Puparo Presents: Russian O.C. 1990 - 1994

GOS (former Soviet Union)

Dedicated to our deceased brother in arms Robert I Friedman. Rest in Peace my sensei (teacher) on the Russian mobs, we will complete your mission! - Puparo (Post a message to him)
Written material collected by Puparo in a warning against the russian mobs


Around 1990 divided 5 Russian crimegroups the rackets in Moscow. In Moscow had the Ljubertsi the prostitution, the Dolgoproedny were the extortionists. There are also the Solntsevoskaya and the Kazanskaya. They concur with the Azeri who control the drugs and the markets. The Ingoesjen are the smugglers. And also there are the chechenians who are the most violent and who control the carsales market and work as assassins. The russian and Ukranian markets where flushed with opium from Afghanistan, Ukraine and Kirgizistan. Then there is also strong evidence that about 40% of the foreign cars that drive around in Russia are stolen in Western europe.

Soviet Union

Criminal gangs that have come up under Jeltsin now war with the older gangs that already existed under Brezjnev.

Israel, Semion Mogilevich

In early 1990, Mogilevich fled Moscow, as did many other dons, to avoid the gangland wars that were then roiling the capital. Mogilevich and his top henchmen settled in Israel, where they received Israeli citizenship.

Kurgan, Russia, Aleksandr Solonik

In april 1990 Solonik escaped from the camp and again went to Kurgan. He then joined in that city the ranks of the Kurganskaya and started to work as assassin. He is suspected of killing 3 july 1990 in the city Tjumen a rival gangleader.

Vienna, Austria, Dolgopruadnanskaya, Kuzin

6 May 1990 starts the former KGB colonel Aleksandr Victororisch Kuzin in Vienna to trade in all kind of merchandise from Russia. Kuzin is suspected to work for the Dolgopruadnanskaya and his righthand is the polish Wojziech Grabowski.

Kuzin man, Franz Mikalits (or Mikulits)

4 July 1990 bought Franz Mikalits a billion rubbles from Preisfreund, he sold it 4 days later again for a billion rubbles to ?. They offer billions of rubbles for lower prices then on the Black market, but they only sell and buy in their own small group. All over the world was this trading of rubbles for low prices seen and the price of the rubble went steep down.

Zubok Jan Semyonovich

In august 1990 arrived a certain "John Ross" from New York in the USSR it came out that he was in real the former Ukranian Zubok Jan Semyonovich, who had been twice convicted for theft before his emigration to the USA. In the USA he is the owner of a small fabric in preservatives with 6 employees, but he introduced himself as the president of "New Technology and Production International". Before his unmasking he tried to seal a contract worth 300 billion rubles with the then prime minister of the Russian federation Ivan Silaiev, then arrived a certain Leo Vanta who does as if he represents "New Republic Financial Group" a firm that was registered with a capital of 60000 lire he negotiated with the Russian parliament for "John Ross".


The Russian gangs (because most of Germany's new russians came from the Black Sea area near Odessa, they were also called the Odessa mafia) control in Berlin about 350 firms under which many arcade halls in which black money was laundered. The arcade halls are according to the police for about 85 % in Russian hands, but also other firms and companies are owned by them. Much of the laundered money was invested in spain. In august 1990 was at the Russian munitiondepot near Perleberg the soldier Oleg Kobsar (19) shot dead and months later police got back his machinegun togather with 400 russian handgranates. From 1990 paid the german government 6 billion marks for the retreat of the in Germany settled Soviettroops, till their departure in 1994 the troops smuggled cigarettes, alcohol, textile, live supplements, elektric apparature which often turned up at Moscow's black market. Also they stole many cars which drove to Russia and there they were sold.

East berlin, Germany

In 1990 met members of the Italian mafia and members of the Russian mafia eachother in an East Berlin restaurant and they started to cooperate.


4 October 1990 were in Milan the Calabrian boss Pasquale Santo Morabito (the brother of Francesco), Giuseppe Pugliesi, Pietro and Giovanni Mollica arrested. Pasquale Santo Morabito is the brother of the with Fidanzati arrested Francesco. He had millions of rubbles and was trying to set up a coke line to the USA, he is a member of the Bruzzaniti-Palamara-Morabito cosca and had earlier that year 70 billions of rubbles bought (4 billion of dollars), police couldn't find this treasurehord. Also Morabito wanted with Africo`s former mayor Giovanni Bruzzaniti to free their imprisoned friend Paolo Sergi. 20 December have a Colombian, a german and 3 Argentinan money launderers a meeting in Hotel Century in Geneve for the german Andreas Behrens with the lebanese Djiyad Annan and offered him Morabito's 70 billions of rubbles for 4,6 billion of dollars (15 times less that the Russian official course of a rubble for 1,2 dollar). Behrens was already sought for laundering several millions of drugdollar in Canada for Pablo Escobar and police suspect him now also of working for Escobar. The next day issued a judge in Swiss arrestwarrants for the 5 moneylaunderers. In the last days of december offered Turkuresin for Morabito the rubbles for sale in Bellinzona, Swiss to a possible buyer. But that is an undercoveragent who buys for the moment 100000 rubbles and reports it in Geneve. When he returned at the end of december in Italy, Turkuresin and his partner the Napolitan Gino Abelardo Grasso were arrested.

Brightonbeach (Elson- Nayfeld feud)

In 1990 left Monya Elson Israel and settled again in the USA. His headquarters became the nightclub the rasputin at Coney island Avenue. 14 Januari 1991 had the boss Monya Elson a bomb placed under the car of the boss Nayfeld, but Nayfeld survived.

Colin Gibbons

At the end of 1990 arrived a certain Colin Gibbons, the director of a socalled firm with a fictive capital of 7 billion dollars and a contract jointly signed with from russian side by the official A.A. Sveridov. 23 Januari 1991 was Colin Gibbons in Moscow arrested because he had tried to swindle the russian government for 140 billion rubbles who he was change with them for a fictive 800 million dollars. Gibbons friends Paul Pearson, the Italian American E Martin Gulevicz ( the last 2 work for Leo Vanta and are send by crime syndicates) and Omer Khan have then a meeting with Vladimir Kozlov (vice minister of trade in Russia). Mid februari were American investors for billions of rubbles offered with a letter of guarantee from the Soviet Union that the rubbles may be imported into the Soviet Union.

Berlin, Germany

In januari 1991 found police in a burned out Ford at the Berliner Ring the body of Eduard Beck, the in Munchen living russian emigrantson was stabbed to death probably because he had stolen from a cartheftring.

Dolgopruadnanskaya, Kuzin

In februari 1991 got Kuzin an order for attack weapons like kalashnikovs from the Croat Anton Kikas. He went on with supplying Kikas with weapons, but Kikas also bought weapons via South Africa. Kuzin was allowed because of his help to store his nuclear material in Croatia.

Budapest, Hungary, Semion Mogilevich

Mogilevich is married to a Hungarian national, Katalin Papp. That marriage allowed him to legally emigrate to Budapest, Hungary, in 1991, where he began to build the foundations of his global criminal empire. He bought a string of nightclubs in Prague, Riga, and Kiev — called the "Black and White Clubs" — that has become one of the world's foremost centers of prostitution. Monya Elson is a partner in the clubs, according to his own admission and classified FBI documents. The Black and White Club in Budapest became the hub of Mogilevich's operations. He quickly built a highly structured criminal organization, in the mode of a traditional American mafia family. Indeed, many of the organization's 250 members are his relatives.

Moscow, Soviet union, Vjatsjeslav Ivankov

Mogilevich also paid off a Russian judge to secure Vyacheslav Ivankov's early release from a Siberian prison, where he was doing hard time for robbery and torture, according to U.S. court records and classified FBI documents. 25 februari 1991 was Vjatsjeslov Ivankov in the Soviet Union set free. Ivankov leads from then on the offensive against the mighty Chetchenian clans who had settled in Moscow. That war costed dozens of topmafiosi their lives. Their clan had a holding in Antwerp that laundered money.

Brightonbeach, NY, Nayfeld's man Podlog

In march 1991 made Alexander Moysif two travels to Poland and took every time 2 kgs of heroin back to the US and was welcomed by David Podlog.

Hialeah, Florida, stripteaseclub Porky's

In 1991 opened the in the Ukraine born Leonid Fainberg the stripteaseclub Porky's in Hialeah (not far from Miami International airport), he was protected by Anzor Kikalischvili, a good friend of this one is the singer Josif Kobzon. The russian singer josif Kobzon was the man who went to Israel to bring back his friend Gregory Lerner back to Russia. Kobzon is also connected to Ivankov. Fainberg was befriended with the local cuban Juan Almeida who owns the Fort Apache yachtharbor in North Miami beach.

Budapest, Hungary, Semion Mogilevich

Army Co-op was established in 1991 by two Hungarian nationals, both in the local arms industry, who were looking for a partner. Mogilevich has bought 95 per cent of Army Co-op through another Channel Island holding company, Arigon, Ltd., and also deals extensively with the Ukraine, selling oil products to the Ukrainian railway administration.These transactions enabled the Mogilevich organization to become a direct owner of the Hungarian armaments industry. In one typical criminal deal, Mogilevich and two Moscow-based gangsters sold $20 million worth of pilfered Warsaw Pact weapons from East Germany, including ground-to-air missiles and 12 armored troop carriers, according to the classified Israeli and FBI documents. The buyer was Iran, says a top-level U.S. Customs official who requested anonymity.

Budapest, Hungary, Semion Mogilevich

To the consternation of international law enforcement officials, Mogilevich began to legally purchase much of Hungary's arms industry. The legitimate companies he bought include: Magnex 2000: a giant magnet manufacturer. Digep General Machine Works: an artillery shell, mortar, and fire equipment manufacturer, which was financed by a $3.8 million loan from the London branch of Banque Francaise De L'orean. Army Co-op: a mortar and anti-aircraft gun factory.


2 May 1991 escaped Sehrbock in Austria from prison.


11 May 1991 was Emil Puzyretsky the enforcer for Balagula shot to death at the birthday of his daughter in restaurant National, the best restaurant of Brighton Beach. He was trying to take over the operations of his imprisoned boss Balagula.

Brightonbeach (Elson- Nayfeld feud)

14 May 1991 had the boss Nayfeld an ambush done at Elson but he escapes.


22 May 1991 was again a russian (30) killed in his car.

Soviet republic Russia, President Boris jeltsin, Moscow mayor Gavriil Popov, Sint Petersburg mayor Anatoli Sobtsjak

12 June 1991 was Boris Jeltsin chosen president of the Soviet republic Russia in the first free elections. Also Moscow's mayor Gavriil Popov and Leningrad's mayor Anatoli Sobtsjak were rechosen as mayors and Leningrad gets renamed Sint Petersburg.

Russia, President Jelsin, Prime minister , minister of Defence Igor Sergejev, chief of the army staff, Minister of justice , minister of Foreign Affairs Andrej Kozyrev , Minister of Internal Affairs Jerin, FSB chief Serge Stepasjin , minister of privatisation , Minister of finance , minister van nuclear power ,minister van education minister van transport


8 July 1991 disappeared the Russian “Chicatski”. 31 July was again a russian (40) killed in his appartment.

Berlin, Germany, Boss Tengis Marianashvili

In july 1991 was Tengis Marianashvili, the leader of the Georgians in Berlin, wounded in an ambush by chechenians at the order of the boss and killer Amin Moessostov, 4 people were killed. Moessostov also fled and arrived 19 august in new York.


In july 1991 were 2 former Soviet soldiers dead bodies found in the Obersees, they were stabbbed to death after which their skulls were beaten in, they were part of a gang of car thiefs. .

Exit Gorbatsjev

In august 1991 there is a coup against Gorbatsjev by the former leader of the Soviet parliament Anatoli Loekijanov and the former head of the KGB Vladimir Kroetsjkov, which goes wrong because Jeltsin organized opposition and was helped by general Konstantin Kobets, Jeltsin became the new president and the Soviet Union fell togather when the other states left to become independent.


27 August 1991 was the body of the Russian “Chicatski” found. In november 1991 was a killed russian found in the Bay.

Brightonbeach (Elson- Nayfeld feud)

Mid 1991 Laskin than asked Monya Elson to have Nayfeld killed, Elson gave the order to Shalva Ukleda “Zver” but "Zver" informed Nayfeld. 27 September 1991was Efim Laskin (52) in Munchen tortured and killed with knifestabs.

Tadzjikistan, President Nabijev

After the failed coup in august 1991 in Moscow were the communists in Tadzikistan like everywhere in the former Soviet union in defence. Properties of the Communist party were confiscated and all kind of priviliges of the communists were stopped but 23 september got the communists the power in Tadzjikistan after a parliamentairy coup by Rachman Nabijev the former partysecretary of Tadzjikistan and 24 november 1991 became Nabijev president.


In september 1991 there starts a war in South Ossetia between Ossetian and Georgian nationalists.

Azerbajdzjan, president Ajaz Moetalibov

In september 1991 was Ajaz Moetalibov chosen president of Azerbajdzjan.

Monya Elson

Beginning october 1991 was Vyacheslav Lyubarsky lightly wounded as a warning at the orders of Monya Elson, Lyubarsky was thought to be a secret shareholder in The Rasputin.

Armenia, president Levon Tor Petrosian

16 October 1991 became Levon Tor Petrosian the first directly chosen president of Armenia.

Chechenia, president Doedajev

In 1991 does the government Jeltsin nothing to help Zavgajev when he was put aside as partyleader of the republic by Chechenian nationalists under the later president Doedajev. The pro russian rulers in Chechenia like Zavgajev and mayor Gantemirov from Grozny had themselves enriched in the buildingindustry.

Primorje governor Nazdratenko

In 1991 became Nazdratenko governor of the region Primorje around Vladivostok and was the uncrowned king of Russia's Far East.

Kuzin men

In october 1991 were in Como 4 men of Kuzin arrested with 0,3 milligram plutonium, under them is Franz Mikulits (or Mikalits).

Rita Draxler

In november 1991 was Rita Draxler’s righthand the yugoslaf Marijan Sokolovic in Vienna arrested. He had a small quantity plutonium with him and confessed to be the contactman for Draxler with the nuclear sellers: the Russians Vitali Fedorchuk (former KGB) and Oleg Petrovski (former militairy GRU).

Viktor Kogan

During the night of November 23-24, 1991, Viktor bluffed his way into a church near Moscow's famous Donskoi monastery by telling the night watchman he was a lost soul in need of God. Once inside, he knocked out the guard with gas and stole half a dozen 16th- and 17th-century icons laden with gold and precious stones a haul worth more than 100,000 according to police who were not able to pin the job on Viktor. Viktor didn't have trusted export connections to Brooklyn gangs. So he relied on Yugoslav contacts and corrupt West African diplomats to handle the export of stolen gold, precious stones and icons, such as those from the Donskoi job, to Germany to be sold.

Nayfeld's man Podlog

9 December 1991 phone David Podlog and Alexander Mikhailov.

Russian topmeeting

In december 1991 met the 30 most important Russian mobleaders and the 7 topbosses Rafael “Rafik” Bagdasarian “Svo” and Valery Dlugach "Globus" and they decided to send Ivankov to the USA to set up a branch for them now that in New York Elson and Nayfeld tried to kill eachother and there had come a void in Brigthon Beach because also the brothers Zilber had problems with justice.


In december 1991 find the german police a load of weapons from Kuzin and Kikas.

Rita Draxler

In december 1991 find the Italian police 32 kilos of plutoniumstaves that were stolen from storageplaces in the Ucrain, police sought for this Rita Draxler. At the end of december police listened to a tapped phone and hear 2 sicilian drugdealers in Verona. They talk about a future meeting like the one in Zurich. They had billions of rubles transported via Swiss and Italy to Miami .( the meeting is in 1992 in Prague and in 1993 in Berlin). Around about the same time was in Rome Morabito`s daughter Ludovica Bahl (who lives in Catania) arrested when she tried to sell a whole truckload full of rubbles.

Nayfeld's man Podlog

9 januari 1992 got David Podlog a phonecall from Nayfeld who told him to send samples via Shalva Ukleba “Zver”.

Brighton Beach, New York, Monya Elson

12 Januari 1992 was Vyacheslav Lyubarsky (49) and his son Vadim (26) killed at the orders of Monya Elson. Nine days later was Efrim Ostrovsky (a man of Elson) in Queens killed by Alexander Slepinin.

Los Angeles

In Hollywood is the boss Andrey Kuznetsov since 1989 after having been imprisoned for 4 years in Russia. He had contacts in Brighton Beach in New York and was killed with Alexander Nikolaev in january 1992 by his man Serguei Ivanov who with Vladimir Litvinenko cut off their fingertips. Ivanov was convicted but Litvinenko was already again seen in Brighton Beach.

Vienna, Austria, Kuzin

In januari 1992 found the austrian police 2,8 kilos of plutonium 239 in a safelocker in Vienna. This sample looked identical with a smaller find earlier that year in Como, the connected trader worked for Kuzin.

Prague meetings

In 1992 Prague hosted several summits, where representatives of Russian gangs, Italian Mafia and Colombian cartels met.

Nuclear waste

In 1992 resigned Aleksandr Nikitin from the army because the defencetop did nothing with his alarming reports.

Brighton Beach, New York, Zilber brothers 10 Februari 1992 had Vladimir Zilber than several oilcompanies torched but he didn't know that they were fronts from the FBI who were doing an undercoveraction.

Antwerp, belgium

24 March 1992 was in the Antwerp harbor 650 kilos of coke found in television sets, connected to it was Yuval Shemesh who works for David Ben David, and Jacob Korakin had to pay the colombians. The coke found in Antwerp belonged to Gabriel Baena from cali, also connected were Jos langedijk and Martens.

Brighton Beach, New York, boss Vjatsjeslov Ivankov (55) "japanese"

Vyacheslav Ivankov, the legendary Russian criminal who in march 1992 settled in Brighton Beach (he arrived via Germany) he was followed up in Moscow by the georgian Otari Vitaljevitsj Kvantrisjvili. Ivankov Originally from St Petersburg then starts to work with the New York Gambino family and got property in Las Vegas. The Brighton Beach dons laid contact witht the Colombian cartels and brought coke into Russia.

Rita Draxler

In march 1992 the german Rita Draxler with the bulgarian Soel offered to Croatia SAM rockets. 21 or 22 april 1992 Zagreb asks then for Stinger rockets and kalashnikovs.

Nayfeld's men

In april 1992 ended the DEA a Russian heroingang in Brooklyn. The undercover bought from Alexander Moysiff and Katz who also supplied the sicilians instead of the sicilians importing themselves. At every flight from West Berlin there was heroin worth a million dollars, the heroin came from Bangkok via Moscow and East Berlin in West Berlin, then it was send by plane to the USA. 9 Russians were convicted but many escaped. Every day goes from Kennedy Airport a plane to Moscow with 100 million dollars and even sometimes a billion dollars for the bosses in Russia, that is why they have become the biggest moneylaunderers of all international groups


21 April 1992 was the boss Tengis Marianasjvili found killed in a canal in the Netherlands.


27 April 1992 was Elson shortly arrested. 8 May was in New Jersey the boss Amin Moessostov (30) killed.

Antwerp diamonddistrict, Belgium, Pelikaanstraat (Pelicanstreet)

31 May 1992 were the antwerp jewellers the israeli Yosef Yaacobi and his belgium partner Danielle Himmler killed by Levy Ben David (22) and Guy Gogjasvili (22).

Brightonbeach, Nightclub the Rasputin In june 1992 was The Rasputin reopened after a renovation, it was led by the front Alex Puzaitzer for the suspected owners Sjalva Ukleba and the brothers Vladimir “Victor” and Alexander Zilber “Zilberstein”. 23 June was in the US Alexander Slepinin (43) killed at the orders of , Slepinin was probably also a secret owner of the Rasputin. Two weeks later was Nayfeld's man Elbrous Evdoev shot and wounded.


In july 1992 was the killed Anna Poldiajewa (18) found in a forest near Oranienburg, her skull was beaten in and after that her throat was cut. The bosses suspected her of stealing money from their bank and cheque schemes. In 1992 was in Germany the Ukranian Garri Djibu in Berlin killed and later the Berlin man Michael Miosga and his girlfriend Anja Krause were killed. Miosga was apparently a frontman in the socalled rubletransfers.


In july 1992 was in Belgium a firm started by Yuval Shemesh and Gregory Zvi Donat, the son of Oscar Donat. 1 September was Levy Ben David arrested in Israel for the 2 murders. In september Frank Slaets and Richard Fanchini joined eachother in business. Fanchini is the director of Kremlyovskaya a firm that made belgium vodka and then transported it then taxfree into Russia.


In 1992 stole Alexander Konanykhire 8,1 million dollars from the Exchange Bank in Moscow.


In september 1992 Grisha Roizis was arrested in Rumania, he was introduced by Marat Balagula to the heroindealer Boris Nayfeld for who he started to work. Roizis starts then to work for the DEA as informer.


In october 1992 was in a Frankfurt bagagevault 20 grams of strontium 90 found and elsewhere they found 20 grams of cesium 137 in the trunk of a BMW. Police were tipped by a swiss doctor who saw with his patient the Polish Krysztof Adamski the deadly radiationdisease and recognized it, the Polish had the monsters strontium and cesium carried in his breastpocket. Also 2 other couriers were found with radiationdisease and the 3 said that there was 20 kilos of radioactive material in Germany. The polish police invaded the house of one of the dying men in Terespol and they found 2 kilos of uranium. The russian police found 100 kilos of radioactive substances in a house near a miltairy installation in Udmertskaya.

Moscow, Russia, Aleksandr Solonik Some members of the Kurganskaya decided to go to Moscow. Beginning october 1992 killed Solonik gangleader Viktor Nikiforov "Kalina", Ivankov's unlawfull son.


At the end of the 80ties, beginning of the 90ties came up the extortionists and friends Oleg Wagin and Mischa Kutchin in Jekaterinburg as tough mobsters with their gang Zentralnaja. Their enemies are the the 5 bosses of the Uralmasch gang under whom konstantin Zyganow. Jekaterinburg is rich with aluminium,copper and gold. In a neighbouring town resisted mayor Wassilij Malzew a gang who wanted to take over the local wodka fabric and they killed his son (14). In october 1992 was the Russian boss Oleg Wagin shot dead later was also Wagin's friend Mischa Kutchin killed. Once police arrested the boss konstantin Zyganow of the Uralmasch, after 2 times a handgrenate had been thrown into the police office, he was set free at a bail of 150000 mark and he fled to the US.

Antwerp, Belgium

In the mid of the years 80 Rachmiel Brandwain was connected to the international smuggle of 4000 kgs of gold and from this he got his name "goldfinger". In januari 1990 start Rachmiel Brandwain, Boris Nayfeld and Riccardo Fanchini the antwerp tradingfirm M&S International, first they export booze and cigarettes to the east block without paying tax, later they also start to sell bootleg Philips products. In 1992 the group Comuele took a participation in M&S.

Los Angeles, California, Monya Elson

6 November 1992 was Elson wounded in an ambush that was ordered by the boss Nayfeld. Elson was brought to the hospital by his man Leonyard Kanterkantetes. Two days later somebody tried to place a bomb in the car of Kanterkantetes but was himself killed when the bomb went of to early.

Brightonbeach, NY, Zilber brothers

20 November 1992 became Viktor Zilber partially invalid after an ambush and was visited in hospital by his partner of the Gambino family Anthony “Fat Tony” Morelli who warned him to keep his mouth shut.

Armenian Rafael "Rafik" Bagdasarian "Svo" At the end of december 1992 was Rafael "Rafik" Bagdasarian "Svo" in Hotel Minsk arrested and imprisoned in the Lefortovo prison. He was followed up by Haik Gevorkjan "Goga Jerevanski" who was later severely wounded in an ambush.

Berlin, Germany

5 Januari 1993 shot and killed the russian assasssin Wiktor Iwaniuk in the Berlin Grand Hotel Esplanade the businessman Alexander Nikoulin.

St Petersburg, Soviet union, Cali familyGrajales , Operation Acapulco

16 Februari 1993 was near St Petersburg 1000 kilos of coke found at Vyborg thanks to operation Acapulco, it had been financed by the Israeli family Eini from Amsterdam. The Cali cartel had made an accord with an Israeli group in Colombia who turned to a russian group (the cokeowner Boris Nayfeld, financier Rachmiel "Mike" Brandwain and Riccardo Fanchini) in Antwerp, Belgium, who worked with a russian group in Amsterdam who turned to their friends in St Petersburg, the coke would be send to germany and belonged to Jacob Korakin. Jacob Korakin had ties with the Alperon family in Israel and with Nayfeld. 24 Februari was than in Israel the boss Yehezkel Aslan (43) shot dead.

Boris Yeltsin

Boris Yeltsin himself sounded the alarm: "The world has come to consider Russia as a powerful bastion of the mobs," the Russian president declared in February 1993, participating in a national conference on organized crime. "We are surpassing countries, like Italy, that have traditionally been in the front lines. There are criminal structures literally corroding our country from top to bottom."

Kuzin ?

In march 1993 police find in Turin 3,2 grams of plutoium 239 from a former agent of the Bulgarian secret servive, the Bulgarian was arrested in Northeast Italy which is the area from which Kuzin also mostly works.

London, United Kingdom

In march 1993 settled the Chechenian brothers Ruslan and Nasabek Utseyev with a million english pounds in London. They were later killed on the same day in their appartments.


2 April 1993 was Alexander Mikhailov arrested in the US with 3,5 kgs of heroin. In 1993 there is a sharp decline in heroin catches by police in western Europe while heroincatches in eastern Europe took a sharp rise. The traditional smuggleroute over Yugoslavia seems to be replaced because of the war by a route over the eastern european countries.

Moscow, Solntsevoskaya , boss Otari Kvantrishvili Beginning april 1993 were Moscow's most important bosses Anatolij Semjonow and Valery Dlugach "Globus" (a partner of Ivankov) shot and killed, the order came probably from the boss Malevsky of the Ismajlovoskaya who probably also ordered later the murder of Dloegatsj's heir Vjatsjeslav Vanner "Baron". Solonik shot and killed gangleader Valeri Dlugatsj in a crowded disco while his victim was surrounded by bodyguards. Dlugatsj "Globus" group was then taken over by Vladislav Vinner. (Vjaceslav Vinter aka Bobon). Moscow's most important boss then became Otari Kvantrishvili the boss of Solntsevoskaya, a former georgian athlete and his brother is Amiran they are the sons of a Georgian railway man, Otari was a former wrestler in the Dinamo sporting club, was leader of the "Lev Jashin" Foundation which looked after the intrests of sportsmen.

Sportfund NFS

The National Sport Foundation (NFS) was started by Jeltsin's tennispartner and personal friend Shamil Tarpischev the minister of Sports. In june 1993 Boris Jeltsin allowed the russian tennisacademy and the NFS for 3 years to import goods without paying importtax. Tarpischev became Russia's biggest importer of wodka and cigarettes what the state costed 200 million dollars of tax every year, also Kvantrisjvili was shareholder in the NFS via the Lev Jachin holding.

Zilber brothers

In may 1993 were Vladimir Zilber, Arkady Seifer and Morelli indicted for the benzeenfraud.


In 1993 meeting in Miami which is attended by Ivankov from New York, Mikhailov and Averin from Vienna, Essine from Italy and Sergei "sylvester" Timofeyer from Moscow.


Mogilevich is particularly intrigued by art fraud. In early 1993, he reached an agreement with the leaders of the powerful Solntsevskaya crime family in Moscow to invest huge sums of money in a joint venture: acquiring a jewelry business in Moscow and Budapest. The business, according to classified FBI documents, was to serve as a front for the acquisition of jewelry, antiques, and art, which the Solntsevskaya mob had stolen from churches and museums in Russia, including the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. The gangsters also robbed the homes of art collectors and even broke into synagogues in Germany and Eastern Europe to steal rare religious books and Torahs. Mogilevich's operation, again in collusion with the Solntsevskaya mob, also purchased a large jewelry factory in Budapest. Russian antiques, such as Faberge eggs, are sent to Budapest for "restoration." Mogilevich's men ship the genuine Faberge eggs to an unwitting Sotheby's auction house in London for sale, then send fake Faberge eggs as well as other "restored" objects back to Moscow.


At the end of 1993, beginning 1994 were in just two months in Berlin the well known Icon traders Witalij Ljachowskij and Avraham Gleser killed.

Fano, Italy, Monya Elson

Monya Elson, is listed in classified documents as one of Mogilevich's closest associates and partners in prostitution and money laundering rings. 26 July 1993 was in the US an ambush at the boss Monya Elson (42), his wife Marya Elson (42), their bodyguard Oleg Zapivakmin (25) , they were all wounded just like a 4th person. In July 1993,after Elson was grievously wounded by rival mobsters in a bloody shoot-out outside his Brooklyn apartment building, Mogilevich spirited him out of the country. Mogilevich then set up his Russian Jewish refugee friend in an alleged massive money-laundering scheme in Fano, Italy, where he was eventually arrested and extradited back to America.

Moscow , Viktor Israelevich Kogan killed On 2 August 1993, the last morning of his life, Viktor Israelevich Kogan, he took protection money from pinball arcades in his territory, Orekhovoi-Borisova, a south Moscow neighborhood. But that day, two toughs from a southwestern gang headed by Sergei "Sylvester" Timofeyev came into one of Viktor's arcades, and a turf argument turned into a shoot-out. Viktor got the two guys, but they got him too. Two bullets caught him in the forehead. Viktor's 15-member gang, for example, was mostly ethnically Russian. The only other Jews in the group are Adolf Hershovich Zelyony, a smuggler nicknamed "the Respected"; Volodya "the Fish" Ribitzky, a locksmith and safe-cracker; and Yakov "Yasha" Barsky, a goldsmith. All three are still at large.

More frequently, Jews are victims in one way or another. Local gangs, for instance, may burglarize the apartments of prospective emigrants to Israel or the United States who are holding large sums of cash after selling off their possessions to leave. A few months ago a local Jew, the uncle of an Israeli diplomat in Moscow, fell victim to a burglary that ended in his murder. "They must have heard he was emigrating," said the diplomat. Jews among Moscow's foreign community have also been touched by the violence. New Jersey restaurateur Jeffrey Zeiger (profiled in The Jerusalem Report, May 20,1993) lost his Russian partner in the successful Moscow Tren-Mos eatery to a professional hit in August. The partner, Moscow politician Sergei Goryachev, was shot twice in the head and neck by unknown assailants. "Sergei may have been into things I didn't know about," says Zeiger, "but I'm sticking it out here."

Moscow, Solntsevoskaya, boss Otari Kvantrishvili In august 1993 was the georgian Amiran Kvantrishvili shot and killed by chechenians who killed with gunshots 4 people and killed a fifth wounded with a handgrenate, he was the brother of the boss Otari.


The russian Roeblovka (a nature area) is loved as a place for important politicians and businessman to have a datsja. In 1993 1994 started via the Presidential Council, the main owner of houses and farms in the area, the privatisation of Roeblovka. In Roeblovka arose in recordtime palace after palace that while the politicians and businessmen earn according to their official taxfiles between the 10000 and 100000 dollar yearly. Boris jeltsin owns himself in Gorki 10 parcels of 4 hectars of land plus a capital datsja and a city appartment. At his taxfile stands that this all is just worth 200000 dollars, experts guess the ground alone is worth 2 million dollars.

American hero Michael Dasaro

In 1993 was Michael Dasaro who worked for the American Bureau for International development found dead in his appartment. He had his bosses reported about the grip that the russian mafia tried to get at the 15000 tactical nuclear weapons in the GOS and the tonns of plutonium and uranium, after that report they killed him as a warning to other researchers in the US.


24 September 1993 Boris Nayfeld had Elson’s bodyguard and nephew Oleg Zapivakmin (25) killed. Also was then killed Elson's friend Alexander "Sasha Pinya" Levichitz.

Russia, president Jelsin, vice president Aleksandr Rutskoi, minister of Defence Pavel Gratsov

Moscow, Rutskoi coup

In september 1993 started in Moscow a constitutional crises between Jeltsin and the parliament. Vice president Aleksandr Rutskoi chose the side of the parliament. Rutskoi phoned from the by jeltsin troops besieged White House to the in Kazan (Tatarstan) living mafiaboss Sjasjurin with a request for food and fuel, the boss chose the side of Rutskoi and drove with several trucks to Moscow. There he was arrested by Jeltsin's troops, he was 3 days imprisoned in the Moscow Lefortovo prison and was then send to Kazan where he was still imprisoned 10 months later. Sjasjurin also befriended former vice prime minister Jegor Gajdar. 4 october was the russian parliamentbuilding conquered by Jeltsin's troops from the coupplayers. Aleksandr Rutskoi and the leader of the parliament Roeslan Chasboelatov were arrested because Jeltsin had gotten the support of the minister of defence Pavel Gratsjov and was helped by general Konstantin Kobets. Rutskoi had as anti government minister of Defence Albert Makasjov a communist.

President Jelsin, prime minister Viktor Tsjernomyrdin In 1993 became Viktor Tsernomyrdin prime minister under president Jelsin what he will be for 5 years.

Russia, President Jelsin, Prime minister Viktor Tsjernomyrdin , minister of Defence Pavel Gratsjov, chief of the army staff , Minister of justice , minister of Foreign Affairs Andrej Kozyrev , Minister of Internal Affairs Jerin, FSB chief Serge Stepasjin , minister of privatisation , Minister of finance , minister of nuclear energy , minister of Education, minister of transport


18 October 1993 police closed in Amsterdam 5 moneychange banks of the Eini family after Martens had told them that they had financed a coketransport and laundered drugmoney. Mid october was thanks to Shemesh the boss Korakin arrested.

Army weaponthefts

The ministery of defence in Russia announced that in 1993 there had been 6430 registered weaponthefts from armycamps (an increase with more then 50% with the year before, 1992).

Istanbul, Turkey, Nuclear material Police in Istanbul find in october 1993 than 2,5kgs of enriched uranium.

Moscow, Solntsevoskaya, boss Otari Kvantrishvili In december 1993 got Otari Kvantrishvili taxfree import for 3 years and he had obtained fiscal discounts as well as export quotas for cement, metals, naphtha, titanium and aluminum. In january 1994 was the killed Sergej Kroeglov found in a river, he had disappeared months before and was a friend of Otari Kvantrishvili.


At the end of 1993 disappeared in Russia 3 fuelstaves highly enriched uranium and happily police found them back.

Money flight

A rough idea of the turnover of the Russian bosses can be had by following the calculations Alan Friedman made for the International Herald Tribune. According to the U.S. journalist, in 1993 the outflow of capital from Russia had reached a rate of two billion dollars per month. This is what Alexandr Kartashev, deputy chief of the Russian Ministry of Interiors Task Force against Organized Crime, defined as the "shadow economy" that since 1994 has fruited about a trillion and a half rubles.


2 december 1993 Zapinakmine's friend Vladimir Beigelman (36) killed by colombian in Queens at the order of the cokeboss Juan Carlos Ramirez Abadia "chupeta". Abadia had worked for the brothers Ivan and Julio Fabio Urdinola Grajales, the leaders for the North Valley cartel, a kind of dependance for the Cali cartel.


12 January 1994 was Oleg Korataev (44) shot dead possibly at the order of the Moscow drugdealer Dzhemal Khachidze, 3 days after met men from ivankov and men of Khachidze in Porto Rico.

Boris Nayfeld arrested

In january 1994 was the boss Boris Nayfeld arrested for heroin trafficking and started Aharon Wiener to talk and became a witness. Boris Nayfeld told police about Monya Elson's heroin trade and murders.

Antwerp, Belgium

It was from Antwerp that Boris Nayfeld organized a ring smuggling heroin from Bangkok to New York via Warsaw between 1990 and 1994.

CIA officer Aldrich H. Ames

21 February 1994 CIA officer Aldrich H. Ames is arrested for selling secrets to Soviet authorities over nearly a decade, damaging U.S. national security and leading to the executions of 10 CIA informants in the Soviet Union. In total 25 agents were lost due to him. Hathaway had ordered Jeanne Vertefeuille (63) to find out who was selling out the spies which the USA lost in the Soviet Union. She found out it was Ames.


In 1991 was the Afghanistan fund started to bring togather money for Soviet militairies who became invalid in Afghanistan. Chairman is Valeri Ratsjikov (who had himself lost 2 legs) thanks to taxfree the charity funds were bigg business and also came in the gangsters. In 1993 was Valeri Ratsjikov set aside as chairman of the Afghanistan vets funds and he was replaced by Michael Lichodej. So Ratsjikov and his supporters started a concurring association under the same name. In 1994 was Lichodej of the veteran fund killed by a bomb in his appartment, shortly therafter was also the underchairman of the Fund killed.


In januari 1994 lost the oiltrader Vladimir Misjoerin an eye in a shoot out. In july was the Uzbek Alexei Aguievski in Germany killed.


In februari 1994 find police 1,2 tons of coke near the Finnish-Russian border, the load had to be send to Holland for further shipment through Europe. In 1994 was the mafiaboss Wiktor Kasinzew in his car shot dead in Russia.

Moscow, Russia, Boss Vladislav Vanner killed by Aleksandr Solonik

17 January 1994 killed Solonik then gangleader Vladislav Vinner (vanner) "baron or bobon" .

Duma deputy Juri Tjen

In march 1994 was in the house of deputy Juri Tjen (who is also the director of a building company) a molotov cocktail thrown.

Menatep Bank, president Mikhail Khodorkovsky, vice president Konstantin Kagalovski

Mikhail Khodorkovsky led Menatep bank for which also Konstantin Kagalovski worked as vice president and they started their robbing deals in 1994 with KGB people.

Businessman Boris Berezovski

Acccording to Forbes businessman Berezovski started his carbusiness working with the chechenian mafia in Moscow who controlled the carsellingbusiness. Berezovski became rich selling cars which he bought very cheap from the lada fabric Avtovaz and sold for a very nice profit. Avtovaz was always working on the edge of being broke and berezovski became very rich. When the Solntsevoskaya started to enlarge her territory in Moscow they approached Berezovski and wanted to extort him, Berezovski said he was already protected by the chechenians and that they had to talk with them. That meeting ended in a shootout in which died 6 chechenians and 4 russians. Shortly thereafter in the summer of 1994 Logovaz director Berezovski (Logovaz is Russia's biggest carselling business) survived at day a carbomb in which died his chauffeur. Berezovski also collected payments for the production for a cheap russian car, the participants would get their money back in the form of a new car. Berezovski invested the 50 million dollars 3 years later in a joint venture in a Finland carfabric. This is later called the affair with the AVVA bonds and the investors lost their money. (several russians invested more then 2 billion dollars alone in Finland while the country had about 1500 firms registered which were owned by russians)


In 1994 Solonik tried to getTyumen crimeboss Andrey Rura "Mammoth" so far that he would pay a debt of a milion dollars to a Moscow bank, Andrey Rura phoned Kvantrishvilli, who said Andrey was under his protection. Solonik went back to Moscow and special services found out that he conducted negotiations with Tyumen criminals in Moscow's Arlekino Club. Several influential criminals, including Rura "Mammoth".were killed several days later.

Moscow, Solntsevoskaya, boss Otari Kvantrishvili killed by Solonik

5 April 1994 was Moscow's most important boss Otari Kvantrishvili (47) shot and killed by a sniper when he left the Krasnopresnenski baths in moscow, the killer is Aleksandr Solonik "Alexander the Great" who was probably hired by Serghej Tiofeev "Silvestr" , he was followed up by Vjatsjeslav Ivankov as most important boss.

Sportfund NFS

Otari was followed up as head of the National Sport Foundation by Boris Fjodorov.

boss Avtandil Ciklaidze killed

A week later in april 1994 was the georgian boss Avtandil Ciklaidze killed in his bed with his wife. In the spring of 1994 it became clear the war was won by the Mazoetskakaya.

Honest Duma deputy Andrej Ajzderdis killed

At the end of april 1994 was deputy Andrej Ajzderdis (till recently a bankdirector) shot dead in front of his house. Deputy and businessman Andrej Aizderdzis (36) was killed in front of his flat, shorly before he was killed he had published an Who is Who with the names of the Russian gangsters. His name is also spelled Andrei Aidzerdzis.

Duma LDPR deputy Sergej Skorotsjkin attacked Beginning may 1994 shot and killed deputy Sergej Skorotsjkin (33) (owner of a foodstore chain in Moscow) an attacker and also an other was killed, according to Skorotsjkin he was extorted. Later was Sergej Skorotsjkin killed, Zhirinovski names the Skorotsjkin murder a political murder but everybody knows that the LDPR deputy Skorotsjkin had ties with the russian mafia.


In may 1994 was the stabbed to death russian Oleg Kononov (28) found buried in the dunes of Zandvoort.

Police high command

In may 1994 was generalmayor Igor Ssjiljov (the second highest organized crimefighter) arrested because he was suspected of accepting bribes to sabotage investigations.


In may 1994 met in a hotel Michailov and Viktor Averin others. In 1994 settled Vadim Rozenbaoum in the Netherlands and was an important russian importeur of DAF trucks, Bavaria, Oranjeboom and grolsch beers in Moscow.

Wien, Austria, Solntsevo branch

Because of the bloody wars had several leaders replaced their operations to abroad like the group from the Moscow suburb Solntsevo of which the leaders settled in Austria.

Stolichny Bank, Big seven banker Smolensky

Since june 1994 there is a pre investigation against the russian banker Alexander Smolensky for fraud with international creditletters. Beginning 1995 just when Smolensky's stolichny bank has gotten a permit to do business in the Netherlands, Smolensky had to appear before the dutch Central Bank director De Swaan to be questioned.

Istanbul, Turkey, Nuclear material

Police in Istanbul find in july 1994 than 10 kgs of enriched uranium.


18 July 1994 police heared in Spain that a gang in munchen offered plutonium for sale and 10 august was in munchen 363 grams of plutonium found with 2 spanniards and a Colombian. Iran had a network in europe put up for the smuggle of nuclear technology. The last 2 years had Iranians been arrested in Turkye with uranium from russia and they also hired Russian scientists with high salaries. Countries as Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Libya, Syria and northern Corea try to get their hands on nuclear technology.

Army thefts

More than 3000 militairies were between februari and august 1994 punished for theft of militairy equipment.

Nuclear material

In august 1994 german police confiscated 363 grams of plutonium which was in the possession of 3 men (2 russians and a colombian). They were arrested in Munchen when they arrived from Moscow. Russia first said it was a trick from the german secret service but later admitted that it came from a russian reactor in Obninsk.

Vienna meeting

a summit of the Russian mob took place in Vienna in order to define influence spheres in post-perestroika Russia; it was attended by Timofeev, the Austrian Mihas, the American Yaponchick and German Petrik.Many others lost their lives in the unchecked pursuit of wild capitalism. In the last few years more than 30 vory v zakone were murdered, including Otari Vitalievich Kvantrishvili, one of Russia’s most powerful bosses, , Serghej Sokolov, Sultan Daudov, the only vor recognized by the Tchetchenian mob, and Mikhailovich Beradze aka "Scarface", a Georgian very influential in Moscow.

Primorskaya, Boss Serghej Timofeev, aka Silvestr killed

Silvestr was born in 1955 in the town of Bendery, in the Novgorod region. He was blown to pieces while driving his Mercedes 600 on the third uliza TverskajaJamskaja in Moscow, on September 13, 1994, five months following Otari’s murder. An anonymous telephone call to the Komsomolskaja Pravda, in addition to clarifying the identity of those nameless remains, indicated Bobab, a boss connected to Otari, as the principal in that execution. Primorskaya then got as its leader Yuri Essine and he is suspected of ordering the murder of his friend.


In 1994 arrived Yuri Essine in Italy, he had his friend Sergei Timofeye the leader of Primorskaya killed by the Kurganskaya and took in his place as leader.

Moscow, Aleksandr Solonik arrested

6 October 1994 was Solonik severely wounded when police try to arrest him at the Moscow market and he shot and killed 3 agents, police shoot back and wounded him, he confessed the contractkillings of 4 bosses, but didn't tell who had paid him.

Paris, France

22 November 1994 was in Paris Sergei Mazharov (36) killed and suspect is his friend and businesspartner Sergei Makarov. In 1995 were in Paris the russian businessman Yevgeni Polevoi (42), his new wife and her parents and 2 friends killed, police convict his son for the murders but 5 months later a Polevoi's business associate was killed in Moscow and in december 1995 Polevoi's brother Dmitri was shot to death in Belorussia he had taken over his brothers business.

Col. Ryszard Kuklinski

Col. Kuklinski paid a high price for his cooperation with the West. In 1994, his younger son Bogdan and another man, both experienced sailors, disappeared from the sailboat 70 miles from the Florida coast. The weather was good. There was no SOS call from the boat. The diving suits remained not used on the boat. The bodies were never found. Half a year later, Kuklinski's other son, Waldemar, was hit by a car. The driver fled the scene, leaving no fingerprints inside the vehicle.

United states branch , Semion Mogilevich

In 1994, he purchased a license enabling him to buy and sell weapons. Now a legitimate armaments manufacturer, one of his companies participated in at least one arms exhibition in the U.S., where it displayed mortars modified by Israel. Like mob bosses everywhere, Mogilevich couldn't sustain his empire without the help of corrupt police and politicians. There is one documented example of a criminal associate of Mogilevich mingling with American politicians. In March 1994, Vahtang Ubiriya, one of Mogilevich's top lieutenants, was photographed by the FBI at a tony Republican Party fundraiser in Dallas, says an FBI report. Ubiriya, a high-ranking official in the Ukrainian railway administration, has a prior conviction for bribery in the Ukraine. In Europe and Russia, the "corruption of police and public officials has been part of the Semion Mogilevich Organization's modus operandi," says a classified FBI document. "The corruptive influence of the Mogilevich organization apparently extends to the Russian security system.


the German national television network ZDF reported that the BND (the German intelligence agency) had entered into a secret contract with Mogilevich to provide information on the Russian mob. The charges were made by several sources, including Pierre Delilez, a highly regarded Belgium police investigator who specializes in Russian Organized Crime. Because of this deal with the BND, police in Belgium, Germany, and Austria have complained that it is now impossible to investigate the "Brainy Don." one possible motive for BND's deal, says a U.S. law enforcement expert on the Russian mob, is that the Germans recently "pulled their people out of Moscow because they didn't like the level of cooperation they were getting from the Russian authorities on the Russian mob."


In 1994 was a brothelkeeper killed with 12 of his prostitutes and police suspect Mogilevitch of ordering the killings. This way he took over the prostitution rackets.


In 1994 gave Antigua a licence to the bank European Union Bank (it would be an offshore daughter for the russian Menatep bank). The most important shareholder is Alexander Konanykhire who was at that moment imprisoned in the USA.

Ukkel, Belgium

18 December 1994 was the oiltrader Vladimir Misjoerin (Vladimir Misyurin) in Ukkel, Belgium killed by Igor Legotski (33) and Joerij Michajlovic Sedov. Misjoerin is a boss and an assassin who was connected to between 120 and 140 murders.

Bloemendaal, Netherlands

21 december 1994 was at the beach of Bloemendaal a strangled russian (33) found.

North Miami Beach, club Babushka

Autumn 1994 opened Fainberg a club annex restaurant babushka in North Miami Beach, partner in it became the DEA informer Grisha Roizis. Roizis also brought in DEA undercoveragent Alexander Yasevich and introduced 27 january 1995 him to Fainberg.

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