Mob Hit in South Philadelphia

9237017676?profile=originalBy David Amoruso

The Philadelphia crime family is finally returning to its dysfunctional roots. After a decade of relative peace and quiet under the guidance of boss Joseph Ligambi, South Philadelphia was shocked on Wednesday by the first mob hit in years.

On Wednesday, around 3 p.m., gunshots were heard across Iseminger Street in Philadelphia. Gino DiPietro, 50, was shot several times in the back. Fatally wounded he was pronounced dead fifteen minutes later. Authorities allege DiPietro was a mob associate. A neighbor told the Philadelphia Daily News that “[DiPietro] was in and out of trouble. He'd been in jail for drugs.”

9237018058?profile=originalThe Daily News also reported that “police were tight-lipped about the shooting Wednesday, but one law-enforcement source said DiPietro may have made enemies by cooperating with authorities while incarcerated. His brothers are known mob associates.”

Reputed Philly soldier Anthony Nicodemo (left), 41, is being charged with the murder after police matched a bullet fragment found on DiPietro's clothes with a gun found in Nicodemo's car. Nicodemo is a rising player in the Philadelphia mob, linked to many crimes. In 2009 he pleaded guilty to participating in running a sports bookmaking ring inside the Borgata Hotel Casino poker room. The FBI also thinks he was involved in the shooting death of John "Johnny Gongs" Casasanto in 2003.

The murder comes at a time when the leadership of the Philadelphia mafia is on trial for racketeering. Boss Joseph Ligambi was credited by many inside and outside the mob with bringing order to a chaotic crime family. After decades of bloodshed, Ligambi had started rebuilding what was left of the Philly mob.9236996859?profile=original

Ligambi’s (right) low-key and nonviolent way of conducting business is reflected by the lack of violent acts in the charges he and his co-defendants face at their current racketeering trial. The brazen hit by a mob soldier on a mob associate, who is rumored to have turned rat, can only damage Ligambi’s defense.

But maybe Ligambi thinks differently. Maybe it’s time for a thorough damage control while he still has any control over his soldiers on the street. Of course, these are all theories. We will have to wait and see how this story unravels. In time all our questions will be answered. All it takes is one informant with an all-access pass to the Philadelphia underworld.

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  • Oh, I thought that he would flip 10 mins after being taken into custody

    Still, it would be the smartest thing he's ever done.

  • There are rumors that Nicodemo has flipped. Stay tuned.

  • Your very mistaken if you think street gangs are betr at keeps quiet then the mob
  • Classic disorganized crime,Angelo Bruno's probably rolling in his grave.Since the Scarfo days Philly has been a hotbed of craziness.It almost brings to mind L.A.'s "Mickey Mouse" Mafia back in the day.Speaking of which,does L.A. or KC have Families anymore?.I know it's off-subject,but I'm curious.It seems like ever since the Olde School dons went away for 100-year stretches LCN's been in pieces with a bunch of unknowns leading the charge and this is a prime example of it (the story).In some cases they have become near-street gangs compared to the old days bringing to mind,say,The Gallo Gang in the '60s,'70s,although I'm not disrespecting Larry,Joe,or Albert.You gotta love those guys 'cause they had heart to spare and were true legends in their time.

  • Seriously?

    You're taking those Philly wackos as representatives for all Italian/Italian-American OC groups on American soil?

    Damn son, you sure need to educate yourself on contemporary LCN further more...

This reply was deleted.


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