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Intro written by Angelo Carmelo Gallitto

The Calabrian “Honoured Society”, well known as “’Ndrangheta”, is the equivalent of Sicilian Mafia in Calabria region, south Italy. However its origin is unknown, it emerged later than other Italian organizations, maybe because Calabria was more isolated than others even inside south eastern regions. Some experts say it was influenced by Camorra and the Mafia, but despite its rituals and behaviours are similar to them, it has its own characters. Probably it was present at least since the 1700s when a brotherhood called “Società degli Spanzati” emerged in the village of Vibo; of course it’s very difficult to have certain information before 1861 because of the inefficiency and corruption of previous rulers, like Spanish or Bourbons.

Like Sicilians, also Calabrians emigrated abroad, especially to Canada and Australia, since the beginning of 1900s, creating branches of ‘Ndrangheta. Within the ‘Ndrangheta, more than Camorra and Cosa Nostra, the nucleus of the organization is the blood family; it causes a lot of feuds between different familie nucleuses also inside the same village.

In the 1960s and 1970s the Calabrian mafia was still archaic and its principal business were the kidnappings which it often did in north and middle Italy, but in the 1980s it became interested in drug trafficking, weapons sale and public works (construction). In the 1985-1991 period, later on the murder of boss Paolo De Stefano, the most violent mafia war happened in Reggio Calabria city, which left about 800 dead. The war was fought between De Stefano-Tegano and Condello-Imerti groups.

When the mafia war in Reggio Calabria stopped, the ‘Ndrangheta became more powerful and richer thanks to international drug trafficking, but especially because it formed a Commission, advised by Sicilian bosses worried about their Calabrian counterpart who were going to break down themselves because of too many murders. Nowadays ‘Ndrangheta is considered the most powerful branch of the Italian O.C., it controls most of drug trafficking around Europe and it has connections in all the north Italian regions and a lot of countries around the world.


‘Ndrangheta drug operation busted by authorities in Italy, Belgium and Germany
Huge ‘Ndrangheta bust: Drugs from South America, guns from Pakistan, and money all over the place
“I was just here to pray the rosary” - Fugitive ‘Ndrangheta boss Pasquale Bonavota arrested at cathedral
Corrupt port workers facilitating ‘Ndrangheta drug trafficking activities arrested in Italy
‘Ndrangheta operation in Spain busted – Cannabis plantation dismantled, coke, meth, guns & cash seized
Breaking the Calabrian Mafia in Italy
‘Ndrangheta clans infiltrated Italy’s railway construction for “no show” jobs that benefited imprisoned mobsters
Wanted: Sicilian Mafia’s boss of bosses, Cosa Nostra cop killer, ‘Ndrangheta hitman, dozens of violent gangsters
How the Molè Clan of the Calabrian Mafia established a cocaine empire with Navy divers and corrupt politicians
70 ‘Ndrangheta members convicted as “maxi-trial” against Calabrian Mafia begins in Italy
Fugitive 'Ndrangheta boss (60) caught in bunker with partner (34) and child
Coked Up Europe: Increase in cocaine traffic, more players and violence, but ‘Ndrangheta remains key
Domenico Paviglianiti, the fugitive ‘Ndrangheta Mafia boss who keeps getting arrested in Spain
Authorities in Italy and Germany bust international ‘Ndrangheta drug trafficking network
Fat Joe Versace and the Calabrian Mafia: A Murder in Australia
Fugitive ‘Ndrangheta Mafia member Giuseppe Romeo arrested in Spain
Fugitive ‘Ndrangheta Mafia boss Domenico Bellocco arrested in Italy
’Ndrangheta drug trafficking network operating in France and Italy busted, 46 people arrested
Interpol arrests 6 ‘Ndrangheta fugitives in investigation spanning the globe, showcasing Mafia’s global reach
Operation Mala Civitas shows over 100 ‘Ndrangheta bosses and members collected welfare cheques
Fugitive ‘Ndrangheta Mafia boss busted while taking a smoke during Coronavirus lockdown
‘Ndrangheta bust: Police arrest 18 Calabrian Mafia figures, charge them with €160 million fraud
‘Ndrangheta in Greater Toronto Area hit but still too powerful – “There are 9 (Mafia clans) of us”
Mafia threats and sexting: Two Italian priests face trial over ‘Ndrangheta claims
Profile of Toronto ‘Ndrangheta boss Giuseppe “Pino” Ursino
‘Ndrangheta boss faces U.S. charges in 1,500 kilo of cocaine bust
Brother of Mafia snitch was murdered after he had asked to be removed from witness protection program
‘Ndrangheta leader Giuseppe Pelle ran regional politics on behalf of Calabrian Mafia
Calabrian Mafia boss serving multiple life sentences granted furlough to visit his dying mother
“We’ve been ruling here for 40 years!” The Farao-Marincola ‘Ndrangheta clan
Most wanted drug boss Rocco Morabito
Profile: Powerful Calabrian Mafia boss Marcello “The Dancer” Pesce
Extravagant wedding spurs Ndrangheta investigation
Mafia Math: Calculating Italian organized crime’s illicit income
‘Ndrangheta appointed and controlled politicians in Italy
Police capture ‘Ndrangheta leader Ernesto Fazzalari
Defeating ‘Ndrangheta is possible, Italy’s President says
‘Ndrangheta busts net bosses and 2006 World Cup winner
Italian Mafia boss talks about ‘Ndrangheta’s global reach
Elite ‘Ndrangheta ceremony videotaped live
The Mancuso ‘Ndrangheta Clan and its war against itself
‘Ndrangheta Mafia meeting filmed in Switzerland (video)
'Ndrangheta and Gambino crime family in global drug bust
‘Ndrangheta Rat Recants Testimony, Then Disappears
Behind the 'Ndrangheta: A history from inside
‘Ndrangheta Members Arrested In Worldwide Bust
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