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A fearsome Hells Angel involved in a murder for hire plot? One would think that would be as action-packed as it could get, right? In this case, however, reality turns out to be a lot less exciting. It also ends up costing the outlaw biker 10 years behind bars.

While working at his day job, 52-year-old Lexington County Hells Angel Jerry Oliver was approached by a colleague. The man was charged with DUI and worried that he would lose his job as a truck driver, so he asked Oliver for help seeing as he was a big bad biker and all who probably knew a little bit about trouble with the law.

Happy to oblige, Oliver recommended an attorney he knew. He even offered him $1,500 dollars to cover the cost of the attorney, but he needed a favor in return: The man had to kill Oliver’s ex-wife.

The biker was involved in a contested family court proceeding where a hearing was scheduled regarding Oliver’s failure to comply with the divorce decree with his ex-wife. Oliver stated that the murder needed to occur before his next family court appearance.

Shocked by the request, the man contacted the FBI who provided him with materials to record the interactions he had with Oliver. Numerous recordings of in-person and over the phone discussions of killing the ex-wife were captured. The informant told Oliver numerous times that he was a felon and the two discussed how to make the killing look like a robbery gone bad.

On September 29, the informant asked Oliver for help getting a firearm to do the murder. Oliver stated he would put a Glock in a truck on his property. The man recorded his retrieval of a loaded Glock.

The two men also discussed locating pictures of the ex-wife on Facebook. Oliver told the would-be assassin to keep an eye on his ex-wife’s Facebook so he could monitor her whereabouts.

In January of 2018, Oliver pleaded guilty to murder for hire charges. Yesterday, he was sentenced to the statutory maximum of 10 years in prison.

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