstan), Alekos A (32 born in Athens) and Vladimir S (31 born in russia) on the suspicion of the murder of Balulis. The 3 are suspected of being members of the gang from the region Kurgan. Dutch police can't proof the murder but heared from the russians that the men were sought for the murders of crimebosses and Oleg A was extradited to Russia and Maxim K was extradited to greece who suspect him of the murder of the legendary hitman Solonik. 26 August 1997 was Oleg A extradited by the Netherlands to Moscow. 8 September the dutch extradited Maxim K to Greece.


In may 1997 was the jewish former russian Alexander Galuis kidnapped and disappeared, probably were behind it the criminals Orlow and Serow.


In May 1997 there was an advertisement on an Internet site which offered anyone, for $2,000, the opportunity of becoming a voluntary assistant to an MP, which allowed the use of a Duma letterhead and to come and go freely in the parliament building. It didn’t take much persuading for mobsters to jump into the action.

Spartak Moscow (soccer)

In june 1997 was Larissa Netschajewa (42) with a girlfriend shot dead by killers in her Limousine, in the village Taratwo, 120 kms from Moskow. Her chauffeur and a 4th person were severely wounded. She was the financial director for the soccer team Spartak Moskow, in which played at that time St Pauli prof Jouri Savitchev. In the village Taratwo, where the double murder took place owns Spartak Moscpw several houses. In 1996 in the UEFA cup Spartak Moscow lost from HSV, since then millions of marks were invested in premies in the soccer club. Spartak Moscow made in the Champions League more then 12 million franks in UEFA premies. That money just disappeared just like the largest part of the transfer sums for the sales of the profs Tschertschessow, Karpin, Bestschastnych, Schalimow, Mostwoi and Kantschelskis. Spartak Moscow is also suspected of partially financing the right wing politician Schirinowski.


June 29, 1997: Stanislav Alymov, advisor for Rosinterbank is killed

Royal Park Casino

June 30, 1997: Anatoly Kovalyov, president of Pacific Trade Internationalis shot and killed while leaving the Royal Park Casino

United States

30 june 1997 were in Miami 2 members of the Russisan maffia arrested for illegal waepontrade including nucleair weapons and airmissilerockets.


July 21, 1997: Anatoly Gusev (39), and executive at a securtiy firm is shot outside the Cinema Center in Moscow. He is the former owner of the ArlekinoClub. One of his bodyguard is also killed by the kalashnikovs.

Russia's Central bank

22 July 1997 was than Sergej Doebinin's appartment shot at as a warning.

Sochi, Russia

Summer 1997: "Zhunglo" Gambarov (Sochi organized crime boss) is shot by a sniper in Sochi, Russia. This resort area is under control of Russian Mafia and seeing a influx of Colombian drug traffickers to the region

telecommunication company Svjazinvest, Unexim Bank director Potanin

26 July 1997 became known that Deutsche Bank, Germanies biggest bank, and his Russian partner Unexim bank had gotten a share of 25% in the Russian phonecompany Svyazinvest. They paid for the share about 1,85 billion dollars. Beginning august bought Potanin 25% in Russia's biggest telecommunication company Svjazinvest for 1,9 billion dollars (the American Hongaryan financier George Soros had paid a billion dollar from the price). Berezovski and Vladimir Goesinski who had done the concurring bid were angry and agitated against the reformchief and vice prime minister Boris Nemtsov who announced that they had tried behind the curtains to get Svyazinvest for a lower price. When Berezovski, Goesinski and their opponent Potanin appeared before Tsjoebais before the auction Berezovski demanded that he would get Svjazinvest and Tsjoebais said that it would go to the highest bidder. Also Norilsk Nikkel the biggest nikkelcompany in the world also ended up in the hands of Potanin's Unexim bank but according to annalists had Potanin only paid half of its worth because he held concurrents outside because the auction was organized by a branch of the Uneximbank. Berezovski and Goesinski started then a campaign against Tsjoebais, Nemtsov and Koch who they accused of supporting Unexim bank. Potanin's rivals are afraid that the unexim bank also would lay her hands on the still to be sold share packages in a part of svjazinvest and part of oilcompany Rosneft. The same month fired Jeltsin minister of privatisation Koch after the strange privatisation of 2 of the most precious statefirms: the telecommunication giant Svjazinvest and Norilsk Nikkel.

Russia, President Jelsin, Prime minister Tsjernomyrdin, minister of Defence Igor Sergejev, chief of the army staff , Minister of justice Sergej Stepasjin, Minister of Internal Affairs , FSB chief general Nikolai Kovialiov minister of Foreign Affairs Jevgeni Primakov, minister of privatisation

Netherlands, Solntsevo

28 July 1997 was the russian businessman Vadim Rozenbaoum (34) in his house in Oirschot, Brabant, killed. The Moscow police suspect a link between the murder of Rozenbaoum's murder and the arrest 9 months earlier of Sergej Michajlov "Michas" in Swiss. The 2 had already for 10 years ties with eachother and Rozenbaoum did also business with the National sportfund. Eastern europeans (mostly Russians) had the last years for at least 27 million euros houses offices and stores bought in the Netherlands. Also Vadim Rozenbaoum had invested in houses. He is the seventh russian liquidation in the Netherlands.

St Petersburg harbor

28 July 1997 were in St Petersburg the director harborbusinesses and his vice director killed.


July 28, 1997: Yuri Titov (vice president of the Main Administration for Housing and Civilian Construction of Moscow City) is shot and killed

Galina Trading Company

August 1997: Vladimar Kucheryavenko of the Galina Trading Company is found with his wife suffocated to death after the two of them were buried alive in the woods of Shamora. They were thought to have owed money to a criminal organization and to have resisted paying protection money.

St Petersburg harbor, Northwest Shipping Company August 4, 1997: Two executives of the Northwest Shipping Company are machine-gunned to death while leaving their office in St. Petersburg.

Malmo, Sweden

Beginning august 1997 was in the swedish town Malmo the Russian businessman Evgeni Goloebtsjik (46) shot dead, he was coowner of the shipping company NB Shipping and was probably also the agent in Sweden dor the russian Murmansk Shipping Company, he lived since 1994 in Malmo.

St Petersburg

17 August 1997 was in St Petersburg Mikhail Manevic "Mlanlevitsj" president for the comittee that privatised statecompanies in St Petersburg shot dead in his car. 26 August was Alexander Krutik (29) the director of the publisher Drofa shot dead in front of his appartment, in november 1996 was already the vice director of Drofa killed.

Gazprom, director Rem Vijachirev (Vjachirev) Gazprom closed a strategic deal with Shell (19 november 1997) with the blessing of prime minister Tsjernomyrdin. Both giants announced that they togather would bid at the coming privatisation of the 6 oilconcerns (under which is the important company Rosneft). Berezovsky has a say in this because in fact he controlled Rosneft. Berezovsky is better friends with Tsjernomyrdin than with Tsjoebais. The russian company Transneft is the company that pumps the oil through from the Caspian Sea (the azerbeidzjani Baku island). Shell will exploit with gazprom one of the richest oilfields in Western Siberia and had plans for cooperation by laying a gasline to Turkey. Shell got only a share of 3% in Gazprom and so will have to abide to Gazprom. Gazprom and shell have agreed with the russian oilcompany Lukoil to make a bid for Rosneft. The dutch english company had promissed to invest at least o,8 billion dollars in their cooperation. Gazprom is busy with an expensive project for the laying of a pipeline from the Jamal island to western europe.


23 November 1997 was in Amsterdam a russian (37) severely wounded when he was shot down.


25 November 1997 appeared a report in Swiss in which they estimate that yearly hundreds of millions of swiss francs of black money coming from Russia nd Eastern Europe was laundered.

Duma murders

25 November 1997 was Ivan Gladysjev (32) arrested for murder, he is a member of the Duma (the lowerhouse of the parliament) and also vice chairman of the parliamentarycommission for organized crime, and worked closely because of his job with minister of Internal Affairs Vasiljev. He was suspected of membership of a criminal group, who had killed somebody from the caucasian republic Dagestan. The group was also suspected of the murder of somebody (27) from Moscow in the region of Kaloega. At the moment of his arrest Gladysjev had brass knuckles and a pistol with him.

Moscow, Hotel Rossija

9 Januari 1998 was the director of the largest hotel of Moscow, Hotel Rossija shot dead by an assassin when he left his house. The former director of the hotel was several years ago killed with an axe. In the Moscow businessworld were yearly dozens of businessmen killed, sometimes the murders were ordered by their concurrents. the Lituanian appartmentseller Viktoras Doebinskas (24) and his partner the ukranian corean Igor Kistiani (29) are in business for the sale of big appartments. They have good contacts in the Moscow underworld.

Lukoil (the biggest oilconcern in Russia), President Vagit Alekperov, Vice president Ravil Maganov 4 februari 1998 bought the oilconcern Lukoil for 300 million dollars a share of 51% in the polish oilraffinary Petrotel. Lukoil thinks that this way they will get a better position on the european markets and the markets around the Black Sea.


The Swiss are afraid because yearly was about 12,5 billion of dollars send from Eastern Europe to Swiss bankaccounts, money that was stolen or that needed to be laundered. Beginning 1998 Swiss had send out an arrestwarrant for the former Ukrainian prime minister Lazarenko who they suspected of corruption.

Big 7 Bankers

Politician Tsjernomyrdin's proteges were Vladimir Guzinsky and Boris Berezovsky, Berezovsky bought 80% 0f Sibneft, one of Russia's biggest oilcompanies. Sibneft owns the Omskraffinary. Sibneft melted with Yukos and it became Russia's biggest oilcompany Yuksi led by Chodorkovsky who had led the Menatep Bank. Politician Tsjubais' protegee was Potanin's Unexim Bank which melted with the MFK Bank owned by Jordan. The Unexim Bank got the oilcompany Sidanko which owned the petrochemical company . They also bought the phonecompany Soyazinvest. Russia's second oilcompany Lukoil which bought the polish raffinary Petrotel was bought by gascompany Gazprom and Shell. Russia's third oilcompany was Surgut neftegaz.

Russia, president Jelsin, Prime minister Tsjernomyrdin, minister of Defence Igor Sergejev, chief of the army staff , Minister of justice Sergej Stepasjin, Minister of Internal Affairs , FSB chief general Nikolai Kovialiov minister of Foreign Affairs Jevgeni Primakov, minister of privatisation

President Jelsin fires prime minister Viktor Tsjernomyrdin

22 March 1998 fired Jeltsin the whole government of prime minister Tsjernomyrdin and for the moment takes the post himself. Minister of energy Kirijenko became first vice prime minister in the place of Tsjoebais announced Jeltsin’s spokesman Jastrzjembski. Kirijenko is know as a trustee of the other first vice prime minister Boris Nemtsov whose future at the moment was unknown. Kirijenko was a banker from Nizjni Novgorod.

Oilconcern Yuksi (Yukos- Sibneft), president Chodorkovski, vice president Konstantin Kagalovski In march 1998 complained topman Chodorkovski of oilgigant Yuksi (which had been formed in the beginning of 1998 from a fusion of Yukos with Sibneft) that the price of oil is so low that it was almost unrendable to export oil.

Oilconcern Yuksi (Yukos- Sibneft), president Chodorkovski, vice president Konstantin Kagalovski When the after Lukoil largest russian oilcompany Yukos had to be privatised, Konstantin Kagalovski was allowed to preside the tendercommission. Yukos fell then into the hands of Monblan, a daughter of the Menatepbank. Still Konstantin Kagalovski became vicepresident of Yukos and Chodorkovski president. oilgigant Yuksi had been formed in the beginning of 1998 from a fusion of Yukos with Sibneft. Yuksi is farout the biggest oilcompany in Russia and the after the 2 biggest companies coming oilcompany is Surgutneftegaz.

Russia has got as head of the taxes office (GNS) Former head was Aleksandr Potsjinok who was fired around june 1998 because of the recent rubble crises and the new head became Fjodorov (the former minister of finance).

Central Bureau of Statistics

In june 1998 was joeri Joerkov the head of the russian Central Bureau of Statistics arrested, in his Moscow house was a million dollars found in cash and he probably had helped big concerns to send their money abroad.

secret service Fapsi

Recently around 2 july 1998 was an officer of the secret service Fapsi killed probably by chechenians who had already threatened him because of his work in Chechenia.

Russia, general Lev Rochlin killed

2 July 1998 russian general Lev Rochlin (51) was shot to death by his wife who confessed.

Budapest, Hungary, Semion Mogilevitch

2 July 1998 there explodes in Budapest, Hungary a carbomb that kills gangster tamas Boross and his lawyer and 2 innocents he had spoken 16 months earlier about policecorruption in the socalled Oilgate swindle. Suspect is again Mogilevich.

Antwerp, Belgium

17 July 1998 was Rachmiel "Mike" Brandwain (49) shot dead in the Anneessenstraat in Antwerp.

Grozny, Chechenia

23 July 1998 survived president Maschadov of Chechenia a bombattack in which one of his body guards was killed. A week earlier his troops had fought in the town Goedermes with wahhabites in which 9 were killed.

FSB, chief Putin

In july 1998 fired Jelsin then Nikolaj Kovalov, the boss of the FSB (former KGB) and replaced him by Vladimir Putin (45).

Russia, President Jelsin, Prime minister Tsjernomyrdin, minister of Defence Igor Sergejev, chief of the army staff , Minister of justice, Minister of Internal Affairs , FSB chief Vladimir Putin, minister of Foreign Affairs Jevgeni Primakov, minister of privatisation Koch

Menatep bank, president Mikhail Khodorkovsky, vice president Konstantin Kagalovski

They stole so much from the bank that during the ruble crises in august 1998 the bank collapsed. After the Menatep bank collapse the owner started with Rosprom bank.

President Jelsin fires prime minister Kirijenko In august 1998 fired Jeltsin the whole government of prime minister Kirijenko (36), Jelsin then makes Viktor Tsernomyrdin again acting prime minister.

Grozny, Chechenia

20 september 1998 the chechenians let the english pair Camilla Carr and Jon James go, they had been kidnapped in july 1997 in Grozny, no ransom was paid and the english ambassador thanked Boris Berezovski for his help. The pair had worked for the quakers (a religion) in the war area helping the people.

grozny, Chechenia

25 October 1998 was Shaid Bargisjev the head of the anti kidnapping unit of the chechenian police killed with a bomb. He investigated the kidnapping gangs in Chechenia.


In october 1998 was an aide to Gennady Seleznyov (the Duma speaker) shot in the head but he survived.


In november 1998 was an assistant of parliamentpresident Michail Osjerov killed, he was a liberal communist.


In november 1998 was prominent businessmen Dmitri Filippov killed, he was a liberal communist

St. Petersburg, honest Duma member Galina Starovoitova killed

Galina Starovoitova (52), the only woman who had succeeded in politics in the post-communist years and who was trying to moralize public life in her city of St. Petersburg was killed in november 1998. She is the 7th russian deputy to be murdered since 1993.

Antwerp, Belgium

In november 1998 was Hansje Boonstra Raatjes (62), she is the former wife of Philips concern boss Cor Boonstra, kidnapped in Antwerp and was found severely wounded back in the Netherlands. On Hansje Boonstra's BMW were the fingerprints found of several known russian criminals, the case stays open.

Grozny, Chechenia

Beginning december 1998 were along a road the heads of 4 kidnapped foreigners found, three british and a New Zeelander who had worked for the british company Granger Telecom in Grozny. They had been kidnapped beginning october 1998.

Swiss, Solntsevoskaya boss Sergei Mikhailov 11 December 1998 was Solntsevoskaya boss Sergei Mikhailov in Swiss spoken free from most of the accusations. He had been imprisoned in the Chap Dollon prison in Geneve during the trial.

Duma candidate Yuri Shutov

In february 1999 was Yuri Shutov accused of running a murder for hire business, he then tries to become a Duma candidate.

President jelsin, prime minister Primakov

President Jelsin fires procuror general Juri Skoeratov 2 April 1999 fired president Jelsin procuror general Joeri Skoeratov for corruption, Skoeratov was the highest corruption fighter of Russia. It is the second time in 2 months that he got fired. 2 Weeks earlier had appeared a videotape on which was a man that looks very much like procuror general Joeri Skoeratov while he had sex with 2 brunettes. One of the brunettes said she and her girlfriend had gotten 50000 dollars from a businessman to give Skoeratov a nice evening, Skoeratov then had 3 investigations against the businessman seponated. Jelsin's opponents say the Kremlin had brought up the videotape so they could fire Skoeratov because he was investigating the clique around Jelsin. Skoeratov had been investigating the Swiss buildingfirm Mabetex from Lugano that had renovated the Kremlin and other government buildings in which it earned hundreds of millions of dollars. Mabatex is suspected of bribing important russian people like Jelsin's daughter and advisor Tatjana Djatsjenko. Aman Toelejev, the communist governor of the Koezbas area protested the firing of Skoeratov.

Lugano, Swiss, Mabatex buildingfirm

In july 1999 start the swiss prosecutors an investigation into corruption and moneylaundering by high russian officials under whom Kremlin cashier Pavel Borodin. The Geneve procuror general Robert Bertossa had 24 bankaccounts at swiss banks blocked because they were used to launder bribes, some of the bankaccounts were owned by family of Borodin. Borodin is already Kremlin cashier since 1991 and looks after the properties of the Kremlin, the Kremlin owns (according to the weekly magazine Vlast) 200 companies worth togather several billions of dollars what made Borodin one of Russia's most important men. Russian newspapers wrote that when the swiss police searched the firm Mabatex in Lugano they found proof that money was send to bankaccounts owned by Borodin's wife and daughter for which they seem to have done nothing. An italian newspaper wrote that police found at Mabatex creditcards in the names of jelsin and his 2 daughters, the bills were always paid by Mabatex. Mabatex renovated the Kremlin and the Duma buildings and other government buildings, the ministery of Finance had already protested the high costs, for the Kremlin alone the bill was about half a billion dollars. The swiss police also searched the firm Andava which had been started by businessman berezovsky and 2 directors of the russian airline Aeroflot, one of them is Valeri Oekolov, the husband of one of Jelsin's daughters. Those three firm owners were suspected of using Andava to send 80% of the money made by Aeroflot in countries abroad (about a quarter of a billion dollars) to their private bankaccounts. The Swiss procuror general Carla del Ponte was the driving force behind these inquiries and had send evidence to her russian counterpart Skoeratov soon enough national tv broadcasted the sexvideo of Skoeratov and he was fired. Berezovsky then announced he would be a Duma candidate for the elections in december 1999.

President Jelsin, prime minister Vladimir Putin In august 1999 replaced Jelsin prime minister Sergei Stepashin by Vladimir Putin (47). Putin is a former spy who had worked in Germany and was a member of the Kremlin staff since may 1999. Putin started his political career in Sint Petersburg under mayor Sobtsjak after that he found in Moscow a protege in the person of Pavel Borodin, both were corrupt.

Bank of New York scandal

In august 1999 newspapers wrote that police had started an investigation against a laundering operation at the Bank of New York. The Inkom Bank paid 56 dollars per wire transfer which is 6 times as high as standard rate and Bank new York accepted the money from Semjon Mogilevitsj. Police investigate the firm Benex which was suspected of having ties with Semion Mogilevich. Mogilevich was born in the Ukraine and was connected to the Bank of New York launderingscandal to which were also connected the oilgigants Lukoil and Sibneft and carmaker Avtovaz. Also connected to this scandal was the russian businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky, chairman of Yukos oil company who once led Menatep bank for which also Konstantin Kagalovski had worked as vice president. They had also stolen about 299 million dollars of IMF credits. The 4,2 billion dollars were laundered in 1998 in a short time by bankdirector Natasha Gurfinkel Kagalovski and her husband Konstantin Kagalovski. It becomes known as Kremlingate when the FBI finds out in august 1999. According to Jiggs the Mogilevich group infiltrated the Bank of New York and began laundering what has been estimated at 10 billion dollars, the contact was the wife of an associate who was the banks president.

Grozny, Chechenia

In september 1999 invades Russia again her province Chechenia and a bloody war starts.

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