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Lucchese crime family associate Michael Capra (photo above, left) pleaded guilty to extortion. In court, yesterday, the wiseguy admitted that he - along with his brother Daniel and a cousin who has since passed away - threatened to beat up two men who owed the mob money. Capra faces 24 to 30 months behind bars.

The admission must’ve been hard for the 52-year-old mobster as he has been anything but cooperative. Though the crimes occurred in 2010, police did not come looking for Capra until late September of 2013. When they did, it still took “a nearly one-hour standoff with G-men, cops and a police dog outside his Smithtown, Long Island, home” until he surrendered, the New York Daily News reported at the time.

But in the end, he pleaded guilty and thus avoided going to trial along with his codefendant and alleged Lucchese family capo Carmine Avellino (photo above, right), who is the younger brother of Salvatore Avellino, known best for his role on an FBI bug as Lucchese Mafia boss “Tony Ducks” Corallo’s inquisitive chauffeur.

Prosecutors claim it was 71-year-old Carmine Avellino who ordered Capra and crew to collect the loans. They even tried to get Capra to admit just that when he pleaded guilty on Friday, asking him if “Avellino extended the loans?”

The question caught the tightlipped mobster off guard, New York Daily News reporter John Marzulli wrote. “To be perfectly honest, I don't have any idea,” Capra answered.

Michael Capra is playing his guilty plea by the book of La Cosa Nostra. He remains silent, adhering to omerta, and will do his time. As an associate he still has the option to go legit after his release from prison. But perhaps he is looking forward to enjoying the fruits of his “labor.” The mob loves its standup guys, you know.

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