9237022282?profile=originalGriselda Blanco, nicknamed "The Cocaine Godmother", was gunned down by an assassin in Medellin, Colombia, on Monday. The Miami Herald reports that: “According to Colombian press reports, two gunmen on motorcycles pulled up to Blanco as she walked out of a butcher shop in Medellin, her hometown. One man pumped two bullets into her head, according to El Colombiano newspaper. It was the sort of death many had predicted for her: Blanco has been credited with inventing the idea of the “motorcycle assassin” who rode by victims and sprayed them with bullets.”

Blanco etched her name in organized crime history with the blood of her victims. As she rose to the top of the drug business in the United States dead bodies littered the streets. With the release of the documentary Cocaine Cowboys (parts 1 and 2) she became a celebrity of sorts, used by rappers to bolster their street cred and journalists to sell books and magazines.

Though some of the gruesome killings the Black Widow ordered are known, many others have not been given as much attention by the media. Gangsters Inc.’s very own Puparo took it upon himself to check his archives, books, articles, documentaries, and other sources to compile a detailed list of Griselda Blanco’s murder victims. As always, Puparo welcomes any comments, corrections, information, or contacts that readers wish to provide to add to his text.


By Puparo

Queens (NY) based Medellin boss Griselda Blanco “La Madrina” (The Godmother)
Griselda Blanco came to Queens in the late 60s with Carlos Trujillo (the father of her sons Dixon, Uber and Osvaldo). Trujillo introduced her to Alberto Bravo, a trafficker from Medellin. Griselda Blanco arranged at some point the murder of her husband Carlos Trujillo and then married Alberto Bravo.

Medellin bosses and brothers Alberto Bravo and Carlos Bravo
The "brains" of the smuggling operation were the brothers Alberto Bravo and Carlos Bravo, owners of an export-import business in Colombia. They were assisted by Griselda Blanco, who manufactured sophisticated smuggling devices and recruited couriers, and Bernardo Roldan, an expert in the manufacture of passports. Their nephew is Jaime Bravo

Queens (NY) based Medellin boss Griselda Blanco “La Madrina” (The Godmother)
In 1971, she started her own cocaine network. Blanco used only female mules, who wore lingerie Blanco had designed herself and which were sold in her Medellin Boutique. This underwear contained special pockets capable of concealing two kilos of coke.

Queens (NY) based Medellin boss Griselda Blanco “La Madrina” (The Godmother)
Between 1971 and 1975, massive amounts of cocaine and marijuana were smuggled from Colombia into the United States, much of it intended for distribution in New York City.

Queens (NY) based Medellin boss Griselda Blanco “La Madrina” (The Godmother)
Informer Olga Perdomo had assisted Griselda Blanco by getting visas to enable Griselda to send her narcotics couriers to the USA.

Queens (NY) based Medellin boss Griselda Blanco “La Madrina” (The Godmother)
Carlos Delgado worked for Griselda Blanco just like Luis Torres Maldonado

Queens (NY) based Medellin boss Griselda Blanco “La Madrina” (The Godmother)
Judge Cannella admitted evidence of Antonio Romero's 1972 arrest at Kennedy airport in connection with efforts to smuggle cocaine into the United States by concealing it in a dog cage. The link between this evidence and Blanco was Carmen Caban's testimony that Blanco in 1972 had discussed with a cohort the use of dog cages to smuggle cocaine into New York and later that year discussed with the cohort their losses when one of their couriers was arrested at Kennedy Airport for trying to smuggle cocaine in a dog cage.

Queens (NY) based Medellin boss Griselda Blanco “La Madrina” (The Godmother)
William Rodriguez-Parra and Olegario Montes-Gomez were arrested in Texas in June, 1973 and subsequently indicted for illegal importation and possession of cocaine. They pled guilty and were sentenced on August 30, 1973. Parra and Gomez, were indicted on May 11, 1974, Parra and Gomez were sentenced to ten years in prison.

Testimony concerning the 1971-73 period was given largely by Carmen Caban and Rita Ramos, barmaids, who became involved on both a "business" and personal basis with the drug dealers against whom they testified.

The illegal importation taking place during 1973 was described chiefly by William Andries and Lionel Fernandez, drug couriers, whose deliveries were made primarily in the Miami, Florida area.

Queens (NY) based Medellin boss Griselda Blanco “La Madrina” (The Godmother)
Edgar Restrepo-Botero was arrested on July 17, 1973 and was thereafter charged in a one count indictment with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. On June 27, 1974, Botero went to trial on this indictment and was convicted.

Queens (NY) based Medellin boss Griselda Blanco “La Madrina” (The Godmother)
Jorge Gonzalez was arrested by state authorities on September 17, 1974, indicted by a federal grand jury on October 4, 1974 and arraigned on the charges of that indictment on October 31, 1974.

Queens (NY) based Medellin boss Griselda Blanco “La Madrina” (The Godmother)
After a warrant for Blanco's arrest was issued on October 4, 1974, the DEA issued a fugitive report on Blanco and listed it in the National Criminal Information System and the Treasury Enforcement Communications System.

Queens (NY) based Medellin boss Griselda Blanco “La Madrina” (The Godmother)
Ruben Dario Roldan was arrested on October 4, 1974 on the same charges.

On April 30, 1975, following an intensive cooperative investigation by Federal and New York authorities, appellants and 29 others were indicted for conspiracy to import, possess and distribute cocaine

Queens (NY) based Medellin boss Griselda Blanco “La Madrina” (The Godmother)
On April 30, 1975, an indictment charging appellant Griselda Blanco and 37 others was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and the case was assigned to Judge John Cannella. The indictment charged the defendants with conspiring to manufacture, import into the United States, and distribute cocaine. When the indictment was returned in April, 1975, Blanco, a Colombian citizen, was living in Colombia. In May, 1975, the district court issued a warrant for her arrest. By January 1976, twelve of the conspirators had been prosecuted and convicted, and two others had pleaded guilty. Only 12 of the indicted defendants were tried, the 9 appellants and 3 others who were tried in absentia.

Francisco Adriano ARMEDO-SARMIENTO, aka Eduardo Sanchez, aka Pacho el Mono, aka Elkin, aka Francisco Velez

With him stood on trial Edgar Restrepo-Botero, Leon Velez, Olegario Montes-Gomez, Ruben Dario Roldan, William Rodriguez-Parra and Jorge Gonzalez.

Among those were Cabrera, Carmen Caban, Ramos, Rincon, Hernandez, Diaz and Arturo Gonzalez.

Brothers Libardo Gill and Carmen Gill
when two police officers visited the Gills' apartment in connection with an unrelated investigation, they observed two partially smoked marijuana cigarettes and some currency on a table. They promptly placed the Gills under arrest. Thereupon, one of the officers proceeded to search the apartment, as a security check to see if anyone else was present who might threaten their safety or destroy evidence. During the course of the search, the officer discovered two shopping bags containing bricks of marijuana and an open leather bag containing loose marijuana and plastic bags filled with white powder. Following this discovery, appellant Carmen Gill offered a bribe to one of the officers, during the course of which she disclosed the presence of a substantial sum of money in a shoe box on a closet shelf. Additional bribe offers, totaling $21,000, followed.

Leon Velez, the only appellant who testified, contends that his sentence of five years imprisonment with a $5,000 committed fine and three years special parole was excessive.

New York's cocaine market
29 December 1975 the police informer Oscar Toro Sr. arrives home with his wife to find out that their son Oscar Toro Jr. (10), their daughter Susanah Toro (5) and the babysitter Liliana Gustamante (17) have disappeared. 7 January 1976 their bodies are found. It was done by a gang to which belonged Elsie Sanchez (from Colombia) and her friend Edgar Payan.

NY based Cali represent Hernando Giraldo Soto
Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela sent in 1975 his friend Hernando Giraldo Soto to Ny to start a cocaine distribution network and Giraldo Soto ran NYC for 3 years for the Cali cartel

New York cocaine market is in the hands of Cali
The New York cocaine distribution is in the hands of the Cali cartel

Miami cocaine market is in the hands of Medellin
Miami’s cocaine market is in the hands of the Medellin cartel.

Medellin citizen Griselda Blanco and ?husband? Alberto Bravo
In 1976 Griselda and Alberto Bravo smuggle 1000 kilos of coke with the ship “Gloria” that attends the festivities for the 200 years that the US exists, in Miami police find 200 kilos and in Boston they confiscated 1,7 million dollars and the rest makes the smugglers rich.

Griselda Blanco kills her husband Alberto Bravo
Alberto Bravo said something that offended Griselda Blanco, so she stuck the muzzle of a loaded gun into his mouth and pulled it. Dario Sepulveda (the father of her youngest son Michael Corleone) accused Griselda Blanco in front of Mermelstein of killing her husband Alberto Bravo.

Her favorite killer was Chucho Castro, her husband Dario Sepulveda’s brothers Miguel “Paco” Sepulveda and Diego Sepulveda , “Toto”, Carlos Vanegas “El Negro”, Jorge Ayala “Riverito” and his brother Alonso Ayala, Griselda Blanco her sons Uber and Osvaldo and Dixon, Guillermo Velasquez, Carlos Aranga “cumbamba”, Monteco, Diego Escobar, Oscar Mario, Cuban marielitos Miguel Perez “Miguelito??”and Jaime Bravo (a nephew of her killed husband Bravo).

Carlos Nossa Monteco

Jorge Cabezon Perez

Popo Mejia’s mother in law Marta Flores Gomez

Herman Grenados

Oscar Ruiz

German Guitierrez

Marcellino Reyes

Omar Gomez

Edgar Restrepo aka “Cachet”

Domingo Hernandez

“El Gordo” Mingo??Gordo Botero??


Fernando Willis “Melliso”

Gordo Botero ?? “El Gordo”Mingo??

Oscar Piedrahita “Predraita” murder
Oscar Piedrahita “Predraita” had kidnapped Griselda’s son Osvaldo and let him go for a ransom of a million dollars. In 1982 Oscar Piedrahita “Predraita” was shot and killed by Griselda’s men Riverito and “Chico” (husband of Liliana Trejos and later arrested with a weapon)

Paco Mejia ‘s father Octavio Mejia

Luis Recipo Himcapie

Ulbert Botero

German Paso

Juan Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Arruba- Niguel

Antonio Angel and Jorge Vasquez

Oscar Murillo Nato

Aromando Miralbal

Eduardo Moreno

DEA SA (special agent??) Jeff Behirman
FBI SA (special agent??) Fernando Fernandez

Julio Jario Sanchez Perez

Horatio Martines

Silvia Laverde “Miriam”

Lydia Garcia

Luis Ed Restrepo

???Juan Alberto Pena??

Domingo Giro Guttierres “Tulio”

??Juan Alberto Pena??

Liliana Trejos (wife of “Chico”) was killed

Nestor Garcia was shot and killed near his car by Riverito

Few months later Riverito killed Nestor Garcia’s partner Miguel Perez in his car

Paco Mejia ‘s father Octavio Mejia (Octavio Mejica aka “Monomica” ??) was killed in front of the Pan American mall in 1981

Griselda Blanco’s killer Jorge Rivero murders Johnny Castro (2)
6 February 1982 drove Chucho Castro with his little son Johnny Castro (2) around in a car when Jorge Rivero “Riverito” opens fire from an other car with a machinegun, Chucho Castro was unharmed but his son Johnny Castro was killed. Griselda is the boss of Riverito and was at war with her former man for whom Castro worked.

Griselda Blanco’s sister Olga killed
Soon was then in Colombia Griselda Blanco’s sister Olga killed.

Griselda Blanco
Griselda Blanco was convicted of ordering the murders in May 1982 in their South Miami house of drug dealer Alfredo Lorenzo and his wife Griselda Lorenzo who owed money for drugs as their three children watched television in another room. Blanco was angry that Riverito and Perez had left the couple's three children alive.

Miguel Perez killed Alfredo DeLorenzo and Oscar Murillo “Nato” killed Griselda Lorenzo with them was “Riverito”

Griselda Blanco killers murder coke dealer Domingo Hernandez
24 July 1982 kill Dario Sepulveda and Miguel Perez the coke dealer Domingo Hernandez in US because he didn't pay for a drug party.

Griselda Blanco’s former partner Leonela Arias killed in Medellin
17 August 1982 was Leonela Arias (a former partner of Griselda Blanco) killed in her car in Medellin with a machinegun while her daughter stayed unharmed, they were on their way to attend the funeral of a murdered girlfriend.

Griselda Blanco’s killer Miguel Perez attacks “Papo” Mejia in Miami (Florida)
15 September 1982 watch from a car Griselda, her top hitman Jorge Rivero “Riverito” Ayale and Miguel Perez the entrance of Miami’s International Airport, when their enemy “Papo” Mejia leaves the airport Riverito sends the killer Perez after Mejia. Perez starts to stab Mejia who was severely wounded and Perez was arrested. Griselda told the story later to her coke distributor Rafael who is also an enemy of Mejia.

Corrado Valencia
In 1982 got Corrado Valencia “El Loco” life in LA for murder. The murder of Suescun??

Griselda Blanco orders the murder of her husband Dario Sepulveda’s brother Diego Sepulveda
Riverito was wanted for questioning in the 18 October 1982 murder of Diego Sepulveda the brother of Griselda her husband Dario Sepulveda and their brother Miguel “Paco” Sepulveda

Carmen Caban and her alleged participation in a murder. Gloria Caban, Carmen's sister, about her alleged participation in the same murder. (Diego Sepulveda the brother of Dario Sepulveda by Riverito??)

Caban testified at length about the operations between 1972 and 1975 of the cocaine importing ring in which Blanco allegedly participated.

Griselda Blanco orders the murder of her husband Dario Sepulveda
In 1983 Griselda Blanco and Dario Sepulveda quarreled in Max Mermelstein’s house in Miami and Dario leaves with their son and his killers Carlos Aranga “Cumbamba”and Jaime Bravo (a nephew of Alberto Bravo a former husband of Griselda who she had personally shot to death). Dario Sepulveda left behind his wife Griselda, her killer Riverito and Max Mermelstein. When Dario Sepulveda drove around in Colombia with their son Michael Corleone (10) he was stopped by a police patrol who shoot him dead and soon his son was back with his mother.

Miguel “Paco” Sepulveda arrested
Dario Sepulveda’s brother Miguel “Paco” Sepulveda then starts with Jaime Bravo a war against Griselda Blanco in which several were killed until Miguel “Paco” Sepulveda was arrested in Bayside, Queens (New York) in January 1983.

Miguel “Paco” Sepulveda
Miguel “Paco” Sepulveda his wife is Vicki Sepulveda and her sister is Ligia Maria Valencia Gaviria who was arrested in May 1983 with Martha Lucia Bedoya Lopez

Miami murder case Cuban drug producer Rodriguez Seferino
18 March 1983 divers fish the body of the Cuban Rodriguez Seferino (38) from a channel in Miami. His hands and feet were bound and he was shot once through the head, he was in the illegal production of drug tablets.

Marta Saldarriaga Ochoa
Marta Saldarriaga Ochoa a niece of Ochoa was 2 February 1984 in Panama shortly arrested

Miami and Griselda Blanco
Beginning 1984 was Marta Saldarriaga Ochoa a niece of Ochoa and the girlfriend of Rafael Cardona killed by Griselda’s son Osvaldo in Miami and her body was dumped in a channel, his mother had to pay a large debt but thought this was cheaper.

DEA Special Agent Robert Palombo
30 May 1984 DEA Special Agent Robert Palombo spotted Blanco in Newport Beach, California. Palombo was conducting an investigation of suspected drug smuggling by Blanco's sons Dixon, Uber and Osvaldo when he saw Blanco deliver cash to a DEA informant, in an attempt to launder money. Palombo later testified, at a hearing that the government chose not to arrest Blanco then because to do so would have jeopardized both the life of the DEA informant and the investigation of Blanco's sons. The district court found this testimony credible.

Griselda Blanco and double murder case
6 July 1984 was in Hollywood the body found of Rodrigo Arturo Atehortua at his Polle Street home and the next day was also his stepson John Henry Garcia (15) killed. at the orders of Griselda who he still owed money and who wanted to know from Arturo the hiding place of her enemy Jaime Bravo, but Arturo didn’t know. Suspect in their murders is Guillermo Velasquez

Miami arrest of Carlos Bustamente (knows Barry Seal)
17 July 1984 was in Miami Carlos Bustamente arrested, he led the distribution of coke for the Medellin cartel in Miami and had worked with Seal.

Griselda Blanco
In September 1984, Blanco was again seen delivering cash to the DEA informant.

Jaime Bravo arrested (Griselda enemy)
In November 1984 was in the USA Jaime Bravo arrested, he was armed.

Griselda Blanco arrested in USA
17 February 1985 was Griselda Blanco in Irvine (California) arrested. In 1985 Griselda Blanco was arrested in Irvine (California) on narcotics trafficking charges by the man who had tracked her relentlessly for years, D.E.A. Agent Bob Palumbo. Blanco was extradited to FL, where she was represented by William Kennedy Smith attorney Roy Black, and given a ten year sentence for drug dealing.

Blanco's jury trial before Judge Cannella commenced on June 25, 1985 and ended July 9, 1985. At trial, the prosecution relied heavily on the testimony of Carmen Caban, a former drug dealer turned government witness.

Griselda Blanco hitman Jorge Ayala Riverito
Griselda Blanco her nemesis eventually turned out to be Jorge Ayala Riverito, her favorite hitman, who, in 1993, facing the death penalty on various murder charges, began trading information about Blanco for a negotiated plea of 25 years in prison. In 1993, she was indicted for murder, thanks to Riverito. Riverito's testimony linked her directly to twelve homicides in Queens!!!!!!!!, twelve in Miami!!! and implied an unknown quantity in Colombia??????.

Riverito mentioned he killed 11 people in 24 hours in New York after a load of cocaine was stolen (by Mejia??), it seemed to have happened before Mejia was stabbed at the Airport

Griselda Blanco pled guilty
Griselda Blanco pled guilty to ordering the murders of the Lorenzos, and of ordering the murder of Chucho Castro, resulting in his son Johnny Castro's death. Her sentence was twenty years in a FL state prison.


Miami murder case Ester Rios
17 April 1978 burglarized Jaime Suescun (who works for the coke boss Carlos Panello Ramirez) in Miami the house of the coke boss German Panesso and steals from there several kilos of coke and he also strangles the housekeeper Ester Rios.

Miami murder case Jaime Suescun
23 April 1978 would Suescun buy 2 kilos of coke from Gonzalo Jiménez Panesso, Alvaro Palacio and Conrado Valencia Zalgado (his wife Luz Marina works for Griselda), they tie him up in a way so that he strangles himself to death in the trunk of their car where they put him in. Suescun’s friends were waiting nearby and suspect that something went wrong and start to follow the others car, and the occupants of both cars start firing at each other at the highway with machineguns. When the police arrive both cars drive of different ways and police find only the car with in its trunk the body of Suescun, the car was owned by German Jimenez Panesso. Panello Ramirez then put in Griselda to have her men kill Panesso.

Also killed were: Rubén Echeverría, Julio Gaona, Jorge Luis de Campo, Osear Penagos Ríos.

Griselda Blanco
By 1977 DEA agent Charles Cecil had learned of her address in Colombia through an informant and he took several measures to keep track of Blanco's whereabouts and to discover whether she entered the United States.

Griselda Blanco orders murder of Duquero de Jesus Velasquez
In 1977 had Griselda Blanco her in Miami working launderer Duquero de Jesus Velasquez in Colombia killed because he had stolen money.

Miami: Medellin coca queen Griselda Blanco
She traveled frequently between NYC and Miami, FL, moving south in 1978. At that time, Roy Pena (now a D.E.A., Intelligence Analyst), was working with the Queens Homicide Task Force. Suddenly, a string of unsolved murder cases came in, the only common thread was bloodless corpses. It was eventually learned that they were the handiwork of Paco Sepulveda, one of Griselda's premiere hired hitters. Paco's way was to hang his victims upside down, cut their throats and drain their bodies of blood. "This made it easier to fold the body into Pampers or TV boxes and dump them into the street," says Pena. "They were the most neatly-folded D.O.A.'s we'd ever come across."

NYPD homicide detective Thomas Healy
12 March 1978 was in New York Victoria Quijano shot in her car and died 19 days later. On her was an address book found which listed the address 65th Place 3911 apartment 2 F where the females Juana Dominguez and Lucy Garcia live. NYPD detective Thomas Healy (assigned to a homicide task force) investigated her narcotics murder.

NYPD homicide detective Thomas Healy
16 January 1979 police searched three apartments in various sections of Queens in new York. The first apartment was shared by the females Juana Dominguez and Lucy Garcia. The apartment of Griselda man Carlos Delgado where they also find Griselda man Luis Torres Maldonado, Luz Alvarez and Luis Sanchez. In the third apartment was a quantity of cocaine found and 234000 dollars in cash.

NYPD homicide detective Thomas Healy
In April 1987 detectives Thomas Healy and Michael Falciano were investigating a drug homicide and found a business card among the victim’s effects. 24 April 1987 the detectives went to the apartment and arrest Gabriel Rios and Fabio Tamayo after finding 8 kilos of cocaine. Jorge Rios

Dade County Shopping Mall Massacre
11 July 1979, Griselda Blanco orchestrated the infamous Dade County Shopping Mall Massacre. A van advertising party supplies unleashed two hitmen, armed with automatic weapons, who converged on a liquor store where Blanco had arranged to meet drug competitors German Jimenez Panesso and Juan Carlos Hernandez to whom she owed a great deal of money. Her hitmen assassinated the two targets and escaped among them was Miguel “paco” Sepulveda.

Miami PD detective Al Singleton was one of the first cops to arrive at the murder scene after the shooting

Miami drug baron Rafael Leon Rodriguez “Amilcar” and double murder case Cuban dealers
In September 1979 tricked the Cuban Armando Gonzalez his fellow Cubans and drug dealers Angel Acosta and Raimundo Martinez into a house in West Miami. There were they killed by Rafael Leon Rodriguez “Amilcar” and his bodyguard, this was told by the Cuban Hipolito Visuna.

Miami (Florida)
In April 1980 was in Miami 138 kilos of coke confiscated of Jader Alvarez who then send Jaime Murcia to Miami to find out how that could happen. Jaime Murcia left his emerald business of his family in the hands of his nephew Carlos Isauro Murcia Fajardo.

Soon was in Colombia Carlos Isauro Murcia Fajardo’s brother in law shot and killed by a motor driver and also his sister was severely wounded.

Carlos Isauro Murcia Fajardo (22) decided then to get his wife and wounded sister to Miami to hide and they flew to Miami where they arrived 7 May 1980. At the airport they would have been greeted by Marlene Orejuela Sanchez , but a man came with his motor helmet on, who shot and killed Carlos Murcia after which the perpetrator fled on a motor driven by a second man.

Jader Alvarez then went into business with Jose Antonio Cabrera a former partner of Griselda and Blanco who has good ties with the Sicilians in New York.

Miami arrest of Pepe Cabrera
27 August 1980 was Pepe Cabrera in Miami arrested.

Miami arrest of Jaime Murcia
In 1980 was Jaime Murcia arrested at the airport of Miami with 1,6 million dollars in his possession, he had just recently visited Jader Alvarez.

Bernardo Londono, Pepe Cabrera en Jader Alvarez
10 March 1982 was 1500 kilos of coke confiscated which belonged to Bernardo Londono, Pepe Cabrera and Jader Alvarez.

Octavio Piedrahita
Colombian drug boss Octavio Piedrahita was behind the 9 March 1982 drug bust of 1762 kilos of cocaine that was found in a Miami International Airport hangar and the owner was Edmer Tamayo. It was the largest seizure in the USA and the second largest seizure was done 15 June 1984

Octavio Piedrahita
Colombian drug boss Octavio Piedrahita was owner of the firm Maribel Ltda

Miami based Ochoa representative Rigoberto Correa
In 1980 leaves Fabio Ochoa Miami and he was replaced by Rigoberto Correa.

Miami based Cuban dealer Carlos Quesada and police operation Tick Talks
In December 1980 told Ricardo “El Mono”(the monkey) Morales police that Carlos Quesada since his release had been trafficking drugs from the same house as he had used before. Police start then operation “Tick Talks”.

Miami based Isaac Kattan Kassin
The events that led to the arrest of defendant Hector Espinosa and co-defendant Isaac Kattan Kassin began in early January 1981, when Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents began surveillance of Kattan, Luis Vieira and Jaime Diaz because of information that they were laundering narcotic proceeds. On January 28, 1981, Vieira and Diaz were observed at the securities firm of Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette, 3 where an informant indicated they deposited approximately $105,000 from two cardboard boxes. On January 29, 1981, Kattan, Vieira, and Diaz were observed in a Holiday Inn parking lot, where Kattan removed a satchel from the trunk of his car and placed it in the trunk of a car driven by Vieira and Diaz. When the Donaldson firm refused to handle further deposits, Kattan, Vieira, and Diaz were seen making deposits at the Great American Bank of Dade County. In February, Kattan was observed meeting in the Great American Bank with Carlos Nunez, a bank official. A DEA agent overheard Nunez say he would handle all of Kattan's future deposits. Kattan and Nunez approached Vieira and Diaz in the bank, and Diaz gave a large brown suitcase to Nunez, who in turn passed it over the teller's cage to the cashiers.

On February 6, 1981, Kattan was observed in the presence of three men, one a known drug trafficker, and to have given a large, heavy suitcase to one of the two unknowns. Kattan was also seen meeting with known drug traffickers Vershish and Moya.

On February 26, 1981, Kattan met with Vieira and Diaz in the Holiday Inn lot. Following a thirty minute conversation, the three left in Vieira's car and drove to a nearby condominium, where they entered and whence, after ten minutes, Kattan and Vieira exited and drove back to the Holiday Inn lot. Kattan made a telephone call in the Holiday Inn lobby, made a short visit to his residence, then drove to a condominium complex where he entered, using a pass card, having parked in the upper parking lot. He then walked across the parking lot and entered an adjacent condominium complex through a connecting pedestrian gateway. Shortly thereafter, Kattan left that building with Espinosa. The two had a five minute conversation, during which Kattan repeatedly pointed in the direction of an access road of the complex. The two then walked in opposite directions. Kattan drove repeatedly up and down the avenue fronting the complex, making several illegal U turns before entering the access road and stopping in front of a 1971 Jaguar XJ occupied by Espinosa. Both cars then proceeded to the area of Biscayne Boulevard and N.E. 4th Street, where Espinosa parked in a median parking area and Kattan parked at the corner. Espinosa conversed with Kattan, who pointed to the median parking area. Kattan walked over to a white Citation parked near the corner and spoke to the driver. Espinosa parked the Jaguar across the median from the Citation. The Citation's driver removed a large red suitcase from his trunk. Espinosa carried the suitcase with some difficulty across the median and placed it in his Jaguar, DEA agents noticing that the rear lowered noticeably as he did so. Kattan and Espinosa shook hands and Espinosa departed, waving as he drove away. Kattan and the Citation's driver returned the wave. Espinosa was followed by DEA agents Villar and Bunnell in one car, and by DEA supervising agent Coonce and IRS agent Sands in another, to a Firestone Tire store, where his brother Orlando entered the Jaguar. As Espinosa drove from the store, DEA agent Bunnell observed that he seemed very nervous and was looking around inside the Jaguar. Informed of Espinosa's behavior, supervising agent Coonce decided to stop him. Agents Villar and Bunnell drove alongside the driver's side of the Jaguar and placed a blue light on their car. Agents Coonce and Sands approached the Jaguar from behind. When all cars stopped, all four agents drew their weapons and identified themselves as Federal Officers. Espinosa and his brother were asked to step from the car, were subjected to a pat-down search for weapons, and were then requested to lie on the grass alongside the roadway where a further pat-down search was conducted. Agent Bunnell moved Espinosa's Jaguar to the sidewalk to clear traffic. Agent Villar took the keys from the Jaguar, knelt before Espinosa, and asked him in a conversational tone, "Are these your keys?" Espinosa replied "Yes". Villar then asked "Do I have your permission to look in, to open the trunk of your car and look inside the suitcase?" and Espinosa answered, "Yes, yes". Bunnell twice asked Espinosa "What do you have in your car?" Each time Espinosa replied, "I do not have anything". Agent Villar discovered in the suitcase what appeared to be cocaine, wrapped in approximately one kilogram packages. Espinosa was then told he was under arrest for possession of cocaine and was told his "Miranda" rights. At DEA Headquarters, Agent Villar sat down with Espinosa in one of the interview rooms near the hold cells and asked Espinosa: "What were you supposed to do with that suitcase you had with you?", to which Espinosa replied, "I should have taken that suitcase over to Coral Way and S.W. 22nd Avenue". Villar asked, "Then what?" and Espinosa responded, "I should give same to a couple of Latin males waiting at that location in a maroon colored Chevrolet, older model". Villar again asked, "Then what?" and Espinosa replied, "Then they should give me another suitcase in which I should return same to Mr. Kattan". Espinosa also stated that Kattan, whom he knew for two years, had given him the red suitcase. After saying that a friend brought him to Kattan, Espinosa announced that he would make no further statement at that time and the interrogation was terminated. Kattan was thereafter arrested and found to have in his shirt pocket a piece of paper bearing Espinosa's name and telephone number.

USA arrest of Isaac Kattan Kassin
Kassin was responsible for moving drug money from New York City to Miami in the 1970s and was the so-called Chancellor of the Exchequer for traffickers. 26 February 1981 was Isaac Kattan Kassin (46) arrested with 20 kilos of coke that had been delivered by Jader. The banker had the last 2 months 300 million dollars laundered what he already did for years for bosses as Jader, Joaquin Gallo, Samuel Alarcon, Orlando Pimienta, Depineres, Sicilia Falcon, Felix Gallardo and Matta Ballesteros. He was sentenced to 30 years in jail in the USA in 1982.

In 1981, a group called CENTAC--Central Tactical Unit--was formed out of NYC by former D.E.A. Agent Bill Mockler and Miami homicide detectives Al Singleton and June Hawkins, and other law enforcement officials. Their objective: Get Griselda.

Miami based Cuban dealer Carlos Quesada arrested in police operation Tick Talks
4 August 1981 was Quesada arrested but also Rafael Villaverde (owner of the Little Havana activities center and one of Miami’s most important Cubans). Also were 46 other Cubans arrested. The suspects came free because of lack of evidence. Defendant Wilfredo Gil was killed

Morales pilot Gary Betzner
Gary Betzner started flying for Morales' drug smuggling network in 1981.

Miami’ s Kendall six
Rafael then gave the contract to Griselda to kill Nicolado Arles Vargas the brother of Antonio “Chino” Arles Vargas. In December 1981 were in Miami’ s Kendall district in a house 4 tied men and 2 women found who were all strangled. Under them is Nicolado Arles Vargas.
Operation Tick Talks defendant Alfonso who was one of the Kings Court six aka Kendall Six victims

Rafael Villaverde disappears in Florida
Rafael Villaverde vanished 31 March 1982 on a fishing trip after bonding out after his arrest

In August 1982 were 4 Colombians in Miami ripped from cocaine and killed

Ricardo “the monkey” Morales killed in Miami
20 December 1982 Ricardo “the monkey” Morales went with Nancy (widow of killed German Lamazares) into the Cherries bar in Key Biscayne and there Morales was shot and killed. Police had also been investigating police officer Raul Diaz who resigned.

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  • I was wondering what the source of this information is, I’ve tried to track down any information on the Toro murders, including reading all the old newspaper articles at NYPL on 42nd street. I can’t find it anywhere but here. I believe the case is unsolved. Any suggestions?

    "29 December 1975 the police informer Oscar Toro Sr. arrives home with his wife to find out that their son Oscar Toro Jr. (10), their daughter Susanah Toro (5) and the babysitter Liliana Gustamante (17) have disappeared. 7 January 1976 their bodies are found. It was done by a gang to which belonged Elsie Sanchez (from Colombia) and her friend Edgar Payan"

  • A true gangster,even tho' kill-crazed.If "Scarface" was,and is,considered an overly violent,crime-glorifying movie,this was the real deal.The Black Widow,as she was also called,definitely brought it home.One of a kind.

  • It is amazing that this woman dominated and lived this long in the violent drug underworld. She had no problem showing the boys that she belonged by being even more brutal than them. Truly an extremely vicious, violent and evil woman indeed, Delanosgirl.

  • There was a special place in hell for her. Evil woman!
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