Profile: British drug boss Anthony Dennis


By David Amoruso

For decades, British criminals have taken advantage of the fact they were citizens of an island nation. Whenever the law came to close they skipped across the pond to Europe, preferably sunny Spain. When Anthony Dennis was accused of importing copious amounts of drugs he did the same. Authorities, however, wised up, and when they applied enough pressure, Dennis returned home to do his time.

9237029067?profile=originalDennis was the leader of an organized crime group involved in high-level international drug trafficking. Hailing from Hackney, London, and residing in Ongar, Essex, 48-year-old Dennis conspired with others to import three tons of cocaine from South America into The Netherlands using logistical contacts in South America and Europe.

He brokered his deals at Café de Ketel in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, a regular bar which served as a central meeting spot for international drug traffickers.

Dennis assisted in or induced the importation of 67.5kg of cocaine into Belgium and Germany. It is further alleged that the group plotted to import cocaine into the United Kingdom either by supplying British buyers outside Europe or by exploiting their own routes.

The alleged drug baron was one of ten men being investigated in Operation Captura, a multi-agency campaign to track down individuals believed to be hiding from police in ex-pat communities in Spain.

9237029268?profile=originalThe Costa del Sol, located in the south of Spain, was renamed Costa del Crime by British media after scores of criminals took refuge there. Cities like Marbella (photo right), Málaga, and Torremolinos offer gangsters sun, excitement, pretty women, and a bustling nightlife with plenty of trendy clubs.

And with gangsters from Russia and other European countries also present enjoying the warm climate, there are countless opportunities to talk shop and begin a lucrative new partnership.

Anthony Dennis was doing exactly that. But when his face flashed up at billboards and buses throughout the area he realized the jig was up. Before anyone could tip police, he took a plain back to London where he turned himself in. Being a fugitive is one thing, being a “Most Wanted Criminal” is a whole different ballgame.

Dennis was sentenced at the Old Bailey in London in November of 2015 to 13 years and 4 months in prison for conspiracy to commit a foreign drug trafficking offence.

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