Canada enjoys a great reputation. It is known as a welcoming country to people of all colors and creeds. Its citizens are nice and diverse. Despite or maybe because of Canada's excellent reputation as a free and fair country, crime groups from around the world have settled in its cities. Canada's underworld is comprised of a wide variety of organized crime groups, both local and foreign.

Several groups have established a genuine power base in Canada. Among them are the Sicilian and Calabrian Mafias, Cosa Nostra and the 'Ndrangheta; Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs like the Hells Angels and Bandidos; Asian Triads; and various drug gangs.

Articles and profiles

Leonardo Rizzuto, son of Mafia Godfather, is hit in drive-by shooting as Montreal mob violence continues
The Modern-Day Pimp: Toronto boss operated dozens of illegal Asian brothels in US, Canada, and Australia
The downfall of Hamilton mob boss Pasquale “Pat” Musitano
‘Ndrangheta in Greater Toronto Area hit but still too powerful – “There are 9 (Mafia clans) of us”
Salvatore Scoppa, brother of Montreal Mafia leader, shot to death at Sheraton Hotel in Laval
Profile of Toronto ‘Ndrangheta boss Giuseppe “Pino” Ursino
How a domestic dispute led to the death of Mafia boss Rocco Zito
Profile of Montreal’s West End mob boss Allan Ross
King of the Bootleggers: Profile of Hamilton mob boss Rocco Perri
Mafioso gets over 10 years in prison for cocaine & fentanyl trafficking
Montreal Mafia bosses acquitted after police illegally wiretapped lawyer
How Mafia families in New York and Canada cooperate in global drug trade
Profile: Canadian drug boss Kevin Donald Kerfoot
Home of Hamilton mobster Pat Musitano riddled with bullets
Hamilton mobster Angelo Musitano shot dead in front of home
FBI sting operation snares Turkish-Canadian drug boss
Church mass in memory of slain Montreal Mafia boss Sollecito canceled
Raynald Desjardins gets 14 years for murder of ex-Bonanno boss Salvatore Montagna
Montreal mobster murdered at home as violence continues
Arsonists set Montreal ablaze as deadly Mafia war rages on
Reputed Montreal Mafia boss granted bail in drug case
Montreal Mafia war claims life of mob boss Rocco Sollecito
Six plead guilty in murder of ex-Bonanno family mob boss
Lorenzo Giordano whacked in Montreal Mafia gangland hit
Montreal mobster caught in Arizona with 62 kilos of cocaine
Montreal Mafia boss Arcadi to be released from prison soon
Murder of mob boss Rocco Zito: Hit or domestic dispute?
Leaders of Montreal Mafia and Hells Angels busted in raids
Mobster shot to death at restaurant in Montreal
The Canadian Connection: Flooding the U.S. with dope
Montreal Mafia Boss Vito Rizzuto (1946 - 2013)
Mobster Di Maulo 14th victim of Montreal Mafia war
Bonanno Boss Murdered Near Montreal
Montreal Bust: Project Colisée
Mafia of Montréal: A Short History

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