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The FBI has just received its new target for 2016: Joseph Cammarano Junior - photo above. According to the New York Daily News, he is the new street boss of the decimated Bonanno crime family. Cammarano Jr. was labeled as an acting underboss by a federal prosecutor just last week, but the New York tabloid claims its sources say “he wears a second hat as the crime family’s street boss, too.”

True or not, this news means Cammarano Jr. can begin planning his long-term stay in prison as of yesterday. All of former Bonanno boss Joseph Massino’s successors ended up behind bars quickly after their anointment reached the press, several thanks to a little help from his testimony. Chief among them Vincent Basciano, who is currently serving life after Massino wore a wire on him in prison.

Authorities claim Michael Mancuso is the official boss, yet since he is also in prison at the moment, the family uses street bosses to handle the day-to-day business. One of those street bosses, Thomas Di Fiore, had some legal troubles but was released from prison in August of last year.

Still only in his early seventies, he is still capable of being boss, but apparently Cammarano Jr. has now ascended to that spot. Even Mancuso approved Cammarano’s rise, the New York Daily News claims.

Cammarano Jr. grew up in the mob with a father who was once a Bonanno family underboss. He died in prison in 2013 while doing time for murder. Junior did time as well, serving 27 months for extorting a fellow Bonanno gangster.

“Known as Joe C. Jr., the 56-year-old Cammarano grew up in Greenpoint, Brooklyn,” the New York Daily News reports. “[He] joined the Navy after graduating from high school and served on a nuclear submarine in an elite patrol unit that conducted classified missions.”

It took the feds two years, but they finally caught up with Cammarano Jr. on January 12, 2018, when they charged him and ten other mobsters with racketeering charges. He faces 20 years in prison on each count of racketeering.

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