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A Columbus, Ohio, MS-13 hitman who shot dead a rival gang member was sentenced to 30 years behind bars on Thursday. 38-year-old Jose “Shadow” Mendez-Peraza pleaded guilty in October 2019 admitting his involvement as a shooter in the December 2016 murder of Salvador Martinez-Diaz, a suspected 18th Street gang member.

“Shadow” and several other MS-13 gangsters ambushed their target on December 3, 2016, in the parking lot of the Resolute Athletic Complex in Columbus where the victim was playing soccer. They wore dark ski masks and waited for Martinez-Diaz near his apartment building at Melroy Ave. and Kelburn Road in Columbus.

When Martinez-Diaz arrived near his home, Mendez-Peraza and another MS-13 member opened fire on him with pistols, shooting him multiple times and killing him.

A witness in the case was then intimidated by Mendez-Peraza while at the Joseph P. Kinneary United States Courthouse in Columbus. Mendez-Peraza told the witness that MS-13 members would kill the individual and his or her – the identity of the witness was not disclosed - family if the individual cooperated with law enforcement.

Mendez-Peraza is one of 23 individuals charged in a second superseding indictment in February 2018 who are alleged to be members and associates of MS-13 in Columbus. They are charged in a racketeering conspiracy, which includes five murders as well as attempted murder, extortion, money laundering, drug trafficking, assault, obstruction of justice, witness intimidation, weapons offenses and immigration-related violations.

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