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Some criminals never learn. Like the burglar who broke into the home of a Yakuza boss during the New Year celebrations. The culprit got away with at least 2 million yen, almost $20,000, but will he – or she – live long enough to enjoy it?

The burglary occurred somewhere between late December and January 1, according to the Kobe Shimbun newspaper. The burglar ransacked the place and stole a safe containing the 2 million yen and also made off with precious metals.

The man of the house, a Yakuza boss of the Yamaken-gumi, a group affiliated with the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi, was out on the town celebrating the arrival of the New Year with his underlings in the city of Kobe.

Whoever was dumb enough to break into the residence obviously knew that. What happens next? Well, in these kinds of cases, the victim usually doesn’t call on police to punish the perpetrator. Instead, he handles it personally.

Just like Chicago Mafia boss Anthony Accardo did when his home was burglarized. He ordered his most ferocious hitman to wipe out anyone who was involved plus those who might’ve been, just to send out the message that you did not break into the house of a mob boss.

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