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Benghazi? Top secret emails? Fuggedaboutit! Hillary Clinton’s latest ‘scandal’ involves a private meeting with the son of an imprisoned Sicilian-American Mafioso who asked her to change the RICO laws in the United States. The son in question is Giovanni Gambino, whose father Francesco had been sentenced to 30 years in prison in the 1980’s.

Breitbart News recently interviewed the mob son about his meeting with Clinton (see photo above), which took place in 2007 on orders from Francesco. “He thought she’s got so much power, they [the Clintons] could maybe do something [to get him out of prison],” Gambino told the news blog.

They met at the Charleston Place hotel in South Carolina while Secret Service guards stood outside the hotel, according to Gambino. “We spoke for a while,” he told Breitbart News, calling Clinton a “very good listener.”

Clinton was confronted with quite the story. “I told [Clinton and an aide] about my father and how unfair the RICO law was to so many people,” Gambino said. “I told her I had a way of getting more votes for her. There are millions of inmates out there who have relatives. Those are organic votes. Instead of getting favors from the corporations and trying to get the employees of a corporation to vote for her, these are organic votes. They go out to vote for their loved ones.”

The message hit home, Gambino claims. “‘Of course,’ she told me. Once she settled down and once she accomplished what she wants to do she would do something about it.”

In an interview with British tabloid The Daily Mail in December 2015, however, Gambino had a different feeling about that same 2007 meeting. “She might have forgotten about it,” he said. “She probably hears stories like that every day.”

It didn’t matter. Barack Obama became the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party and went on to become a two-term president. Francesco Gambino died behind bars while serving his sentence for drug trafficking.

Clinton, meanwhile, is now on her way to becoming the Democratic presidential nominee going up against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whose links to the mob have already been covered in various media reports.

What can be said? Politics is a dirty game.

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