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Till 1986 there were in Naples 18 camorragangs: the families Graziano, Ammaturo, Cutolo, Zaza, Galasso, Licciardi, Contini, Nuvoletta, Bardellino, Giuliano, Misso, Alfieri, Cava, Mariano, D’Alessandro, Gionta, Moccia en Nuzzo- Fabbrocino. Because of Cutolo’s conviction his capos had their own gangs and it exploded when more and more gangs got schismas (scissionisti) till it was nowadays about 150 gangs

Camorra boss Raffaele Cutolo
Rosetta Cutolo and her brother Raffaele “o Professore” Cutolo (his son Roberto Cutolo, killed 19 december 1990) and his wife is Immacolata Iacone (her father Salvatore Iacone was killed 4 october 1988 and her brother Luigi Iacone was shot and killed 1 September 1992). Pasquale Cutolo

Cutolo underboss Vincenzo “Enzo” Casillo
Underboss Vincenzo “Enzo” Casillo (killed 29 january 1983 after which also his widow Giovanna Matarazzo was killed in may 1983)

Cutoliano capo
Alfonso Rosanova (killed 19 april 1982) and his sons Luigi Rosanova (28), Aniello Rosanova (24) (both killed 4 july 1988) and the surviving son Alfonso Ferrara Rosanova jr

Domenico Radunanza (nephew Giuseppe Radunanza), Agrippino Turizia, the brothers Michele Iafulli (brother in law Giovanni Picone) and Iafulli, Vito Pesce

Alfonso Cacciapuoti and wife Luisa Martino and their son Giuseppe Cacciapuoti

Cutoliano capo
Giovanni Marandino and son Vincenzo “Ninuzzo” Marandino (killed 30 july 1986). Giovanni Marandino’s brother Aurelio Marandino (killed 12 january 1991)

Cutoliano capo
Corrado Iacolare (a nephew of Maisto)

Rome’s Cutoliano capo Nicolino Selis
Nicolino Selis was Cutolo’s capozona in Rome

Brescia based Cutoliano capos Palma and Luigi “Gino”Buono
Cutolo based Palma in Brescia as capozona. Luigi “Gino” Buono became Cutolo’s capozona in Brescia after Palma was arrested

Aversa prison inmate Ottaviano camorra boss Cutolo
In 1963 Cutolo shot and killed Michele Viscido after a quarrel and went to prison. In 1974 the for murder convicted Raffaele Cutolo gets free and begins with his in prison errected NCO (Nuova Camorra Organization) to play a bigger role, after several months Cutolo gets arrested again and convicted. Thanks to psychologist Aldo Semerari was boss Cutolo in a sanatorium, police find out that even from there he organized an enormous cocaine smuggle and they replace him to the institution in the town Aversa. The directors of both institutions commit suicide under suspicious circumstances.

Cutolo’s NCO
Lorenzo Strafile and Gianni Melluso get arrested for a bankrobbery in 1978, Melluso gets recruted by Cutolo in prison.

Aversa prison inmate Ottaviano camorra boss Cutolo escapes
Cutolo escapes 5 february 1978 from Aversa with the help of Alfonso Rosanova, Vincenzo Casillo, Corrado Iacolare (a nephew of Maisto) and Giovanni Marandino and his son Ninuzzo Marandino.

Cutoliani Rosanova and double murdercase Tagliamente and Gallo
In 1978 Rosanova has his concurrents Brunone Tagliamente and Ernesto Gallo killed by Giovanni Marandino and dumped in a lake.

20 may 1978 was Attilio Fantini killed, his brothers are Enrico Fantini and Corrado Fantini

Ottaviano camorraboss Cutolo
13 September 1978 drives lawyer Pasquale Capucci with his wife at home when he gets shot and killed while driving, Capucci got killed at the orders of Cutolo. Cutolo has also have killed in Ottaviano the local criminal Francesco Langella because he kidnapped without Cutolo's permission the son of the industrial Francesco Casillo.

Nuova Famiglia (NC) alliance started ???
As counterweight for Cutolo and his men the families Bardellino, Michele Zaza, Alfieri, Moccia, Magliulo then start 8 december 1978 the Nuova Famiglia (NC). Giuliano also became part later.

An other group camoristi (under which Nuvoletta and Misso) also gathers and war Cutolo but also Nuova Famiglia.

Ponticelli based Cutolo boss Nicola Nuzzo
6 january 1979 was Luigi Riccio (22) inducted in NCO with Nicola Nuzzo.

Poggioreale prison inmate Ottaviano camorraboss Cutolo
15 May 1979 the escaped Cutolo gets arrested and send to Poggioreale prison, his sister Rosetta Cutolo leads now for him the Nuova Camorra Organisation and leads the bloody war with the other families of Nuova Famiglia.

Bardellino alliance attacks Giugliano camorra family Maisto- Sciorio-Iacolare (Cutolo supporters)
In the 70ties started a feud between the Giugliano camorra families Maisto (family of Sciorio and Iacolare families) and the family Mallardo. In 1978 escaped Antonio Maisto from an ambush by men of Bardellino. 21 october 1979 Bardellino’s men succeed in killing Luigi Maisto and wounding Enrico Maisto.

Cutolo men Raffaele “o Nonno” Adorasi and Mario “Marittiello ‘o bellillo” Savio
Cutolo men Raffaele “o Nonno” Adorasi and Mario “Marittiello ‘o bellillo” Savio (his wife is Antonia Pecoraro and her familymembers are Antonietta, Assunta and Ester Pecoraro) visited in december 1979 the boss Luigi Giuliano and told him Cutolo wanted immediately 500 million lires from him and in the future for each case of smuggled cigarettes 50000 lires. Giuliano refuses and a war is born.

Camorra boss Luigi “Loigino” Giuliano
In December 1979 the Giuliano clan did an ambush at Zaza’s nephew Pasquale zaza.

Castellammare di Stabia boss Antonino Cuomo
Cutolo's man Antonino Cuomo of Castellammare tries in 1978 to have his enemy Ciro Maresca killed but he lives.

Castellammare di Stabia boss Antonino Cuomo killed in prison at orders of Cutolo
Ciro's sister Pupetta Maresca doesn't need to take revenge because Cutolo has his man Cuomo murdered 20 january 1980 in prison by Raffaele Catapano and Pasquale Barra because Cuomo didn't tell his boss about an occurring kidnapping. Cuomo his widow Carla Campi goes to justice and want to tell them the killers. 20 february 1980 Carla Campi gets shot to death in her car. Cuomo gets replaced by his underboss Antonio Lucarelli.
Castellammare di Stabia boss Antonio Lucarelli

Bardellino alliance attacks Giugliano camorra family Maisto- Sciorio-Iacolare (Cutolo supporters)
In January 1980 disappear Francesco Saverio Chianese and Francesco Iacolare who had been tortured and killed. Also was Giuseppe Rispo killed. 31 august 1980 was the Maisto family member Enrico Sciorio killed.

Camorra boss Luigi “Loigino” Giuliano
10 March 1980 was Umberto Cafaro killed at the orders of the Giuliano family.

Cutolo’s men kill Francesco Fabbrocino
Cutolo’s men killed in 1980 Francesco Fabbrocino (the brother of Mario Fabbrocino who would avenge the murder later by killing Cutolo’s son) (their sister is Rita Fabbrocino)

Ponticelli based Cutolo boss Nicola Nuzzo arrested
Ponticelli boss Nicola Nuzzo was arrested in 1980 and was followed up by Luigi Riccio. Luigi Riccio and his brother in law Vincenzo Duraccio.
Ponticelli boss Nuzzo acting boss Luigi Riccio

Ponticelli boss Luigi Riccio
Ponticelli boss was Luigi Riccio and his capos were Mario Incarnato, Salvatore Imperatrice (committed suicide in prison), Ernesto D’Alessandri and Carmine Argentato.

Luigi Riccio his man Salvatore Imperatrice (27 when he committed suicide 11 march 1985 in an lunatic asylum) killed the wife of NCO member Ciro Nocerino (his brother in law)

Luigi Riccio’s man Pasquale damiano was killed and his widow took as lover Ciro Fiorentino in 1982

Ottaviano camorraboss Cutolo and murder of local politician Beneventano
7 November 1980 city councilmember Domenico “Mimmo” Beneventano gets killed in Ottaviano when he leaves his car, the order came from Cutolo.

Naples earth quack and Poggioreale prison murders ordered by Cutolo
23 November 1980 happens the big earth quack at Naples. also Poggioreale prison doesn't escape from damage. Cutolo uses the confusing situation to have his man Antonio Palmieri killed in prison by Salvatore Esposito, Luigi Riccio and Pasquale D'Amico because he had changed sides to Bardellino and Giuliano, they also kill their enemies Michele Cassillo and Giuseppe Clemente in Poggioreale after the earth quack. Cutolo gets then transferred to Ascoli Piceno.

Pagani mayor Marcello Torre killed at orders of Cutolo
10 December 1980 Cutolo had mayor Marcello Torre of Pagani killed to get the contracts for the rebuilding after the earth quack.

Camorra boss Luigi “Loigino” Giuliano
Christmas eve 1980 Luigi Giuliano was wounded in an attack

Poggioreale prison murders ordered by Cutolo
14 February 1981 the Cutoliani killed in Poggioreale their enemies Vincenzo Paicente, Ciro Balisciano and Antimo Mangiafili.

2 March 1981 they try to kill doctor Antonio Morgigni.

Novara prison revolt instignated by Vallanzasca
During a prison revolt 19 march 1981 were inmates Massimo Lodi and Bozidar Vulucevic killed by inmates Renato Vallanzasca, Antonino Faro, Mario Astorina, Vincenzo Andraus and Nunzio conzales and Antonio “nuccio” Miano.

San Vittore prison inmate Sabino Falco killed
In 1982 was in San Vittore prison Sabino Falco (who himself had killed the Yugoslavian Bozidar Volicev and Massimo Loi) killed by Antonio “Nuccio” Miano

In 1981 was in Badu e Carros prison inmate Claudio Olivati strangled by Vincenzo Andraous and Casre Chiti.

Ponticelli boss Luigi Riccio
In 1981 was Luigi Riccio arrested and suspected of 18 murders.
Ponticelli boss Mario Incarnato

Poggioreale prison under director Salvia killed
14 April 1981 Cutolo commands the murder of under director of Poggioreale, Giuseppe Salvia, because he found out that Cutolo had a mole in the ministry of Inner Affairs who replaced prisoners so Cutolo could arrange the murders of his enemies in prison.

Cutoliani topkiller Pasquale Barra
Pasquale Barra was sentenced to 28 years' imprisonment by the Court of Assizes of Pesaro (6) on the 24th of March 1986 for the murder of prisoner Giovanni Ghisena, perpetrated in the penitentiary of Fossombrone on the 27th of April 1981. The "pentito" Barra had accused Raffaele Cutolo of being the instigator of the murder. The Court of Pesaro not only gave no credit to Barra's "revelations", but sentenced him to a very severe penalty, judging him to be the instigator of the crime, and acquitting Cutolo.

Nuova Famiglia member Antonio De Caro attacked
30 May 1981 was Nuova Famiglia member Antonio De Caro wounded.

Nuova Famiglia sends message to Cutolo
31 May 1981 Nuova Famiglia place a large car bomb at Cutolo's castle in Ottaviano which explodes.

Cutoliani murder Gennaro Licciardi
2 june 1981 was Antonio Licciardi killed (he was the brother of Gennaro Licciardi?????), he was killed by the Cutoliani

Gennaro Licciardi
28 november 1993 the Licciardi family killed Gennaro Baldascini (his wife Anna De Domenica) who was suspected of the murder of Antonio Licciardi on 2 june 1981

Red Brigades
24 July 1981 the 27 april kidnapped Neapolitan cd politician Ciro Cirillo gets free when the Red Brigades get ,5 million dollars from the lawyer Enrico Sambelli who hands it to Red Brigades leader Giovanni Senzani, the money was paid by constructors in exchange that they would rebuild what was destroyed after the earthquake in Naples, camorra boss Cutolo had this arranged.

1 september 1981 was inmate and San Cipriano di Aversa socialist politician Francesco Diana stabbed to death (35 times stabbed) in prison by Luigi Riccio his man Salvatore Imperatrice, Michele Mangiapia and Raffaele Velotto at the orders of Cutolo

Nuova Famiglia murder Cutolo men
11 September 1981 were in Torre Annunziata Cutolo’s local capos Salvatore Montella and Carlo Umberto Cirillo killed. Torre annunziata boss became Valentino Gionta

Pupetta Maresca killer Antonio Vangone
17 September 1981 was in Castellammare Ciro Galli killed by Pasquale Mercurio, Antonio Vangone and Filippo Savino at the orders of Pupetta Maresca.

Cutolo family meeting
9 October 1981 police storm Cutolo's home, Rosetta Cutolo escapes but they arrest Raffael's son Roberto Cutolo, his nephew Luigi Cutolo, Sabatino Saviano, Giovanni Malandrino, Francesco Pirone, Salvatore and Sabatino Pavone, Salvatore Varriale, Michele Nappo and Mario Ferraro they are all free after 8 months.

Pagani camorraboss Salvatore “Cartuccia”Serra killed
The only one that stands then in the way of Cutolo is Pagani's boss Salvatore Serra who gets killed 23 november 1981 in prison and gets replaced by Cutolo's man Salvatore Di Maio and his underboss Antonio Benigno.
Pagani camorraboss Salvatore Di Maio and his underboss Antonio Benigno

Salerno camorraboss Oliviero (Alfieri supporter)
Serra's underboss Oliviero starts to work then for Alfieri and becomes the boss of Salerno.

Cutolo’s killer Alfonso Catapano (brother Raffaele Catapano) murders Salvatore Alfieri
26 December 1981 Cutolo’s killer Alfonso Catapano (brother Raffaele Catapano) killed Salvatore Alfieri

Alfieri family member killed by Cutolo’s NCO
27 December 1981 were Alfieri’s man Aniello Romano (Giuseppe Romano??) and his son Antonio Romano killed at the command of Cutolo because he was Cutolo's sister Rosetta Cutolo's lover.

Cutolo killer Raffaele Catapano
6 January 1982 was Raffaele Catapano’s brother Alfonso Catapano killed

Cutolo killer Raffaele Catapano
8 January 1982 NCO member Raffaele Catapano killed Claudio Gatti.

Nuova Famiglia murders Cutolo man
12 January 1982 was Cutolo man Giacomo Frattini killed.

Pasquale Galasso’s brother Nino Galasso killed
21 January 1982 was Pasquale Galasso’s brother Nino Galasso killed by Cutolo’s underboss Vincenzo Casillo

Cutolo’s NCO
22 February 1982 NCO member Michele Montagno killed Nuova Famiglia Antimo Ciaccio.

Torre Annunziato
23 February 1982 was in Torre Annunziato the carabinieri Antonio Salzano killed.

Umberto Ammaturo
1 April 1982 police find in Ottaviano the beheaded body of the one week earlier kidnapped professor Aldo Semerari, he was murdered at the command of Umberto Ammaturo and his girlfriend Pupetta Maresca.

Cutolo’s NCO
15 April 1982 were Angela Ceparano (52), her daughter Patrizia Di Matteo (21) and Patrizia’s brother Mattia Di Matteo’s wife Francesca Di Maggio (24) machine gunned to death. His mother gave Cutolo's orders to the clan via Antonio Di Matteo the brother of Mattia Di Matteo. 16 April 1982 Antonio's brother Mattia Di Matteo (33) gets found in his burned out car with his also killed bodyguards Fiovanni Fucci (23) and Franco Di Domenico (28). 18 April 1982 Antonio Di Matteo get hanged in his own cell by Marco Medda and Pasquale D'Amico because Cutolo was afraid that he would start to talk.

Italy’s Max protected Asinara prison inmate Cutolo
The next day 19 april 1982 Cutolo gets transferred to Italy's most heavily protected prison the one on the island Asinara.

Alfieri orders murder of Cutolo capo Alfonso Rosanova
19 April 1982 Cutolo's cashier Alfonso Rosanova gets murdered in a hospital in Salerno at the command of Carmine Alfieri.

Alfieri family member killed by Cutolo clan
Biagio Alfieri was killed in april 1982

Barcellona (Messina province) pentito Pino Chiofalo testimonies
After the meeting Chiofalo went back to Naples where he started with his trustees Domenico Gulli, Vincenzo Alacqua, Giuseppe Grillo, Salvatore Bucca, Orazio Alesci and sometimes Filippo Barresi to perpetrate holdups. During a holdup of the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro in Nola on 5 October 1981, their car broke down and police arrested Chiofalo, Orazio Alesci, Salvatore Imbesi and Giuseppe Grillo, while the other members of the group succeeded in escaping.

Poggioreale prison inmate Barcellona (Messina province) capomafia Pino Chiofalo (later pentito)
Domenico Gulli, Vincenzo Alacqua and Salvatore Bucca were sought as fugitives and hid in Rome as guests of Giuseppe Milone (brother of Carmelo Milone) and Gino Restuccia from Siracusa. They continued to do holdups of jewelry shops and the money was sent to Benenati and to Natale Gambino. Because of these holdups were two homicides committed in Rome: they killed Salvatore Bucca and his companion who had done jobs without asking their bosses for an okay. Salvatore Bucca was killed by the Chiofalo clan in Rome because he did a robbery at the end of 1981 with Giuseppe Milone, Domenico Gullì and others and stole money??. Chiofalo was then sentenced to 10 years and 6 months for the holdup and was send to Poggioreale prison where he joined his friends of the “Nuova Famiglia” again. In 1982 Nuova Famiglia members clash in Poggioreale with men of Cutolo and the prisoners even use guns on each other and about a dozen prisoners got wounded. When the police invaded the prison they found guns, dynamite and munition.

Cutolo’s NCO
11 May 1982 Carlo Stefanelli killed by Cutolo man Francesco di Matteo.

Nuova Famiglia killed Armando Visone
12 May 1982 NCO member Antonio Visone wounded. In 1982 were Armando Visone and a friend killed while playing cards.

Nuova Famiglia killed Giuseppe Monaco
14 May 1982 was Cutolo man Giuseppe Monaco in prison killed.

Nuova Famiglia killed Celeste Bifulco
25 May 1982 Cutolo’s man Celeste Bifulco gets murdered.

prosecutor Alfonso Lamberti’s daughter Simonetta killed
29 May 1982 they try to kill prosecutor Alfonso Lamberti and kill his daughter Simonetta Lamberti (12).

Cutolo’s NCO
6 July 1982 police storm hotel Belvedere because the NCO was meeting there.

Cutolo killer Raffaele Catapano in Poggioreale prison
7 July 1982 was in Poggioreale prison Antonio Vangone (Mario Vangone) killed by Raffaele Catapano. Raffaele Catapano kills camorista Antonio Vangone (Mario Vangone) because he had murdered Catapano's brother earlier.

Sanita (NA) camorra family Misso
Camorra boss Giuseppe Misso wars with Cutolo but he also wars the same time the Giuliano clan in 1982.

Spagnoli camorra family Mariano
The bosses Ciro and Marco Mariano get found in 1982 at a gathering with the Giuliano clan.

Luigi “Loigino” Giuliano imprisoned
“Loigino” Giuliano was for the first time arrested in Forcella on 15 july 1982 (at the meeting with the Mariano brothers??).

Naples detective chief Ammaturo killed by the Red Brigads
15 July 1982 the Red Brigades murder the head of the local detective chief Antonio Ammaturo and his chauffeur Pasquale Paola at the command of Cutolo because Antonio Ammaturo had gotten prove about the contacts between Cutolo, the politicians and the red Brigades during Cirillo's kidnapping.

Cutolo ally Albert Bergamelli killed
21 August 1982 Cutolo's ally the Marseilles Albert Bergamelli gets killed in Ascoli Piceno prison by Paolo Dongo (of the Banda dei Genovesi and married with Gina Lupo) at the orders of Umberto Ammaturo.

judge Antonio Gagliardi attacked by Cutolo’s NCO
13 September 1982 Cutolo's capos Sergio Marinelli and Casillo arrange an attack at judge Antonio Gagliardi by Massimo Scarpa from Castellammare, the judge survives.

Poggioreale prison
22 January 1983 pistols get found in prison in possession of Maurizio Rossi and the Yugoslavian Stevan Cosa.

Camorra family Zaza attacked
Just before the murder of Cutolo’s underboss Vincenzo Casillo there had been an attack at Michele Zaza's brother Salvatore Zaza who got wounded (so in january 1983??).

Cutolo’s underboss Vincenzo Casillo blown up in Rome
29 January 1983 Cutolo's underboss Vincenzo Casillo gets blown up with his car in Rome by Giuseppe Puca and Ettore Miranda under the command of Pasquale Galasso at the command of Carmine Alfieri. Casillo's underboss Mario Cuomo lost his legs but survives and many of Cutolo's men became witnesses.

Spagnoli camorrafamily Mariano
In 1983 Ciro Mariano gets prosecuted for the murder of Antonio Di Scaccia.

Luigi “Loigino” Giuliano free
15 April 1983 came Luigi “Loigino” Giuliano free from prison.

Bardellino’s Casalesi murder Cutolo supporter Saverio Ianniello
17 April 1983 was in Falciano del Massico the cattlebreeder Saverio Ianniello killed, he was an associate of the “Craparielli” clan and was a Cutolo supporter. His murder had been ordered by Antonio Bardellino’s capo Francesco Schiavone “Sandokan” who was also suspected of being one of the killers. Later the boss Francesco Schiavone “Sandokan” got a life sentence because he had ordered the killing while the boss Luigi Venosa (his defence lawyer was Paolo Caterino) was spoken free from the murder, police used the pentito Giuseppe “Peppinotto” Pagano who got 13 years for the murder, an other pentito is Francesco’s Schiavone’s nephew Carmine Schiavone. NC pentito Michelangelo D'Agostino also talked about the murder just like pentito Augusto La Torre.

?? Rocco Cafiero “O Capriariello”

Casalesi murder Gorizio Turco and Giuseppe Varone
After the murder of Saverio Ianniello in 1983 police investigated the cattle breeders Gorizio Turco and Giuseppe Varone after they released them the men were killed by Dario De Simone and Bidognetti’s men. Also of the murders were accused Francesco Verazzo and Vincenzo De Falco who themselves were later killed. The Casalesi would have killed the men because Cutolo’s NCO had invaded their territory Caserta province.

Giovanni Verazzo (his son is Francesco Verazzo) and brother Luigi Verazzo

Cutolo marries
In 1983 Cutolo marries in Asinara prison Immacolata Iacone (23).

Cutolo's NCO
In may 1983 Vincenzo Casillo's widow Giovanna Matarazzo gets murdered by Antonio Varriale and Mauro Marra at the command of Cutolo who tells now around that he had his own underboss Vincenzo Casillo killed because he changed sides.

Castellammare di Stabia boss Antonio Lucarelli killed (Cutolo capo)
In 1982 was Castellammare di Stabia boss and Cutolo capo Antonio Lucarelli killed.
Castellammare di Stabia boss Michele D’Alessandro (Cutolo capo)

Castellammare di Stabia boss Michele D’Alessandro (Cutolo capo)
In 1966 Michele D’Alessandro killed Pasquale La Mura to defend his father Pasquale D’Allessandro

Castellamare di Stabia camorra boss Michele D’Alessandro (Cutolo capo) murders Alfieri men
2 June 1983 disappears Giuseppe Muollo “Peppe o nero”(53) and the next day people find the bodies of 3 of his friends. They belong to the cosca of Carmine Alfieri and got killed at the order of Cutolo's capo Michele D'Alessandro.

16 June 1983 many of Cutolo's men and partners get indicted: Mariano Santini, Enzo Tortora (the tv presentator who was spoken free??), Rosetta Cutolo, Antonio Sibila, Felicia Cuozzo (Bergamelli's girlfriend), Aldina Murelli, Franco Califano, Antonio Faro, Sante Notarnicola, Francesco Gangemi, Bruno Spiezia, Errico Madonna, Salvatore La Marca, Renato Vallanzasca, Mario Astorina, Gianni Melluso, Pierluigi Concutelli, Nadia Marzano, Giuliana Brusa, Anna Marinniello (the wife of Luigi Moccia), Fiorella Piconzi, Stevan Cosa and Mario Mirabile (from Salerno). Pentiti are Michelangelo D'Agostino, Di Monaco, Gianni Melluso, Mario Incarnato, Pasquale D'Amico, Salvatore Sanfilippo, Pasquale Barra, Luigi Riccio, Andrea Villa, Vincenzo Esposito, Guido Catapano and Giovanni Pandico.

19 September 1983 was Isidoro D’Agostino (51) killed he is the father of the pentito Michelangelo D’Agostino a boss in Aversa.

3 december 1983 they killed Gennaro Incarnato, the brother of pentito Mario Incarnato. 21 february 1983 was cutolo supporter Andrea Andreotti arrested he was suspected of the murder of Incarnato’s brother

Pentito Achille Lauri and his killed brothers Antonio Lauri (29) and Ciro Lauri
21 march 1984 was pentito Achille Lauri’s brother Antonio Lauri (29) killed. 1 February 1988 was Ciro Lauri killed, his brother is the pentito Achille Lauri.

Campofranco capomafia Antonino nino La mattina and murder of Gianni Melluso’s brother Angelo Melluso
23 December 1984 in Sciacca Angelo Melluso the brother of Gianni Melluso gets murdered. In december 1984 was in Sciacca Luigi Melluso (brother of camorra boss Cutolo’s man melluso who had become pentito) shot and killed by Accursio Indelicato “Speccievanedde” (who served 11 years in prison) and Campofranco capomafia Antonino “nino” La mattina who got 24 years for the murder but was later killed.

Gianni Melluso’s brother in law Guglielmo Canino

Nuvoletta and his right hand man Giuseppe Polverino
After the trial of Cutolo and his supporters Nuvoletta becomes the most important boss with his right hand man Giuseppe Polverino, he gets supported by Nicola Nuzzo of Acerra and Valentino Gionta and his righthand man Migliorino in Torre Annunziata. Nuvoletta wars with Nuova Famiglia cupola who are led by Alfieri.

Rome judge Ferdinando Imposimato’s brother Francesco Imposimato killed
judge Ferdinando Imposimato had investigated the ties between P2 members and mafiosi. 11 october 1983 was judge Ferdinando Imposimato’s brother Francesco “Franco”Imposimato killed by Antonio Abbate to hurt his brother at the orders of Calo and Ernesto Diotallevi (who was spoken free) . this was because the judge investigated the murder of Domenico Balducci. Later got life sentences for this murder the capomafia Pippo Calo and camorraboss Vincenzo Lubrano. The order to murder the judge his brother had been taken on a mafia meeting in Catania. Imposimato had also investigated weapontrafficking between Italy and Syria and Libya.
15 december 1984 they killed in San Felice a Cancello also the witness Pellegrino D’Onofrio, a member of Nuvoletta’s group.

Bardellino alliance attacks Giugliano camorra family Maisto- Sciorio-Iacolare (Cutolo supporters)
In November 1983 was the Maisto family member Giuseppe Sciorio killed. The Mallardo family killed Giuseppe “peppe” Sciorio according to pentito Pasquale Galasso.

through times the Mallardo family killed all the Maisto and Sciorio familymembers. (also victims in the families Iacolare, Visconti and Ceccarelli).

29 December 1983 escaped Michele Zaza from hospital and fled for Cutolo`s killers who had tried to kill him in hospital a month before.

Nuova Famiglia members arrested
In march 1984 arrests of Nuova Famiglia members like Enrico Fantini.

Cutolo enemy the boss Antonino Spavone “O Malommo”arrested
16 March 1984 was the old boss Antonino Spavone “O Malommo”arrested

Sanita bosses Gennaro Palumbo, Giuseppe Russo and Luciano Verdecchio

14 May 1984 held NCO member Mario Frascogna a commune for his children and afterward they and their allies the families Palumbo, Martino and Russo went to a restaurant. Then they were attacked and shot at and the attackers killed Vincenzo Palumbo (30) and Rosa Martino (24 and she is the sister of Nuova Famiglia member Damiano Martino). Rosa Martino’s husband Luigi Russo (30) was wounded.

Some hours later was NCO member Luigi Di Biase killed he had ties with NCO member Mario Frascogna

20 may 1984 was Leopoldo Del Gaudio killed

1 june 1984 were killed Mario Di Maio (the brother in law of Cutolo capo Salvatore Di Maio “tore o guaglione”), and Vincenzo Gaita (31)

Napels Corleonesi ally camorraboss Nuvoletta/ Polverino
Corleonesi supporter Nuvoletta went to war with Inzerillo Bontate supporters Zaza and Alfieri.

Ciro Nuvoletta killed
10 June 1984 was Ciro Nuvoletta (38) killed by killers of Alfieri-Galasso-Bardellino allies, while their ally Gionta and his men escape. His brother is Lorenzo Nuvoletta (53). Ciro Nuvoletta had also been the nephew of Gateano “Tanino e bastimento”Orlando who had in 1955 killed Pascalone e nola.

Nuvoletta murder aftermath
11 June 1984 was first the criminal Tommaso Spezzacatena (43) shot and killed while Gennaro Bergantino (34) was wounded. Then was shot and killed Salvatore Squillace (28). Then was shot and killed Nicola Cipolletta (27) while wounded was Raffaele Biondi. Nicola Cipolletta was related to a Nuova famiglia member. Then was killed Francesco Generoso (33).

4 August 1984 was Michele Zaza’s trustee Corrado Fantini (47) killed (he is the brother of Enrico Fantini who was arrested in the maxi blitz against Nuova Famiglia in march 1984 and Attilio Fantini who had been killed 20 may 1978.

former NCO member Giuseppe Cascone (27) killed
24 august 1984 was in Castellammare former NCO member Giuseppe Cascone (27) killed and Raffaele Tavella (20) wounded.

Licciardi brother in law Eduardo Contini clan quarrel with Giuliano clan
24 august 1984 was in a gamblinghouse run by Vincenzo Attardo (48 and a friend of Eduardo Contini) a quarrel with Giulia D’Alpino. Soon arrive Raffaele Giuliano (brother of the boss Luigi “o lione”Giuliano), Vincenzo Avagliano, Gennaro Giglio and Antonio Paglionico (husband of Giulia D’Alpino) who challenge Attardo.

The Sant Alessandro massacre in Torre Annunziata of Valentino Gionta men
26 August 1984 were in Torre Annunziata 8 men of Valentino Gionta shot and killed by men of Bardellino, Alfieri and Fabbrocino. Killed were Gionta’s men and the innocent Antonio Frizzi (35)

Nuova Famiglia man Ambrogio Ferillo killed
29 August 1984 was killed Nuova Famiglia man Ambrogio Ferillo (44)

Lorenzo Nuvoletta man Luciano Santori killed
29 August 1984 was also killed Luciano Santori (Santoro) (49) of the Marano clan of the nephews Lorenzo Nuvoletta and Aniello Nuvoletta

Licciardi brother in law Contini clan murders Giuliano clan members
2 September 1984 were killed the brothers Gennaro Giglio and Antonio Giglio. Later that day escaped their brother Alfonso Giglio from an attack. In january 1983 had Gaetano Giglio a brother of them been killed in a quarrel

Licciardi brother in law Contini clan murders Giuliano clan member
3 September 1984 was killed Vincenzo Avagliano (35 and brother of the boss Giuseppe Avagliano)

The boss Domenico Ciccarelli. Antonio Ciccarelli who is an associate of Bardellino clan.

Vittorio Vastarella
Vittorio Vastarella’s wife Rosa Ciccarelli and Vittorio Vastarelli was a trustee of Giuseppe Mallardo and had ties to the families Nuvoletta and Ammaturo and also knew the Sicilian Mafioso Stefano Giaconia who was killed in 1978. Vittorio Vastarella was also suspected of murdering Bardellino man Raffaele Ferrara.

Sicilian pentito Giovanni Brusca and the Nuvoletta clan in Marano do murders
19 september 1984 disappear in Torre Annnunziata Vittorio Vastarella (55), his son Luigi Vastarella (22), their nephew Gaetano Di Costanzo (39) and the bodyguards Antonio Mauriello and Gennaro Salvi. They were killed at the orders of Nuvoletta because they didn’t cut their ties with the Casalesi. Sicilian pentito Giovanni Brusca confessed that he had personally helped the Nuvoletta clan in Marano murder the brothers Vittorio Vastarella and Luigi Vastarella , Gennaro Salvi, Gaetano Di Costanzo and Antonio Mauriello, their bodies were dissolved in acid. It would be the war between the Nuvoletta and the Bardellino clan. For those murders were also investigated Angelo Nuvoletta, Luigi Baccante.

Double murder
8 December 1984 were Raffaele Scafati Tagliatela (28) and Emidio Bombace (27) killed

Bank robbers Gerlando Alberti jr and Sanita (Naples) camorra boss Giuseppe Misso
31 october 1984 police find a tunnel under the Banco di Roma in Messina made by through Gerlando Alberti Jr hired napolitans led by Giuseppe Misso. In the early 80ties camorra boss Giuseppe Misso robbed with Sicilians like Gerlando Alberti Jr (a nephew of Calo's capo) and the killer Francesco Caccamo (later killed) the Monte Banco di Napoli and the Gioiellera Pane.

Sanita (Naples) camorraboss Giuseppe Misso
During the maxi arrests against Cutolo's men the boss Giuseppe Misso lived in Brasil.

Napels Milan train bomb ordered by boss Calo
Buscetta's boss Calo got the order to close Buscetta's mouth. 23 December 1984 had Calo than a bomb placed in the Napels Milan express train by Misso’s trustees Carmine Lombardi (16) and later pentito Lucio Luongo (23), when it explodes it killed 16 people. This way Calo tried to change the attention of police to the extreme right terrorism, the bomb was made by the german Friederich Schaudinn who was later arrested and disappeared into an italian prison. Before the bomb attack had Calo contacted with the mafia boss Antonio Messina, a lawyer.

Life sentences got Pippo Calo, his underboss Guido Cercola, Franco di Agostino, Antonio Rotolo, Giuseppe Misso, Luigi Cardone, Alfonso Galeota and Giulio Pirozzi and Friederich Schaudinn.

21 december 1985 was Misso trustee Carmine Lombardi (17) shot and killed

In October 1988 fled Friederich Schaudinn (51 and his wife is Anke Wahner, 48)

Paolo Misso (brother Giuseppe Misso) arrested
In 1986 was in Padova Paolo Misso the brother of the camorraboss Giuseppe Misso arrested. There is also the brother Umberto Misso

17 May 1985 was killed Ciro Ercole (30)

Cutolo capo Corrado Iacolare attacked
6 september 1985 was Cutolo’s capo Corrado Iacolare (42) attacked but he escaped and only his friend and bodyguard Antonio Maisto (32) was wounded (he was the nephew of the old boss Alfredo Maisto).

Elsewhere was killed Antonio Ciarlone (56) and several hours later were killed Carmine Di Cicco (32) and his brother in law Isidoro Orabona (21).

Mattino journalist Giancarlo Siani killed
Angelo Nuvoletta, Luigi Baccante, Gaetano Iacolare and Armando Del Core were all convicted for the 23 october 1985 murder of Mattino journalist Giancarlo Siani.

Eboli (Salerno province) camorra boss Giovanni Maiale (pentito)
30 July 1986 were Cutolo capo Vincenzo Marandino (29) and Antonio Sabia killed by Giovanni Maiale (former Cutolo man and now Alfieri man), Luigi De Martino, Umberto Adinolfi, Raffaele Cosenza, Nicola Narbone and Carmine Notargiacomo.

Marano based family Nuvoletta
6 October 1986 Guetano Nuvoletta gets arrested in the house of his sister.

Ponticelli based Cutolo boss Nicola Nuzzo killed
Nicola « Carusiello »Nuzzo was killed in a hospital in Rome 6 september 1986 at the orders of his wife Carmela Frezza De Rosa (41) who now had as lover their doctor Francesco Vicino.

Ponticelli based Cutolo boss Raffaele Nuzzo
Nicola « Carusiello »Nuzzo his brother Raffaele Nuzzo had then as revenge doctor Francesco Vicino shot and killed in his car

Ponticelli based Cutolo boss Raffaele Nuzzo killed
Nicola « Carusiello »Nuzzo his brother Raffaele Nuzzo (31) was 5 june 1987 killed with Antonio Auriemma (26)

Mallardo attacks Giugliano camorra family Maisto- Sciorio-Iacolare (Cutolo supporters)
11 april 1987 were killed Antonio Maisto (son of the old boss Alfredo Maisto who had died 24 june 1976), Pietro Granata and Raffaele Smarrazzo as revenge for the murder of Domenico Mallardo killed 2 august 1967 at the orders of the boss Alfredo Maisto

Double murder
22 june 1987 were killed Franco di Donato (30) and Pasquale Frascio (29) while wounded were Antonio Gallino and Antonio Angelino.

2 November 1987 Massimo Scarpa shot and kills in Milan Francesco Affatigato (35) who had been implicated in the pizza trial and who had according to Rudolf Giuliano smuggled 13 kilos of heroin into the us hidden in fruit.

Extermination of Cutolo supporters the Clan Rosanova -Abbagnale
Alfieri man Giuseppe Abagnale went over to the Rosanova family (Cutolo supporters)

Abagnale-Rosanova clan
Camine Alfieri and underboss Pasquale Galasso ordered the murders of Cutolo supporters the brothers Abagnale, and Luigi Rosanova and aniello Rosanova (the sons of the killed boss Alfonso Rosanova).

Politician Diodato D’Auria was killed 23 september 1988

Faida di Sant Antonio Abate
Cutolo supporters and brothers Luigi Rosanova (28) and Aniello Rosanova (24) (the sons of the killed boss Alfonso Rosanova) were killed 4 july 1988 in Sant Antonio Abate at the orders of Carmine Alfieri. Luigi Rosanova had already been shot and wounded in 1983. Their surviving brother is Alfonso Ferrara Rosanova jr

7 January 1989 two brothers from a political powerful family gets shot to death in their car.

Giuseppe Abagnale and his brother killed
9 june 1990 were killed Giuseppe Abagnale and his brother


Caserta province camorraboss Antonio Bardellino
At the end of 1987 Antonio Bardellino got the power over Caserta province with his “Casalesi” alliance.

Bardellino capo Mario Iovine’s brother Domenico Iovine killed
In January 1988 was Domenico Iovine the brother of Antonio Bardellino’s capo Mario Iovine killed. This led to a split between Antonio Bardellino and his capo Mario Iovine.

Ernesto Bardellino and murdercase Giuliano Pignata
2 May 1988 was Giuliano Pignata in Casal di principe killed. Later was spoken free of the murder Ernesto Bardellino (former mayor of San Cipriano and a brother of Antonio Bardellino). Giuseppe Caterino was suspected of the kidnapping and murder of Giuliano Pignata

Antonio Bardellino disappeared 26 may 1988 in Brasil and was expected to have been killed by the Iovine family. it is rumoured that Antonio Bardellino is still alive and had been hiding all these years.

camorraboss Antonio Bardellino’s nephew and underboss Paride Salzillo killed
27 May 1988 Luigi Basile “il marsigliese”, head of the Basile clan, appeared in a quarter of customs officers of Naples and gave them a pistol with erased serial numbers. Basile explained that the previous day he had been to a meeting in the office of a lawyer of San Cipriano d'Aversa, where he had to go with the camorrista Paride Salzillo - nephew of Bardellino and his right hand- in order to deal with other heads of a clan of a supposed aggression on the part of a local delinquent. Basile got told to let nobody else enter the house. Vicenzo De Falco approached Basile with a machinegun and announced to Basile that one hour ago Antonio "Tonino" Bardellino had been killed in Brasil, Vincenzo De Falco saved Basile’s life and said to him : "Your death is not necessary". Paride Salzillo was dragged to another room, where he was strangled by two other heads of the clan while a third held his legs. It was then a terrified Basile knew that Mario Iovine had called from Brazil and had issued orders to eliminate all the family of Antonio Bardellino. After the strangling of Salzillo, the office of the lawyer was left by a group of sicarios that mounted in three automobiles and they went to the jewelry shop that was ran by Ernesto Bardellino and there they tried to kill the rest of Bardellino’s family. Mario Iovine and Francesco Carmine Schiavone had made a deal with Lorenzo Nuvoletta. Also Bardellino capo Domenico Ferrara changes side to Nuvoletta. Iovine and Schiavone hide in France while in Naples a bloody war starts.

Pasquale Piccolo killed
21 july 1988 was Pasquale Piccolo killed by Nicola Caterino and Giancarlo Di Sarno

Bardellino nephew Antonio Salzillo (brother of killed Paride Salzillo)
The only opposition came from Antonio Salzillo, brother of the killed Paride. He tried 18 December 1988 with his associates to invade an illegal gambling den, situated in Casapesenna, to kill some men of the opposite criminal organization. But the Casalesi had been warned and open fire, two persons found the dead and one was wounded. Police arrest the wounded Michele Di Bona (26) he was one of the suspected shooters at the attackers. Francesco « Sandokan »Schiavone’s nephew Francesco «Cicciariello»Schiavone was suspected in the 18 december 1988 strage di Casapesenna in which was killed Michele Pardea and Antonio Salzillo (28 and namesake of the boss Antonio Salzillo ) and suspect was Alfredo Zara. Giuseppe Caterino was suspected in the double murder of Antonio Salzillo and Michele Pardea in 1988. From the massacre escaped Antonio Salzillo (29).

Bardellino nephew Antonio Salzillo killed
6 march 2009 were Antonio Salzillo (50) and Clemente Prisco (nephew of the boss Raffaele Cutolo) killed

The command of the "Casalesi" was taken by Mario Iovine, Francesco Schiavone "Sandokan", Francesco Bidognetti and Vincenzo De Falco.

The casalesi had 8 groups: the group of Francesco “Sandokan”Schiavone, the group of Giuseppe Russo “Peppe u padrino” (his brother Massimo Russo “Paperino”and sister Mirella Russo whose man is Mario Cosentino the brother of the boss Nicola Cosentino and Giovanni Cosentino who married the daughter of Costantino Diana), the group of Vincenzo Conte “nas e cane”, the group of Salvatore Cantiello “Carusiello”, the group of Giuseppe Caterino “peppinotto”and Antonio Iovine, the group of Giuseppe Papa, the group of Raffaele Della Volpe and the group of Giorgio Marano (born 27 april 1960).

Francesco « Sandokan »Schiavone’s nephew Francesco «Cicciariello»Schiavone
Francesco «Cicciariello»Schiavone was suspected in the 5 april 1989 murder of Hassen Ben Ali Tone in circolo « Marco Polo »

Casal de Principe based Cutolo capozona Antonio “Tonino” Pagano killed by Casalesi
22 April 1989 was the boss Tonino Pagano (30) in his town Casal de Principe in his car ambushed. When his car was hit by bullets it slammed into a wall after which Antonio Pagano and his bodyguards Giuseppe Mennillo, Giuseppe Orsi and Giuseppe Gagliardi were killed. Giuseppe Caterino was suspected in the 22 april 1989 massacre of Casal di principe in which the casalesi killed the Cutolo supporter the boss Pagano. Francesco «Cicciariello»Schiavone was suspected of the murder of the boss Tonino Pagano (30) in his town Casal de Principe and who was in his car ambushed

Casalesi camorra bosses Mario Iovine and Francesco Schiavone arrested in France
Casalesi camorra bosses Francesco Schiavone and Mario Iovine were in 1989 in France arrested.

Francesco Bidognetti enemy Villa Literno camorraboss Pasquale "Zorro" Tavoletta killed
Francesco Bidognetti enemy Villa Literno camorraboss Pasquale "Zorro" Tavoletta was killed in july 1989 and disappeared.

Sandokan and Francesco Bidognetti
According to police had Sandokan and Francesco Bidognetti ordered the march 1990 murders of Salvatore Riccardi « o Russo »and Raffaele Roselli who were killed (and their bodies disappeared) by Augusto La Torre, Dario De Simone and Francesco Biondino. 2 december 2003 got Schiavone’s capo Francesco Bidognetti a life sentence for the murders of Salvatore Riccardi and Raffaele Roselli.

La Torre family and the massacre in Pescopagano
24 april 1990 the La Torre clan murdered Alfonso Romano and the Africans Naj Man Fiugy, Haroub Saidi Ally, Ally Khalifan Khanshi and Hamdy Salim.

Casalesi bosses Mario Iovine and Francesco Schiavone free
In may 1990 Mario Iovine and Francesco Schiavone get free.

Giuseppe Quadrano’s man Francesco “ciccio”Iavarone’s sister in law Rosa Martino
In 1985 disappeared Giuseppe Martino and his family didn’t even notify police, his sister is Rosa Martino the sister in law of Francesco “ciccio”Iavarone who worked for Giuseppe Quadrano.

Giuseppe Quadrano’s man Francesco “ciccio”Iavarone killed
Francesco “ciccio”Iavarone was killed in july 1990 and worked for Giuseppe Quadrano.

La Torre family murders Sessa Aurunca camorra boss Alberto Beneduce
1 August 1990 were Casalesi camorra boss Alberto Beneduce and his chauffeur Armando Miraglia killed by Augusto La Torre, Francesco Tiberio La Torre, Mario Esposito, Francesco Zucceroso and Angelo Gagliardi. Bidognetti also ordered the murder of Alberto Beneduce. Casalesi camorra boss Alberto Beneduce’s widow Paola Stroffolino met a new friend Luigi Griffo.


Castellammare di Stabia boss Michele D’Alessandro (Cutolo capo)
Pasquale D’Alessandro and his sons the Camorra boss Michele D’Alessandro, Mario D’Alessandro, Luigi D’alessandro and Domenico D’Alessandro (killed 21 april 1989). Michele D’Alessandro’s sons Luigi D’Alessandro and Pasquale D’Alessandro.

Castellammare di Stabia brothers Imparato (later rebels and Alfieri supporters)
Camorra boss Michele D’Alessandro underboss Mario Umberto Imparato and brother Francesco Imparato. Davide Imparato

Castellamare di Stabia (NA)
Carfora (Maria Carfora)
Fontanella (Gioacchino Fontanella)

1 february 1988 was in Castellammare killed Domenico Balletta (46) and the innocent Irene Foglia was also killed

Castellamare di Stabia camorraboss Michele D’Alessandro (Cutolo capo)
19 February 1988 was the imprisoned boss Michele D’Alessandro (44) set free from prison.

Castellamare di Stabia camorraboss Michele D’Alessandro (Cutolo capo)
21 April 1989 was in Napels Michele D’Alessandro with his escort attacked in an ambush at the orders of his underboss Mario Umberto Imparato and his brother Francesco Imparato who are supported by Alfieri. Michele d’Alessandro was severely wounded while his brother Domenico D’Alessandro and 3 bodyguards under whom Giuseppe Sicignano (a son of Pasquale Sicignano) were killed.

6 october 1989 was Bruno Duraccio killed

17 october 1989 fake carabinieri shot and killed Francesco Paolo Postiglione (36 and his wife is Anna Romito, 38), he had gone over to the Imparato brothers

Castellamare di Stabia camorraboss Michele D’Alessandro (Cutolo capo)
2 november 1989 were D’Alessandro’s men Ciro Coticelli (22) and Marcello D’Auria (31) killed.

Poggioreale prison
Luigi Donnarumma (36 and his wife Consolata Rotondo, 32) wanted to visit 15 november 1989 his in Poggioreale imprisoned brother Domenico Donnarumma (32 and worked for Michele D’Alessandro) but he was in front of the prison killed. He had with him Domenico’s wife Santina Cacciappoli (32) and their mother Genoveffa Verdoliva (69)

Castellamare di Stabia camorraboss Michele D’Alessandro (Cutolo capo)
19 november 1989 was Luigi Romito (56) killed by fake carabinieri, he is the brother in law of one of the D’Alessandro brothers.

Castellamare di Stabia camorraboss Michele D’Alessandro
22 November 1989 was Giuseppe Russo (36) killed. Later that day were elsewhere Michele Magliocca (35) and Umberto Santonastaso (36) killed.

22 April 1990 was in Amsterdam the armed camorramember Francesco Russo arrested, he is a drugtrafficker and told about his also in Amsterdam living friend Salvatore Cosma who trafficks in drugs for his boss D`Allessandro. He had also delivered votes in Napoli for the election of minister Gava.

27 june 1990 was Carla De Pascale (16) shot and killed by Michele D’Alessandro’s son Luigi D’Alessandro (17), she was the daughter of Andrea De Pascale the righthand of D’alessandro

9 july 1990 Imparato’s men murder Pasquale Sicignano (his son Giuseppe had been killed when D’Alessandro was attacked in april 1989), his son Alfonso Sicignano, Carmine Flauto (38) and Eugenio Della Mura (35).

In august 1990 were shot and killed Covito D’Alessandro and Anna De Gregorio.

13 september 1990 were Antonio Longobardi (36) and his son Paolo Longobardi (8) killed.

15 march 1993 dies the boss Mario Umberto Imparato (47 and his daughter is Tatiana Imparato) with his bodyguard Alfonso Nanacore (28) in a firefight with police

In 1994 disappeared Mario Umberto Imparato’s brother Francesco Imparato. In September 1995 was Mario Umberto Imparato’s son Davide Imparato (24) killed. Suspect is Pasquale Afeltra who became the new boss of the Imparato clan with Nicola Carfora “O fuoco”.

19 november 1995 police shot and killed in a firefight the Imparato clan boss Pasquale Afeltra (his brother Raffaele Afeltra is in prison) and his men Giacomo Avitabile and Giovanni Zurlo. Police arrested Michele Donnarumma (35) the brother in law of one of the killed men.

Castellammare boss D’Alessandro
In june 2000 was in Bucarest, Rumenia, Ciro Castellano arrested he works for D'Alessandro's Castellammare clan and was active in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Turkey and South america.

D’alessandro came then into conflict with the Michele Omobono « o marsigliese » and his brother Aniello Omobono – Massimo Scarpa- Imparato clan

At least 4 were killed among them Ciro Fasolino (58) killed 20 December 2004

1 June 2004 was killed D’alessandro capo Giuseppe Verdoliva (51). Elsewhere in Naples were killed Salvatore Manzo (44) who was shot and killed in his ambulance, he was of the Stabile clan, also killed that day elsewhere was Stabile man Giuseppe D’Amico

5 december 2004 was in Castellammare Guglielmo ( Vincenzo) Scelzo (42) killed, he was the brother of pentito Tommaso Scelzo.

boss Antonio Martone was killed with his niece Teresa Marrone

Aniello Omobono

20 december 2004 in Castellammare di Stabia was former Cutolo man Ciro Fasolino (58) killed in his house.

25 february 2005 was scissionisti Salvatore Dell’Oioio (28) killed
Antonio Elefante


Nuova Famiglia murders Raffaele Cutolo’s father in law Salvatore Iacone
4 October 1988 Cutolo's father in law Salvatore Iacone (54) gets shot to death when he leaves the barber at Ottaviano.

23 november 1988 five murders : Salvatore bruno (28) and brother in law Paolo Lasco (19), Franco Sorvillo (40) and his fiancee Maria Grazia Conte (39) and her son Antonio Petrenga (21).

26 December 1988 there were nine deadly overdoses in Naples

Nuova Famiglia murders Cutolo capo Giuseppe Puca “O’Giappone”(41)
7 February 1989 was Cutolo capo Giuseppe Puca “O’Giappone”(41) shot and killed.

Nuova Famiglia murders Cutolo’s capo Simmaco Zarrillo’s wife
25 April 1989 Amalia Casella the wife of Cutolo`s imprisoned capo Simmaco Zarrillo get killed.

Nuova Famiglia murders Antonio Mirabile
7 May 1989 lawyer Antonio Mirabile gets killed he is the brother of Mario Mirabile a capo of Cutolo.

Nuova Famiglia murders Salvatore Ruocchio
27 June 1990 in Rome gets Salvatore Ruocchio (30) killed by 2 men, he is a man of Paolo Cutillo, a capo of Alfieri and earlier he was a killer for Cutolo.

Nuova Famiglia murders NCO member Alfonso Avallone
13 September 1990 former NCO member Alfonso Avallone get killed.

Nuova Famiglia murders NCO member Alfonso Ramaglia
13 September 1990 NCO member Alfonso Ramaglia (50) get killed.

Nuova Famiglia murders Cutolo`s capo Mario Cuomo
11 October 1990 Cutolo`s capo Mario Cuomo get killed.

Nuova Famiglia man Mario Fabbrocino orders murder of Cutolo's son Roberto Cutolo
19 December 1990 was Roberto Cutolo (28), the son of Camorra boss Raffaele Cutolo, shot dead in Tredate (Varese province) by Leonardo Cassaniello, he had just been visited by his father’s capo Marco Medda who works in Bologna where he works with calabrians in drugdealing. Cassaniello said the murder had to do with the murder of Batti. Roberto Cutolo was killed at the orders of Nuova Famiglia man Mario Fabbrocino. Pepe Flachi was spoken free of ordering the murder.

NCO member Ciro Aprile killed by Chiofalo clan (Messina)
29 December 1990 was the body found of Cutolo’s NCO member Ciro Aprile. NCO member Ciro Aprile had been killed by the Chiofalo clan (Messina). Chiofalo’s son in law Massimiliano Caliri said that April would acquire weapons for the Chiofalo clan but had also started to sell drugs and Chiofalo opposed drugs and when Chiofalo heared April had also wanted to extort 50 million lires from Antonino Bontempo the owner of a well known restaurant in Naso he ordered his murder. Chiofalo associate Domenico Gullì said he heared the order to murder Ciro Aprile had come from Palmi prison where Pino Chiofalo was imprisoned. Domenico Gulli said he was told by Mario Bontempo Scavo that Scavo and Aprile had gone to Bazia di Furnari to meet Elio Marchetta, Salvatore Torre and others who killed there Aprile and put his body on fire.

10 January 1991 was Cutoliano Carlo Biino killed in a restaurant in Milan and Francesco mallardo was suspected of ordering the murder

20 February 1991 Cutolo’s capo Marco Medda get arrested in Bologna.

Nuova Famiglia wounds NCO man Armando Esposito
In may 1991 Armando Esposito of Cutolo's NCO from Acerra get wounded by an attack.

Nuova Famiglia murders Sorrentino brothers
25 October 1989 Paolo Sorrentino (19) brother of Davide Sorrentino gets murdered. 31 May 1991 Davide Sorrentino gets shot to death when he leaves prison after his sentence, he is married with Cutolo`s niece Carolina Cutolo??.

Nuova Famiglia murders Cutolo’s capo Simmaco Zarrillo
20 May 1992 Cutolo`s capo Simmaco Zarrillo get killed by police in a shootout, accomplice Antonio Letizia escapes.

Nuova Famiglia murders Cutolo’s brother in law Luigi Iacone (28)
1 September 1992 was Cutolo’s brother in law Luigi Iacone (28) shot and killed he is the brother of Cutolo’s wife Immaculata Iacone.

Gennaro Marino arrested
11 January 1993 Sergio Marinelli (47) get arrested he is a capo of Cutolo also Gennaro Marino gets arrested.

Di Lauro killer Gennaro Marino (in war with Ruocco) later gets arrested with Cutolo capo Marinelli.

Rosetta Cutolo (56) and Immacolato Iacone arrested
8 February 1993 Rosetta Cutolo (56) and Immacolato Iacone get arrested (her father and brother were murdered).

Cutolo’s capo Domenico Morelli escapes
10 May 1993 Cutolo`s capo Domenico Morelli and his righthand man Pasquale Verde escape from prison.

Nuova Famiglia murders Cutolo`s lawyer Enrico Madonna
7 October 1993 Cutolo`s lawyer Enrico Madonna (51) and his friend Carmine Brevetti get killed.

Den Haag, Campina case
P lived in Den Haag (The Hague) and was with his girlfriend and 2 colombians arrested while doing a drugsdeal 16 november 1993. P worked for Procolo Gianfico the camorra boss of Pozzuoli and for Vincenzo Petroso the brother of Salvatore Petroso a friend of Cutolo.

Nuova Famiglia murders NCO man Francesco Tamarisco
16 June 1996 in Torre Annunziata the camoristi Francesco Tamarisco (57) and Antonio Avvisati (52) get killed, Tamarisco is a member of Cutolo's NCO.

In November 1995 was Antonio Iadonisi killed

In January 2002 was Antonio Festinese killed

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