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It’s always nice to see the older generation pass on its wisdom to the youngsters out there. Except when that wisdom pertains to trafficking drugs. Yet that’s exactly what 62-year-old Patrick Maloney did, running a crew of young dealers that bragged to clients they could deliver drugs anywhere “within 30 minutes of central London and within an hour anywhere else.”

Maloney managed a gang of younger drug dealers and directed them where to deliver the product, using modified mopeds with ‘knowledge’ boards to mimic trainee taxi drivers. He was also in charge of the weekly cash payments and paying the drug runners their wages.

Known by his nickname “Badger,” Maloney had quite the resume when it comes to peddling drugs. Labeled a career criminal by authorities, he served time in prison for his role in the importation of over four tons of cannabis.

“The knowledge and experience he provided helped the group distribute more than 40 kilos of cocaine, with an estimated wholesale value of £1.4 million, across London over a period of three weeks in February 2016,” Spencer Barnett from the Organised Crime Partnership told media when discussing Maloney’s role.

“He enforced discipline and directed members to go to elaborate lengths to stay under the radar of law enforcement, using safe houses, throw-away mobile phones and mopeds to try and avoid detection,” Barnett added.

Despite this, Maloney apparently failed to teach his young students the importance of keeping a low profile. To promote their narcotics home delivery business, the gang sent out a text message to over 400 potential clients – mind the word potential here – in which they claimed that they could deliver anywhere “within 30mins central London and within an hour anywhere else.”

Operating like that the cops won’t need long to find your ass and lock you up. In March of 2016, Maloney and his 34-year-old son Joseph along with eleven others were arrested in a series of raids after police had conducted surveillance on the group.

They seized over £164,600 cash, more than 10 kilos of class A drugs, 14 kilos of cutting agent, over 100 mobile phones and six mopeds during the raids. Analysis of mobile devices provided officers with information that the group was planning to import 70 kilos of cocaine from Ecuador to Spain, for onwards distribution across the United Kingdom.

“Badger” Maloney’s street classes in drug trafficking had come to an early end. Not to worry though, for those interested, Maloney now dispenses his wisdom behind bars. He was sentenced on Thursday, July 13, to seven years in prison. His son Joseph received 15 years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine.

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