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The leader of MS-13’s Long Island Hollywood Clique was sentenced Friday to 24 years to life in prison on murder and conspiracy charges. 28-year-old David “Risky” Sosa-Guevara had pleaded guilty last year.

Sosa-Guevara was the head of the Hollywood Clique of MS-13 on Long Island and directed its members to collaborate with the Sailors Clique, another violent sect of MS-13 operating on Long Island.

Killing a 15-year-old

As the head of the Hollywood Clique, Sosa-Guevara ordered the murder of 15-year old Angel Soler. Acting in concert with members of the clique, he ordered his fellow gang members to kill Soler while he himself was not present at the murder.

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Soler was murdered on July 21, 2017, in Nassau County. His body was mutilated – bearing injuries consistent with the use of a machete – and he suffered blunt force trauma to the head. Soler was left buried until his remains were discovered under cement on October 19, 2017, in a remote wooded area in Roosevelt, just south of the Southern State Parkway.

More murder

Additionally, Sosa-Guevara, acting in concert with others, planned the murder of an alleged MS-13 member who was believed to have been disloyal to the gang and ordered the movement of weapons to Maryland for the purposes of that murder.

According to Sosa-Guevara’s allocution in court, MS-13’s Hollywood and Sailor cliques conducted criminal activities that included murder, assault, drug trafficking, money transfers, member movements, member punishment and rival gang retribution. Sosa-Guevara admitted he reported to gang leadership in El Salvador and the United States, and the Hollywood clique’s profits were shared with gang leaders in El Salvador.

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