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A high-ranking member of Dutch outlaw motorcycle club Satudarah is looking for a criminal and he needs your help! Laurence Sapulette, the Sergeant-at-Arms of motorcycle club Satudarah, has put up a reward of €10,000 euro for information on the men who threw a hand grenade into his residence in the Dutch city of Enschede last week.

Though no one was hurt by the explosion, the grenade did destroy Sapulette’s home. It also placed him under close scrutiny from police investigating increasing tensions between outlaw bikers in the Netherlands. They see this attack as the latest in a string of violent incidents involving either the Hells Angels, BandidosNo Surrender or Satudarah, all of which are vying for territory and influence in the tiny European country.

But Sapulette thinks Dutch police are biased because of this. He tells regional newspaper Tubantia that the “hand grenade” was just “strong fireworks.” Furthermore, he adds, “They are just trying to make us suspect. That’s why they talk about a hand grenade.”

Cameras were aimed at the perpetrators. They arrived in a black Volkwagen, two men can be seen, Sapulette told the newspaper. He says police didn’t do anything with the information. They did request the video footage, but, Sapulette says, the cameras were not recording at the time.

Now, he is offering €10,000 euro for anyone with information leading to the identity of these men. He even opened up a special hotline people can call. If they do, Sapulette will answer them personally.

What happens if he does get that crucial bit of information? Will he pass that info on to police? Sapulette can’t say yet, it’s too early for that. He does assure everyone that he or his brothers in Satudarah will not play Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

Even though, as Sergeant-at-Arms, that’s exactly his job in the world of one percenter outlaw biker clubs.

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